Alberta is estimated to have as much as 389 gigawatts of #geothermal energy capacity that could be developed. That's 24 times more than the province’s current electrical generation capacity.

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The nature of AB's #geothermal resources mean geothermal electrical generation shud be developed as govt owned mega-project like the James Bay project in PQ.

Ditto for BC's & Yukon's geothermal resources.

Geothermal has minimal environmental impact.

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IF you were an organization like OPG, which of the following energy types would you choose to provide the bulk of your base electrical generation, based on the output stability.

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#Geothermal generation can rapidly respond to changes in electrical demand & increase output to accommodate it.

This means that there is also a role for private small scale distributed geothermal generation to help w/ load balancing & peak demand. #cdnpoli #renewables
To put this another way, geothermal's quick responsiveness to fluctuating loads can compensate for the indeterminacy of wind power & solar PV power.

Unlike nuclear power, #geothermal power plants can displace the need for utility-scale energy storage.

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Western Canada would be best served entirely by a #renewableenergy grid comprised of state owned #geothermal mega-projects, pumped hydro energy storage, and private distributed geothermal, wind, PV & small battery storage systems.

Electricity would cost less too #cdnpoli
Canada conducted a massive #geothermal audit 33 years ago. We did nothing in the interim.

Over the past 4 years the Trudeau has not launched one major geothermal energy project.

ditto for any other newer #renewableenergy technology.

4 years wasted. #cdnpoli #conspiracy
Canada still produces ZERO megawatts of geothermal electricity despite world class #geothermal resources.

Alberta has the skilled workers & geothermal resources for 100s GW of electricity, except Canada & Trudeau withhold funding. #cdnpoli

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Decades of successive #ABpoli govts have mismanaged the licensing fees from resource extraction and pissed it all away.

Any responsible govt would have diversified and built a #geothermal industry in anticipation of this day. #cdnpoli #geothermal #renewables #ClimateCrisis

#geothermal energy is useful for more than generating electricity.

AB could diversify their economy by making massive investments in greenhouse technology to grow fresh produce on industrial scales using direct geothermal heat

#ABpoli #cdnpoli

AB could diversify their economy by making massive investments in aquaculture technology to farm fish on an industrial scale using direct #geothermal heating

#ABpoli #cdnpoli

AB could diversify their economy by investing in complementary food processing technology, canning produce, fish using direct geothermal heat. Grain drying to displace fossil fuel use.

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All of southern AB is covered w/ thousands of currently exploitable #geothermal opportunities that would require minimal investment.

Yet very few pilot projects have been launched due to lack of any real incentives. #cdnpoli #abpoli
BC only just appointed the BC Oil & Gas Commission as the regulator responsible for overseeing aspects of #geothermal well operations in British Columbia in March 2017.

They issued 1st license a year later. The project still hasn't yet commenced at the end of 2019. #cdnpoli
As per the previous tweet, there are no producing geothermal wells regulated by the BC Oil & Gas Commission at this time.

The well authorizations issued by the Commission to date are located in Valemount. #geothermal #cdnpoli #renewables
Prior to March 31, 2018, #geothermal wells in BC were authorized under the Ministry of Energy and Mines as part of federal geothermal program.

A demonstration unit was developed & tested in 1984 at Meager Creek but was not connected to the electrical grid.
While the vast majority of oil and gas development in BC occurs in the northeast, the greatest potential #geothermal resources are located in southern B.C. #cdnpoli
Here is a 2014 story that demonstrates the typical apathy & even institutional resistance & hostility to #geothermal energy dev.

A Fed program paid $469,000 to study replacement of costly 600 kW diesel generation w/ geothermal generation for Fort Laird #NWT
Fort Liard #NWT is a small community of about 600 Acho Dene Koe First Nation people.

Currently a 600kW diesel power plant owned & operated by Northwest Territories Power Corporation supplies electricity at a cost in excess of 40 cents/ kWH!
#cdnpoli #geothermal
A previous Federal study identified significant very high temperature #geothermal resources in the Fort Liard area.
Advocates recognized the potential to develop a viable power generation project in the area using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) heat engines. #cdnpoli #NWT
FNs proposed the “ADK Borealis #Geothermal Demonstration Project” – geothermal wells & a surface power plant for the community of Fort Liard #NWT. The Clean Energy Fund contributed $469K towards a Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study for the Project.
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