#kiribaku au where they're all Pro Heroes, but Bakugou is a huge virgin , practically married to his job.

But Kirishima goes out every other night with the other members of the Bakusquad. He's /very/ experienced.
Kirishima just likes to have fun and sex is fun!

But he's never had an actual relationship.

Mostly because the one person he wants a relationship with is a certain blond that doesn't seem interested in being anything but friends.
So he's content to just play around until his feelings go away.

That is, until one rare night where they manage to convince Bakugou to come out with them. They're all drinking, when Bakugou sets down his drink and says

"I want to lose my virginity."
Kirishima almost spits out his drink.

While he's choking, the rest of the squad is excitedly buzzing, questioning Bakugou about why now.

Bakugou shrugs. "I'm curious is all. Shitty Hair over here seems to like it, so why not?"
(Should probably mention this warning, this thread will eventual be #nsfw )
Mina is the most excited out of the group as she almost jumps across the table to grab at Bakugou's hands.

"You have to allow me to dress you up."

Bakugou grimaces, trying to pry his hands away. "Please don't tell me this is going to be a thing."
"Of course this is going to be a thing, you rarely ask for our help," Mina says, still holding onto his hands.

/Traitor/ Kirishima thinks with a sour pout. Mina knows how he feels about Bakugou, why is she so eager to help him get with someone else?
"I'm not asking for your help now," Bakugou growls but they all see the way his ears have gone pink.

"You totally are," Kaminari says, a wide shit-eating grin on his face.

Sero has his head in his hand, elbow on the table as he glances at Kirishima.
/Traitors,/ Kirishima thinks again. /All of them are fucking traitors./

Bakugou sighs, finally getting his hands free only to run one through his hair. "I wasn't asking shit. I was only declaring my intent."

"Uh-huh," Mina says, flapping her hands,
"We'll discuss details later, but tell us Blasty," She gives him a wide smirk, leaning forward, mischief twinkling in her eyes. "What made you change your mind?"

"Yeah, what happened to Mr. I-rather-die-than-let-an-extra-fuck-me?" Sero asks.
Kirishima can't be sure, but he thinks Bakugous's eyes flicker to him.

But it could have been a trick of the light.

Bakugou takes another sip, keeping them on the edge of their seat. Finally, he sets his drink down, fingers playing with the rim.
"I'm just curious, is all," He says. "It probably won't kill me to try it at least once."

"When you say, try it at least once, what do you mean?" Kaminari asks. "What's /it/?"

Bakugou let's out a loud huff. "Fucking...I don't know.-
"Anything? Everything? I haven't even kissed someone, so take that to mean what you will."

Kirishima's gut stirs at that.

Bakugou hadn't even kissed someone?

And he just wants to give that away?
"You know, I would be shocked that you haven't even kissed, but it is you, so somehow that's not surprising," Sero says, raising an eyebrow as he takes a sip from his own drink.

"Are you sure you just want to jump right on in?" Ashido asks.
"There are a lot of steps between kissing and fucking."

"I know that," Bakugou snaps. "I've done my research.-"

"Research, you say?" Kaminari interrupts, wiggling his eyebrows.

Bakugou ignores him.
"But I'm not even sure I'll want to do /anything/ again. So might as well as get it all over now."

"You make it sound like it's a burden."

Kirishima is surprised that the words come from him. It's the first thing he's said since the conversation started.
The entire table turns to look at him. Bakugou frowns and Kirishima frowns back.

"Is it not?" Bakugou asks, challenge clear in his voice.

"Not if you're doing it with the right person," Kirishima shoots back.
Ashido, Kaminari, and Sero seem to be holding their breath, looking back and forth between them. Ashido is chomping down on the bar provided pretzels.

Bakugou rolls his eyes. "Of course you think that."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" His voice is a near growl.
"/You/ don't seem to have any problems finding the right person."

"/You've/ never seemed to have a problem with it," Kirishima says stiffly. To be honest, the words hurt, especially coming from Bakugou.

He likes to have sex. He's gotten shit from others before.
He's always ignored them. Sex doesn't define him or his work.

But to have that same accusation come from Bakugou? Whose never seemed to judge him before?

It stings.
"I don't," Bakugou says. But he looks away.

"It certainly seems like you do," Kirishima pushes. He has to push this. Has to know what his best friend- or who he thought was his best friend- really thought of him.
Bakugou gnashes his teeth together, a storm over his face.

For the first time in forever, Kirishima finds himself getting impatient as Bakugou searches for words.

He scoots his chair back, startling them all. "I'm going to go get something to drink," he growls.
He ignores the way they all look at the full drink in front of him as he stomps away.

He sits at the bar, drowning a shot, and tries to ignore how hurt he is. He knows it's not that big of a deal. Bakugou has every right to sleep with anyone he wants.
Kirishima can't be jealous, especially since he never worked up the nerve to confess.

He /can/ be hurt by Bakugou calling him a slut, though. He never thought Bakugou would ever think that. The blond has even stood up against-
assholes that like to jeer at Ashido for enjoying sex just as much as Kirishima.

Fuck, the man knocked a dude out for trying that shit in front of him.

So why was it different when Kirishima did it?
He sighs and orders another shot.

He finds he needs it when Bakugou sits down next to him and orders the same thing.

Kirishima scowls and considers walking away. But before he can, Bakugou stops him.

"Look, I'm fucking sorry."
Kirishima doesn't get up. But he also doesn't look at the other.

