Senator McSally. As you are a senator in my state and a retired 22 year Air Force veteran my relatives and I have a question for you.
I am a Daughter of the Revolution.
I have a Gold Star Flag from WWII that has 1 gold star/2 blue stars on it.
I have 3 American Flags presented to my family.
I am a military brat whose father was away at sea for most of my young life.
My great (lost count of how many greats) grandfather Samuel Holden fought at Bunker Hill. His son, Jabez Holden fought along side him and was injured there.
My grandmother was in the Army for 20 years.
My father was Merchant Marines/Coast Guard for 20 years.
My 3 brothers were Air Force, Navy, Army. .
My husband is a Air Force Vietnam War vet who served 20 yrs, was injured when his vehicle hit a land mine and careened down a hill. His partner died in his arms.
I say these things so YOU know where I am coming from.
There is someone who has proudly and honorably served this country. Career veteran Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman who is a Purple Heart recipient. As I type this he is being a true Patriot.

That leads me to my question.
What do you have to say for your fellow GOP who are actively smearing this man's reputation?

Those who have not are just as guilty of putting party over country if they condone it and do not call it out.

Which boat are you rowing Martha? Which sword will YOU fall on?
I expect silence from McSally. She won't even have a town hall.
Let's kick McSally to the curb Arizona!
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