Connla's Well, "The Well of Wisdom/Knowledge", is the source of 7 rivers in #Ireland! Thought to be same as Nechtan's Well/Well of Segais? In 1 dimension it is in the hall of the fairy king & sea god Manannán mac Lir, but in physical world near River Boyne📷! #FolkloreThursday
9 hazelnuts fell into Connla's Well, from 9 hazel trees that surrounded it! And so the salmon gained all the world's knowledge! 1st person to eat of its flesh would in turn gain this knowledge; Fionn mac Cumhaill (of Giant's Causeway) My 📷s of statue in Belfast #FolkloreThursday
The Salmon of Knowledge (bradán feasa) is sometimes confused with Fintan mac Bóchra, due to his ability to shape-shift into a salmon & his title, "The Wise"! In Irish mythology he was a seer who accompanied Noah's granddaughter Cessair to #Ireland before Flood! #FolkloreThursday
So Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhaill ate from the hazelnut fed salmon in Connla's Well & became all wise! Touched tooth 1st tasted salmon for help when needed! He should have been wise enough to stay away from the Scottish giant Benandonner though! 🎨unknown. #FolkloreThursday 🌳🌰
The River Shannon (longest river in #Ireland) named after Sionna, Irish goddess granddaughter of Lir. She went to Connla's Well to find wisdom & fell in! She became the river! 1 of 7 rivers flowing from the well [assuming its 1 rather than 2 wells]! 🎨unknown #FolkloreThursday 🌊
As told in the Dindsenchas, Irish cow goddess, Boann forbidden to approach Well of Segais by her husband. But she circled it 3 times causing waters to rise up & become River Boyne! Lost an arm, leg & eye, & ultimately her life! 🎨Tara's Open Studio & unknown. #FolkloreThursday
7 Irish rivers of knowledge/wisdom flow from Connla's Well/Well of Segais, including the Boyne, Shannon, Nore, Barrow & Slaney! QUIZ: identify the photos of rivers! 📷Stefan Jürgensen, , anirishanglersworld & Saints and stones. #Ireland #FolkloreThursday 🌊
Lough Neagh is largest lake of Britain & Ireland! c 40% of water to N Ireland! Means ‘Eochu’s lake’. @placenamesni says named after Eochu son of Mairidh, a Munster prince who was drowned when a #well overflowed to form the lake in 1st C! #FolkloreThursday
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