My first (eventual) NSFW thread on twitter, and of COURSE it’s #KiriBaku

Bakugo is Trans, Gay, and Horny. He’s also 23, a Pro Hero, and hasn’t gotten laid in four years.

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Here goes nothing!
Being horny is the worst! And if you pair that with being a Pro Hero who can’t go out and get laid on a whim because it might ruin your public image? Bakugo Katsuki is in absolute HELL right now because of that, and all he can do is deal with it later.
Like always. At home. In bed. Alone. Probably with his trusty sidekick.

His Hitachi.

He’s just horny though, it’s not even a problem!
… Except that it IS because he’s GAY and every guy he works with tends to be attractive as sin and prone to walking around half naked. He’s seen Calamari Donkey’s dick more times than the idiot’s past girlfriends probably have.
It’s a nice dick too, which is the worst thought to cross Katsuki’s mind in weeks. He does NOT want to fuck Pikachu, or vice versa. It’s just… his dick is nice…

Fuck he’s desperate if he’s thinking about Denki’s dick.
But he can’t help it! His friends do their best to be considerate, but they’re also absolute MORONS at the same time. They pop boners and laugh it off, it happens, they all are used to it.
There’s an entirely separate stall at the end of the showers for people who just can’t control themselves. Which is a few of them.

Katsuki has never used it, but mostly because the shower head isn’t detachable like it is at home.
Also, sue him, but he’s loud when he gets off. What’s the point of trying to be quiet? Why hold back when it just… feels better to make noise? And yeah, maybe he’s a narcissist, but he makes some hot fucking noises.
A grand total of three people know how loud he gets, and two of them entirely by accident.
Handsy, because he lived down the hall from Katsuki for three embarrassing years of jerking off thinking the walls were thicker than they were.
Deku, because apparently no one told him that a sock on the fucking doorknob meant he was getting plowed for his birthday.
And Kirishima, who was doing the plowing.
But he hasn’t seen Kirishima since they split on his twentieth birthday, but they'd stopped having sex before that. Hero work broke them down, and then their paths just… led them in two separate directions.
Katsuki went on the Endeavor’s agency, then built his own with Deku and Icy Hot when it became clear that Endeavor wasn’t going to get them any farther, and Kiri…

Had gone to Australia without a backwards glance.
It hadn’t bothered him at first, Katsuki was a big boy and they’d both agreed to end the relationship mutually. But after the first year without a card or call, he’d gotten ANGRY.
Fury fueled him for a good month or two until Deku had to sit his ass down for an intervention. Which, yeah, sure. He deserved that.

But that isn’t the point! The point is he’s horny and the only guy he’s ever trusted enough to sleep with him is fuck knows where anymore!
Although it isn’t like he doesn’t trust people, he’s not the idiot bastard child he was in high school. If he were, Kirishima never would have slept with him.
But trusting someone to have your back in a fight and trusting someone to go down on you like a dehydrated man in the desert are two VERY different things.

God he misses Kirishima’s tongue.
Even though he’s filling out disaster relief reports, his mind is back to age nineteen, sharing a shitty one bedroom apartment with Kirishima and climbing on top of him after a shower.
He remembers Kirishima had been laying on his back, staring up at the screen of their busted tv and playing fucking Minecraft or something, and he’d paused the game and thrown the controller toward the couch when Katsuki had spread his thighs on either side of his head.
Katsuki had rode Kirishima’s face for what felt like hours, Kiri's tongue fucking into him and sharp teeth filling his entire body with adrenaline any time he glanced them over Katsuki’s dick or folds.
He shakes his head, shifting in his seat. He can FEEL how wet he is and it’s mortifying, but fuck… he wants to get laid.


Katsuki lets his mind wander some more since he can do two things at once, and when he finishes the reports he’s left stewing in his own thoughts. As well as his boxers.
Going home early to get off a few times wouldn’t be bad form, would it?
Shit. It would be HORRIBLE form, but fuck, it’s not like he can stick his hands down his pants and ride his fingers until he’s screaming.
Deku barges in unannounced too often for that kind of relief.


Speak of the god damn devil.
“What?” Katsuki leans forward, hiding his lower half behind his desk. Deku’s standing in the doorway, hair even messier than normal. There’s also blood on his cheek and dripping from his nose.
Icy Hot is behind him, dripping something thick and purple onto the tiled hallway. He’s scowling as a sidekick attempts to mop him up. Ember has a rolling mop bucket full of towels trailing after them. She looks more miserable than Todoroki does.
“I need you to go to the airport.” Deku states, wincing and then shooting a hand up to his nose. He covers it in time to shield a blast of blood that sprays out. “Oww!”

“What the fuck?” Katsuki doesn’t move from his spot at his desk.
“He got punched by a nosebleed quirk.” Icy Hot states. “The more people he’s around, the worse the nosebleeds. It’ll last another hour.”

Katsuki hisses in sympathy.
“Deku, go home.” It’s as close to an order as Katsuki can get. “Or go upstairs and lock yourself in your office. Don’t get blood on my carpet.”
“I need you at the /airport/ though.” Deku whines around his pinched nose. Blood drips down one knuckle as he stumbles away from Icy Hot and their sidekick.
Katsuki rolls his eyes and turns back to Todoroki, who is still being mopped up by a very distressed Ember. She looks ready to cry, which is normal for her when any of them get something as small as a paper cut.
But Todoroki, while he’s scowling at the goop on him and not at Ember, is always there for Katsuki, and fills him him on what’s actually going on.
“We’re getting a new Hero for the agency, they’re flying in from Wales.”

“Wales? Like England?”

“No like the fucking fish.” Todoroki snaps. Ember steps back and makes this noise of discomfort. “Sorry.” He sounds genuine enough.
“Why do we need a new Hero?” Katsuki drops his elbows to the wooden desk and watches as Deku pulls out a packet of tissues to wipe up his face. “We’ve got plenty of sidekicks, promote one of /them./ Ember, you want a promotion?”
Ember looks over at him and promptly sets her skin on fire. “How do I politely tell you I’d rather swallow glass than be in the spotlight?” She asks.

She’s his favorite.
“Not on the tile.” Todoroki mutters. “You eat through it if you stay on fire for too long. This isn’t my floor, remember?” Because Todoroki has fire clay for flooring and Katsuki has tile and plush carpet.
“Sorry Shouto.” Ember’s flames fade out, but her body crackles like a camp fire. “Sorry Ground Zero.”

“You’re fine, you know I don’t care.” Katsuki doesn’t mind the scorch marks, he’s made enough by himself. “What about Base Drop?”
Deku whines and gives Katsuki a pointed look. “Airport, terminal G. He’ll know you when he sees you.”

“You’re not going to tell me who it is?” Katsuki shoots an exasperated look to Todoroki, who shoots one back. They suffer together.
He can be Shouto for the rest of the day then.
“Look, it’s you or Shouto.” Deku says, waving an arm as a glob of purple ikor plops off Todoroki’s head. It startles Ember so much she squeaks.
“Fucking end me.” Shouto says it deadpan. “Right now, put me out of my misery. I still have four hours of mandatory patrol left and only twenty minutes to get this off of me.”

“I’m trying.” Ember whines.
“You’re doing great.” Katsuki reassures her. Her quirk isn’t really meant for clean up though. Ember can see body heat and transfer her own to other people. She has the added bonus of being able to set herself on fire so she’s great for winter rescues.
But cleaning? Yeah she’s not good at cleaning. “Take him to the showers and hose him down.”

“Can’t get this wet for an hour.” Shouto grouses. “That makes it expand.”

He’s really fucked.

“Katsuki!” Deku practically shouts. “Will you please-”
“Yes, fuck, okay!” Katsuki rolls his eyes and pushes away from his desk. His pants are uncomfortable, he’ll have to change boxers before he leaves.
“Get out of doorway. I’ll go. Ember, go get Proto Bomb and force him to help you. If he says no, tell him he can expect a pink slip from me in the morning.” He stomps over to the door and goes to shut it.
“Thank you Kacchan!” Deku shouts.

“Yes Sir, Ground Zero, Sir.” Ember shouts, her skin crackling.

“I think I hate my job.” Shouto mutters as purple slime trails down his cheek.

Katsuki shuts the door on them.


Katsuki has /never/ liked the airport, and honestly, they aren’t too fond of /him/ either. Despite having complete control over his quirk and proper documentation for his Hero Status and gender, they ALWAYS find some reason to pull him aside and make him late.
So if he can help it, he never flies.

… Shouto’s private jet doesn’t count. None of them can be mad flying around in something that Endeavor bought Shouto out of guilt for forgetting a single birthday.
He hadn’t even wanted the damn thing, but now any time any of them show up in the jet, Endeavor looks like he’s been slapped in the face.

Katsuki has /absolutely/ rubbed as much pettiness into Shouto as he possibly can over the years, and it shows.
‘What if I quit and became a baker.’ Shouto texts him while he sits in a chair that’s too small and sticky despite being fabric lined.