This time he allows Bakugou to take his time thinking.

"I..I really don't have a problem with you sleeping around. Of course not. Your body, your choice. As long as your safe, I don't care."
"You kind of sounded like you cared back there," Kirishima says, though it doesn't come out harsh. More curious.

Bakugou sighs, running a hand through his hair. He bites his bottom lip and Kirishima can't help looking at it.

Thinking about kissing it.
Thinks about doing more with it, wrapped around his-

"How long have you've known that you were gay?" Bakugou asks and the questions jolts Kirishima out of his suddenly dirty thoughts.

"Um, oh, since...middle school? But what does that have to do-"
"That research I mentioned earlier wasn't just about how to do all that fucking sex stuff," Bakugou huffs and looks away.

The tips of his ears are red.

Kirishima stares at him, blinking. "Wait. Bakugou, are you saying you're gay?"
Bakugou shrugs, looking vaguely uncomfortable. "That's the thing. I don't know. It's not like I look at guys, and think 'wow, I want to suck his dick' or something. But it's the same for women. Or anyone else. I just-" Bakugou cuts himself off.
If he keeps running his hands through his hair, he's going to rip the strands out.

It's almost natural by now for Kirishima to reach for his hand and give it a squeeze. "I'm your bro, dude. You can tell me anything, no judgement here."
Bakugou snorts but there's a small smile there. He pauses for a few minutes more, then turns towards Kirishima. "Ok, look. /I'm/ also not judging and you know I always say the wrong thing. So wait for me to finish before you get huffy."

Kirishima raises an eyebrow but nods.
He gave his bro-word. He can't take that back. Even if Bakugou tells himself something he doesn't want to hear.

Bakugou seems to search for something, before nodding. But he doesn't speak again till he takes another shot.

Kirishima watches it goes down his throat.
"I don't understand casual sex."

Kirishima blinks, his shoulders rising again.

But he gave his word. And he'll hear Bakugou out.
"That's not against you or Ashido or fucking anyone, ok. I just don't fucking...how do you go out and allow some rando to touch you? Someone you can't know if you can trust? Someone who you'll just see for that night?"

"It's always driven me crazy.-
"Not because I think it's morally wrong or anything fucking stupid like that. But because I thought it was unusual. A /you/ thing. That then became a /you and Ashido/ thing. And then Kaminari brings up that he had a one night stand and Sero adds his own experience with that.
"I overhear Uraraka talking with Yaoyorozu about how disappointing one guy was and she's glad he was just a random man she meet at a club. And Yaoyorozu /agrees/ with her. Even fucking Deku and fucking /IcyHot/ have had causal sex.
"And I'm left with the realization...that I'm the odd one out. Again. That my thinking, that casual sex was odd, that of course everyone waited, that love or lust at first sight was fucking a thing for children before they grew the fuck up...all of that was wrong."
Bakugou frowns. "So now I'm left with this feeling of...am /I/ wrong? Is this another thing I had wrong, that I had just assumed was the truth and everyone was laughing at me behind my back? That /I'm/ the child that needs to grow up?"
"I tried to look it up. Tried to search for what the answer may be. And...I hit on a few things, that I'm not sure about, but theories I might try out."

Bakugou huffs and finally looks at him. "So that's it. That's the reason why I want to lose my virginity."
Kirishima opens his mouth, then shuts it. He has to be careful, he knows. Bakugou is always defensive whenever he opens up about any feelings that don't involve anger.

So he squeezes Bakugou's hand. "Ok, so now /you/ have to promise to listen to what I have to say."
Bakugou makes a face but he nods.

Kirishima smiles. "First, thank you for trusting me. I know you have a hard time...with everything that has to do with feelings. It always makes me feel special that you are able to talk to me about these things."
Bakugou looks down, tips of his ears red again. "You /are/ special," he mumbles.

Hearing that makes Kirishima's heart skip a beat but he barrels on, not wanting to get distracted from what he has to say. "Nope, bro. No talking, remember?"
Bakugou scowls at him but Kirishima can see the faint way his lips twitch upwards. "Fucking...fine. Let's get this over with, I'm already starting to get hives."

Kirishima chuckles. "Look, ok. I know you have this desire to have the entire universe figured out. +
It's usually very admirable, I love your passion. But you know you can take your time exploring yourself, right? You don't have to jump into anything. In fact, you really shouldn't, not if it's going to make you uncomfortable.

"You think you are queer? Then that's all you need+
to know right now. You don't have to put a label on it. You're queer no matter what. And if you /want/ to put a label on it, it doesn't have to be permanent. So don't stress yourself about finding it out."
Bakugou frowns. "But the rest of you seem so sure of yourself. Everyone seems to know right away."

"I didn't," Kirishima says. "Not really. Like, I went through a whole phase where I told myself that I only 'appreciated' men and just wanted to be like them. +
That whole manly thing you know. It was only when I was at a party, playing spin the bottle, and had to kiss this girl from my class and felt really...nothing. Even with all my bros nudging me or trying to high five me for it."

Bakugou snorts. "Really?"
"As I was informed," Kirishima says, dryly, "she was very pretty and I was a lucky boy. Even more so when she asked me out."

Bakugou raises an eyebrow. "So what happened?"

"I turned her down. I got called an idiot for it but I couldn't imagine me kissing her again. +
Of course, I just assumed that was a one-time thing. But after telling my friends /why/ I turned her down, they tried to find out /who/ I thought was pretty. And I honestly couldn't come up with an answer. None of the girls were my type."

