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This was adorable and so magical! The use of description creates vivid imagery and it met all of my expectations for an innocent fairy tale with an assured happily ever after. I rate it 97 out of 93 stars :)
I read a yoonkook every day so I’m gonna document my journey as much as I can. It’ll be fun for me ☺️☺️
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This was a lot sadder than I expected but ohmygod the writing style is absolutely gorgeous???? I fell in love with the language and how emotive every word was when strung together. 97 out of 93 stars :)

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Surprise appearance by confident gay yoongi which is ALWAYS LOVELY. The whole piece was based around October to November time, but it felt like they were each other’s Xmas presents :)

97 out of 93 stars!!!

#yoonkook of the day!

A unique twist on the ABO universe, which I really really liked! I wouldn’t mind reading more about it :)

97 out of 93 wheeee

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symbolism galore!!! A reminder that everyone is worthy of second chances as long as they’re willing to put in the effort :) ynkk were adorable and I was rooting for them from the beginning!
97 out of 93 !!!!

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cutest most fucking adorable halloween idiotic friends-to-lovers with fluff galore and cat ears :))))
97 out of 93 yeeeeee

usually I only do one per day BUT THIS ONE NEEDS SHARING

#yoonkook of the day!

HYYH Yoongi is a Twilight vampire and JK is JK. This was such an amazing take on the HYYH classic, I fell in love with it :) 97 out of 93 for sureeee

#yoonkook of the day!

always loved a good murderer-romance. this one is gorgeously written, and it's by one of my fave authors to boot. mysterious whimsical language, a push and pull relationship, boundaries being pushed...

97/93 :)

I’m cheating again but...

#yoonkook of the day! again!

A really awkward humbling cute cute cute love story about myg, jjk, and a thousand and ten kisses. It’s so cute oof

#yoonkook of the day!

Short, but so so worth it. It’s opposites attract meets wealth and luxury meets soft soft soft starry boys in love. Ahh I really liked this one.

I probably won’t ever tag the actual author. It’s just a log of stories. I comment on the story itself so I do get my sentiments across :)
#yoonkook of the day!

It’s very hard to describe this one, but. Emotion, so much of it. A love that shouldn’t have been but grew like a budding flower. And inevitable fate. Yes, that’s good enough. The writing is gorgeous too. 97/93 :)))

#yoonkook of the day!

Vampires! But that’s not the main point of this. More about a cute drama-free panicked gays meet-cute ending in a lovely confession :) 97/93 wheeee

#yoonkook of the day!

I love coffee shop AUs awww. But this one has a Greek twist??? It was a lot of clueing in, a lot of show-not-tell but it made reading so much more enjoyable :) 97/93 heeheeee

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Not completed, but the first chapter of a photographer/baseball player AU. And oh my god it sounds so promising! I am excite!

#yoonkook of the day!

Oof how soft can u get? Light angst, but JK and Yoongles are ultimately Soff Soff Soff as an Ice Cream Cloud.

#yoonkook of the day!

Humor at its finest, a bunch of pining and disaster gayness, and OT7 friendship that is all sorts of beautiful. I love how chaotic everyone is haha

#yoonkook of the day!

it is eight thirty in the morning but who cares oof. i was about to skip over this due to the angst tag, but it was super long and THAT ATTRACTS ME. this was cliched yes, but so well done. characterization and detail on point!!! <3

#yoonkook of the day!
warning: nsfw

Communication is key, fellas. So is knowledge. Poly with joon, and really well done. I kept up with this since almost the beginning and am really satisfied with how it ended.

#yoonkook of the day!

ABO, strawberries, cigarettes, minty, and very very soft overall ;))))

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Not one, but a series since they were all uploaded today. But! Yoonkook! And! Kisses! A plus content!!!

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Succinct, but powerful. I'm very picky about my HYYH fics (because I don't like angst dammit) so I'm happy to find this one. A gem hidden in the jungle :)

I stopped rating :(( cuz forgetting :(( but 97/93 for everything :D

#yoonkook of the day!