‘You can’t bake.’ Katsuki texts back.
‘An engineer then?’ There’s only a few seconds before another text comes in. ‘I could go back to college.’

‘You hated college.’

‘I hated the teacher, not college. I could work anywhere.’
Snorting, Katsuki takes a picture of his shoes and sends it to Shouto. They’re civilian grade work boots, mud and clay brown with the ugly tan and black striped shoelaces. Shouto /hates/ these shoes.
He thinks they’re impractical, and it’ll distract him long enough to get his mind off quitting.

Katsuki knows he’ll never ACTUALLY quit, but sometimes Shouto just needs to whine like a child.
He can’t do whine at Deku because the guy always think Shouto is serious and starts trying to become a Knight in Shining armor. He reminds Shouto why he’s a hero in the first place through n inspired speech. They, him and his sidekicks, have the speech memorized at this point.
They’re terrible people, but they’re great heroes. So great in fact that Katsuki is still trying to figure out why Deku wants to add /another/ hero to their agency. They’ve done so well with just the three of them as the star players. What’s so great about this new guy?
Checking his watch, Katsuki sighs. Deku had texted him that the Hero would arrive at 5:30 on the dot.

It’s 6:28.

His phone buzzes in his hand and he looks back to see the wall of text Shouto has sent him. Near the bottom are several ellipses, and then...
‘I sometimes wonder why we aren’t dating.’

He doesn’t respond. They both know why they aren’t dating. He’s got green hair and freckles and a heart so big it could make the ocean jealous.
His thumbs hover over the keyboard, ready to respond even though his mind is blank, when a hand startles him by patting hard on his shoulder.
“Bakugo!” A voice like sunshine bursts inside Katsuki’s skull and he drops his phone and whips around. “Oh man! I’m so glad Midoriya sent you! It’s been so long!”
Eijiro Kirishima stands there, grinning with those familiar sharp teeth and dimples, faded red hair slack and curled around his ears with sleep in his eyes.
He’s wearing a gray, faded ‘Red Riot’ tank top that shows off how much /thicker/ his arms have gotten, and blue cargo shorts that look awful on him but fuck do they put his calves on display.
There’s also a bag slung over his shoulder and his boots are unlaced on his right foot, but he looks the same. And yet different.
He’s got a darker tan and is wearing a thick black cord that dips into the top of his tank top, but he’s still Kirishima. Still smiling with those sweet laugh lines and huge hands.

Katsuki can’t breathe.
“Eiji.” He doesn’t know how he says it because his chest is on fire and his throat is dry. He’s going to drop through the floor and die. He’s going to come back a ghost and break Deku’s kneecaps. “You’re our new hero?” The hope in his voice is embarrassing.
Kirishima smiles, but shakes his head no. Like that makes any sense!

“Nah, I’m your new Hero’s sidekick!” He bumps his fists together and scrunches his nose. “He’s in the bathroom, I can’t wait to introduce you!”
Katsuki lets his jaw drop open, then lets the rage fill him.

“You’re a SIDEKICK?” He sounds… horrible, honestly. “What the fuck Eiji?” He pushes to his feet and his photo clatters to the floor. Cursing, he bends down to snatch it up.

“It’s not a big deal-”
“-It fucking is!” Katsuki corrects him because shit, they went to school specifically FOR this shit! They were in the HERO course, not the SIDEKICK course!
“Bakugo.” The fact he’s reverted to his last name makes Katsuki sick to his stomach. Kirishima hadn’t called him ‘Bakugo’ since their second year of high school.
Any fight that had been surging in him withers. He feels like a stiff breeze might knock him over, and when his phone buzzes in his hand he has to drag him eyes away from Kirishima’s frown to look at the screen.
‘Ember says you won’t date me because I’m uggu wuggu? What does that mean?!?’

Katsuki closes his eyes and bites his lip, trying not to laugh. God damn it.
“Eijiro! There you are!” Katsuki shoves his phone into his pocket and looks up to see a blond man who is almost as tall as Todoroki, but twice as broad. His hair is pulled up in a top bun, the sides shaved except for the sideburns, which are fluffy and fall over his ears.
Katsuki notices the crooked hook to his nose, the shape made by one too many punches taken. The snake bite piercings in his bottom lip are bright red and twinkle in the shitty lights overhead.
One arm drapes over Kirishima’s shoulders, a soft smile on his face as he leans in to kiss Kirishima’s cheek. When he talks, Katsuki can see sharp teeth. They glint like the snake bites.
The air feels too hot for the guys turtleneck and long sleeves. He’s also wearing sweatpants, but that could be for comfort of the flight.
“Don’t be gross.” Kirishima sounds fond when he pushes the other man gently. He doesn’t shove him off though. “Bakugo, this is Bruiser, Bruiser, this is-”
“-Ground Zero.” Katsuki states. “Deku didn’t say there’d be two of you. Yuki can’t carry three.” He pulls out his phone and starts texting for a car to be sent up. “Is this all you have? I need to know where to send it if there’s more.”
“Uhh, Yuki? I thought it was just Ground Zero picking us up?” Bruiser asks, hand brushing against his undercut.
“This is all we took on the plane, we sent our other stuff ahead of time. Midoriya already let us know it arrived.” Kirishima says cheerfully. “I can’t believe you still have Yuki, I swore you’d have crashed her by now.”
Katsuki snorts. “Fuck you.” He shrugs both shoulder. “You two can take the car back by yourself. I’m going ahead.” He stuffs his phone back into his pocket. “Welcome to the agency, I guess.” He nods at Bruiser and turns heel to walk away.
“Ah, Bakugo, wait!” Kirishima rushes the few steps he needs to get to him and drops his bag to the ground. Before Katsuki can ask what he wants, thick arms wrap around his waist in a hug, a chin resting on his shoulder.
Katsuki sucks in a sharp breath, lungs filling with the same sharp charcoal smell that’s always been so uniquely Kirishima. He’d almost forgotten that smell.

A warm hand rests on his stomach as Kirishima hugs him, large and prominent in Katsuki’s daydreams.
“I missed you, bro! It’s good to see you.” Kirishima pulls away and Katsuki feels a pit open up in his stomach. He can’t do this right now.
“The car will be under my name.” He rasps. “See you at the agency.” He doesn’t run away, but it’s a close thing. He CAN’T deal with this kind of upheaval right now.


( NSFW Section Ahead )

Instead of going back to the agency right away, Katsuki heads to his house and pulls into the garage with a groan.
His helmet gets ripped off and hung from the handlebars. Katsuki lets out a breath and rolls his hips forward on the seat once, the friction is amazing.
He still feels Kirishima’s hand on his stomach, still smells him on his clothes, still hears his voice right against the shell of his ear. Katsuki’s legs feel like jello as he throws them over his bike and wobbles up the steps.
The garage door folds down behind him and he is grateful for it.

The lights are still off inside his house, but that’s fine. He won’t be here long if he can help it, he just needs… well.
This wouldn’t be the first time he’d gone home during a break just to jerk off. It might make him a little tired at first, but a cold shower and a cup of coffee fix that every time.

He stumbles into his bedroom and starts stripping, heedless of where his clothes end up.
His boxers come away wet and heavy, and he drops them to the floor before falling chest first onto the bed. Maybe he should grab a toy?

Nah, too impatient for that. His hand worms under his hip so his fingers can slide through his pubic hair.
With a bit of shifting, he reaches further down until he’s knuckle deep in dripping wet folds. He isn’t fingering himself for this quickie, he knows from experience that if he does it’ll just make him want a toy or a real cock, and THAT will make him late getting back.
The smell of his arousal is thick in the air and he has to shut his eyes as he soaks his fingers. His whine is loud in the quiet of his bedroom, but who cares? A frustrated noise escapes his lips before he’s shifting to squeeze his dick between forefinger and thumb.
Squeezing gives way to rubbing the underside with three fingers pretty fast, his hips pressing down into the bed as he buries his face in the fabric and groans.
God, Kirishima’s hands used to lift his hips up like he weighed nothing and rub at his dick until Katsuki would be a screaming, trembling mess. He missed the days of multiple orgasms with a partner, his thighs drenched and the bed sheets ruined for the night.
His own hand picks up the pace and he turns his head to the side so he can gasp. The sheets twist beneath him, threatening to suck into his open, panting mouth as he grinds down on his fingers and squirms his legs.
His other hand is thrown out above him, clenching tight in the covers that are falling off the bed.

It’s been a /while/ since he’s had a face down orgasm, but he builds up to it. Kirishima used to wake him up just to fuck him like this, still face down and drowsy on the bed.
Katsuki’s thoughts stick on the memory of that thick cock thrusting into him so hard he slid on the bed sheets.

When he cums it’s not a surprise, but it does bring an unsatisfied whine from the depths of his chest. He slumps into the bed, sweaty and gasping for air.
His fingers lazily rub his dick while the numb feeling of orgasm fades away.