"So then they had me explain +
/what/ my type was and I did. They all gave me an odd look and then said I basically described our Quirk Exercise Teacher."

Bakugou snorts, mouth curling up into a smirk. "You didn't."

"I /did/. Apparently, I had a crush on him that I thought was just me +
admiring his manliness."

"Oh, I bet you were," Bakugou wiggles his eyebrows.

Kirishima shoves at him. "Look, I was a baby gay, you can't make fun of me."

"Too fucking bad, I'm going to hold this over you forever, Shitty Hair."
Kirishima rolls his eyes. "/Anyways/. The point is that I didn't figure myself out right away. And even then I went through so many labels before settling on gay."

Bakugou hums. He orders two more shots for them. "I see your point."

"But I still want to lose my virginity. I just...I have to know."

Kirishima sighs and throws back his shot. "If you're sure. Just, promise me you'll be careful."

"Of fucking course," Bakugou. He shots back his too, looking away. "Why the fuck do you think I told you extras?"
Jealousy was still stirring in Kirishima's stomach but it was briefly overwhelmed by how warm that admission made him feel. "You want us to come too?"

Bakugou sniffs, nose in the air. "If you want."

"Like you're going to stop Ashido and Kaminari from witnessing this."
"Speaking of, we should head back. They're probably losing their fucking minds and who knows what trouble they're getting into."

Bakugou goes to stand up and Kirishima grabs his hand. Bakugou looks back at him and Kirishima can't stop the soft smile that overcomes him.
"Also, you know Bakugou, you aren't 'wrong'. Nothing about you is wrong or off. You're just you and nothing can be wrong about that."

Bakugou blinks at him, mouth slightly open.

Kirishima stands up. "You're right, we should go back."
Bakugou follows him back to the table. He can feel his eyes burning in his back.

The next time they all have off, Ashido texts them to come to her apartment.

"Because I know if we don't do this right away, Bakugou will find a reason to keep putting it off," she says with wink.

Bakugou scowls at her and shouts that he isn't a coward.
But they know this isn't about being a coward, so they laugh it off and smush themselves inside her bedroom.

Kirishima can't help sitting by the headboard of her bed, /coincidentally/ the farthest away from where the others are playing dress-up.
He's not trying to distance himself from the reality setting in, he tells himself. He ignores the way Kaminari and Sero keep glancing at him and tries his best to be as helpful as possible.

Which...yeah he's not very helpful but he doesn't think he would be anyway.
Bakugou looks sinful in everything. Ashido sticks to his usual color scheme, dressing him in all black. But there's certainly nothing baggy about the pants she seems to paint him in. They show off his powerful muscular legs, wrapped around toned thighs.
Kirishima can't help but almost wish Bakugou would crush his head between them.

The strategically placed rips show off tantalizing peeks of skin, perfect for him to bite into.
The shirt isn't much better. It's like the damn thing is /trying/ to push up Bakugou's pecs, making them seem almost perky.

The others had laughed at Ashido's suggestion that Bakugou wears one of her bras but Kirishima's dry mouth can't help thinking it might be needed.
Especially when one brush of Ashido's finger against the front is enough to prove just how thin the shirt is, Bakugou's nipple pebbling up nicely.

He looks like a damn meal and Kirishima is being left to starve.
It had taken a good few hours for the dress up game to end, Ashido having to beg, plead, and blackmail him into a few suggestions. During that time, Sero and Kaminari had been pre-gaming, passing a bottle between the two of them.

And Kirishima had just been staring.
Ashido brushes some glitter lipgloss over his pouty lips (to help draw the eye, she said), a bit of blush on his cheeks, and just enough eyeshadow to compliment the eyeliner he already had on.

"Annnndddd....done!" She pronounces, proudly stepping away to look at her masterpiece
The others crowd around and Kirishima finally lifts himself out of the bed, though he hopes no one notices the slight chub he's sporting.

He doesn't think looking closer at Bakugou is going to help with that.
Distracted as they all are, especially with Kaminari antagonizing Bakugou, they don't notice that Ashido sneaks off.

Only to close her bedroom door with a loud thump.

They all turn to her, as she leans against the door, arms crossed.
"And now for the real reason I called you all here," she says. It's weird seeing her so serious and Kirishima feels a chill go down his spine.

And then she opens her mouth. "Bakugou, you're going to give us all a kiss."
As expected, Bakugou blows up.

Not that Kirishima can blame him. He's having trouble keeping himself in check.

"What the fuck do you mean, Alien Freak?" Bakugou shouts, bristling.
Ashido raises her hands but she doesn't move from before the door. Standing strong against him. "Listen to me before you completely lose your shit, ok? Look, you want to lose your virginity, right? No one is going to let you get very far if you're a bad kisser."
"Yeah, man," Kaminari says, recovering from his initial shock. "If you slobber over them like a dog, they're going to leave your ass behind quicker than you can curse them out."

"Saying that from experience?" Sero teases. Kirishima is shocked to see that he also seems down-
for Mina's crazy plan.

Kaminari winks. "I don't know what you're talking about. I've been a smooth operator since the day I was born."

Bakugou's ears have gone pink again. "I'm not a bad kisser," he says, but his eyes keep darting around the room.
Ashido raises an eyebrow and cocks her hip. "Yeah? And how do you know? You already admitted you've never kissed someone before."

