Iran rgm sets up fake @Twitter account for @EmmanuelMacron's chief of staff. @Alexis_Kohler_ claimed France is expelling the MEK. It's 2nd time Iran impersonates French officials. In July FR's Consulate in Jerusalem disavowed fake @pierre_cochard_ account
Iran's regime is growing desperate. Even after @EmmanuelMacron's office & @FranceenIran announce the @Alexis_Kohler_ account is fake, today's Jomhouri Eslami runs a front page piece quoting the fake account for Macron's Chief of Staff as saying France will expel the MEK
Those running Iran's disinfo campaign are plain stupid. The official IRNA news agency ran a piece falsely quoting @FranceenIran as saying the MEK set up the fake @Alexis_Kohler_ account. (See pic for FR's true position) Updated version deleted the claim but forgot Google's cache!
Some background on the BalkansPost which ran this #FakeNews on the MEK. Site is run by Iran's Intel Ministry. Was formerly hosted on IP alongside American Herald Tribune. @facebook banned both for disinfo. @Twitter blocked @balkanspost but @AHTribune is still active
This translates into "We're going to carry out a bombing in Europe & blame the MEK afterwards."
Note: BalkansPost is a sockpuppet site run by Iran's Intel Ministry. The 'expert' is a notorious regime agent (see pic w/ Ahmadinejad)
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