💙Donghyun charity items - A thread💙👼 - Updating

Donghyun is someone not only his appearance but also his personality is so precious and warm.

He had been silently using these items since predebut, he never actually talked about them but we been known he’s an actual angel.
1. MUSINA bracelets for penguins:
MUSINA's campaign for animals which are om the verge of extinction (listed in Red Book), contributing to their protection. Donghyun's bracelet is for black penguins.
2. Withice Bracelet:
As shown in its name, Withice celebrates the Ice Bucket Challenge and the proceeds from the sale will donate to Lou Gehrig's Nursing Hospital.
3. Craft Link bracelet
Acknowledging the hard work and difficulties in the lives of craftsmen, the organization launched the CL campaign, in which profits from this bracelet will be sponsored to rebuy the products of handicrafts, thereby supporting income of Native Americans.
4. Louis Vuiton necklace (associated with UNICEF): The silver necklace, the lock-shaped face of LV is a promise that it will protect children from danger. Profits from the product will be donated to UNICEF, used to help children who are in perilous situation worldwide.
5. UNICEF For Every Child Ring Set (1)
The series HOPE RING - For every child of UNICEF, is gifted to those who regularly made donations to UNICEF. Thereby, UNICEF Korea will send 85% of the money to UNICEF World for relief, health care and education activities for children.
6. UNICEF For Every Child Ring (2)
A reminder that it acts as a proof that the gifted person donated regularly to UNICEF organization. Donghyun was one of those. He has such a warm heart who is always dedicated to charity.
7. Burberry jacket:
This Burberry jacket is included in the Rainbow Collection dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. The profits from this collection are contributed to charities projects for the LGBTQ+ community.
7. Christopher Bailey, Burberry's creative director by that time, shared his final project “This collection is for supporting communities for the LGBTQ + world at a young age around the world. ". Bailey himself is also a bisexual, now second spouse is male.
8. Bulgari bracelet
In 2009, Bulgari claimed the responsibility to be the one to act over and protect children, helping them to nurture their dreams by education and support for hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged / unlucky children.
8. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Save children" and "Partnership, Bulgaria launched a collection with new patterns. Profits from the collection children will be partly donated to the children of poor backgrounds.
8. In deep sympathy with the fact that education is necessary and will constantly change lives, since 2009 Bulgaria has undertaken the "Save children and partnership" campaign.
8. They are taking part in fundraising activities for nonprofit purpose by producing and selling of Save Children’s specialities, which are inspired by "Be Zero One".
9. ANYHUMAN's 'Hope' bracelet (1) This campaign is to raise funds to help the old Comfort Women (위안부) - who were tributed to soldiers during the war. (You can search up this definition).
10. ANYHUMAN’s ‘Hope’ Bracelet (2)
Unfortunately there’s no information found on this campaign. I tried to search it up on Google but the result is still none TT___TT Anyone has info about this please add me up. I guess it is the same with the above item.
11. Marloho bracelet: An item that help with jobs and donations, and to buy gifts for grannies.
12. Marholo bracelet (2) - End for now, stolen from Ji so I won’t have to redo it hahaha https://twitter.com/searoyals/status/1191765342084829184?s=21
13. Craftlink (once again)
I saw the bracelet already but didn’t expect it to be a different model, this kid is a huge supporter for Craftlink indeed. A pure warm heart, we are so proud of him. https://twitter.com/woojinis/status/1213761084059815936
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