Now he just feels sweaty and sticky.

Maybe a little ashamed?
… nah. He had that dick fucking him six ways to Sunday LONG before Bruiser did, IF they’re even fucking. He’s not ashamed. And he’s certainly not jealous…

Nope… no jealousy in sight.

… he just needs a shower.

( End NSFW Section )


As soon as Katsuki shows up to the agency parking garage, relaxed and sated from orgasm, he sees Shouto walking toward the elevator with what, on him, is a scowl. Shouto hasn’t finished his full patrol yet, Katsuki can tell by the time on his watch, but he looks /done/.
The guy is /covered/ in yellow dust and smears of what look like green paint from tiny hand prints all over his legs. His left boot is also entirely covered in pink, chunky glitter.
Shouto waits for Katsuki by the elevator doors and tugs his hero suit away from his crotch. When he doesm yellow dust puffs into the air. Katsuki takes his time to walk up to him, and when he does he taps the zipper of his own jacket.
Shouto scowls and reaches up to unzip himself from his suit top.

“If another person tries to attack an elementary school, I’m going to /let/ them. See how /they/ like getting attacked by preteens. They all know how to take care of themselves I swear to god.”
He looks ready to set himself on fire when his harness catches on his jacket. “Children are scarier than the League ever was.” Katsuki help him free himself, and they stand there with Shouto, sweaty and topless, bundling up his hero top.
Katsuki tuts. “Bet you I can beat you for worst day ever.” The elevator dings and they clamber in together.

“Bet you fucking can’t.” Shouto lifts up the right side of his hair and streamers fall out… as well as a rubber duck? “I’ve been hit by eight different quirks today.”
“Kirishima’s back in Japan.” Katsuki states as he watches the duck roll across the floor. “And he’s our new Hero’s sidekick.”

Shouto tenses, looking at Katsuki with wide, confused eyes. “I-What? Midoriya couldn’t have kno-”
“He knew.” Katsuki tries not to clench his fists. “Kirishima said they /talked./” He lets out a slow breath as the elevator stops on his floor and the doors slide open. He steps out, meaning to stop the conversation there.
But Shouto follows him out, just a step behind and voice a low whisper. “He… Midoriya /wouldn’t/ be trying to set you two up… not twice. He knows you both split up, he wouldn’t try to do that to you.” Shouto reaches out and touches Katsuki’s elbow.
“He /wouldn’t/, you know he cares about you. He… he wouldn’t do that to you after everything we’ve been through.”

When Katsuki stops outside his door, he makes a point to catch Shouto’s eye. They stand in silence for a moment before Shouto swears colorfully.
“Let me talk to him before you start yelling?” Shouto asks, hand sliding down to slip into Katsuki’s.

“I won’t yell.” Katsuki squeezes Shouto’s hand once, then steps into his office. “Please put clothes on, you’re distracting me with your tits pierced like that.”
“You /will/ yell.” Shouto deftly ignores the second part of his statement. “If only because Midoriya kept the truth from you.” He looks like he’s about to step inside with Katsuki, but he doesn’t. “I… is it going to get weird? Do I need to step in?”
He seems genuinely worried as Katsuki sits down and leans back in his chair.

“Probably going to be weird, but when has that ever stopped us before?” He smirks when Shouto visibly relaxes. “Aren’t you supposed to be on patrol?”
“Sector clean up.” Now Shouto covers his chest, and piercings, with his ruined top. “Whole street looks like a Saturday Morning Cartoon blew up on it. I can’t go back out until the quirk reversal team calls.”
He shrugs one shoulder, but Katsuki can tell he’s secretly loving this small breather. “After I shower, will you tell me about the new Hero?”
Katsuki snorts. “Other than the fact his name is Bruiser and he’s wearing a turtleneck in the middle of Summer, you know as much as I do.” Shouto does his imitation of a scowl once again. “Yeah, Deku really dropped the ball today, didn’t he?”
“I’m going to go talk to him.” Shouto leaves without another word and Katsuki rolls his eyes. He doesn’t have to yell at Deku today. Shouto’s going to give him a single disapproving look and that’ll have him crying his eyes out and begging them both for forgiveness.
They’ve been here before, they’ll be here again. He’s not sure how they get any work done like this.

A sudden, deep yawn bubbles up from his chest and he rubs at his eyes.
He’s been on standby for two weeks after he nearly broke his leg getting civilians out of a collapsing car park. Since then Katsuki’s been waiting for anyone who might need him to call in, but so far his phone and pager have been /silent./
He leans back in his chair and picks up his tablet from the desk, then loads up a puzzle game to pass the time. He /could/ watch porn, but Deku gets so embarrassed by casually critiquing actors that it isn’t fun anymore if he barges in.
Four levels in his game later and there’s a soft, rhythmic knock at his doorway. He glances up to see lava skin and charcoal hair peering into the office.

“Ember.” His eyes glance back at the game.
“Hi boss,” she sounds too calm and it instantly sets off alarms in Katsuki’s head. “I brought you a coffee.” From just beyond the doorway, she pulls out a paper cup caddy.
“And I wanted to let you know that I delegated showing the new Hero around to Base Drop, so I’m free if you need me for anything!” There’s a chipperness to her voice that makes Katsuki sigh and pause his game.
“What happened?” He demands while holding out a hand for his coffee. She flinches, but hurries inside. His coffee has cinnamon and chili flakes, he can smell them from here before the cup even touches his hand. “You went down the block to get these.”
“Yes Sir.” She sets the caddy down and tugs at the end of her gloves. “And I… it’s nothing bad!” Katsuki puts his tablet down and pries off the lid of his coffee. There’s also chocolate shavings.

“Uh huh.” He doesn’t believe her.
“Nobody was hurt, just startled.” She shrinks in a little. “You know how I am around new people when they touch me without my permission. If it had been out in the field I’d have been prepared for it, but it was in the break room and he just grabbed my shoulder and-”
“Ember.” Katsuki cuts her off before she sets herself on fire again. He likes his carpet a little more than he likes his hallway. “Who did you burn?”
“I didn’t burn him!” She has the decency not to whine. “But he grabbed my shoulder and I sparked, I thought I’d burnt him, but he’s fine. Not a scorch on him, not even any red skin. But he...” Katsuki leans forward.

“The new Hero, Picture Perfect.” Ember rubbed at her cheek. Katsuki doesn’t fight his eye roll. What a fucking horrible Hero name.
“He said I should have better control if I’m working at an agency like this. It wasn’t mean, I mean it was true, and he was really nice about it, but I… I got so used to you and Shouto that I...”
She swallows. “I threw my water at him and told him he was a dickhead for touching me without my permission.”

Katsuki has to shut his eyes and hold his breath to keep from laughing.
“/Don’t!/” Ember does whine this time.
“I’m going to get in trouble with Deku! He wanted us to make a good first impression and I /ruined/ it because he was so nice that it sounded fake! You /always/ tell us not to put up with fake people and I didn’t know who he was at first and then—Stop laughing!”
Katsuki can’t keep in his merth, his chest aches as his laugh echoes around the room. His sides are going to get a stitch.
“Boss!” Ember whines again, but she’s smiling. “Please don’t fire me.” Katsuki snorts and waves away her concern, still chuckling before he sips at his coffee.
It takes a few minutes, in which Ember picks up her own coffee and sips at it too, before Katsuki has himself under control.

He lets out a long sigh, cinnamon and chocolate on his tongue. Heat settles in his throat and he leans back in his chair.
“So the Hero’s called /Picture Perfect?/” He asks, and Ember sits on the corner of his desk and nods. Her shorts keep her from igniting anything, but they make that squishy spandex sound. “How pretentious.”
“Sir, with all do respect?” Ember waits for him to nod. “Ground Zero isn’t any better.” He snorts at her and shakes his head, the two of them toasting with their cups of coffee.
A knock at the door makes Katsuki look up in confusion. Ember normally leaves it open, but she closed it on her way in.

“It’s open.” He states, eyebrow raised at Ember, who shrugs.
The door pushes open and in walks /Picture Perfect/ in his hero suit. Or, Katsuki /assumes/ it’s a hero suit.
It honestly just looks like cargo shorts covered in pockets, utility boots, very short gauntlets, and a scarf that’s wrapped around his neck and pectorals like a bikini top.

That’s not really what has Katsuki’s focus though.
It’s all the tattoos that are moving across his skin, from his neck down to his ankles. The dude is /covered/ in moving ink, images ranging from flowers to sharks to… is that a defibrillator?
There’s also a big pot of ink on his hip with a fluttering feather quill.

