Should have found this first...
IMF History Of Lending Agreements with Ukraine
So...Ukraine is chugging along, needing a reasonable IMF loan here or there until...
Date of Arrangement: Nov 5, 2008.
Probably a coincidence 😉, but...
Obama was elected President on...
November 4, 2008
And then the floodgates opened
Agreed Amount: $11,000,000,000
A quick calculation...
Total loans given to Ukraine from 1995 to 2019: $48,649,970,000
Total loans given Ukraine from Nov 5, 2008: $44,324,000,000
91% of total loans from IMF to Ukraine made during Obama Presidency
If you read one book in the coming few weeks, read:
Confessions Of An Economic Hitman (or read New Confessions)
And apply to Ukraine
The Jul 2010 - April 2014 gap in IMF loans is interesting, mainly due to the Ukraine Revolution (see Victoria Nuland Phone Call on YouTube) which appears to be backed by the U.S.
Revolution Completed in early 2014: IMF Funding spigot turned back on in April 2014
The Obama Administration policy towards Ukraine reads line a script out of Goodfellas.
- NOV 5 2008: DAY AFTER Obama is elected IMF agrees to loan Ukraine: $11 B
- Total loaned during Obama Admin: $44B
- 2014 Ukraine Coup backed by U.S. State Dept
- New UA gov needs to buy arms
Goodfellas Restaurant Fire Scene:

Move the IMF loans in thru the front door, have UA Govt buy arms, make donations to CF out the back door. Everyone gets a cut. The poor schmucks who get stuck with tab are U.S. taxpayers covering for the IMF and...
And the Ukrainian people pay the tab as we crushed their currency going $0.22 when Obama took office to $0.04 today. This is the equivalent of burning down the restaurant in Goodfellas.
This was a total hit job. Everyone got paid. And now they’re sort of screwed with Trump.
Obama owned Poroshenko, paid him handsomely, but owned him. Installed him in a coup, provided $44 B in IMF return, as @stranahan has reported for years, DNC cyber hacking done in UA, server was stored in UA. UA was a DNC safe haven.
In responding to questions this morning I noticed a reasonably major error on my part...the loan amounts listed are in IMF SDRs, the current translation is 1 SDR = $1.38 Dollar. So the loan amounts I listed are understated in dollars, per current exchange rates. (1/n)
For example, the Nov 2008 Agreed Amount of 11,000,000,000
would actually translate to approx $15B.
Went back to the IMF website and found the historical exchange rate data for SDR
Nov 2008:
IMF Exchange Rate Archive by month:
Basically the loan amounts I used were in $ when they should have been in IMF SDRs. (Cont)
Net effect is the I understated the loan amounts in dollars.
Headed to work so I don’t have time this morning to make the proper adjustments.
With Ukraine/Impeachment hearings today, I thought I’d take a quick lunchtime break to look at the eye of the storm: Burisma Holdings.

First stop, probably the least-credible source for information, but let’s start at Wikipedia...
Wiki says Burisma is based in Kyiv (makes sense), but is registered in Cyrprus.
Mental note: Cyprus is the center of the Mideast when it comes to anything relating to Deep-State banking for...say, stuff like gun running, terrorist organizations, stuff like that. Let’s move on.
Btw, I’m posting this thread in real-time (honest). Just going where Wikipedia takes me. And posting at each stop along the way, before lunchtime is over. I hope I don’t run into a bunch of dry holes and waste everyone’s time...
Next, Wiki says it is owned by Mykola Zlochevsky. Who in the heck is Mykola Zlochevsky? I have no idea...over to Google for a search.
Just based on Google, Mykola Zlochevsky seems a bit fishy to me. Israel? Putin? Russia? Banned from US? Money Laundering? Atlantic Council?
Registered in Cyprus?
Seems to be a lot of things going on in one little google search...where should I start? Beginning with Israel.
From Naked Capitalism post:

“Kolomoyskiy is the Berezovsky of current Ukrainian oligarchs. The dirtiest of the bunch, absolutely loathed by the IMF/creditor crowd especially for his theft of billions through the collapse of Privat Bank a few years ago.”
“Yet Kolomoyskiy also was one of the main funders of the Maidan revolution and of many of the neo-Nazi paramilitary death squads (and yes, he’s Jewish and Israeli–just business, Fredo).”
Do I see main funder of Maidan revolution? Paging Victoria Nuland.
“Kolomoyskiy had to flee Ukraine to Switzerland for a couple of years in a classic intra-oligarch war with Poroshenko, IMF and others. He backed [recently elected Ukrainian president Volodymyr] Zelensky’s rise to power, and returned to Ukraine soon as Zelensky won.”
Anyway, there’s tons more in that Naked Capitalism post. My beak is wet...but I’ll move on for now to the next thing that popped up on google.
This came from the Putin whistle-stop of the google links tour.
Moving on to the Mykola Zlochevsky “Russia” link...let’s see where that leads.
“Zlochevsky expanded Burisma at the same time when he was Ukraine's environment minister, whose duties included issuing drilling licenses. After the bloody revolution on Kyiv's streets five years ago, Zlochevsky — like disgraced President Viktor Yanukovych — fled Ukraine.”
"I believe the only reason Burisma and Zlochevsky were inviting people with such names was to whitewash their reputation and to present themselves as a company doing legitimate business in Ukraine," says Daria Kaleniuk, head of the nongovernmental Anti-Corruption Action Center”
Moving on to the juicy link, been waiting to get to this one...”Mykola Zlochevsky Banned From U.S.”
- November 2013 – Political revolution in Ukraine
- February 2014 – Pro-Russian government falls
- March 2014 – Russian military invasion
- April 2014 – Russian and pro-Russian forces invade the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk
- April 2014 – Hunter Biden joins Burisma
I’m getting a bit lazy, posting screenshots...but interesting names in this shot...
Geoffrey Pyatt (other end of the Nuland YouTube “Yats” call)
Victor Shokin...was Biden bragging about replacing Shokin on video?
Refresher Nuland-Pyatt call:
Going to skip down to Mykola Zlochevsky Atlantic Council links, might be something there...
“Atlantic Council has initiated a lucrative relationship with a corruption-tainted Ukrainian gas company,the Burisma Group, that is worth as much as $250,000 a year..partnership has paid for conferences in Monaco and helped bring Burisma’s oligarchic founder out of the cold.”
“NATO’s Think Tank in Washington

The Atlantic Council functions as the semi-official think tank of NATO in Washington.”
Okay, so we’ve sort of gone through the history of Mykola Zochevsky. Burisma Holdings, based in Cyprus. Connected to previous UA premier Yanukovych, rigs the environmental laws to drill for gas, connected to Atlantic Council (NATO)...seems shady, but let’s move on
A few screenshots from the Burisma Website...wait a moment. The Atlantic Council right there on the website?
And the Board Of Directors...
Who is
Alan Apter?
Aleksander Kwasniewski?
Joseph Cofer Black? (I’ve seen this name before, somewhere)
Karina Zlochevska? (Familiar name)
Mykola Zlochevsky vs Karina Zlochevska...
Very close names. Interesting. I was once married to a Russian gal, 20 years ago, the last names of males and females are changed very slightly. Let me check to see if there is any relationship.
Lol, I feel like the sheriff from My Cousin Vinny...
On a hunch...
So let’s take a quick look at the other Board Members...let’s start with Joseph Cofer Black (if you meet him at a cocktail party, don’t walk paraphrase Cosmo Kramer).
No need for me to go too deep into Cofer Black’s background...when you’ve got Burisma and Blackwater on your Google search, you know it’s been an interesting life
Now we get to a guy I’ve never really heard of before, Alan Apter...
Alan Apter Israel?
Alan Apter Morgan Stanley?
Things just seem to have gotten a bit deeper.
Sorry, on a short break for cookies and milk. Back in a moment.
Ok, two cookies down, thirteen to go, but back to Alan Apter...there seems to be two separate Alan Apter’s (I could be wrong) but I’m going with the finance guy.
Eaglestone Capital
Interesting that Eaglestone was founded in 2012. 
Alan Apter:
- Chairman Board Of Directors Burisma
- Managing Director Eaglestone Capital
- Board Member Merrill Lynch
- Wood & Company Financial Services
- Previous Position: Managing Director Investment Banking Morgan Stanley
- Educated at Columbia Law School
Never heard of him before, but Alan Apter seems like a pretty important guy. On lots of Boards Of Directors, High up at Morgan Stanley before moving on.

He’d probably know what to do about setting up a company in Cyprus.
“Thus, Ihor Kolomoisky managed to seize the largest reserves of natural gas in Ukraine.” This was the conclusion of the “careful Ukrainian journalist,” which was actually not one but a team of three, who were employed at a Ukrainian non-profit, the Anticorruption Action Centre,”
“which specialized in tracking down the actual persons who controlled corporations and which had a particular focus on finding “Offshore fronts for Yanukovych.” Yanukovych was the democratically elected Ukrainian President, who took office on 25 February 2010.”
“So: this non-profit was an anti-Yanukovych organization, writing more than two years into his Presidency, on 28 August 2012.”
So, as best as I can make of this we have:
- 2012: Oligarch Kolomoisky fomenting trouble for President Yanukovych
- Yanukovych assistant Zlochevsky, who is in charge of controlling Ukraine gas permits based on environmental restrictions
Kolomoisky owns Burisma, brings Zlochevsky onboard to front the company. Not 100% sure, but this sounds right...
Then comes the Obama/CIA crew. Cofer Black, Apter, et al...Biden, always it seems the last to know (except me) comes on at the end. Hunter gets paid and probably laid.
And we get Joe bragging about replacing Victor Shokin on freaking video. Good God, Cofer Black must’ve read Biden the riot act after that screw up. I almost feel bad that Biden got foisted upon Cofer, we all have our burdens to bare in life.
Long lunch break is over for me, back to work. Have a great day!
What does “reply deboosted” mean? Never heard of this term...
So, back to Ukraine Oligarch Kolomoysky, Burisma, and...PrivatBank. Kolomoysky was the owner of PrivatBank, until recently (we’ll get back to that).

