From Ottoman Empire to today's Turkey, a genocidal nation!
Turks the most collective criminal nation in history
1. Muhammad Gazni organize&led 17 expeditions (massacres, loot, and temple destruction) in Sindh, and Gujarat, India from 1000 to 1027 AD). Later his son Masud did the
same to Kashmir.
Apart from the Genocides of Hinduscommitted by Turkik-Ottaman invaders in India by at least 4 dynasties:
- Khilji Dynasty
- Tughlaq dynasty
- Mamluk dynasty
- Sayyid dynasty
Turkik army raped, pillaged, genocided, and forcefully converted Hindus, destroyed
temples and usurped wealth!

2. Massacres of the Nestorians() et al. after the end of Mamluk rule in Lebanon

3. 2 Aug 1480, 813 Italians were massacred by the Ottomans for refusing to convert to Islam when the city of Otranto fell under Ottoman occupation.

4. Albanian massacre
500 years under Turkish Ottoman regime!

5. The Hill massacres 1516

6. Massacre of 1517 was worse of all!

7. The massacres inside the Arabia peninsula to concur the east and west of the peninsula thru out the late 1800 and up to early 1900.
Deraiyah, Dheuma, and other genocides
in the Arabian peninsula.

8. Cele kula. Skin tower Serbia 1808. Tower made by turks from 3000 heads of Serbian people

9. The massacre of Al Jwazzy tribe in Cyrenaica (Libya) 1817

10. The Constantinople massacre 1821

11. The Chios massacre 1822

12. The Hakkari massacres 1843
13. The Irish Genocide 1845

14. The Massacre of Aleppo 1850

15. The massacre of Any-in Ami (Algeria-1865)

16. The Hamidian massacres 1894

17. The Diyarbakir massacres 1895

18. The Batak massacre 1876

19. Stara Zagora massacre, 1877

20. The Hamidian Massacres 1894
21. The Candia massacre 1898

22. The Adana massacre 1909

23. The Greek Genocide 1913

24. The East Thracian Genocide over Bulgarians - 1913, East Thrace (all this part of the European teritory of today's Turkey). 60,000 bulgarians - killed, raped, enslaved, burned alive,
beheaded, the rest of the 350,000 run in the other countries...

25. 1914 Massacre against the people of Medina and massacres against the Arabs.

26. The Armenian Genocide 1914

27. The Assyrian Genocide 1914

28. The Massacre of Phocaea 1914

29. The famine of Mount Lebanon 1915
30. The Armenian and Assyrian genocide were in 1915 , the Greek one was in 1915, 1916, till 1922!

31. Famine of Mosul, 1917

32. The Tafas massacre 1918

33. The Greek Pontic genocide 1919

34. 1921 Koçgiri Massacre Sivas They killed almost 15 thousand Kurdish.
35. 1923 Diyarbakir Massacre More than 10 thousand Kurdish Killed

36. 1938 Dersim massacre (50 thousands almost 50 thousands Kurdish killed) (Turkey)

37. 1930 Zilan massacre (More than 20 thousand Kurdish killed)Turkey

38. The Smyrna Greek massacre in 1922
51. 2019 The Kurdish massacre.

Welcome to Turkey?
Not anymore, but instead please boycott everything that cames from that place!

P.S.: If I've missed some, please be so kind and add them to this thread!
Thank you!
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