“Ground Zero!” His voice is excited as he steps into the office. “Deku told me to come see you, he said we’re going to have a press conference to announce my debut!”
Katsuki groans. “He couldn’t even let you /sleep/ first? You haven’t even been here two hours, what’s wrong with that fucker?” He tugs at his hair and then shakes his head. “Ember, get one of my grenades and throw it inside of Deku’s office.”
“Respectfully, Sir, suck on a rotten egg.” Ember says it cheerfully. He snorts at her and pushes to his feet.
“I need to get my press suit on, get out you brat.” Katsuki pats her shoulder and she hops off his desk. “Go make sure Icy Hot isn’t contemplating strangling Deku.” She gives him a pointed look and he shrugs. “He’s had a rough day, look into ordering him some soba or something.”
She nods and hurries out, not looking at Picture Perfect as she passes him.

Katsuki shuts his tablet off, then heads to the wall where he keeps his press suit. It folds out after he tugs a book off the shelf and a small wardrobe slides into place.
When Picture Perfect doesn’t move from the doorway, Katsuki turns to him and raises an eyebrow.

“Can I fucking help you?” He pulls his shirt out from his waistband and kicks off his boots.
“Oh! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” Bruiser’s face flushes as he scrambles to the door. “I’ll wait outside with my sidekick!” He sounds thoroughly embarrassed as he reaches the door and snaps it shut. Katsuki groans and tugs his shirt off completely.
So Kirishima wouldn’t even stick his head through the door to say hello?

What a disaster this is going to be.

And what a bitch move by Kirishima.


Katsuki’s press suit is a modified version of his Hero suit that looks stylish, but can also handle his quirk if things go wrong. It’s a black undershirt and jacket, orange cross suspenders, and his regular green utility belt.
His pants stay the same. He finishes changing and then looks in the mirror, shaking his head until his hair puffs up to its natural dandelion floof.
For a brief, tired moment, he remembers rough hands pulling his hair as he was fucked in front of a mirror similar to this one. Only that had been back in a tiny apartment years ago with hot breath on his neck and a name pouring from his lips with a devoted reverence.
Sighing, Katsuki walks back to his desk and picks up his coffee to clear his head. He downs half of it before setting the cup back on the desk. He doesn’t have time to think like that, he has to focus on this press conference.
But still… it’s been too long since he’s had someone touch him the way he wants.

He looks at himself in his mirror and sneers, flashing his best ‘Fuck off’ smile.
Little things like this get him through the day. He holds up a hand and lets off a few tiny explosions in his palm, then sighs and walks to the door. When he opens it, Bruiser throws himself forward with a yelp to keep from falling into Katsuki’s office.
Sighing, Katsuki rolls his eyes as the other man laughs and straightens up.

“Dude, I /told you/ not to lean against the door.” Kirishima’s voice is scolding but playful.
Katsuki turns to him and sees he’s in a red button up and slacks, dressed up but with the air of exhaustion one gets from travel.

Part of Katsuki is sad that he doesn’t get to see Kirishima in his Hero outfit.
He wonders if it’s changed at all over these years, but that part of him is overshadowed by his bitter, petty part.
“Sorry about that, I got distracted.” Bruiser, or Picture Perfect, adjusts his scarf and turns a smile full of sharp teeth at Katsuki. He looks eager. “Deku said you’d show us where to go?”
“Deku’s going to get a boot up his ass for acting like he’s the only one that owns this agency.” Katsuki states before shutting his office door behind him. “This way.”
He turns down the hall and Kirishima keeps pace, falling beside Katsuki like he hadn’t spent years /ghosting/ him. Picture Perfect falls into step on his other side.
“Oh, don’t be mad at Deku. I’m sure it’s just stress.” Bruiser says it with good intentions, but it still sounds condescending to Katsuki. While well meaning, he doesn’t try to fight his sneer.

“I’ve known him my entire life, I know what he’s doing.” He argues.
Kirishima laughs and scrunches his nose, one hand coming up to tuck faded curls behind his ear. “Don’t mind him Bruiser, Bakugo’s always been a grouch when he doesn’t get his way.”
Katsuki stops in his tracks and turns his sneer on Kirishima. Something in him boils, clawing at his chest despite the fantasies he’d had not even an hour ago of Kirishima bending him over and fucking him blind with pleasure.
“/Don’t/,” he warns, “you don’t know the first thing about me. Not anymore.” He turns away from them both and walks up to the elevator. They scramble after him in tense silence as they head to the top floor.
Once the doors open, Katsuki walks into a group of sidekicks that cheer as he holds up a fist.

“Where’s Deku?” He shouts. Several of the sidekicks snicker, a few hurrying away in giggles. Ember walks up and she’s dragging Shouto with her by the hand.
His blue suit looks perfect, even if he looks rumpled.

“Katsuki.” Shouto sighs heavily, pushing his hair back with one hand. “They won’t let me count the Conference as patrol hours, I still have to go out there.”
Katsuki rolls his eyes, the arm he had raised falling to the side in open invitation. Shouto takes a few steps forward and drops his head to Katsuki’s shoulder. Ember lets him go while Katsuki rubs his back.
“I’m coming over to your place after work because it’s closer.” Shouto mutters.
Ember jumps into the conversation with a bounce on her heels. “Deku’s helping set up press chairs.” Her body crackles and she holds out a water bottle from her thigh holster, which Katsuki takes.
“Ingenium and Uravity will be arriving shortly from their agency, along with Charge Bolt and Mimic from Present Mic’s.” She glances black and flames trickle across her shoulders. She’s no longer relaxed, but instead tense and at the ready.
Katsuki follows her gaze and sees Picture Perfect wave sheepishly at her. He looks more embarrassed than anything else, which is funny on someone his size. Glancing to the side, he sees Kirishima’s gaze glued, wide eyed, to where Shouto is slumped to Katsuki’s shoulder.
There’s something in that look, but Katsuki doesn’t want to dig into it. He wants to stay petty for a little while longer, not entertain any ideas that might slip through his mind about Kirishima still liking him.

They broke up.

He’s moved on.

He looks away and uses his teeth to untwist the water bottle cap, which makes Ember scrunch her nose in disgust. She still holds out her hand to him and he releases the cap into her palm.

“Did you tell Charge Bolt who’s here?” He asks her. She flashes him a look of innocence.
“Who would that be?” She pockets the bottle cap. One of her fingers touches her cheek and she winks.
“Good girl. Show them backstage.” He nods over to Picture Perfect and Kirishima. “Also, because I feel like he hasn’t been useful enough today, have Base Drop record the crowd. Get our friends good seats.”
“Yes Sir!” She turns and shouts into the crowd. “Base!” Her voice drops several octaves and the sidekicks don’t even flinch when a skinny twig of a man stumbles over to her. He’s all limbs and awkward body language. “We’ve got work to do, can you help me?”
Her voice is sugar honey again, that soft tentative precious air she’s known for. Katsuki lets them weave into the crowd with Kirishima and Bruiser trailing after them before he guides Shouto to the stage room.
They enter in through the side door and see Deku zipping around in a green blur as he sets chairs down. Katsuki pushes Shouto up the to the stage and into his designated seat before forcing the water bottle into his hands.
Shouto doesn’t fight him, just slumps and takes small sips.

Katsuki goes up to the podium and taps the mic, listening to the sound bounce around the room before he leans forward.
“Deku.” When the green blur settles and Deku looks up at Katsuki with a sheepish grin, he has to fight not to throw the podium at him. “We need to talk. /Now./” Going to his designated chair, Katsuki waits for Deku to get up to the stage before he scowls at him.
“Hi Kacchan.” Deku sounds ashamed. “I’m sorry, I should have told you! I know! But I was getting a headache from the blood loss and it really just slipped my mind! I know I should have told you but-”
“Stop.” Shouto states. “How long have you been in contact with Kirishima?” Katsuki raises an eyebrow and sees a bit of fire in Shouto’s eyes.
“Only since last week!” Deku says, fiddling with his tie. “When Picture Perfect bought him up, we’d been talking to him for months and he’d mentioned his sidekick tons of times, but never said his name or anything. "
"He asked if he could bring him and I said I’d think about it, and then he told me who he was and I-I missed him! So I said yes and didn’t even think-I was just so excited to see him and-”
“Fucks sake.” Katsuki groans, head thrown back. “You’re an idiot. A well meaning, innocent /idiot./” He sits back up and sighs.
Deku makes this pitiful sound in the back of his throat. “Is… did I fuck up?” He asks, eyes brimming with tears.
“I just… I thought if we had another Hero that Shouto could rest for a while, take a vacation or something. And there’s been that big push to bring on International Hero’s, even if they’re only temporary.”
Shouto and Katsuki share a look and sigh at the same time.

God. Damn it.

“You’re in trouble.” Katsuki grumbles.

“A little bit of trouble.” Shouto pinches his fingers together. “But not enough that it matters.”

“No it’s enough.”

“Don’t pull this shit without /consulting/ us first!” Katsuki /would/ throw something at him, but he doesn’t have anything on hand. Also the chairs are bolted to the floor after the first three interviews they did all those years ago.
Deku nods and sniffles, then swallows thickly. “I’m sorry.” He whispers.