And remember at the start of this thread I sort of stumbled on these IMF loans to Ukraine.

Well, now it gets more interesting...
Remember Kolomoysky owns Burisma. And he owned PrivatBank...
“The money should have been used to stabilize the country’s ailing banks, but $1.8 billion disappeared down murky channels”
There’s that $1.8B...
“According to Nashi Groshi’s investigations, PrivatBank has connections to 42 Ukrainian companies, which are owned by another 54 offshore companies based in the Caribbean, USA and Cyprus. These companies took out loans from PrivatBank totaling $1.8 billion.”
So why would I be so hard towards the Obama Administration? Accusing them (basically) of being a part of a scheme to defraud the U.S. taxpayers via the IMF?
Well, consider what we have documented so far...
1. IMF loan agreement to Ukraine approved day after Obama took office.
2. Of future IMF loans to Ukraine (2015) $1.8B (at least) goes missing.
3. Oligarch at center of missing PrivatBank funds also owns Burisma Holdings.
3. Burisma Holdings has many prominent U.S. Gov insiders profiting
4. Oligarch gets caught, moves to U.S. under Obama Admin
Then, of course, sort of have Crowdstrike which housed the DNC server all these years (not FBI).
Who is the largest owner of Crowdstrike? According to CNBC, that would be Warburg Pincus. I’ve seen that name before, Warburg Pincus...hang on
Timothy Geithner former Treasury Secretary in the Obama Administration
And yet, it seems every time Trump mentions some “wild conspiracy theory” it seems to be true. Which makes sense, since he has had all of this intelligence at his disposal since he was inaugurated.

So we’ll see what happens.
Back to Ukraine, Burisma and PrivatBank (I regret bringing Crowdstrike into the thread, oh well)...
The money seems to have flowing pretty well.
Remember Alan Apter, above, former director of investment banking at Morgan Stanley. Note Morgan Stanley is who funds are flowing through (money laundering is such an ugly term)...
I would argue that an oligarch like Kolomoysky doesn’t become the leading owner of commercial real estate in Cleveland, OH without the mayor of Cleveland knowing about it.
Pretty neat trick by Kolomoisky...siphon off IMF Loan money, backed by U.S. taxpayers, pay off U.S. Govt officials, settle into a politically protected area of the U.S., and become the largest commercial real estate holder. Buying U.S. real estate with U.S. taxpayers own money.
“All roads lead to Putin.”
Well...that might be a bit hasty.

