When you refer to slave master theologians as simply having a “blind spot”, you’re not only showing bias towards your heroes but profoundly minimizing the evil of chattel slavery. It wasn’t a “spot”, it was an entire culture consisting of rape, molestation, torture, & murder.
Chattel slavery was the sex trafficking medium of the day. Slave masters raped girls younger than 10 & they forced black African men to be breeders. This included forced promiscuity but also incest as many were forced to procreate with close relatives.
Slave master pastors & theologians may not have participated in this level of wickedness but they were part of the culture, they knew it was happening, and they were not disgusted by it enough to nit be apart of the culture. They didn’t it simply have a blind spot...
As slave masters raped female AND MALE slaves, it wasn’t considered adultery b/c they viewed black people as subhuman. With that said, though we know that is a lie, black people ARE HUMAN! slave master theologians supported a culture that believed itself to practiced bestiality.
Slave Master theologians belonged to a culture that kidnapped, tortured, and murdered people made in the image of God. They belonged to a culture that raped, tortured, & murdered black Christians. They so despised their black brethren, regardless of if they preached to them.
I could go in and on but don’t feel like traumatizing myself by recalling my own history. I’m the product of slave rape. My ancestry, not too far back, goes to a slave woman who was raped & impregnated by her slave master. This IS my story. It was more than a “blind spot”.
My simple point: Chattel slavery was a way of life, it was a culture. Slave master theologians AND THEIR WIVES were White supremacist who were part of a culture, not just an isolated action. A “blind spot” is an isolated area of wrong. No, slavery was a conprehensive way of life.
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