How The Obama Administration Set In Motion Democrats Coup Against Trump▫️

After 2016 Election the Campaign to Undermine Trump’s Campaign Became Instrument to Bring Down Commander-In-Chief▫️ #ObamaGate

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“Obama was working against Trump until the hour he left office.”

“After refusing to act while the Russian election meddling was actually occurring, Obama responded in December 2016. He ordered the closing of Russian diplomatic facilities & expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats.”
“The response was tepid. The Russians had hacked the State Department in 2014 & the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 2015. And now Obama was responding on his way out.”

“But the administration wasn’t retaliating against Russia for interfering in a US election; the action was directed...
“at Trump. Obama was leaving the president-elect with a foreign policy crisis in order to box him in & cause chaos for the incoming administration.”

“Obama ordered an ‘Intelligence Community Assessment’. The ICA became Obama’s dossier, according to Rep. Devin Nunes...
“This tied up the intelligence agencies normally available to brief congress. For instance Osama bin Laden documents were withheld to conceal that Al-Qaeda worked with Iran, because the administration was protecting the Iran deal.”
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