BREAKING🚨—Intrepid investigative lawyer @tracygreen does it again!

Catching the Trump Org. red-handed, BLATANTLY promoting Trump and linking him to ALL properties.

“Trump violated his promise to America to isolate himself from his businesses,” says Tracy. “That’s CORRUPTION.”
1/ CORRUPTION: The abuse of entrusted power for private gain.

“Trump Org. website spends pages detailing Trump’s history on the properties and mentions Trump in each property purchase as if he ‘bought’ the properties individually,” says Tracy.
2/ TAMMANY TRUMP: Trump Org. promotes how Trump is now U.S. president* and turned mngt over to sons.

“Make no mistake: Trump Org. wants EVERYONE to know Trump is THE MAN behind the organization and ‘management’ only is delegated to sons. Not profit. Not revenue. Just mngt.”-TG
3/ SELF-DEALING: Trump’s name and likeness should not be on the websites linked to all hotels, properties and businesses, and yet there are pages and pages of his bio.

“How can Americans know the decisions he makes are for the people and not for him and his businesses?”-TG
4/ SELF-ENRICHING: The screenshot on the left is from March 31, 2016—almost identical to long bio of Trump. The new website just calls him ‘founder’—a very minor change.

“Clearly, Trump is pursuing his own businesses as part of being president.”- @tracygreen
5/ DELIBERATE PROMOTION: Trump uses his presidency* for his financial benefit every way he can.

Exhibit A: Twitter. Here he congratulates himself by retweeting a Trump Org. promo
6/ UNETHICAL AND UNAMERICAN: Trump acts like a third rate dictator in a banana republic, tweeting his arrival, departure or meetings at HIS properties.

“Note, he doesn't mention the property names of meetings he attends that are at non-Trump affiliated businesses.”- @tracygreen
7/ AGGRESSIVE SELF-PROMOTION: The banana Republican has been aggressively promoting his properties in the last year.

As Tracy points out: “How is this separating him from his companies? It’s clear, he hasn’t.”
8/ BANANA REPUBLICAN: His itchy Twitter finger branded Mar-a-Lago even before the coronation. And the media bot it.
9/ CASHING IN: On Jan. 1 2017, Mar-a-Lago doubled its initiation fee from $100,000 to $200,000 just days before the inauguration. It had been $100,000 since 2012.

“The blatant use of the presidency for financial gain shows alarming ethical violations,” says @tracygreen.
10/ LAIR-OF-LIARS: “Recall when he lied about having secret negotiations to build Trump Moscow in 2016 during the campaign? Trump told Cohen to say ‘no Russian deals’ since the deal in Moscow was not complete. But there were negotiations.”- @tracygreen
11/ BIG LIE: On Jan. 11, 2017, Trump lied to the American people and said ‘no deals’—it was a deal in past. It was a binding contract. It just did not progress. No evidence it was terminated. Cohen admitted Trump told him to say ‘no deal’ during campaign. He told him to lie.”-TG
12/ WHEN LAWYERS LIE: “If it wasn't a ‘big deal’ why are Trump's lawyers lying? Why does he lie to the American public?

“Trump admitted in NYT intervu there was a deal but he never admits till things come out and after he has his lawyers lie on TV. (See attached 302 report).”-TG
13/ A LITTLE BIT WRONG: “A very unimportant deal”... “Rudy has been wrong. A little bit.”

He lies.

“I was running for president, but I was also running a business.”

Yeah, we got that part.
14/ CARNY CAMPAIGNER: Major statements at Trump-branded properties all along the campaign trail.
15/ EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE: The loyalty pledge was clear back in 2015.
16/ ON THE RECORD: Trump and his kids used the campaign for financial benefit—and then the presidency*.

“Turning over mngt of Trump Org. and its businesses to Don and Eric did not prevent Trump or isolate Trump from using his presidential office for his financial benefit.”-TG
17/ TARGETING TRUMP VOTERS: “Trump sons eye new hotel project in Trump-friendly areas...’

So the Trump Org. is directly targeting Trump voters to promote business.
18/ STEP RIGHT UP: Look at all that cross promotion, like a strip club barker with parentheses.
19/ UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Dateline—Scotland.

“Turnberry scandal violates emoluments clause. Trump promised there would be no new foreign property deals. Article 1, Section 9, bars office holders from receiving anything of value from foreign states without congressional consent.”-TG
20/ WTF: This Scotland development is a NEW large housing development deal of 550 homes that was just approved by the Scottish government after being locally rejected.

“Does Trump ask Congress for permission? Of course not. He does it first and ignores the Constitution.”-TG
21/ 💸”It’s obvious Turnberry which has lost money for seven years is making a turn into a new biz—residential real estate.

“This comes after it became known that the U.S. military has spent millions propping up Turnberry and the airport that provides access to it.”- @tracygreen
22/ OPEN FOR BUSINESS: “Some speculate that Trump knows he will be able to get foreign investors..Plenty of Russians eager to get their money out of Putin’s reach have found happy homes in Trump’s United States real estate projects.”- @tracygreen
23/ BLOWING WIND: As president* elect, Trump wasted no time indulging in conflicts of interest.
24/ BRITISH RESERVE: As Tracy notes: “At least the Brits understand ethics and say no to the British Open being at Turnberry until Trump is no longer president*.”

At least that.
25/ SIDESHOW DON: “A tweet like this—with a ‘Stay tuned!’—treats our country’s policies like a sideshow. No real thought. And it lets other countries see that his foreign trade policy isn’t well thought out. He just wants attention. It’s amateurish.”- @tracygreen
26/ BANANAS: As we conclude this thread on Trump’s blatant corruption and ongoing misuse of power, I felt it critical to hear Trump defend himself in his own words.

Here, I read his response to the @nytimes as he “admits” to Trump Tower Moscow deal.

29/ LOSSES: A quick scan of all the losses at Trump-affiliated properties may explain his increasing self-promotion. His investors don’t take kindly to losing laundered money.
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