THREAD: A number of people have asked me, as a gay man happily married to another gay man, whether I have an issue with #WSeries staging a race in Russia next year. Well, I worked in #F1 for more than 20 years, often visiting countries whose record on #LGBTQ rights was poor.(1/6)
This year's #F1 calendar contains 2 countries in which sex between adult males is illegal, Singapore & Abu Dhabi (where sex between adult females is also illegal). It has been legal in Russia since '93, but it's not widely accepted & gay men in particular face persecution.(2/6)
My own policy has always been to be out & proud. Life for #LGBTQ people in Russia, & indeed in Singapore & Abu Dhabi, can be hard. Visitors from more liberal countries can help spread tolerance. That's what I've always tried to do.(3/6)
When I was McLaren's Comms Director, I used to host a 'McLaren gay night' in Singapore, at Tantric Bar, in which members of the #F1 media corps drank & made merry alongside the local #LGBTQ community, who gaily welcomed their mostly straight F1 fellow revellers. It was fun.(4/6)
I went on Gay Pride marches in London many many years ago, when it was scary rather than trendy to do so. I was a founder member of @racingprideuk & I'm an active member of it still. The fight for #LGBTQ rights goes on, as it must. Progress, albeit often slow, is being made.(5/6)
#WSeries will have 2 #LGBTQ drivers on the St Petersburg grid next year, out & proud, & all at W Series will be supporting them. #RethinkRacing #LoveIsLove (6/6)
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