“Oh my /god./” Katsuki gets up at the same time as Shouto and the two of them bring their idiot in for a hug. Katsuki ruins Deku’s already ruined hair.
He’s angry, but that will have to wait. He can yell and maybe throw a punch later, but they’re professionals right now.

They can handle this little bump in the road, they’re a team for a reason. The Top Three. The Triple Threat.
“You didn’t tell Pikachu that Kirishima is back, did you?” Katsuki asks. “Because I am looking /forward/ to that.”

“Oh /no./” Deku tries to shrink in on himself as realization hits him, but Shouto has him locked in place. “I have to tell /everyone!/ I forgot, I-”
“Yeah, we needed a new Hero on board.” Shouto decides. “The only one of us who isn’t ready to drop dead from overwork is Katsuki.” He pokes him in the ribs. “Not all of us have adrenaline for blood.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Katsuki grins before pushing the both of them away.


“We’d like to introduce you to our newest Agency Hero, all the way from Wales, please give a warm welcome to Picture Perfect.” Deku smiles as the hero walks through the curtain and gets gentle applause from the press and the small smattering of Hero’s in the crowd.
“And let’s not forget his sidekick, please join me in welcoming home our very own /Red Riot!/”

The whole room goes quiet as Kirishima steps out from behind the curtain.
Katsuki’s head whips around to the crowd just in time to see Denki Kaminari stand up so fast he kicks his chair to the floor. He has time to cover his ears as Kaminari screams in delight and peeks a few microphones. There’s going to be plenty of unusable audio tonight.
“Bro! That’s my bro!” Denki’s elated laughter shatters the quiet. People are screaming and whooping in delight as Kirishima flushes even darker red, walking up to stand beside Picture Perfect. The Hero laughs, patting Kirishima on the shoulder and guiding him to the podium.
Katsuki takes his hands off his ears to hear Bruiser say, “They miss you, say hello. I can address the public at any time, go on.” It’s so soft and endearing. It shakes something in Katsuki’s chest and he has to bite the inside of his cheek not to scowl.
Beside him, Shouto reaches under the table to grab Katsuki’s hand and squeeze. Right, this is good, this is grounding. He’s over this.
Kirishima stands at the podium and shifts awkwardly from foot to foot.
“Umm… hi guys?” Someone wolf whistles in the crowd, and Katsuki’s /positive/ it’s Round Cheeks. He can see her pink suit jacket and navy blazer from here. Kirishima laughs, teeth glinting on the monitor facing them. “It’s good to be /home./”


The five of them field various, generic questions and play the public image game until Katsuki starts to get antsy. His foot starts bouncing under the table and Bruiser tries to ask if he’s okay, but is cut off when Deku smoothly wraps things up with the press.
The invited Hero’s are directed to another room while press and film are escorted towards the public elevators by various sidekicks.
Once the five are backstage, there’s only a few seconds to breathe and steady themselves before Kaminari is barreling through the doors and right into Kirishima’s arms. He’s a sobbing /mess,/ unable to get out any real words, but that doesn’t matter.
Kirishima’s crying just as hard as he is and there’s going to be /no/ separating the two for a /long/ while.
Bruiser, who is holding a glass of champagne that Deku gave him, blinks in shock as he watches Kirishima and Kaminari hold a conversation that’s entirely had via blubbering. He opens his mouth to ask, but Deku pats his shoulder.
“Not worth it my friend, just let them have this. They go way back.” Deku says, soft and reassuring. “Come say hi to Tenya and Uraraka before they go back on patrol, I think you’ll like them.”
Katsuki steers clear of the Do Good Duo and instead sticks to the wall with Shouto, who is leaning against his side as they share a water bottle.
Mimic, also known as Hitoshi Shinsou, walks over to them with a raised eyebrow and hooks a thumb at Kirishima and Kaminari across the room.
“Pray tell, what, may I ask, the fuck?” Hitoshi asks. “Why didn’t you guys tell me he was coming back? I have to go home with him like that, what gives?”

Both Katsuki and Shouto shrug.
“We didn’t even know he was back in Japan until Katsuki was picking him up from the airport today.” Shouto closes his eyes and rubs at his temples. “I haven’t had a moment alone to talk to him since he got back. Have you?” He looks over to Katsuki, who shakes his head no.
“I’m not sure I /want/ to talk to him.” He admits with a shrug.

“He ghosted you, didn’t he?” Hitoshi crosses his arms and narrows his eyes at Kirishima’s back. “He /better/ talk to you, if only so he can explain what the fuck his game is.”
Katsuki snorts and reaches out to pat Hitoshi’s arm. “It’s sweet that you pretend to care.”

“I /do/ care.” Hitoshi argues. “Honorary Bakusquad, I /have/ to care. We come when you call.”
“Just because you fuck Kaminari on the regular doesn’t make you Bakusquad.” Shouto says, but he’s smirking.
“Might as well qualify him, he does actually shows up when I call.” Katsuki shurgs as he says it. Shouto huffs, but relents. “Speaking of, I’m going to head home before Pikachu contacts the rest of the ‘Squad’ and they descend upon the building. I don’t need that today.”
Shouto pouts. “Can I still come over after my shift?”

“Yeah, you still have your spare key right?”

Hitoshi groans. “/God./ Are you two a couple yet?” He rubs at the bridge of his nose. “Because this is honestly /exhausting./”
Katsuki doesn’t qualify that with a response. Instead he looks away and sees Kirishima and Kaminari heading toward their little group. They’ve stopped crying, but they’re still glued at the hip.

Before Katsuki can turn away, Kirishima looks up and catches his gaze.
Once again, there’s something /there,/ a look Katsuki hasn’t seen in years that sends something hot and sticky down his spine.

Kirishima’s eyes flick over to Shouto and his smile turns into a frown.
“Yeah, I’m out.” Katsuki decides before the two can get within earshot. “Just knock if you plan on crawling into bed this time.” He plants a quick, petty kiss to Shouto’s cheek, who accept it at face value and goes back to arguing with Hitoshi about why they /aren’t a couple./
He can feel the atmosphere thicken the closer Kirishima gets.

But none of Katsuki’s friends try to stop him as he slips away and hurries out of the conference room. He makes it to the private garage elevator before tugging at his hair, waiting for the car to get to the top.
Is he being a petty bitch?

Yes. Absolutely.

Does Kirishima deserve that?

… you know what? Also yes!
They haven’t seen each other since Katsuki was /nineteen,/ and before that all of their friends had seen them as this unbreakable /power couple./
But then they’d split up and Kirishima had just… fucking /vanished./ He didn’t talk to anyone, not just Katsuki. So yeah, Katsuki is bitter over it. He’d lost his best fucking friend and he /still/ has no idea /why./
Eventually he’ll sit down with Kirishima and they’ll talk things out. But eventually isn’t now. If they try to talk to one another right now, Katsuki will scream and try to hit him.
He’s gotten a lot better about his temper, but his fuse is still short. Longer than it used to be, but still /short./
He gets into the elevator and groans. Maybe tomorrow he’ll actually have work to do. He misses being on Patrol, misses running through the streets with his gaggle of sidekicks. Hell, he even misses helping old ladies with their produce.
He’s just… /frustrated./ There’s only one cure for that he wants.


When he gets home and makes sure his bike is stored properly, Katsuki goes right to his toy chest. Shouto may or may not /actually/ come over tonight, so if Katsuki’s going to work out his frustration, it’s best to do it /now./
It doesn’t really matter that he’s gotten off once today, he can go several times if he really wants to.

He strips down in his bedroom and pulls out one of his thicker toys from its container.
It’s marbled black and orange, bought on sale from a fancy site that makes custom dildos with suction cups. He’s put this one to good use several times before, so it’s one of his favorites. He also gets out the toy cleaner and uses it as he walks into his master bathroom.
The toy also gets a good rinse and then the claw foot tub gets inspected.

It’s clean, obviously, he’s pretty meticulous about that, but it’s always better to check.
He sticks the toy securely to the bottom of the tub and turns on the faucet. Water pools around the drain and Katsuki leaves it to warm up while he walks over to the cabinet and pulls out a towel.
While there, he also pulls out one of his fluffier bath mats and sets it in front of the tub.

He should probably shower first, but he’s too anxious to stand around right now, he’d start pacing.
Instead of dwelling on those thoughts, Katsuki gathers the stopper and tests the water temperature, then climbs into the tub. The stopper drops down and pops into place as Katsuki kneels over the toy with a sigh.
Truth be told, he’s probably too angry for this, especially since his spank bank material is mostly Kirishima.
Still, his fingers slide down his pelvis and over his cock. He could have put on some porn or something, but it’s so hard to find things that don’t make him feel… gross.

Kirishima never made him feel gross.
“Fuck, think about literally /anyone/ other than him right now.” Katsuki mutters it to himself as his fingers slide lower to spread his folds apart.
He’s not as wet as he needs to be to sink down on his toy, not as relaxed as his body desires, but he’s also too lazy to go and get lube.

