Government must investigate this incident before blindly putting the blame on militants/ Pakistan/ stone-pelters. This could possibly be a handwork of a mainstream parties. Let me tell you how PDP workers become militants at night and their leaders, commanders — (True Story)
2018 —PDP/NC announced they’ll boycot Panchayat elections. In the darkness of night, PDP workers would come to the residence of one of its most senior leaders, who’s also a relative of Muftis. The J&K Policemen guarding the residence would handover their weapons to these workers.
They would’ve letters written on letterhead of Hizb-ul-mujahideēn with proper stamp/signature, threatening people to boycott the elections. PDP workers, with weapons borrowed from J&K policemen, would visit villages masqueraded as militants at night to paste these letters.
The letters were given to them at the PDP leader’s residence. This activity took place for weeks in a PDP stronghold in south Kashmir. If people had not boycotted the elections, PDP, other mainstream parties would have become irrelevant. If they did it then, they can do it now.
The school building burnt down last night in Kulgam is not very far from that PDP leader’s residence. J&K police must investigate this incident, raid their residences, and book these mainstream leaders/ workers who become militants at night for their political gains!
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