It is in second person (yoongi POV) and it is AMAZING. The story of how jk turns cherry, via the eyes of boyfriend yoongles. It is so so cute, I love it too much.

#yoonkook of the day!

A sleepy, soft, sweet drabble. My heart feels so soft after reading this, totally a big uwu alert. yoongles is so whipped for jk, oof.

#yoonkook of the day!

I never thought about how a couple could still gay panic over each other even when together but this just brings that to light. It’s cheesy but sweet sweet sweet.

#yoonkook of the day!

Very light, very show-not-tell, very fluffy. There’s a distinct OT7 love within and I think that’s beautiful, even while the focus is ynkk. I love how the hotels are more telling than the characters haha

#yoonkook of the day!

A a:tla AU! A really well done one! Jk is the moon and yoongi just can’t help revolving around him aw. A water bender and fire bender come together in the best of ways, and oof it is so soft. The read is so worth it!

#yoonkook of the day!

Light angst because mEMORY eRASURE but oof true love prevails in the end. JK and Yoongles are truly whipped for each other, which is just beautiful :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Killer JK and Stalker Yoongles. Written super well, awesome pacing, solid characterization, and wowowow it'll keep you on your toes. Definitely worth the read, highly recommend. And yes, it's got a happy ending :D

#yoonkook of the day!

Enemies to friends to lovers, break up and make up, and some feels all put together. At the end of the day, miscommunication is the key to every failed relationship. But ynkk is okay at the end yayy

#yoonkook of the day!

A flowery ynkk that’s equal parts soft, cheesy, and omg-they-in-love. It’s short but oof does it put a smile on ur face. The romantic in me is more than satisfied :))

#yoonkook of the day!

There’s something to be said about pure true love and yearning and bliss. This is for all the romantics in the world haha. It’s a little long, but I liked seeing a new side to fictional yoongi. He isn’t always written this way :)

#yoonkook of the day!

I've kept up with this fic since almost the beginning and now it's finally complete! and wow, what a journey it's been. This is plot-heavy, but the angst feels and romance are real. Featuring undercover cop Yoongles and student JK.

#yoonkook of the day!

yoongles as a gang boss, and jk as his one weakness, which is a trope I absolutely adore. It's short, and it leaves me wanting to know more about the world this AU is set in, haha.

#yoonkook of the day!

Sigh. Even from the tags I knew this would be soft, and oof I’m glad to be right. JK’s hobbies are gardening and scaring yoongi. Yoongi’s are getting scared by JK and falling in love. It’s so soft and cute and fluffy, my heart died.

#yoonkook of the day!

This is "shall i compare thee to a summer's day" meets gummy smile meets "did you know i love you? let me tell you again" and it is ADORABLE. why is there so much fluff lately ynkkers, wow. Is a happy bean :D

#yoonkook of the day!

Featuring needy whiny so-in-love Yoongles and a JK we all want in our lives. This was super cute, and the ending just makes me sigh with happy. But seriously why is everything on ao3 so soft lately??? R ynkkers okay?

#yoonkook of the day!

i'm a sucker for a good soulmate au, and it's always nice when you find a new take on the soulmate thing, really. JK was so sweet and supportive of vmin, and yoongles is so so carefully in love with him, that my heart cried oof.

#yoonkook of the day!

Looking for sth less fluffy + more comical, and found THIS. This is OT7 at their best, seriously. I love how the whole fic is based upon how funny they are individually + together. Featuring MYG as soft boy and JK as famous boy :)

I’m not sure who reads this thread exactly, but to those who do! I’ve been doing a lot of recently written ynkk fics but I want to revisit those that I’ve read in the past. Maybe someone will find one they’ve never read :)) and I may do more than one fic a day oof. I read a lot.
#yoonkook of the day!

Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite ynkk authors. This fic in particular is based off the Netflix movie, but with a lot less unnecessary drama. A cute little ynkk overall with just a teeny amount of angst for suspense :)

#yoonkook of the day!

warning: nsfw

Light and dark is such a classic trope, but this one has fairies!! Classic turned unique!! There’s a lot of emotion, a lot of love, themes of freedom and sacrifice, and overall it was an enjoyable read :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Soulmate AU! But different! A lot more longing, yearning, wishing, waiting, hoping. They’re connected by thoughts but unable to meet until 21. This was so super cute, I’m sad I haven’t found it earlier haha

#yoonkook of the day!

One more today! This is one I’ve read before and revisited today, and it’s absolutely amazing. A fantasy world building AU centered around a war. Ynkk are on the same side, and they are In Love. Intense and soft, fluff and angst.

#yoonkook of the day!

I read this ages ago, but it's still so super cute. A little bit of werewolf and mystery murders, but mostly yoongles having a crisis because he's in LOVE. It's super soft honestly. A little long, but definitely worth it!!

#yoonkook of the day!

This one.. is magical. Absolutely stunning. A story of fate versus coincidence and how they may be nothing alike or altogether the same. It’s so beautifully written my heart sang. The authors sweet too, so that’s a plus haha.

#yoonkook of the day!

I’ve read this a lot, but it never fails to make me smile. Time travel feat. predebut myg. Makes me think about what could have happened had yoongi chosen to say no; It’s kinda scary in some sense oof. I’m grateful that he’s here :)

#yoonkook of the day!

I’ve rediscovered this today yay! Secret relationship AU! Yoongi and JK had such good chemistry, and their banter is 10/10. And Seokjin is a whole mood oof. This is seriously cute, plz give it a go :)

i haven't done this in a while, due to way too many sources of stress (new job, school, covid-19, etc.), but i want to get back into it. i have ynkk fics to praise damn it
#yoonkook of the day!

where yg is a Ghost Whisperer and OT5 are havoc raising ghosts who double as matchmakers. this is super sweet and super fun to read. if you want fluffy, then this is it. i really loved yg's relationship w/ the ghosts, it's too cute!

i want to kinda spam some ynkk that i've read during the time i've been gone. because there's a lot to praise to give to ynkk authors.

let the spamming commence.
#yoonkook of the day!

tw: murder, obsession, sociopathy

there's something mesmerizing about ynkk's dynamics in this. it's like a twisted game of cat and mouse. the cat is chasing after its prey, and the prey is very willing to be caught. it's truly sth.

#yoonkook of the day!

a follow-up to the one above. same warnings apply.

this one is special to me, since i commissioned her for it. yoongi is diabolically enchanting, and jk is such willing prey, it's interesting to see them both fall for the other.

#yoonkook of the day!

the title is super cheesy (which is great honestly), and this is really really cute. dinosaurs don't often make it into fics, and this is a nice twist on the hybrid AU. jk is adorable in this, and yg wins best bf of the year.

more #yoonkook of the day!

jk is loyal af, but i love that about him in this. it shows that he's true to his feelings and loves earnestly. i love how yg describes himself as impatient, but still waits for his happy ending for years. it's comforting.

even more #yoonkook of the day!

love is painful, but it doesn't have to be. jk and yoongi are examples of that. this one is short, but my heart feels fond whenever i read it.

#yoonkook of the day!

The author’s got many ynkk’s written, but this one really took my breath away. It’s a sleepy syrupy slow and sweet story full of love and hope and friendship and oof it’s cute. A guaranteed smile on your face for sure :)

#yoonkook of the day!

this is a LONG one, but oh IT IS WORTH IT. post-bangtan, where they're in their late 20s, early 30s. some coming out, realizations, confessions, inspirations, and lovings all in one. this was truly a beautiful story.

#yoonkook of the day!