Katsuki has a vivid imagination, he’s done this before. He can think about someone else… anyone else, and get wet enough to ease the toy in.
His mind is stuck on red hair and sharp teeth sinking into the flesh between his neck and shoulder though. Of hardened hands squeezing his hips tight while a thick cock trusts into him from behind. He thinks of a husky, sex drunk voice against his skin, babbling encouragements.
‘Come on Kats, you can do it, so close baby, I feel you getting tight. Don’t even gotta touch your dick, you’re so good, come on baby, cum on my cock.’
Katsuki swallows and tries to shake the thoughts out of his head. Despite how wet they’re making him, he knows they’re /inappropriate./

Besides, Kirishima has Bruiser and Katsuki isn’t a homewrecker. And even if they aren’t a couple, Kirishima /left./ He has to remember that.
Still, his mind wanders down a dangerous path as his fingers rub against his cock. He can vividly remember Kirishima laying face down on their bed in nothing but his boxers, Katsuki straddling his hips while he rubbed his then boyfriends shoulders.
‘Hey, Katsuki?’ He remembers how bashful Kirishima had sounded, ‘Can we... get your strap out? So I can ride you, maybe? If you want?’
Katsuki whimpers, one hand covering his face while two fingers sink into his cunt instead of rubbing his cock. He’s certainty wet /now,/ and the water pooling around his calves is making him tremble.
That, or maybe it’s the burn as he spreads his fingers and scissors himself quickly. As he’s rocking back and forth, Katsuki presses his cock into his palm and whimpers.
He grinds into the pleasure and quickly grabs the side of the tub instead of his face. He likes this flood of endorphins.

But he also misses being touched. Misses thick fingers and a clever tongue.
Maybe he isn’t stretched enough, but he’s impatient and honestly, he /likes/ the burn. He slips his fingers out, pushes the folds aside, and closes his eyes as he lines himself up until he can feel the firm plastic pushing against his cunt.
The hand on the tub quickly grabs the shaft of the toy to keep it steady as he sinks down, feeling that stretch as his breath hitches.
A toy isn’t the same as the real thing, it’s not as warm as a cock and certainly isn’t connected to a body that will wrap arms around him and tell him how good he’s doing.
How well he’s taking it, how hot he looks, thighs spread apart as he lowers himself to sit on a toy in his slowly filling bathtub.
/Fuck./ Is an orgasm even worth it at this point if his mind is only full of a man he’s angry at? As hot as this is, as /good/ as it feels, thinking about Kirishima, about /Eijiro,/ it’s just making him /sad./
The toy inside him is thick and firm, and when he’s seated he stares out into the rest of his bathroom as if searching for an okay. Orgasms aren’t supposed to be frustrating, he’s the master of quickies! He’s supposed to be moaning shamelessly, not stuck in his head.
Just… think of something else, focus on the /pleasure./
Katsuki shuts his eyes and Shouto comes to mind, laughing in swim trunks at the beach as he climbs out of the water. He’s soaking wet, the water dripping off his skin.
His tongue darts out to lick his lips as he walks closer to Katsuki with his hands outstretched, he can see the shape of his cock through his trunks and he swallows. Shouto’s always had a nice cock, not very big, but certainly /pretty./
He thinks of Deku for a split second, naked in the locker room under the showers and looking around in confusion for his body wash. Covered in scars and cock half hard under the warm spray.

His eyes snap open.
“We /don’t/ go there. Stop it.” Katsuki reminds himself aloud. Shouto is toeing a line, but /Deku/ is crossing it.
Kirishima pops back into his head like a fucking plague. He’s laying spread out, freshly fucked on their couch and looking up at Katsuki with adoring eyes.
‘God, I love you so much.’ The thought of Kirishima’s laughter and sweet smile made Katsuki whimper as he lifts up until just the head of the toy is at his rim. He drops back down a little harder than intended and gasps.
It smarts, but it’s fine. He likes that, that bright pain that morphs into pleasure. So what if he’s a little bit of a masochist?
‘I love you.’ Another roll of his hips, maybe he can get a better angle this time. ‘I love you.’ His thighs burn but he keeps going, letting himself slide up and down on his toy like this isn’t a bad idea. He’s practically bouncing at this point.
‘I love you.’ He leans forward, panting and whining while he grips tighter at the sides of the tub. ‘I love you.’
“Eiji!” He calls out as an orgasm surprises him, his cock untouched and his thighs shaking. Katsuki’s confused at first, and then /ashamed./ “Oh fuck.” He slumps and the toy sinks in further, causing him to whine.
He can’t stay like this, he has to be able to walk tomorrow, but the temptation…

He pulls himself off the toy and sits behind it in the tub. He reaches up and rubs at a cheek, realizing that at some point he’d started crying.
“God damn it.” His fist smacks hard into the tub and the thud echoes in the tilted bathroom. “/Fuck/ you Kirishima.” He wipes at his cheeks again and pulls up the toy, throwing it toward the sink.
It clatters on the counter as Katsuki lets himself cry in the privacy of his own bathroom. He slides further down into the tub and tries not to curl in on himself.


Eventually Katsuki climbs out of the tub and showers off before crawling into bed. He doesn’t bother with clothes, it won’t be the first time he and Shouto have slept beside one another and been naked.
Shouto doesn’t do it very often, but sometimes he can’t handle how hot clothes get. It’s harder to regulate your body temperature when you’re unconscious, so Katsuki has never shamed him for it.

Embarrassed the shit out of Deku because of it, but never shamed his best friend.
He’s buried in pillows and thick, plush blankets, dreaming of floating on the surface of a clear lake when a knock on his door frame sounds more like a gunshot in his dream.
Inhaling sharply, Katsuki sits upright and grips at his blankets, panting around the sudden sweat at his neck and palms. He doesn’t always hear the shot when hes woken suddenly, sometimes it’s gentle knocking. But when he’s stressed...
“S’just me.” Shouto sounds far away but ready to drop. Katsuki groans loudly at him to let him know he can come in, then flops back to the bed.
“I’m naked under here.” He warns, rolling onto his side and pulling one of his various pillows to his chest. “My boxers are on the dresser though, if you wanna get ‘em.”
The door opens and Shouto shuffles in, already stripping down and throwing his clothes in heaps to the floor. After a few moments, Katsuki feels the bed dip, then a pair of boxers are dropped by his face, along with a take away bag.
“I figured you hadn’t eaten.” Shouto mutters, waiting as Katsuki tugs the fabric on beneath the covers and then digs through the bag. It takes some effort, but he gets it done.
When he lifts the edge of the blanket around his chest, Shouto climbs beneath the warmth of the duvet and spoons against Katsuki’s back.

“Had a bad night,” Katsuki admits, “and I didn’t want your dick rubbing up against my ass.”
He opens a box of cold chow mien and breaks apart his chopsticks.
Shouto snorts. “You’re the one who said you didn’t care if I got into bed naked.” His arm loops around Katuki’s chest and his cheek presses to his shoulder. “Today was fucked up though, I’ll agree with you there.”
“Ugh,” Katsuki hears the growl in his stomach, “I know.” He shifts in the bed until he’s comfortable, feeling Shouto’s ankles slide between his own. Shouto lets him eat, occasionally reaching over to steal bites of food between his fingers.
It’s comfortable and familiar, so Katsuki lets him.

When he finishes, he drops the empty containers back in the back and throws it off the bed near the door.
Shouto hums. “Should we talk about it?” His warmth is spreading across Katsuki’s skin to fill the space beneath the blankets.
“Talk about the day, or Kirishima suddenly being back?” Katsuki counters as he threads their fingers together. “You’re not so smooth. You think I didn’t catch on to what you were trying to do? Buttering me up with cold take out? I know your tactics.”
“I think he’s jealous.” Shouto decides, ignoring Katsuki’s previous statements.

Katsuki snorts. “Of /what?/” He turns, back now on the sheets as he looks up at Shouto. He’s not wearing a shirt, and probably isn’t wearing boxers, but that’s beside the point.
“Me? Us?” Shouto shrugs. “He wasn’t subtle. I caught him frowning or glaring at me any time we were together. I think he assumes we’re dating.”

“Half of /Japan/ assumes we’re dating.”
“He has no right to be upset.” Shouto frowns, then looks down at their still joined hands. “He’s dating someone… isn’t he? Are he and Bruiser a thing?”
Katsuki shrugs and squeezes their fingers together. “I don’t know, it’s not my business.” He /wants/ to know though, he just won’t admit it.

“It shouldn’t be Kirishima’s business who you’re with either.” Shouto decides with a nod.
“I’m not /with/ anybody though.” Katsuki can see the question on Shouto’s face, the way he swallows. “I’m not dating you, I know you’re hung up on Deku.”

