1/ Dear Albertans:

If you're beginning to understand the degree of corruption that has taken hold of our provincial government, congratulations.

Don't despair. Those of us who warned you before the election are your allies, not your enemies. We are many, and

#abpoli #ableg
2/ there are some simple things you can do to resist the corruption.

First, when a cabinet Minister who has colluded in harming the people in his/her portfolio wants to pay a visit, ask for a clear purpose in writing. Too many visits have been passed off as "research" that
3/ weren't research at all. They were PR exercises. Show them actual research.
Second, refuse the photo op. These Ministers pretend everyone is happy with their corruption. They post an endless stream of self-congratulatory photos with people yo make it look like all is fine.
4/ All is not fine. If you're a teacher whose pension plan has been hijacked by Kenney, by all means meet with the incompetent Minister who didn't fight for uour best interests - but refuse the photo. If you're a games developer whose industey support evaporated, refuse the
5/ photo. If you work in a post-secondary institution, refuse the photo. Stop normalizing this weird date rape that sees smiling Ministers chumming with the people they're violating.

If you see a Minister post something related to their incompetence or corruption, a quick
6/ factual post and the hashtag #UCPcorruption is enough. Examples: hijacking of the ATA pension fund, interference in the internal governance of universities, changing the law to violate collective bargaining rights. And the lies.
This government is using misinformation to
7/ stoke alienation within Alberta and separatism from Canada. Every time you see Kenney falsely claim Alberta pays equalization (it doesn't) or more federal tax than QC (it doesn't), correct him AND write a letter to your MLA to express your concern that the Premier is lying.
7/ Copy any letter about the unethical conduct of the Premier or MLAs to the Òffice if the Ethics Commissioner and to the media. Don't assume a tweet is enough - it isn't.

If the government takes action that affects your organization without consulting you, let everyone know
8/ that you were available for consultation but the government didn't do due diligence. The PCAA hammered the NDP over not consulting enough on Bill 6 - remind the Premier (who is still the leader of that party) that he promised to do better.

Don't engage with the paid
9/ propagandists. They're collaborators in the corruption, and you cannot affect them. They are well paid to lie to you, so they won't stop lying just because you point it out.
Organize. If enough of you are affected by a government action - such as violation of your collective
10/ agreement - organize to launch a court case. Be prepared for it to fail, as our Minister of Justice has not yet demonstrated behaviour that suggests justice supercedes UCP ideology and the quest for power. Upholding a leader who owes his position in part to moneylaundering,
11/ identity theft and election fraud in an election where he was himself a candidate - well, that doesn't suggest a preoccupation with doing the right thing, does it? So expect that justice will be subverted - UCP will change the laws to be in their favour and you can't expect
12/ that Minister, or any other to stabd on principle and defend the integrity of their portfolio.

Encourage your fellow Albertans in our beleaguered O&G industry to understand that a corrupt government doesn't serve them as well as they think. They have been used to justify
13/ bad policy, and that won't change as long as they support the corruption. O&G is one of the few voices Kenney hears. Tell him you don't accept corruption. Use your privileged position to do that - he won't attack you, because you're his source of power.

Yes, it's hard to
14/ fight a corrupt government. But it's worth the fight if you love Alberta and value what has been built here.

And remember: if you are silent, corruption wins.


#abpoli #ableg
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