Bakugou frowns but before he can speak up, she barrels on, voice softer.
"Look, Blasty. It's good to learn before you're thrust out there...but mostly, I think you should have at least /one/ first with someone you trust. This is a big step for you, but even I would be nervous to put all my firsts on a complete stranger.
Soooo...share your first kiss with us. Because you know we're not going to steer you wrong."

Bakugou chews on his lip.

Wait...is he actually considering this?
Kirishima starts to panic.

He agrees with Ashido. Leaving all your firsts up to a stranger is just asking for disaster or worse, disappointment. And it wouldn't hurt to teach him some basics so he doesn't make a fool out of himself, something Bakugou would-
definitely appreciate.

But Ashido said she wanted him to kiss /all/ of them!

His poor gay heart can not handle that.
And then his eyes meet Bakugou's.

And he has no way to defend himself from the way Bakugou stalks over. Has no way to stop the blond from grabbing his hair and pulling him down. Has no way to prepare as Bakugou's lips smash against his.
Ashido was right, Bakugou was horrible at kissing and not many people would look past it.

Except for Kirishima. Holy hell is he looking past it.
The kiss is passion and fire and even with how messy and awkward Bakugou is holding him or how his teeth catch against Kirishima's lips, Kirishima finds his eyes closing.

Automatically, his hands go to Katsuki's hips, holding him tight.
He moves, taking control, slowing Bakugou down so that they could tilt their heads, slot their lips more naturally.

Bakugou pulls away too soon. Kirishima can't help the way, he goes for a second, chaste kiss.
Then he remembers what the hell he's doing, eyes widening as he pushes away.

Bakugou's face is red, but Kirishima isn't much better.

Sero, the devil in human form, asks "So? How was he?"
Kirishima swallows. "It, uh, it was messy." He clears his throat, hating how squeaky he sounds. "But not bad! Just...inexperienced."

"Then let's give the man some more experience!" Kaminari says. Moving fast, fast enough to remind them the reason why he's a Pro Hero too,-
Kaminari grabs the front of Bakugou's shirt and brings him in for a kiss.

Kirishima has had his fair share of platonic kisses. Hell, he's kissed almost every one of the Squad, Uraraka, and even Midoriya when he got particularly wasted.
That does not stop the instant urge he has to rip Bakugou from Kaminari's grasp, press him close to his side, and kiss the taste of Kaminari away.

That bastard slipped in a tongue, he knows it.
Kaminari pulls away with a sigh, licking his lips. Bakugou's flaming face lets Kirishima know just how right he is.

"And /there/ is your lesson on how to french kiss."

...did he just send Kirishima a smirk?
Kirishima has to fight to urge to flip him off.

"I guess it's my turn," Sero says.

He slides up to Bakugou, actually gives the man time to prepare now, before drawing him in for a longer, slower kiss.

They're killing Kirishima. This is an assassination attempt for sure.
Sero places one hand on the back of Bakugou's neck, the other on his waist. They all watch the way Bakugou shivers.

Sero pulls away and a bit of spit connects the two.

Kirishima's hands harden.
"See, not everything has to be rough and fast," he tells Bakugou. "Slow and steady can be just as seductive."

He also smirks at Kirishima.

Kirishima is about ready to be down a few less friends.
"My turn," Ashido screams. She bounces over and has to practically bend Bakugou in half to kiss him.

Bakugou's hands hover for a second, before he settles them on her, gently, like he's afraid to hurt her.

Her kiss is neither fast nor slow. It seems more...intimate.
They pull away and this time Bakugou actually smiles. Ashido laughs, patting his chest.

"A fast learner for sure." Her grin turns a little more devilish. "Kiri, how about you test that out, see if he improved?"
Kirishima doesn't even hesitate. He moves without thinking.

Bakugou stares at him with wide eyes and Kirishima practically dips him, their lips connecting.
The first kiss was electric, but this one felt like they could start a wildfire.

Kirishima stays in control, licking the taste of the others away so all Bakugou is left is /him/.
And Ashido was right. Bakugou /is/ a fast learner, but Kirishima should have already guessed that.

Their lips move together like they were made for each other. Kirishima has never wanted to waste his days more than by spending them just kissing Bakugou forever.
It feels like it goes on forever.

In reality, they pull away after a few seconds.

They stare at each other, both of their eyes wide. Both of their faces red. Both of their hands shaking.
They break contact with a cough.

Kirishima wipes his lips with the back of his hand, as if he could wipe Bakugou out of his system.

"Yeah. Quick learner for sure," he says, not looking at the others. Maybe if he tries hard enough, he can pretend -
that he isn't ready to vibrate out of his skin.

Ashido breaks the tense moment by clapping her hands together.

"Great," she says, voice chipper as if nothing was wrong.
"Then if we're ready, we should head out!"

Right. Head out.

So Bakugou can lose his virginity.

Kirishima wipes his lips harder.

Since Ashido was the one picking the club, Kirishima half expected her to head to her usual place, a techno club bursting at the seams with neon lights and blaring sounds.

Kirishima himself loved the place, the music so loud it stopped him from thinking.
He could close his eyes and lose himself in the pit of bodies, grinding and dancing, and leaving with a few lipstick stains.

But as they drive, Kirishima is finding himself dreading it.
Because that would be /Bakugou/ grinding and losing himself in the mob of bodies.

It would be /Bakugou/ he has to watch someone put their hands all over.