Everyone is playing animal crossing or doing Korean with BTS, but here’s a really cute no angst hp!AU ynkk :) perfect for smiles and fond hearts. Read if u like dragons and gummy smiles!!!

#yoonkook of the day!

A two story series! Where vampire Yoongi meets human JK and finally realizes love might actually be worth it. They’re both super cute and super fluffy. Guaranteed smiles for sure! :)

Another #yoonkook of the day!

tw: nsfw

Professor Min teaches photography, and Photography Genius Kookie absorbs everything from him. This was written and formatted so beautifully. I’m kind of in awe of how much I loved the pacing. Plz give this a read!

#yoonkook of the day!

Travel vlog bfs yoonkook are in New Zealand, Jungkook is pretty, Yoongi builds a snowman, and everything is beautiful. A day’s summary put together with love, affection, and happiness. It’s too cute, I swear.

#yoonkook of the day!

Was looking for ynkk, and got ynkk PLUS CATS. Featuring disaster potionnier witch JK and yoongi as Lil Meow Meow. JK feels a lot, Yoongi comforts, and we soft here, folks. Cute, adorable, and will make u smile. And u deserve smiles!

#yoonkook of the day!

Not complete, but it’s illegal not to share. This fic is written like a song, a mesmerizing poetic melody where tensions are high, ynkk are in love, and kisses are soft. The words/characters are so well put together, I legit cry :(

I’m not sure if anyone still uses this thread, but if u do, I hope u have found some great ynkk fics that u enjoy! My taste may not agree with other people’s, which is totally okay! We r all unique!! ☺️☺️
#yoonkook of the day!

An introspective hyyh ynkk featuring the iconic hotel fire. A fitting fic for today, April 11th. Yoongi gives JK a lot to think about, but that’s okay. JK is willing to wait for him. It’s kinda sad, but there’s light at the end.

#yoonkook of the day!

A simple, soft, smol ynkk for those who feel terribly in love and loved. Please enjoy!

#yoonkook of the day!

Ariel’s an amazing author, wbk. She writes a lot of ynkk, and each time I’m blown away by her characterization, her world building, and all the emotion she delivers. Please read her 100th fic :)

#yoonkook of the day!

A three part series! Some NSFW, but it all gives way to soft soft very in love ynkk. Ynkk are neighbors who take “love thy neighbor” too far. They fall fast in lust, and fall slowly but surely in love :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Give this more hits plz. It’s long, more than 10k, but god is it gorgeous. It’s not often that yoongi turns away from music in a fic. This is how a piano broke ynkk apart and put them back together again, loving even in absence.

#yoonkook of the day!

Usually I don’t recommend incompletes, but THIS ONE. THIS ONE IS AMAZING. it’s ABO universe, and it’s got amazing character development, communication, and fluffy feels mixed with the right amount of angst. I love it so so much! :)

I’ve been wondering if I should include twitter fics on here. But the reason I do links to ao3 is because the title and author are never shown. It’s a whole surprise. If I linked sth already on here, that element would be ruined... hmm... Wat do? :((
#yoonkook of the day!

It’s about the yearning, sigh. Ynkk are a little lost in love and are trying to muddle through together. There’s an inexplicable pull toward one another, and I think it’s written beautifully. Please give this a try :)

#yoonkook of the day!

This one hit me hard. Today I experienced a day similar to JK’s. The only thing I didn’t have was a Yoongi to help me through it. But it was still a lovely read. The writing is gorgeous and Yoongi is wise. Wat more do u need?

#yoonkook of the day!

This one is too too cute. It’s pure and fluffy and wonderful, tho it does get a tiny bit spicy toward the end haha. I love how ynkk authors like making yoongi spout poetry about jk. It’s a big fave of mine :)

#yoonkook of the day!

This one has such pied piper JK feels, but with a bad boy edge. Yoongi’s very much in love with sweet crooning voices, and has beautiful thoughts where life and JK are concerned. It’s a lovely happy ending, even tho it’s short :)

#yoonkook of the day!

