THE OPPORTUNIST: The Many Hats of Rudy Giuliani

How Trump’s free personal lawyer’s post 9-11 profiteering is a NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS.

In this video & thread, investigative legal analyst @tracygreen documents Giuliani’s BIG GREASY CONFLICTS OF INTEREST
1/ SHREWDY RUDY: Watch the video: it’s a fast seven minutes, and it lays out each hat Giuliani wears—the ones that we know of—and the explosive conflicts of interest.
2/ KOMPROCATIONS: White collar crime expert and veteran trial lawyer @tracygreen asked a very simple question: who’s Giuliani working for... the answer is, well, komprocated.
3/ THE HAT TRICK: As @tracygreen began tallying the numbers, nine was her initial tally. But since Giuliani doesn’t do disclosures—we’ll get to that—the actual number may be cranked up to 11.
4/ THE OPPORTUNIST: Personally, I was shocked to learn that Giuliani built quite the empire profiteering off the tragedy of 9-11. Who knew🤷‍♀️

Check out first four hats:
1. Giuliani Security Crisis Mngt
2. Trump freebie
3. Lawyer for foreign & domestic clients
4. Giuliani & Co LLC
5/ LOSS LEADER: Hats five through seven are revealing, as doing free p.r. for his pal Trump is looking like quite the loss leader.

5. High-buck speaker—except free for Trump
6. GOP fundraiser & campaigner (who ran for Pres. and Senate)
7. “Informal” Gov’t Cyber Security Advisor
6/ RUDY CONFIDENTIAL: So let’s examine the year 2006-2007—Giuliani was paid $11 million dollars for speeches.

In the fake email below, we illustrate the stark reality of Giuliani accepting money to give speeches for foreign entities while working for Trump.

That’s problematic.
7/ WONKS WANNA KNOW: Before we reveal more hats, let’s get wonky.

As Trump’s personal attorney, communications are secret. Who pays his Ukraine investigation expenses? Who paid for his indicted gofers expenses? Rudy says “none of your business” but the ethical issues loom large.
8/ GIFT HORSE: @tracygreen says: “To analyze the ethics of Trump accepting Rudy’s gifts, we need answers to basic questions—who are Rudy’s clients, will Rudy deduct the expenses of his gifts to Trump, did they exchange gifts before and what’s the value of free legal svs? A mill?”
9/ GIULIANI & SON: So now that we revealed the komprocations posed by hats 1-7, let’s see what’s behind hat number eight.

Shocked not shocked: nepotism.

8. The “dad” hat: Giuliani’s son the golfer works directly for Trump in the White House.
10/ F.O.G. HAT: Coming it at No. 9 is the “Friends of Giuliani” hat. If you make the cut, you too coulda received Big Money from Giuliani now-indicted Soviet born gofers.

Just ask Pete Sessions.
11/ RE-CAP: Nine hats, and a whole lotta lack of transparency led @tracygreen to pursue Giuliani’s missing chapeaux.
12/ FARA-WAY: Hats 10 & 11 are murky but what’s under the brim🧢

10. Lobbyist? Does Rudy work for Trump for free to avoid registering as a lobbyist?
11. FARA Agent? He appears to be acting as a lobbyist for foreign nationals, co.’s & govts. So why isn’t he registered under FARA?
13/ FRAUD GUARANTEE: The many, many, many hats of Rudy Giuliani—9 that we know of and possibly 11—reveal profound entanglements, huge conflicts of interest and massive national security risks.

As the Soviet born nationals of Fraud Guarentee will tell you: buying access was easy.
14/ RISKY BUSINESS: The many, many, many, many tentacles of Rudy Giuliani.
15/ PLZ CLICK THE LINK: Before I get to my Q & A with Tracy, do plz chk out the video link so you can folo along with ease.
16/ PASS THE 🎤: An interview with @tracygreen on key takeaways from Giuliani’s many, many, many, many hats.


HSC: Lets start with this—peel everything back and it appears we have a man who profits off 9-11.

@tracygreen: 1. “Rudy, like Trump, seems to understand branding.”
17/ Q1 con.

@tracygreen: “He still calls himself America’s Mayor—wants to be addressed as Mr. Mayor.

“It’s one thing to build a private security co.—it’s quite another to become Trump’s personal attorney who works for ‘free’ to show clients and foreign govts access to Trump.”
18/ Q1 Con.

@tracygreen “Giuliani also profited from Trump naming him in January 2017 as informal Cybersecurity Advisor. Right after that, Giuliani began providing security work for Ukrainian cities.”
Q1 Con.

@tracygreen “The person I blame for this is Trump. Trump values loyalty above all and creates conflicted relationships. Trump doesn’t believe government ethics rules apply to him, his family and friends. He’s Tammany Hall—he doesn’t follow the rules.”


