thread of kpop songs you probably forgot about (2007-2015)

first up!! cross gene - la di da di
tiny-g miss you
5-dolls this or that
fiestar - i don't know
wonderboyz - tarzan
apink - hush
dal shabet - pink rocket
led apple - someone met by chance
rania - pop pop pop
roh jihoon - punishment
bestie - pit a pat
wings - hair short
ss501 - deja vu
ladies code - hate you
jewelry - one more time
evol - we are a bit different
rainbow - to me
kan mi youn - papprazzi
a'st1 - 1234 back
gna - black and white
dmtn - lover cop
ns yoon-g - the reason to become a witch
tasty - you know me
trax - oh my goddess
taegoon - betrayed
super junior - wonder boy
gp basic - game
big bang - sunset glow
chocolat - syndrome
block b - nalina
girls day - tilt my head
ft island - love love love
after school - diva
4minute - mirror mirror
b1a4 - beautiful target
u-kiss - shut up
stellar - ufo
exid - i feel good
speed - pain the love of heart
glam - i like that
t-ara - i go crazy because of you
rainbow pixie - hoi hoi
crayon pop - bar bar bar
dgna - rilla go
topp dogg - follow me
song jieun - twenty five
boyfriend - lovestyle
dw i will continue this thread later!!!
iu - marshmallow
lee jung hyun - v
2ne1 - follow me
ivy - sonata of temptation
rain - 30 sexy
miss a - breathe
mblaq - y
wonder girls ft. akon - like money
i should note that if you STANNED these groups then ofc you remember these songs but with the amount of new groups and music over the years a lot of stuff gets overshadowed!! a lot of casual fans won't remember these compared to the BIG hits!!
kara - pretty girl
nine muses - dolls
snsd - ha ha ha
se7en - better together
teen top - supa luv
mib - g.d.m
vixx - gr8u
bigstar - run&run
brown eyed girls - how come
outsider - loner
sistar - how dare you
son dambi - saturday night
wheesung - insomnia
hello venus - venus
secret - magic
spica - russian roulette
puer kim - manyo maash
purfles - 1, 2, 3
kiss&cry - domino game
lc9 - mama beat
ajax - insane
younique unit - maxstep
history - psycho
infinite h ft. bumkey - special girl
toheart - delicious
hitchhiker - eleven
dara - kiss
after school blue - wonder boy
after school red - night into the sky
whatever let's keep going!!

jyj - ayy girl....
henry ft. taemin & kyuhyun - trapped
nuest - action
sm the ballad - hot times
big byung - stress

ze:a - mazeltov
shinhwa - this love
f.cuz - jiggy
bap - stop it
btob - insane
zhou mi - rewind
infinite - nothing's over
april - dream candy
laboum - what about you
jessica & park myungsoo - naengmyeon
tmax - paradise
shinee - stand by me
100% - beat
jiyeon - never ever
wonder girls - the dj is mine
m&d (heechul & jungmo) - close your mouth
bringing this thread back bc I FOUND ANOTHER SONG I FORGOT ABOUT...

lip service - yum yum yum
strawberry milk - ok
omg this is past 2015 but GOD I LOVED THIS SONG

d.holic - color me rad
sorry this isn’t the mv but this is the ONLY way i listen to this song bc i die at the growling bits

k-much (now known as be.a.) - good to go
hello venus - i’m ill
blady - blood b type girl
wa$$up - wa$$up
ladies code - pretty pretty
boa - game

adding this bc some of y’all continuously leave this out of your boa threads and it’s a crime
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