A ynkk tale told in a series of piano notes and seasons, following ginkgo trees and falling leaves. It’s a quiet kind of love, very fitting of ynkk, but it speaks loudly for itself. It’s truly a wonderful read :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Usually I’m not a fan of terminal illness fics, but I have this a go because of its very last tag. And when I got to the end, it wasn’t bittersweet. It was relatively happy actually! BTS are truly lovely in this :)

#yoonkook of the day!

The sequel of a ynkk murder boyfriend fic I rec’d earlier this year! The same AU series my commission was a part of! Ah I really love this AU. Ynkk are manipulative, deceptive, bloody, horny, and IN LOVE. Warnings for violence, etc

#yoonkook of the day!

My go to stories are short fluff pieces, and that’s exactly what this is :) spoiler alert: ynkk are gonna go on a date. Spoiler alert number two: JK does veggies and Yoongi does meat. Interpret that how u will :D

#yoonkook of the day!

It’s not often u see JK making the first move. I appreciated reading this. Also Jin is friendship goals ;) a cute story of how ynkk meet and start their happily ever after!

#yoonkook of the day!

I have two today :)

This is a ynkk-centered vmin and it is a blast of fun to read. As much as i love soft and fluffy, I love chaotically gay and fond just as much haha.

#yoonkook of the day!


This one is just really really pretty. It’s written like a fairy tale, with a lot of symbolism and thematic elements, and featuring familiar tropes. It’s a nice reminder that the universe is what we make it to be. It is our own

#yoonkook of the day!

As someone who has a lot of anxiety, this was very relatable, tho mine isn’t as bad as JK’s. Wat I love most is how yoongi still cherishes him, still loves him, and takes care of him, and stays with him. That is very important to me

#yoonkook of the day!

Pt. 2 — beret wearing soft painter yoongi meets romantic soft drawing major gukkie. It’s a story of love and togetherness, and it’s written absolutely wonderfully. It’s a work of art all on its own :)

Just for old times sake, yes, they’re rated 97/93. Both of them. All of them.

#yoonkook of the day!

I read this over a year ago, and now it’s been uploaded again. Centering around an abusive relationship, and how it takes one yoongi and some vmin for jk to realize he’s worth so much more than he thinks. It’s very healing :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Ahh, please give this a go! There’s a lot less hits than I would expect since it’s written so well, with a plotline that’s not common in the ynkk tag. Namjin are getting married, vminseok are supportive, ynkk are dumb but in love!!

I never do this. Like, ever. But the #yoonkook of the day! has MCD, graphic violence, and angst galore.


I was intrigued by the hyyh style, stayed for the pretty writing, and read till the end for closure. Mind u, yoongi isn’t a good person, but to JK....
I’ll probably never rec angst ever again. I think the only reason I did this time is because the plot seemed so far from reality that it didn’t register as real, if that makes sense. But again, disclaimer that yoongi is NOT a good moral being in the above fic. Tread carefully plz
#yoonkook of the day! part 2!

This one is much easier on the heart, a fun read if u will. Short, but sweet. Slight nsfw themes, but nothing spicy. Truly sweet overall. Communication is sexy, and ynkk are in love. That is all we need.

#yoonkook of the day!

I’m always up for photographer ynkk. This one is cute, a little denial, a lot mutual pining, a soft dose of childhood friends to lovers, and some beautiful pictures of a beautiful boy :)

#yoonkook of the day! pt. 2 !!

This one is spicier, but no less adorable. Featuring catfish JK who is the biggest AgustD fan and AgustD who just wants to love a good boy :) ahh this one is really super cute. Plz give it a go! :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Parenting done right ynkk style. featuring drama, secrets, pining, miscommunication, getting back together, learning together, pups, and supportive vmin! It’s an abo, which isn’t everyone’s thing, but this is good! Give it a try! :)

#yoonkook of the day!

