Let’s take a quick peek at ES&S. https://twitter.com/RonWyden/status/1188909108637917185
Vikant Corp., a Chicago area company owned by Alex Kantarovich of Minsk, Belorussia, supplied voting machine control cards to ES&S.

A shell company called “Vikant Properties” in Cyprus is owned by #Firtash.

Cc: @RonWyden

More on Vikant and those voting machine cards: https://twitter.com/truthseekingiam/status/993859524762140672?s=21
“Vikant Corp., a Chicago area company owned by Alex Kantarovich of Minsk, Belorussia, supplied the control cards to ES&S. When asked where Vikant cards are produced, Kantarovich said, “I cannot disclose where the cards are made,” but admitted that they are not made in America.”
Mr. Kantarovich said that he has been in America for 11 years but declined to discuss his employment prior to running Vikant Corp., saying, “I don’t want to disclose that information.”
“Kantarovich said he had obtained his degree in the Soviet Union and initially refused to answer questions about how his product was chosen for the ES&S voting equipment saying that it was “inside information that I cannot disclose.”
“Kantarovich said, “To tell you the truth, I have no idea how these vote counting machines work. We are just the supplier of one particular product.”

About Alex and what he may have done professionally before dabbling in the U.S. voting machine memory card business.
Alex made some changes in 2014 after Russia invaded Ukraine.
Not sure if Eugene is Alex’s brother, but it appears he is also from Belarus and has been tied to Vikant in Illinois since 1998.
Alex in 2011.
If that is the same Alex Kantarovich, he owned Vikant while he worked for JP Morgan in Moscow.


This is not good.

Many of these petro traders are mobbed up.
The guy who supplies our vote machine cards works for a Russian bank in Turkey.

Our Feds have been asleep at the fucking wheel.

No wonder Twitter is crawling w abusive GRU LARPers.

No wonder Trump won 77,000 votes in MI, WI & Penn.

@RonWyden 😳

( http://old.qha.com.ua/tr/search?t=Alex%20Kantarovich)
Was Alex was involved with laundering millions through Maltese and Cyprus via MDM Bank?

( https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/11/13/fictitious-assets-hidden-losses-and-the-collapse-of-mdm-bank/)
In May 2018, the Senate Intelligence Committee released its interim report on election security. The committee concluded the response of U.S. DHS to Russian government-sponsored efforts to undermine confidence in the U.S. voting process was "inadequate".
The committee reported that the Russian government was able to penetrate election systems in at least 18, and possibly up to 21, states, and that in a smaller subset of states, infiltrators "could have altered or deleted voter registration data.”
The committee wrote that the infiltrators' failure to exploit vulnerabilities in election systems could have been because they "decided against taking action" or because "they were merely gathering information and testing capabilities for a future attack".
To prevent future infiltrations, the committee made a number of recommendations, including that "at a minimum, any machine purchased going forward should have a voter-verified paper trail and no WiFi capability".
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