I can pretty definitively say that at least one road (a really big road) starts with IMF loans and then leads to Kolomoisky. And we pick up the Biden’s, Kerry’s along the way, amongst others.
Looking at the Burisma website, one thing caught my eye looking at the Burisma history...why is there a gap from 2006 to 2010 in their history? Strange.
Posting year by year screenshots... 
2002: Burisma History
- Burisma Holdings subsidiaries started exploration and production of hydrocarbons, under joint agreements with state-owned companies.
2003: Burisma History
2004 Burisma Holdings
Esko-Pivnich and Pari (companies) got first exploration licenses. Initial production started from the first well.
2005 Burisma Holdings
The companies moved from exploration to production, and obtained appropriate production licenses
2006 Burisma Holdings
In order to consolidate the group’s main assets, Burisma Holdings was established. Natural Gas production began.
2010 Burisma Holdings
(No activity shown on website for ‘07, ‘08, ‘09)
- Obtained 5 exploration licenses
- Drilled 4 wells on Rakitnyanske Field
- Drilled 4 wells on Niklovytske field
2011 Burisma History
- Obtained an exploration license
- 4 production licenses
- Drilled 2 wells on Rakitnyanske field
2012 Burisma Holdings
A geological audit was carried out by DeGolyer & MacNaughton, which confirmed a consolidated amount of reserves and resources of 800 million BOE (Barrel of Oil Equivalent),-work,-and-heat/cubic-feet-of-natural-gas-to-million-barrels-of-oil-equivalent#4638892384555853000
I guarantee that confirmed reserves of 800 million BOE caught someone’s eye. That little factoid got tucked away for later use.
2013 Burisma Holdings
The Board Of Directors engaged in class experts:
- Alexander Kwasniewski
- Hunter Biden
- Alan Apter
Yep...800 million BOE caught someone’s eye.
Enter the Americans: Hunter Biden, Alan Apter
I’ve heard the term Honey Pot bandied about, but 800 million BOE is a confirmed Honey Pot
2016 Burisma Holdings
(Note: nothing listed for 2014, 2015)
Burisma increases investment in Ukraine through acquisition of KUB-Gas from Serinus Energy. (Note Canadian company Cub Energy)
2017 Burisma Holdings
Became top 10 tax revenue contributor to Ukraine state budget
Acquired the biggest drilling rig, the SK 3000, in the region
2018 Burisma Holdings
Drilling 20 new wells, most of them are circa 5,000 m deep
“attempt by the Ukrainian government to protect Zlochevsky and Burisma from UK charges of money laundering..have not deterred the US Government from financing a role for Burisma in what the US Agency for International Development (USAID)”
I’m skipping around the timeline just a bit, but note in the previous post USAID (not IMF)
Note the spike in USAID funding to Ukraine in 2016...
“The instrument issued for pressure was the $1 billion credit guarantee that the United States should have provided to Ukraine: Biden himself acknowledged the pressure in his speech to the U.S. Foreign Relations Council in January 2018," Derkach said.”
“interview notes containing detailed allegations by former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin - who Joe Biden had fired, as well as his successor, prosecutor general Yuriy Lutsenko - who "believes Mr. Viktor Shokin the former Prosecutor General is honest."
“He [Shokin] became involved in a case against Zlochevsky the former Minister of Natural Resources of Ukraine. The case was opened as a result of Mr. Zlochevsky giving himself/company permits to drill for gas and oil in Ukraine. Zlochevsky is also the owner of Burisma Holdings."
“Mr Shokin further stated that there were several Burisma board appointments were made in 2014 as follows:
Hunter Biden son of Vice President Joseph Biden
Joseph Blade former CIA employee
Alesksander Kwasnieski former President of Poland
Devon Archer roomate to Christopher Heinz”
This part looks especially important:
“Mr. Shokin further stated that on February of 2016 warrants were placed on the accounts of multiple people in Ukraine. There were requests for information on Hunter Biden to which nothing was received."
I should have added this first. Per Mr. Shokin, the Americans were added as protection. When I used the comparison to Goodfellas early in the thread, there was a reason.
“Mr. Shokin stated that these appointments were made by Mr. Slochevsky in order to protect himself."
“In order to protect himself”
How many small business owners in NY are forced to do the exact same thing?
USAID to Ukraine: 2009 - 2019
2009: 194,766,239
2010: $314,744,165
2011: $290,910,783
2012: $282,686,323
2013: $254,444,560
2014: $307,586,703
2015: $272,057,677
2016: $513,086,377
2017: $510,512,461
2018: $359,096,449
2019: $131,125,073
Interesting to note
From  website
Total USAID given to foreign countries
2016: $50B - Last Year Obama Admin
2019: $13B
I mention this because, imo, it seems clear that foreign aid is simply money that gets laundered and goes into the pockets of the corrupt, foreign and domestic. Easy to see why the CIA wants Trump gone, he is drying up their funding sources.
Recent interview with Burisma Board member, and former President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski.

everywhere you turn in this story you get:
“However, Zlochevsky, who lives abroad, is still facing a probe on suspicions of large-scale embezzlement.”
So, where does the former President of Poland fit into the equation? guess is: to get gas from Ukraine to Germany, you’ve got to cross Poland. Kwasniewski (former President) probably knows a few people in Poland.
Time to revisit the above interview with former Polish President Alexander Kwasniewski:

“But Kwasniewski (kvash-NYEF-skee) insisted in an interview with The Associated Press that Biden was an active board member who helped the company”
But now we know, thanks to a June 15, 2020 release of US Secret Service records obtained by Judicial Watch, Hunter Biden never set foot in Ukraine.

Where were the Board Meetings held Mr. Kwasniewski? Because Hunter was never in Kyiv.
FBI Raid on 1 Cleveland Square. Owned by Optima Management Group..Igor Kolomoisky.
Vicki Anderson, Cle FBI:
“Everything is under seal so I am not at liberty to go into details. We do have activity also, as you know, in Miami concerning the same investigation.”
Oh my!
I shouldn’t be surprised, but Optima Management Group received PPP money
Ukraine corruption isn’t going away
Thread update coming later today.

Huge thanks to @deepstate6969
Wonderful thread by Stephen McIntyre @ClimateAudit about the political framework in Ukraine, the interference and ultimately the coup that was driven by the Obama Administration.

Fills in a lot of the political gaps in the above thread.
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