Here is the bottom line. Flynn phone call was leaked. Now i will explain what happened. Halper invited Flynn to a conference which would for optics sake tie Flynn to the Russians (Svetlana lokhova). Flynn then wanted to know who hired Halper. So Flynn moved allie Adam Lovinger
to the Pentagon purchasing dept. to find out who hired Halper, Lovinger found that halper was being paid by the DOD no bid contract for 1.4 million.

Lovinger gave that intel to Flynn. Once that was done James Baker at the Office of National Assessment confronted Lovinger and
stripped Lovinger of his clearance and suspended Lovinger. Lovinger fought back in court. Now why is that important.

Sidney Powell who is Flynns attorney just filed with the court that James Baker from the ONA was the person who leaked the Flynn/Kislyak phone call
to david ignatious at the Washington Post .“Sidney Powell Flynns attorney has requested the phone records of James Clapper to confirm his contacts with Washington Post reporter Ignatius—especially on January 10, 2017,where Powell will prove that Clapper told Ignatius
to "take the kill shot" which meant to have Ignatius publish in the Washington Post that Flynn is working for the Russians. This article triggered the FBI McCabe/Strozk to the White house to interview Gen.Flynn and led the FBI to entrap the General by saying he lied to the FBI
This FBI entrapment scheme led to Gen. Flynn having to resign his National security adviser job at the Trump White House. We now are the point where Judge Sullivan is getting ready to make a decision to dismiss all charges against our General and THEN 👇👇👇💥
Per Flynn Attoney Powell , Baker leaked it to WAPO and then Clapper called Ignasios to publish the leak. "take the kill shot" Here is the court doc where it says what happened
Read this thread on the why they went after @GenFlynn
#SilentWar Been going on for a long time.
#SilentWar #genflynn #Spygate #MAGA #Fisagate
This judicial watch thread from 2018 is very interesting. Brings Clinton into the Flynn sphere. humm
I keep adding great threads on our @GenFlynn #DIGITALSOLDIERS #MAGA
Tonight @SaraCarterDC reported that Durham and Barr have moved the investigation into the Pentagon and the office of ODNI where Baker worked and now they are looking at the Halper contracts that i mentioned above. #GenFlynn
Gonna confirm my thread. #MAGA
I believe that @GenFlynn 1st lawfirm Covington (eric holder is a partner) purposely helped set our General up. See Ms Powells filing today on what Covington didnt do. Drafting errors? humm #DigitalSoldier #MAGA #SilentWar #Fisagate #SPYGATE
Here is the whole Flynn sentencing doc. filed today by Ms Powell. Please read.
Today @ChuckGrassley sent a letter to Baker demanding answers to the Halper issue which gets to the bottom of the @GenFlynn leaks.

As ive stated in the past @Genflynn lawfire , Covington (Eric Holder) is a partner there, was criminally involved with the plot to jail our General. They knew that the FBI falsified Flynns 302 and more and didnt tell Flynn.
When Covington met with Flynn the 1st thing they asked him was if he had any incriminating evidence on @realDonaldTrump . Eric Holder #POS
Ill just drop this here., Covington is part of the coup.
Start at the 13 minute mark of this Flynn speech. #DigitalSoldiers we are leading the way to victory. #KeepFighting #MAGA #GenFlynn watch this.
Adding this to my #MAGA thread on #FLYNN, But read Dawsons whole thread as well.
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