/Bakugou/ who would be lead away to the bathrooms or a dark corner to lose another of his firsts.
Sero and Kami are halfway to drunk already, having finished one bottle and working on their second. Kirishima wonders if he could use the excuse of driving them home just so he doesn't have to watch how this night ends.
"We're here~" Ashido sings, after managing to snag a parking space fairly close by.

Kirishima frowns. "This isn't Fluid Beats."

"Of course not, silly. Our little duckling is just getting his feet wet, I'm not about to throw him into the deep end."
"I'm not a fucking duckling," Bakugou yells from the back, squished between Sero and Kaminari, where he had been trying to keep them from spilling on each other like toddlers.

A quick look back and Kirishima blinks in surprise.
There's the faintest hint of redness to Bakugou's cheeks, like he's /flushed/.

Glancing at the bottle laying almost forgotten in Kaminari's hands, Kirishima raises an eyebrow. Was Bakugou drinking from it too?
Katsuki Bakugou, professional stick up his ass straight lace himself, who hardly ever let himself get drunk, is already f/lush/. And the night hadn't truly begun yet.

It sends a jolt through Kirishima.
Bakugou was /nervous/.

Kirishima wants to smack himself. Of course, Bakugou would be nervous. All of this is new to him. Even if he usually had a spine of steel, that doesn't mean he /never/ got nervous.

Especially since Kirishima knows this is more than just about-
losing his virginity.

"Whatever you say, baby," Ashido says, turning to give Bakugou a wink. "This is better for what you want anyways."

It's not noticeable, not to anyone who isn't paying close attention. But Kirishima sees it.
The brief way Bakugou tenses, how his eyes dart around as he sniffs, pretending to be unaffected as he says "Fine."

They pile out of the car and Kirishima stands straighter, shoulders set back. He was being selfish. Bakugou needs his /friends/,-
Even if he won't ask for it. He needs a support system.

And that's what Kirishima is going to be for him. The best wingman Bakugou could ever ask for.

It takes till they get to the door for Kirishima to realize just /what/ kind of place this is.

"Mina," the female bouncer purrs, bringing Mina in for a hug.

Ashido smirks back. "It's been to long, Nat."

"Indeed it has. Are you here for your usual?"
"Nah." Ashido waves at the four boys trailing her. "I have friends with me."

Nat nods. "Then a group room it is. I'll send Silvia your way."

"You're the best." Ashido gives her a wink.

Kirishima is also pretty sure Ashido also cops a feel as she passes. Nat giggles.
Kirishima immediately pulls her aside when they get inside. "Ashido," he hisses. "What happened to not throwing Bakugou into the deep end."

"I said not to throw him into the deep end, not that we weren't going to get his feet wet." Ashido smirks at him.
"Our duckling has to learn how to swim."

"But /here/? You want to do this /here/?"

"And what's wrong with here?" Ashido asks, crossing her arms.

"This is a sex club!"
Link to the top https://twitter.com/acewhowriteporn/status/1191743606832455682?s=19
The club isn't officially known as a sex club. Just an "entertainment" place.

The bottom floor is exclusively reserved for dancing, a big bar taking up the entire left side.

Even now, Kirishima can hear the DJ playing, low bass singing to him, trying to draw him-
To the floor, to get lost among the bodies there.

The top floors are split. Near the stairs is a restaurant, specializing in sinfully delicious desserts. But in the back...

In the back were the Rooms.
Kirishima has only been here once or twice, and only to dance and eat. He's never gone to the Rooms, but he has heard about them plenty of times from Uraraka and Ashido.
Ashido sighs. She looks over to make sure Kaminari and Sero are distracting Bakugou. She lowers her voice. "Look, Kirishima, this is literally the best option. Everyone here is looking for sex. Those that aren't have wrist bands to show that. +
"So we don't have to worry about Bakugou accidentally flirting with the wrong person."

"And, not to put Blasty on blast you know but he's not...exactly a social butterfly. I know he wants to go about this a bit more naturally but I'm pretty sure he's going to +
Overcorrect and come off a little too aggressively. Which is where the Rooms come into play."

She bites her lip and blows out a breath. "And I know you /boys/ don't worry about this as much as I do, but hiring a sex worker is also the safest."
"They will only go as far as he pays them too. He wants to go all the way? Great! But if he gets too uncomfortable, he can back out without a fight or some asshole trying to convince him to go further."
Kirishima blinks. "You're...right. I didn't think of that. That's...that's actually a pretty great plan, Ashido."

"That's because I'm a great person," Ashido says, brightly. She claps Kirishima on the back. "Now let's go. Silvia will get us all comfortable."

There were 15 rooms in total. 10 causual rooms, 3 semi-pricy ones, and 2 VIPs.

Ashido was apparently a VIP holder. She flashes a card at the bouncer and they're shown to their room.
They're met by another woman. She's tall, taller than even Kirishima, hair tied in a bun. She's wearing a latex corset, tight leather pants, and high high heels.

She dips Ashido, giving her a deep kiss, before pulling back.
"It has been too long since I've seen my favorite customer," the woman says.

Ashido giggles. And blushes. Kirishima has to do a double take at that.

"Don't lie to me, Siliva," Ashido says, wiping her finger against her cheek. "Yaoyorozu is your favorite."
"Lies and slander," Siliva says. "Lies and slander," she repeats with a purr.

Ashido's eyes lower. She licks her lips. "Maybe later. I'm actually here to celebrate with some friends."

"Ah," Siliva pulls back. She glances at the others, eyebrows raised.
"Kaminari, honey, it's great to see you again." She gives him a kiss on the cheek. "But I do not know these other sweets?"