“I’m not /hung up./” He sounds genuinely offended. “Midoriya is straight, there’s nothing to be hung up /on./”
Katsuki frowns and lets his head fall back against the pillows. “I still don’t think he’s straight.”
“He told me so himself when Hitoshi confessed to him.” Shouto counters. “He’s not… interested in guys seriously, it’s just… it’s complicated. He was testing the waters, but he hasn’t done anything since then with me and I really think it’s just… he’s straight.”
He slumps to the bed, chin on Katsuki’s shoulder as their torso’s press together. They lay in silence for a while, wrapped up in one another, but then Shouto sits up and glares at him. “Wait. You derailed the conversation didn’t you?”
“And I was so close to getting away with it.” Katsuki said with a sarcastic eye roll. “Look, there could be thousands of reasons as to why Kirishima keeps frowning at you. He might just… not approve.”
“I don’t need his approval to date you.” Shouto says defiantly.

“No, but you need /mine./” He sighs as Shouto huffs at him. “Sho, it’s not fair to you. You’re not over Deku, I don’t know if you ever will be, and-”

“You’re not over Kirishima.”
Shouto’s voice snaps through the air like the crack of a whip. He blinks, shocked by his own words, then untangles his limbs from Katsuki’s so they’re laying side by side on their backs.

Neither say anything for what feels like an eternity.
“I’m sorry.” Shouto whispers, hands curled on his chest. “I shouldn’t have said that.”
Katsuki sighs. “You… aren’t wrong though.” He rolls over and reaches out, pulling Shouto to him. Their noses brush and Katsuki closes his eyes. “I /thought/ I was. We’d gotten so busy and we never saw each other anymore, I thought… I thought we’d drifted apart, you know?"
"And then I got that offer from your dad-”

“You mean that of shit?”

“Yes. True. But I figured, with his track record that I’d be too busy to keep him happy. I was already too busy and I was just doing sidekick work. And I got swamped, the entire year I worked there I-”
“-You slept on the couch in the office my dad gave you.” Shouto sighs. “I remember, I kept having to wake you up for patrols.” He reaches up, fingers sliding through Katsuki’s hair. “I didn’t… we all thought you two broke up on good terms.”
Katsuki swallows.
“So did I? I… after we talked it out, he seemed fine. He understood, I… I thought he did. He told me about the job offer in Australia, he was so excited about it and since we weren’t dating anymore he told me he wouldn’t feel like he was dragging me down if he accepted.”
Shouto sucks in a sharp breath. “You think he was lying?”
At first, Katsuki didn’t say anything. If Shouto had asked him that question yesterday, he would have said no. Yesterday he was sure that their break up, their split, had been mutual. Yesterday he would have told Shouto that Kirishima left to further his carrier and was happy.
After seeing him today though?

“I don’t fucking know anymore.” He admits. “If he was unhappy, why didn’t he just say something? Why just… roll over like that?”
“He’s always been too nice for his own good.” Shouto whispers. “Maybe that factored in?”
Katsuki scoffed and scrubbed at his cheek. “This is dumb.” He doesn’t mind that his comes out as a whine. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’m tired.” He closes his eyes, trying to make a point.
“You’re lying.” Shouto’s lips press gently to his forehead. “About being tired, I mean. I know what you’re like when you’re tired. This isn’t it.” But Katsuki can feel Shouto cuddling up to him anyways.

“Go the fuck to sleep.” He mutters, wanting this day to end.
“In a little bit.” But Shouto’s already drifting off, Katsuki can tell. “I want to talk to you.” He doesn’t say anything else, and soon enough his breathing is even and his body lax.
Katsuki imagines they’re younger and not drowning in dumb problems like this. He lets his mind ease him into sleep of simpler times and softer days.


The sun isn’t even up when Katsuki and Shouto are woken with a jolt by both of their work pagers going off simultaneously. The electronic screeching in the quiet of the bedroom makes Katsuki groan, though the thrill of getting to work again pushes him awake.
Beside him, Shouto gasps and rolls over to steady himself as ice ripples along his side. He must have been in a deep sleep, and Katsuki’s known him long enough to give him his space.
So he rolls to the other side of the bed as Shouto tries to compose himself and leaves him to it. He climbs off the mattress and fumbles on his bedside table for his pager, trembling in the temperature difference from the toasty warmth he’d abandoned.
When he looks down at the screen, he recognizes it as a number from out of their jurisdiction, one located up by the Resort actually. He sends in his code and waits for more information to be sent to his work phone, which is charging next to the pager.
While he waits, he sits on the end of his bed, feeling Shouto shuffle around in his covers. Less than a minute goes by before his phone lights up and he reads over the message with bleary eyes.
‘Natural Disaster, no villain involvement. Snow got too heavy at the top of the Mountain, came crashing down over the Resort and brought with it all kinds of rocks and trees. Evac is doing their best but the snow is deep and time is precious.'
'We need heat quirks and people good at clean up. You up for this, GZ?’

Fucking /finally/, he’s been getting restless.
“Hey, Icy Thot, you in the mood to start melting snow?” He asks over his shoulder before getting to his feet. He shuffles over to his closet and pulls the door open.

Shouto grunts at him in response.
“Well I’m going, do you want me to bring you back breakfast after I’m finished?” He smirks when Shouto groans.
“No, I’m...” Shouto trails off, then sniffles. “Can you ask Picture Perfect to go with you today?” Katsuki turns and sees that Shouto hasn’t moved from the fetal position he’s curled into.
“… you okay?” When Shouto doesn’t respond, Katsuki goes back to the bed. “Shouto? I need you to talk to me. Are you okay?”
His friend finally rolls over and scrubs at his cheeks. His eyes are bloodshot and his skin looks pale, his hand trembling ever so slightly. “I’m /tired./” Shouto admits. “I don’t… do you think Izuku will be mad at me if I sit this one out?”
Katsuki sits on the bed and holds out his arms so Shouto can scoot closer and get dragged into a hug. “He brought on this new Hero specifically so you /could/ sit more of these out, Sho.” He leans down and puts his chin on Shouto’s head. “Go back to sleep, I’ll text Deku.”
Shouto sniffles and nods. “I… I changed my mind about breakfast. Bring me back something?”

“Fuck off.” Katsuki’s going to get him a huge cinnamon muffin.


The Resort is a popular tourist trap nestled alongside the base of a quirk built Mountain just outside of city limits.
The place is magically blessed or whatever, Katsuki isn’t entirely sure and he doesn’t really want to know, but it snows on one half of the mountain by the Resort, while the other half remains in spring and perfect for climbers and campers.
Fortunately, the snow fell on the winter side, so no campers are buried without winter gear. Unfortunately, the people in the resort are trapped, along with anyone who might have been outside for the light show they sometimes hold.
Katsuki contacts Deku to let him know that Shouto is staying the /fuck/ in bed, then sends messages out to his gaggle of personal sidekicks. He has ten in total, including the ones that share Hero’s.
Of the sidekicks that respond, he gets Ember, Helios, and Take Away. They meet up at the agency and the four of them pile into one of two Helicopters that are going to the site.
Despite everyone having their winter gear on, his sidekicks bundle together like sleepy ducklings as the sun starts to crest the horizon.
The flight is over before they know it, and Katsuki jumps out of the helicopter to sink into fresh, crunchy snow that goes halfway up his calves.

That’s not a good sign.
“Ember, get to work on finding people in the banks. Also where the fuck is your blanket? You’ll freeze over--Thank you for being the only one with a brain, Take Away. Helios, set up a camp for rescuees, make it extra toasty."
"Take Away, start cooking and stick by Helios and his camp. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise or move Helios, you send me them to me. Get to work.” Katsuki instructs his sidekicks with ease and they move without question.
Ember wraps a fleece blanket around her after Take Away pulls it off the helicopter, then she starts trudging through the snow. The skin around her hips is going from smooth lava to crackling with bits of dried black.
She looks around, her eyes going completely dark before she starts pointing.

Behind them, the second helicopter arrives.
“There, I can see... three people already.” Ember tells some of the Evac and EMT teams as they show up with shovels. “They’re dropping in temperature fast though.” She turns her head again and keeps scanning the snow and rubble.
Katsuki follows after her, keeping an eye on the quickly spreading black atop her skin. She’s wonderful for rescue, but she can lock up in snow and pass out very easily.
Still, Ember continues to point people out well passed her regular limits, then stops as her body tenses and she hisses. Katsuki has to physically pull her out of the snow as her skin starts to sizzle. “Alright, that’s /enough./” He informs her.
“You’re going into quirk overuse and your skin is drying out.”

“There’s more people though!” Ember tries pointing toward the Resort.
“Yeah but they’re in the /building,/ we’ll get to them. You need to go sit by Helios until your skin melts.” Katsuki turns to look for someone who might be strong enough to carry her.
“No, Boss, I mean, /over there!/ By the pine tree with the orange rope lights. At the base.” It’s hard for her to move, her skin caked over, but she jerks her arm and it cracks. She hisses through the pain and points again.
“Seeping body heat. It’s barely there, but....” There’s a warble in her voice, a terrified sound.