An old one, but still a gold one! I love how awkward the characters are with one another, but their love is a simple and innocent one. JK is brave, no matter what he says. So is yoongi for that matter :)

It’s been a while. Makes sense to come back on 6/13 haha. At least, that’s the date where I am :) I know everyone’s getting ready for BBC but if u want, here’s a ynkk? :D
#yoonkook of the day!

I’ve linked a two story series! Not heavy on dialogue, and it’s written like a dream. Childhood friends to lovers with a heavy splash of angst in the form of terminal disease. No MCD tho! Mostly fluff and smiles :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Corporate worker yoongi meets tech savvy jk at a company event, featuring world-class flirting and jungkook’s sexy legs and a whole dose of adorable :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Short, but super cute! It’s got a HYYH style, with super cute dialogue from ynkk and a mutual loving pining that is too adorable for words. Plz give this a shot! :)

#yoonkook of the day!

It reads kind of like a snapshot of ones moment in life. Where JK is ace and figuring it all out, and Yoongi is there to soften the fall. Also they’re in love. And everyone is simply lovely.

Part one of #yoonkook of the day!

A sad jk meets florist yg and there’s a passive aggressive bouquet involved that leads to smiles, featuring pining and meet cutes and boys in love :) short but sweet!

Part two of #yoonkook of the day!

This one is different. They’re not romantically involved at all; they’re siblings. But they have a broken relationship that learns to heal with time. A different kind of love for our wonderful ynkk :)

I have more than one for today! It was a good day full of ynkk reading haha :)
#yoonkook of the day!

Insomniac yg meets spacey witch jk, and it’s a soft soft journey toward letting go and finally learning to respond to another’s love. This is written like a soft slow dream, like gentle waves rocking the sea shore. Truly soft.

#yoonkook of the day!

yg and jk are winter and summer respectively, but it doesn’t stop them from growing up apart yet together, falling in love as they do. JK is yoongi’s flower, and yoongi storms JK’s life like no other :)

#yoonkook of the day!

I’ve been keeping up with this one for a long while, and tho it’s not complete yet, updates are often and I believe it’s coming closer to the end. Idol JK meets an unfortunate sad Yoongi, and learn to they understand each other.

About the one above, the chapter and word count seems daunting, but it’s a riveting story full of plot twists and engaging dynamic characters that really set the fic apart from the rest. Plz, if u have the time, give it a go. You won’t regret it :)
#yoonkook of the day!

A fun family-friendly fic where single dad Yoongi and his two girls share a fence with Jungkook. The little ones have just as much of a crush on JK as Yoongles does haha :) it’s very cute, plz give it a go!

#yoonkook of the day!

Spoiler alert: they’re getting engaged. Seriously one of the cutest proposals ive ever read. It was so ynkk of them. Idk how else to explain. It’s just... a breath of fresh air and an instant smile to ur lips :D

#yoonkook of the day pt. 2 :)

Magic soulmates ynkk! A little bit of angst but ultimately a soft lovely time :) I loved how it was a complex plot but everything was accomplished within three chapters. Give it a go if u can :)

#yoonkook of the day!

I think almost every ynkker who reads on ao3 knows of dreamingdaegu, haha. This is their latest fic, and gosh it’s so sweet and lovely. Seriously super soft and fluffy, like ynkk deserve to be :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Yoongi patches up a bloody JK too often for his liking. Where Yoongi paints and JK boxes, and the two of them just want to fulfill their dreams. It’s a long one shot but it’s so so worth it :)

#yoonkook of the day!

If ur looking for a mellow soft ynkk, this is it. The descriptions and sensory images are vivid in this, and there’s something romantic about how ynkk eventually learn each other’s names, of how it all came to be :)

#yoonkook of the day! pt 2!

