Suckers. Albertans still mooing about Trudeau who's done nothing but invest in this province time & time again. But how could you know? You read nothing but memes posted by suckers for suckers. Can they trick you into blaming Trudeau for *this*? Course they can #abpoli #cdnpoli
In Alberta, Canada gets to see what a disaster a Scheer government would have been. Kenney's first act as leader was to give enormous taxcuts to already wealthy oil companies that went on to lay off more Albertans anyways /2 #abpoli #cdnpoli #KenneyCuts
Kenney waited for the election to announce cuts that'll cripple this province. A voting majority of us'll be easily manipulated into blaming Trudeau for the pain they will inevitably feel from this because most of them, most of YOU, are suckers /3 #abpoli
Trudeau's ongoing entirely feckless efforts to woo an Alberta that'll *never* be grateful or grownup reminds me a lot of Barack Obama reaching out time & time again to Republicans only to have his hand smacked down every time, a dichotomy that ended up defining his presidency /6
If Trudeau knew what he was up against he wouldn't bother. Albertans aren't born with #UngratefulBabySyndrome. This is a learned behaviour based on an old saw media & politicians across our political divide pull out of the drawer EVERY TIME our economy's rough /7 #abpoli #cdnpoli
Watched NDP & Conservative parties service this lie during our last provincial election, that "Ottawa doesn't care about us" right after "Ottawa" had dropped buckets of cash here. Stoking anger for "Ottawa" is good politics, rested on a foundation of lies though it no doubt be /8
If both sides of the political divide are stoking the same COMPLETELY UNJUSTIFIED anger at *Ottawa* how can you blame our poor media for running the word 'angry' in the same breath every time 'Alberta' is mentioned? Not like they have an agenda, right? /9
All that said, there's no denying Alberta has more than its share of easily manipulated bozos attracted to easy-sounding solutions to complex problems, the more reckless the better. Moo out #BuildThatPipeline or #MakeAmericaGreatAgain or #Wexit, either way you're still mooing /10
Maybe it's just always been that oil/gas towns votes for leaders that will facilitate oil/gas at the expense of all else in the hopes that all else works out in the end. How do such places fare versus the enormous unprecedented global change we now face? My guess is not good /11
Make no mistake, the #ABbudget will hurt us NOW. The damage it does to this province in the medium to long term is incalculable. Kenny & the con-men'll point to a single orange dot of NDP control & dump all the blame there. Suckers that we are, Albertans'll swallow it whole /END
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