Ashido gestures to each of them. "Sero, Kirishima, and Bakugou. My platonic soulmates."
Silvia's eyes light up. "Ah, this is the Squad you told me so much about. So nice to finally meet you all. You said your celebrating?"

"A personal achievement," Ashido says. "Of sorts. So I thought I'd treat my boys."
"And a treat for your boys is a treat for us. You'll let them know about the rules?"

"Absolutely. Could we get our tab started, some shots to start off?"

"Celebration shots, on the way. Make yourself comfortable, sweets, I shall be back."
The room is large. Large enough to fit a comfortable looking bed, soft pillows and blankets, as well as a large circular couch with a stripper pole in the middle. To the side is a small mini bar.
Kaminari immediately flops on the beds, snuggling his face in the covers. Sero sighs and sits down.

Kirishima looks at Bakugou, who doesn't seem to know what to do.

Kirishima reaches back, grabbing his hand. Bakugou seems to jolt, flushing more.

But he does not pull away.
"Hey, let's sit down. Relax for a bit." Kirishima jerks his head at the couch.

Bakugou bites his bottom lip but lets Kirishima pull him that way.
"Ok, guys," Ashido claps her hands together. "Here's the low down. Always wear these." She holds up gold wrist bands. "Flash them at the bodyguard and you can go anywhere you want. The dance floor is free and any drink you order, just put under my name."
"That seems...a lot," Sero tells her.

She waves him off. "I already have a tab here. Don't worry. Plus, as I told Siliva, this is a celebration."

Bakugou huffs, looking away. "Thank you for not being fucking embarrassing."
"Aww, Bakubabe, nothing to be embarrassed about. And trust me, none of the workers care that much. Plus, they'll be very happy to help you if you want."

Bakugou just looks down at his hands.
"Speaking of," Ashido continues. "If you want to participate in any of the workers, there's a menu here." She lifts a piece of paper from the mini bar there. "Just make a call to the front to let them know."

"The resturant, you're on your own though."
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"Hey," Kirishima says, nudging Bakugou with his shoulder.

Bakugou side-eyes him, wobbling with the push. "What?"

"Maybe you should drink some water before you take that shot? You're looking a litte," he picks his words carefully, "flushed."
Bakugou scowls. "I'm fine."

"Sure, so your tapping foot is?"

Bakugou looks down, as if surprised by his own twitchy leg. He forces himself to stop. "Ok, fine, I'm a little wired, I think I have every right to be."
Kirishima chuckles, putting up his hand. "Hey, man, I'm not judging. I'm just saying, a little water would probably help."

Bakugou sighs, running a hand through his hair. Kirishima doesn't mention that he has glitter in the blond locks.
"Ok, ok. I see your point." He slumps on the couch. "Maybe I do need some water."

"Already got it," Sero says, handing them both a cup.

Bakugou blinks at him. "That was fast."

Sero winks. "I'm here to help you get laid remember? Throwing up and passing out +
Isn't going to make that happen."

Bakugou flips him off but takes the glass, drinking it down in large gulps.

Silvia comes back with their celebration shots and Ashido raises her's.
"To our boy. Whatever may happen tonight, may he find what he's looking for."

"And may he recieve all the best orgasms," Kaminari throws in.

They all throw back their shots. It's noticeable that Bakugou takes longer.
Kirishima makes a split second decision.

"Let's go dance."
The dj knows exactly what sort of club she's playing at, all the songs either slow and sensual or fast and heart thumping enough to get the blood going.

Kirishima and Bakugou are the only ones to go dance. Ashido had been snagged by Silvia.
Sero and Kaminari decide to go to the restaurant to split one of their rich chocolate cakes.

Which, Kirishima thinks as they press themselves into the crowd, means he should have thought this through.

Because now the two of them are looking at each other.
The dance floor grinds around them, hands gliding down their bodies, pulling them into bumping hips and jiggling asses.

But Kirishima's eyes are only on Bakugou.

Bakugou stares back.
"Come on, big guy," someone whispers. "Dance with me."

And then Kirishima is being turned, dragged further into the pit.

And he does try. Tries to get involved with his dance partner, tries not to mind as he's passed from person to person.
Tries to think about going home with one of them. They're all begging for it. Their bands and eyes are dark, their lips pouty.

But they're all not Bakugou.
Kirishima catches glimps of him, of Bakugou with his own partners. Squished between tits and asses, people whispering to him.

Their eyes meet.

And then Kirishima is pulled into another dance.
Kirishima eventually has to pull away. He knows, after three failed attempts, that he can not give these men what they want.

He goes to get a drink. Just water, something cool to combat the heat.
When he comes back, leaning against the bar, his eyes find blond locks with glitter in their hair.

He can always pick Bakugou out of a crowd.

And he sees the blond with his head tipped back, lips attached to his collarbone. His eyes are closed.
And Kirishima...Kirishima can't look away. There's heat in his stomach, an odd mixture of jealousy and desire.

Because even if there's someone else licking a path along Bakugou's skin, this is still /Bakugou/.

Bakugou showing his own desire.
Then Bakugou's eyes open.

And they meet his.
The song playing through the club lowers to a deep throbbing beat, that goes along with his racing heart. He can't break his gaze away from Bakugou's though, red eyes hypnotizing him.
His feet move on their own, walking him across the floor to where Bakugou is still being grinded on. When he gets close, Bakugou breaks free, moving into his embrace.