This one is mostly for me, haha. I’m sure everyone’s already read this one. I’m just late to the game. But wow, it was gorgeous. It was a lovely tale. And the bonus epilogue had me tearing up :D

#yoonkook of the day! pt 3!

jungkook is yoongi’s baby. that is all. :D

#yoonkook of the day!

They’re such an amazing writer and they never disappoint. For all of ur mutual pining ynkk needs, here are some soft boys who partake in the ancient art of hand holding :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Now this, this is good. Really good. A story of chaotic playful ynkk and OT7 shenanigans. Every character is worth loving. This is the author’s first work on ao3 too??? It’s so good??? It’s a little long, but oof give it a try! Plz!

#yoonkook of the day!

I’ve never seen Inception, but this Inception-fusion AU was absolutely entrancing. It reads like a jigsaw puzzle, one that ur anxious to figure out. Ynkk are amazing in their own ways, and I just love the world they live in.

#yoonkook of the day!

Cam boy JK (so u know it’s a little spicy) and writer Yoongles. It’s surprisingly soft for a camboy AU, and it features one of ynkkers favorite things: little prince mentions :) a little long, but it has a nice twist. give it a try!

#yoonkook of the day!

This one is very indulgent. I relate most to the line where JK says he must be the only person in the world to apologize for apologizing haha. Yoongi sews, which needs to become a bigger thing in fics, and ynkk are soft and in love

#yoonkook of the day!

Words are powerful, the pen mightier than the sword. And both JK and Yoongi know this. But what’s beautiful about them is that they don’t need words to define their love :) short, sweet, and soft. It’s really cute!

#yoonkook of the day!

A two part series! First is the meet-cute, second is the story of how Fate and Time bend their backs over for ynkk and their super soft relationship. It’s super duper cute!! :)

#yoonkook of the day! pt 2!

I can’t tell u how many times I’ve read this. Rich son of CEO JK and Rapper Agust D. Plenty of NSFW but also surprisingly soft. Lots of vmin too!! Also namjoon is a whole mood. It’s long but worth it :)

#yoonkook of the day!

If ur looking for a sleepy soft fluffy domestic ynkk featuring bed sharing, then this is it. It made my heart hurt for all the right reasons :)

#yoonkook of the day! part 2!

This one is in letter format, exchanges mainly between ynkk but also between Jin and Yoongi, and jimin and JK. A royal arranged wedding, and ynkk’s love grows slowly but surely through every encounter and letter

#yoonkook of the day!

It rains, and it connects jungkook the aspiring singer and Yoongi the keyboardist in a way previously unimagined. Super light and fluffy and soft. It’s a short read, perfect for smiles :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Just yoongi waiting by the door at 1 am on a rainy night. Waiting for his favorite man to come through and kiss him silly :)

#yoonkook of the day!

Hyyh angst, with an open ending with a lot of potential. More of a focus on yoongi, but also about how jungkook grounds him and gives him a reason to try. There’s really pretty imagery!! :)

#yoonkook of the day!

A gentle reminder that ynkk are stronger together. They’re in love everyone.

#yoonkook of the day

Gentle reminder that yoongi is too soft for jungkook and jungkook would do anything for his hyung :)

#yoonkook of the day!

A twilight-esque ynkk that begins with the original plot and turns into something stunning. Super fun, super interesting, super thrilling. I look forward to rereading this one in the future :)

#yoonkook of the day! Part two!

While ur streaming Dynamite, give this Dynamite-era ynkk a read!! Super cute, full of mutual pining, and chaotic friends! The best mix of everything haha

School has started once more so I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to keep up, but I’ll try my best 😅😅 I hope whoever uses this thread has found at least one new ynkk fic that they have come to love 💜💜
#yoonkook of the day!

Yoongi freaking out over JK’s tattoos (ahem, gay panicking) is always a win in my book. And poor Koo just wants his hyung’s approval aww. It’s super lovely, I’m so glad I found this one :)

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