HSC: As a lawyer, how bad are the optics on Giuliani’s conflicts.

@tracygreen: “As a lawyer, Rudy has a duty of loyalty to his clients. Even though not paid, he has a duty to Trump. He has an equal duty to Parnas and Fruman.”
21/ Q2 con.

@tracygreen “Is Rudy still representing Parnas and Fruman? If Rudy claims Trump and Pompeo directed him in the Ukraine investigation, was he acting as a lawyer or govt liaison? Does he now have an ethical conflict with Trump?”
22/ Q2 con.

@tracygreen “Now that Rudy learned that Parnas and Fruman used foreign money to make huge political contributions through a shell company what does he do? One of Parnas and Fruman’s defenses may be that Rudy told them what to do—the situation is rife with conflicts.”

Q2 con.

@tracygreen “Rudy handled it this way so he could pursue back-channel diplomacy for Trump, help defeat Biden in 2020 & pursue Rudy’s own business interests at the same time.

“It’s UGLY. It’s UNPATRIOTIC. It’s all about money meeting politics.”
24/ Q2 con.

@tracygreen “Trump is selling America to whoever will work for him for free.

“Reminds me of the Cohen arrangement with Trump. Cohen got paid millions by corporate America after the election and never registered as a lobbyist. Trump wasn’t bothered by this at all.”


HSC: Women pols are bullied when getting paid for speeches yet Giuliani made $11 million in a year on 9-11 “fame” and no one bats an eye.

@tracygreen “It isn’t just women politicians. It’s politicians.”
26/ Q3 con.

@tracygreen “The speeches by Clinton and her husband were reported because she was Secretary of State and had to do disclosures. She had security clearance..Other politicians have to do disclosures. Both financial and for security clearance.”
27/ Q3 con.

@tracygreen “Rudy is allowed to be a rogue diplomat and investigator lawyer—he makes no financial disclosures. He has no current security clearance. We need to change rules so people cannot operate like this in future. It’s corruption and will breed more corruption.”
28/ Q4:

HSC: Giuliani’s son works for Trump🤷‍♀️.

@tracygreen “His son has no prior pol experience. It’s all about loyalty. Rudy can tell clients/govts ‘my son works in the White House.’ I wonder how much confidential information Andrew ends up having that can benefit his father.”
29/ Q5:

HSC: “Did Giuliani’s bid for presidency foreshadow how Trump profits off campaign.

@tracygreen “Giuliani used campaign to pay himself rent and legal svs..His firm Bracewell & Giuliani did lots of legal consulting for campaigns as well. It seems Trump absorbed a lot.”
30/ Q6:

HSC: What is a key thing you learned in doing this research? Is Giuliani an unregistered lobbyist.

@tracygreen “Apart from being an opportunist, Rudy is a man of mystery. I learned we have no idea who his clients are so we cannot tell if he is an unregistered lobbyist.”
31/ Q6 con.

@tracygreen “When he gives speeches, that may be lobbying and it depends—consider the roles Giuliani has in the White House with his informal cyber advisor position, his son working there and his ‘personal’ attorney position while Trump is president.”


HSC: The optics on Ukraine connections are sh*t

@tracygreen “If Americans look at the ethics rules that all govt employees, judges and members of Congress have to follow, we see that Trump and Rudy don’t follow the basic ethics rules that others do.”
33/ Q7 con.

@tracygreen “Why would Rudy facing an expensive divorce give away a million dollar in legal fees to Trump? Only if he can profit from it does it make sense. He borrows $100,000 to pay taxes while he works for free? Get real.

“Didn’t Trump learn from
34/ Q7 con.

@tracygreen “And now the latest volunteers Parnas and Fruman are indicted.”

(Below, Lev Parnas is Giuliani’s plus one to the funeral of George H. W. Bush cuz that’s not weird.)


HSC: Giuliani is under investigation for Ukraine ties. We know Ukraine is where Russian mob set up shop😳.

@tracygreen “The Ukraine has a lot of gas, and it’s the wild Wild West there. This means opportunities for politically connected Americans.”

@tracygreen “From an ethics perspective, should White House ethics counsel be looking into this? From campaign perspective— FEC—which is already looking at Parnas & Fruman. New York State Bar—conflicts of interests? FARA perspective—should Rudy have filed?”

How does former Texas Gov.-Energy Sec. Rick Perry fit into the Ukrainian investigation puzzle?

Perry and Giuliani are two of the “Three Amigos”, taking care of Trump’s Ukraine business this summer along with AMBO Sondland.

To be continued.-HSC & TG👊🏼
38/ Who ya gonna call.💜👊🏼
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