They hear the person huff, but neither cares.
Kirishima wraps two hands around Bakugou's waist, bringing him close, hips swaying, silently asking for Bakugou to join him in dancing.

Bakugou puts his hands on his shoulders, like they're meant to be there, and the two fit together like puzzle pieces.
Bakugou leans up and Kirishima leans down. He doesn't know what he was expecting, eyes trained on Bakugou's lips.

But Bakugou leans past, dodging his face, to instead lean up and whisper in his ear.
"Thanks for saving me."

Kirishima kicks himself for thinking things he shouldn't. Instead, leaning his head on Bakugou's shoulder. "No problem, man," he whispers back.
"It's just," Bakugou twirls them. "I can't...I can't stand their hands on me. Can't stand them touching me."

Kirishima thinks that over, spinning them again. "Is it a gender thing?"
Bakugou huffs. "I...don't think so. It's just...when someone touches me, it's like my skin crawls. I know what they want and it's like my body is rebelling against the very idea."

"Do you feel that way when Kaminari or Ashido or Sero touch you?"
"No, but they don't touch me with other intentions in mind."

Kirishima swallows and lifts his head back up to look down at Bakugou. "Do you feel that way when *I* touch you?"
Bakugou stops swaying.

They stand in the middle of the dance floor, staring at each other. Kirishima isn't sure he's breathing.

Bakugou opens his mouth and the answer almost gets drowned out by the music.
Kirishima inhales. He lifts one hand to cup Bakugou's face. Bakugou leans into it, but he does not break eye contact.

"Do you-" Kirishima breaks himself off, looking for the words that he wants to say. "Can I kiss you? Please?"
He sees the way Bakugou takes a deep breath. Then shakily nods his head, blond fluffy hair swaying with the movement.

Kirishima takes his time, lifting his other hand up, both now cradling Bakugou's face.
He leans down, giving Bakugou plenty of time to back away. But Bakugou doesn't.

Their lips find each other, soft and plush. Kirishima can taste the alcohol Bakugou was drinking.
It's a slow kiss and Kirishima has to remind himself it's technically their third. To him, it feels like he's kissing Bakugou for the first time all over again.

They pull back, briefly, eyes catching again. Then Bakugou is pulling him back in.
They kiss a little rougher, a little faster, Bakugou drawling Kirishima's teeth out to play and nip and bite his lips red.

His hands move, one to the back of Bakugou's head to keep him steady, the other back down to his waist.
The club continues to beat around them, the air hot. Kirishima can feel his own sweat, can sort of smell the caramel scent of Bakugous. It just makes him want to kiss Bakugou more.

He moans.

Then freezes.
But Bakugou moans back, mouth opening slightly, tongue licking at Kirishima's lips.

Kirishima can't stop his noises now, can't help but want to hear more of Bakugou's.
It's some time when they finally break apart, both breathing hard.

"Shit," Bakuogu whispers.

"Shit," Kirishima repeats.
And then someone bumps into them and reality sets in. They both pull back, letting go of each other.

Kirishima clears his throat. "Did...you hate that?"

Bakugou might be blushing but it's hard to say in the dark of the club.
"No, I-I didn't," Bakugou stutters out.

Kirishima clears his throat. "So then, maybe you hate being surprised. Or need to form a connection with them?"
Bakugou huffs. "I...I can't do that. Here? You know I can't."

"Well, you don't /have/ to sleep with anyone," Kirishima reminds him again. "You don't have to push yourself if it makes you uncomfortable."
"It's not that I'm uncomfortable," Bakugou says. "It's just that I don't want /extras/ to touch me."

He looks down, biting his bottom lip and Kirishima can't help but want to lick it.
Then his head snaps up, eyes drilling into Kirishima's. "I don't want an extra to fuck me, but you're not an extra."

Oh fuc-

Bakugou grabs the front of Kirishima's shirt and pulls him down. "Fuck me, Kirishima."
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Kirishima's eyes dilate, he breathes through his nose, inhaling more caramel scent. Like this, he can see straight down Bakugou's shirt, to that creamy expanse of skin.

Bakugou's eyes are burning him alive as he waits for Kirishima's answer.
Bakugou recoils like Kirishima physically punched him. His eyes go guarded, body turning away from him, lips turned down into an angry scowl.

Kirishima grabs his wrist to stop him from running away, cutting through any angry curse Bakugou can give him.
"I can't sleep with you, Bakugou. Not if you're expecting no feelings to be involved." Kirishima's heart is rapid-fire as he rushes to explain. "I-I like you and I can't sleep with you and not come away wanting more. You're better off finding someone who can do that."
Bakugou hesitates, body turning towards him now. He still has a scowl on, but is no longer cursing. No longer running away.

"You have...feelings for me?" Bakugou asks, slowly.
"What feelings?"

"What feelings?" Kirishima repeats.

"Yeah," Bakugou says. "Is it...really deep friendship? In my research I came across something that talked about queerplatonic, is it like that?"
"Trust me, Bakugou," Kirishima says. "My feelings for you are anything but platonic."

