1. I make no apologies for the length of this thread as 1000s have been living with the strain of #LoanCharge for years & it reflects what we've endured.I urge you to read this,especially if you are in the media.This thread contains links to facts evidencing HMRC & Gov behaviour.
2. Years, decades even, of inaction & inefficiencies by @HMRCgovuk now mean that 100k contractors face ruin with 20yrs of retrospective tax in the #LoanCharge. I found out about this over 10 years after first using a scheme.
3. Former chancellor @philiphammond sums up perfectly in a separate statement on tax of what 20yrs of inaction by @HMRCgovuk signalled to people. Also remember these schemes were never illegal. How his attitude changed to suit his own agenda in respect of #LoanCharge
4. @HMRCgovuk have never been clear on these schemes & in fact they have always been legal. Contractors using them declared the schemes on yearly tax returns & HMRC even gave them ref numbers. How is this disguised remuneration? #LoanCharge
5. How on earth can the ordinary man in the street be sure of what he is entering into when Tax QC's vetted & approved schemes & even HMRC state that the schemes weren't illegal. Most freelancers moved to this way of working due to complicated #IR35 rules.
7. I assume reason @HarrietHarman asked about retro legislation was that it was normal practice to ask or she was aware of #LoanCharge & had concerns. So why no follow up? I wrote to @HumanRightsCtte & response was @treasurycommitte were too busy to take further, 7 suicides later
8. When the Fin Bill committee met @MelJStride denied them seeing evidence from 100s of people who would be affected by #LoanCharge & denied them seeing evidence from expert bodies. http://bit.ly/2NfiYza 
9. From the initial idea at @HMRCgovuk of the retrospective #LoanCharge HMRC have employed a behavioural insights team to psychologically manipulate people to put them under maximum stress. Also known as the nudge dept.
10. Internally @HMRCgovuk created 'Project roar' to 'Make it real' for contractors using what they incorrectly called 'Disguised remuneration' schemes. This was run by Phil Gilbert at HMRC, see below. 7 suicides due to #LoanCharge still doesn't seem to be real enough for them.
11. An Early Day Motion was started by @StephenLloydEBN which gained a 152 signatures from cross party MPs against the retrospective nature of the #LoanCharge and still the government did not listen.
12. An All Party Working Group was started, @loanchargeAPPG ,to help bring a halt to the #LoanCharge legislation. However to date despite this being the only thing that cross party MPs can agree on, in times of #Brexit, it has not stopped the Loan Charge.
13. Over 170 cross party parliamentarians have now signed a letter calling for an immediate suspension of the #LoanCharge.
188 parliamentarians are members of the cross party @loanchargeAPPG.
Still the government don't listen.
17. @PhilipHammondUK called contractors tax evaders in front of @CommonsTreasury labelling us as criminals & we haven't acted outside the law at any time. Evasion is illegal but avoidance is not. @HMRCgovuk have never said the schemes were illegal.
18. We also mustn't forget @PhilipHammondUK earlier attitude to retrospective legislation, how fickle our politicians can be to serve their own goals. #LoanCharge
20. Let's not forget the current chancellor @sajidjavid 's view on tax avoidance. Funny how they change their mind or remain silent to suit their own current circumstances. #LoanCharge https://twitter.com/LCAG_2019/status/1159838681848373250?s=09
23. Samples of the lies at the @CommonsTreasury session 30th Jan 2019 from Mary Aiston @HMRCgovuk #LoanCharge
25. While Mary Aiston from @HMRCgovuk was lying to the @CommonsTreasury about the £13k average #LoanCharge bill per person @HMRCpressoffice were pushing out a figure of £20k avg tax avoided per annum by those using schemes. Together the figures are a nonsense.
26. While @MelJStride was Treasury Minister he misled the House on numerous occasions about #LoanCharge. He insisted it was retroactive, not retrospective. It's telling in this exchange Mogg uses retroactive in question & Stride replies with retrospective.
29. On 2/03/2019 @MelJStride appeared on @Moneybox being interviewed by @paullewismoney, when pushed on his claims that promoters had been jailed for tax avoidance he stated that this was in respect of the #LoanCharge, a clear lie to mislead.
32. With the change of guard at No. 10 @Jesse_Norman replaced @MelJStride as Treasury Minister. Norman gave those affected hope with Tweets implying he would be fair handed in respect of #LoanCharge.
33. However as soon as @Jesse_Norman spoke in @HouseofCommons on #LoanCharge it was immediately apparent that he was just another mouthpiece of @HMRCgovuk & @hmtreasury
34. This performance in @HouseofCommons by @Jesse_Norman dashed all hopes of fairness and resulted in 2 further #LoanCharge suicides within days of the speech. Apparently Norman was named in 1 suicide note. Totally avoidable tragedies.
35. @Jesse_Norman unlike his predecessor @MelJStride appeared before @LordsEconCom in respect of #LoanCharge in fact admitting that the legislation is retroactive. https://twitter.com/LCAG_2019/status/1151431604700508160?s=19
36. Shortly after on @bbcpolitics interviewed by @afneil about #LoanCharge when asked about pursuing promoters @jessenorman stated they couldn't go after them as they'd done nothing illegal & government did not want to introduce retrospective legislation. https://twitter.com/BBCPolitics/status/1151820634646646784?s=09
38. On 1st Oct 2019 in response to a question by @PeterBoneUK in @HouseofCommons @Jesse_Norman denied the 7 suicides although they have all been reported.
39. @Jesse_Norman 's fellow MPs on the @loanchargeAPPG have asked for an apology to the fact he denied the 7 suicides which is an insult to the families affected. https://twitter.com/loanchargeAPPG/status/1179061035648593920?s=19
40. The @loanchargeAPPG now numbers 188 members made up of cross party MPs and still the government won't stop the #LoanCharge https://twitter.com/loanchargeAPPG/status/1189624458530701312?s=19
41. Over 170 MPs have signed a letter asking for an immediate suspension of the #LoanCharge but @Jesse_Norman @sajidjavid & @Conservatives ignore these voices putting more vulnerable people at risk of self harm. #SuicideAwareness https://twitter.com/carolynharris24/status/1186575135714742272?s=19
42. After @BorisJohnson had to be pressured to deliver on his hustings promise for a #LoanCharge review there were immediate concerns as to the independence of the review with @HMRCgovuk & @hmtreasury on the secretariat & the choice of Sir Amyas Morse to lead the review.
44. @StephenLloydEBN received the usual brush off response from @Jesse_Norman regarding concerns about the independence of the #LoanCharge review and the chair Sir Amyas Morse. https://twitter.com/StephenLloydEBN/status/1187002961752408064?s=19
49. Then @Jesse_Norman who has again misled MPs over the #LoanCharge is made a privy councillor. Behaviour like his should not be rewarded. https://twitter.com/Jesse_Norman/status/1154458242862465024?s=19
51. And what remains is this one question which has never been answered satisfactorily regarding the #LoanCharge https://twitter.com/gregwrightYP/status/1189623549255962626?s=19
52. So after reading this if you are a contractor come election day I hope you will think long and hard before casting your vote. I personally will vote tactically against the @Conservatives who have destroyed our industry and condemned many families to misery. Thank you.
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