Listen to this interview at 4:58 min where POTUS stressed "Chelsea" before saying"Tulsi" Gabbard when talking about Hillary saying Tulsi is a Russian asset. He's definitely pointing to Chelsea Clinton. Some digging to do. Stable Genius! #QAnon #WWG1WGA
Chelsea Clinton berated by students blaming her 'rhetoric' for causing New Zealand shootings.
Q says, Like mother. Like daughter.
What about the Parkland School Shooting?
Q 759
Do you believe in EVIL?
Make no mistake, they will all PAY THE PRICE. #QAnon
3) Evaluating and explaining Chelsea Clinton's alias 'Diane Reynolds'
Hat tip @TrumpMovement2 for remembering and getting email doc. Ty. I wonder if Chelsea went to Haiti under this alias?
#QAnon #ThesePeopleAreSick
#Evil #CrimesAgainstChildren #Haiti
4) Chelsea Clinton AKA Diane Reynolds also listed on Hillary Clinton's home server. Phillip Reines lied.
5) Why was Hillary emailing Chelsea under her alias 'Diane Reynolds' about the #Benghazi attacks and Libya? That's classified information. Hillary is cold as ice! Here's Hillary lying about Benghazi:
#QAnon #ThesePeopleAreSick
7) Why was Phillips Reines emailing Chelsea Clinton AKA Diane Reynolds about the #Benghazi attacks? Like mother. Like daughter.
These people are EVIL.
#QAnon #NeverForgetBenghazi #Evil #JusticeIsComing
8) A Call for A Coup: Clinton, McRaven, Pelosi, Gabbard. Was this why POTUS said 'Chelsea Gabbard'? The quid-pro-quo funds have all gone to Bill,Hillary,and Chelsea Clinton from Russia. Hillary sold our uranium to Russia. #TheClintonFoundation #UraniumOne
9) Chelsea Clinton's visit to Kyiv. Ukraine 2012 Victor Pinchuk Foundation.
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