That makes Bakugou silent. He's back to bitting his bottom lip. "Can you describe them for me?"
Kirishima stops and thinks about it for a second. He starts off slow. "Whenever I look at you, I want to run my hands through your hair. I want to hug you close. I want to always touch you."
"I want to kiss your cheeks when they puff up and watch you blush. I want to kiss your forehead to soothe the worry lines there. I want to kiss your lips because I desire you and wish to show you how much."
"I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I'm unprepared and think of you. My hands get so sweaty whenever I get the chance to touch you. My throat gets dry whenever I speak to you."
"I look at you like I want to ruin you. I look at you like I want to cherish you. I look at you with fondness and with perverted thoughts and with the knowledge that I could spend a lifetime looking at you."
Kirishima cuts himself off, afraid he might choke on his emotions.

Bakugou is silent for a long time. For a very long time.

Enough that Kirishima wonders if he overdid.
Then a smile overcomes Bakugou's lips. It's one Kirishima hasn't seen all that often. It's small and bit shy. A bit nervous, like he's not the unstoppable force that is Katsuki Bakugou.
Bakugou grabs his hand and gives it a squeeze. "Then, Kirishima, I think I might have feelings for you too. Because that's exactly how I feel about you."
There's a few hallways to the side, leading to bathrooms.

The official reason for the hallways.

The unofficial reason is for quick makeouts and fumbling in pants.

Kirishima's heart picks up at they head that way.
He thinks he might be in shock. He has been pinning over Katsuki for *years*, respectful of the other's decision but still over the moon for him.

And now here he is.

Being led to a dark hallway.

For a make out.

Maybe for something more.
He feels like he's 17 again, with the General Ed student making moon eyes at him as they sneak back to his dorm room, hands clammy and dick hard.

He hopes he doesn't make a fool of himself in his eagerness to have the one thing he never thought he would get.
Luckily, there's only one other couple there, looking like they just got started and Bakugou leads them past, to the darkest part of the hallway.

But once they reach there, he lets go of Kirishima's hand, turning to lean back against the wall.
Kirishima looks him over and is once again hit with the fact that Bakugou is *nervous*.

He's seen the man bleeding out while facing down a villain and never looked like he has tonight.
Bakugou clears his throat. Then clears it again. "So..uh...we're here."


"I guess we should get on with it."

Kirishima licks his lips. "What exactly are you looking for, Bakugou?"
"What do you think, Shitty Hair?"

Kirishima frowns. "I don't know, you haven't told me."

Bakugou throws his hands up. "Whatever you usually do, I guess."
"Bakugou," Kirishima says, voice stern. He pushes closer, trapping Bakugou against the wall and forcing him to look him in the eyes. He lowers his voice. "I need you to breath man. You look ten seconds away from bolting."
"I am *not* going to run," Bakugou snaps.

Kirishima settles a hand on Bakugou's hip and Bakugou's breath stutters. "You need to breath," he repeats. "Come on. Breath with me."
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Bakuogu, because he will always be a stubborn ass, resists for a second or two. But Kirishima touches his forehead against the blond's, meets his eyes, and takes deep breaths.

Soon, Bakugou is matching him. Slow and steady. Not looking away.
"Good?" Kirishima asks.

Bakugou's eyes flutter close and Kirishima watches as, second by second, his shoulders relax. "I'm better," he grumbles. "Fuck you."

Kirishima chuckles, but he does not move away. "What'd I do now?"
"How do you always know what to say to me?" Bakugou asks and Kirishima doesn't know if it's actually meant for him or not. "To get me to calm down."

Kirishima rubs Bakugou's arm, humming. "Honestly, you're not that hard to figure out, Bakugou."
"I'm not sure many people would agree with you."

"That's because most people are too in a hurry to judge and move on with their day," Kirishima answers back, lightly. "But if anyone takes the moment to watch you, they would figure you out quickly."
Kirishima swallows. "I watch you a lot."

Bakugou stays silent. He raises one hand up, cupping Kirishima's cheek. "You always do this. Say something to make my heart flutter. You're always taking care of me."
Kirishima tilts his head to press a kiss to Bakugou's palm. "I enjoy taking care of you."

"This isn't..." Bakugou hesitates and Kirishima looks back at him at that. Bakugou closes his eyes again. "This isn't an obligation to you. Is it?"
"You're not agreeing to do this just because you're my friend and you feel like you have to, right?"
"Katsuki," Kirishima says, the name tasting like honey in his mouth. "When have I done something I didn't want to do?"

"You do a lot for me."

"Because I want to. I've also said no to you, many times."

Bakugou's lips push out in a pout, a bit unconsciously. "You do."
Kirishima laughs. He makes sure to keep rubbing his hands up and down Bakugou's arms. Getting him used to the touch. "You look sad about that."

That gets Bakugou to stiffen, face flaming. "Shut up."

Kirishima cups his face, soft and gentle. "You want to be spoiled, huh?"
"Kirishima, I swear to-"

Kirishima laughs again, delighted to see how Bakugou tries to keep the smile off his face.

He presses forward, touching foreheads together. One of his hands slip under Bakugou's shirt but Bakugou is too busy staring back at him to notice.
The laughter dies down naturally, both of them basking in the aftermath.

Kirishima is still touching him, rubbing circles into his skin. Getting him used to his touch.

The other still cups Bakugou's face, keeping him close to Kirishima's face.
He stares into those red eyes, feeling his heart beat a steady drum in his ears.

Bakugou blinks and it's like he suddenly becomes aware of himself. He shifts, eyes glancing away and Kirishima hates that.
"Can I kiss you again?" He asks and that keeps Bakugou's attention on him.

He bites his bottom lip, pulling the plump flesh between his teeth and Kirishima is overcome with need.

But he waits for Bakugou's answer.
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