Katsuki knows what that means. Seeping is a code word they’ve long since developed to try and keep panic down.
That’s when Picture Perfect runs up, only he’s in thermal pants instead of his cargo shorts. His top is also fur lined, but other than that he looks entirely under dressed to be tromping around in the snow.
He’s also pulling caution markers out of his shoulders and tossing them to the Evac crew.

Katsuki doesn’t hesitate. He turns and calls out, catching the other Hero’s attention. “Discount Polaroid!”
Picture Perfect blinks in shock. “Wait, is this the nickname thing Red Riot told me about?” He holds out his arms so Katsuki can dump Ember into them. The Hero doesn’t hesitate to position her in a princess carry. “Fuck, you feel like ice!” She makes a dissatisfied noise.
“Ground Zero, what do I do?”

“Take her to Helios, he’ll be in the only area without snow. Do /not/ let her come back until her skin is orange.” He doesn’t say anything else before he’s bolting toward the tree Ember pointed out.
He doesn’t hear Picture Perfect calling over his shoulder. “Riot! Go with him!”


CW: Minor Character Death. Grief. Bury your feelings like you bury a dead body.


Katsuki gets to the tree and starts shoveling snow away with his hands until it becomes too packed to freely toss aside.
Another person drops to their knees beside him with a shovel, but Katsuki’s too hyper focused on this rescue mission to figure out who it is.
Years of experience have told Katsuki that there’s a slim chance the person he finds down there will be alive. It... happens sometimes, but he has to be /optimistic./ His team was fast, they didn’t waste any time getting here. This person would be alive, they...
He yanks off one glove and curls his fist to create a steady, short beam of heat with his quirk. The explosions are the length of a blowtorch but far more powerful, and the snow begins to melt under his hand.
There’s a bunch of rubble in the way, tree limbs and trash, but he only has to stop once to move things aside.

After that, Kirishima starts moving things for him.
Katsuki can’t focus on him, but he knows the outline of those hardened hands beneath flexible black gloves. He’s running on autopilot but he registers Kirishima as safe. All those years working with him in school mean they know their way around one another.
Neither gets in the others way.

And they don’t stop until they find the body.
She’s old, late 80’s maybe, bundled up in the fetal position but looking to all the world like she’s simply asleep instead of…
Her lips and fingers are blue. Her coat has frost all over it, and it looks like she’s been down here far longer than the half hour that the avalanche was reported. Her wispy hair is packed with snow, and Katsuki can see a medical alert bracelet on her wrist.
As the world goes quiet, Katsuki gently scoops her out of the snow and leans her against his chest. He doesn’t check for a pulse, her skin has no warmth beneath his ungloved hand. She doesn’t breath against his suit.
People start talking, but he doesn’t bother to listen. A warm hand rests on his lower back, urging him to his feet. He walks down the path that Take Away created for rescuers and rescuees to get to the camp.
There are cots already set up with medics buzzing around them, and Katsuki can see Helios sitting cross legged in the center of the thawed, dry clearing. There’s a small, glowing orange ball over his head that’s emitting warmth. It soaks into his skin and makes him feel guilty.
Katsuki sets the woman on the nearest cot and takes a steady breath, looking up in time to see Ember cover her mouth and close her eyes. She’s strong, but not strong enough to stop a few tears as they trickle down her cheeks.
Katsuki flips the woman’s medical bracelet over.

‘Yuki Sotawi.’
“Oh no.” He looks up and sees a woman in her late 40’s, maybe early 50’s, stumbling over and staring down at the body on the cot. “Oh, /mom./” She sounds sad, but she isn’t crying. It’s almost like she expected this. “I told you to stay /inside./”
Katsuki can’t take that. He turns on his heel and is ready to storm back into the fray, but a fragile hand touches his wrist. He turns to look back at the woman, who hasn’t dragged her eyes away from her mother.
“/Thank you/ for bringing her back.” She sounds… empty. Katsuki knows that one form of grief is to info dump. This won’t be the first time a stranger has loaded their grief onto him, it’s why they’d hired therapists specifically for their agency.
“She liked to wander off, just… go on walks.” The woman swallows thickly, then the tears start to fall. “She found out she had brain cancer or something, inoperable. This was her last hurrah.” There’s broken laughter. “What a way to go, right?”
Katsuki /can’t/ deal with things like this.
But Ember is there, because she’s his favorite and /she/ knows how comfort works. She swoops in and places herself in Katsuki’s position so he can go back to his job and this stranger can cry over her mothers body. He smiles at Ember, but it’s forced.
Then he hurries back into the snow, Kirishima right beside him but never saying a word as they reach out and hold hands.

( CW over )


( CW: Mild anxiety attack. Realizing life is complicated )

Around noon Katsuki’s sidekicks force him to take a break. He almost has an anxiety attack when they rush him into the privacy tent, but he handles it. Sort of. Maybe he has a small one?
Kirishima stands in front of him in the corner, blocking everyone else out while he reaches around to rub Katsuki’s back. He’s had to pull Katsuki’s hands out of his hair three times already, knowing that he tends to pull it out when he’s stressed.
They still don’t say a word to one another.

When Picture Perfect walks in to swap shifts with then, Katsuki nods and slips away from Kirishima so those two can talk in private for a few minutes. Once he’s back into the crisp chill of the snow, his heart begins to race.
“/Fuck./” The air feels like knives in his mouth and lungs, but it’ll pass. You can’t save everyone. You just can’t. No matter /what/ Deku says.

But there /are/ people he can save /today/, so he opens his eyes and rushes back in.
Kirishima shows up at his side a few minutes later and refuses to leave.
Katsuki focuses on the work, blasting away debris and pulling people out of the snow when needed. He breaks the doors on the Resort when they finally dig it out and carries two shivering toddlers in his arms while he makes his way back to the camp.
They almost don’t let him go, both clinging and hiding their faces in his shoulders, but he tricks them into relinquishing his suit by walking them by Take Away.
He whips up candied apples and hot chocolate out of the snow with his quirk and amazes the shit of of these tiny kids who can barely say their own names.
He ferries people for an hour before everyone is safe and accounted for, Ember calling the all clear. When he looks around he catches sight of Picture Perfect pulling a cartoonish bag out of his arm the way he remembers Yaoyarozu doing.
He wonders, briefly, how her run in America is going. She should be due home any week now, right?

Katsuki watches the bag snap open, and from it Bruiser pulls out fleece blankets, wrapping up teenagers and children.
Bruiser is personable and kind. Ember seems to have forgiven him for his transgression yesterday. He’s a good edition to the team.
Also, he’s quick on his feet, follows orders and gives Katsuki proper seniority, and pulled a snow shovel out of his hip when Katsuki’s hands had started cramping up.
“Think you should sit down yet?” Katsuki doesn’t mean to startle, but Kirishima’s voice is /right/ next to him and he stares at the man.

Now that he has a moment, he can /finally/ take in Red Riot, four years later.

And his costume is… /well./
The mask is the same if more form fitting for his face, and his hair looks thicker now than it had before as it stands up in spikes.
He’s also... /sort of/ still shirtless, but instead of a bare chest it’s a black and red ombre mesh top that goes from a thick red collar at his throat all the way to his belt. His arms are covered in black, shimmering lycra that expands and relaxes as he stresses his quirk.
The sleeves starts at the smaller, sturdier gears on his shoulders, and end at the tips of his fingers. The gears look more like pauldrons now, and red belts connect them in an ‘X’ over his chest instead of the weird zigzag he had in his earlier years.
He’s still got the cape and goofy red ‘R’ on his belt, and his pants are still baggy and a little ridiculous to look at, but his boots are thicker, steel toed and up to his knees. They have black metal straps around the top, and Katsuki wonders what they’re for.
And despite the minor changes, Kirishima is still a fucking /package./ Thick arms, a built chest with just the right amount of body fat, that dumb birthmark on his hip that looks like a burn but isn’t.
Tall, all smiles, intimidating but still looking like a whole ass clown for kids.

Also… is his /bellybutton/ pierced?
“I thought you were terrified of needles?” His gaze is stuck on the silver and diamond sitting pretty against tan skin.
“What?” Kirishima looks down, then laughs. “Oh right, this thing. Dude, I forget I have this half the time. Come on, sit down.” He maneuvers them toward one of the benches the EMT’s have set out and Katsuki begrudgingly relents.
“Going to tell me the story behind it?” Katsuki asks, hands closing over his knees when he sits down. He stares at the ground and wonders if it will open up and swallow him.
“I think I have a /lot/ of stories to tell you.” Kirishima sounds... ashamed? “I’m… not really sure where to start though.”
Katsuki closes his eyes. Today is… /not/ the day to get into this. They aren’t far from a grieving family, a consoling sidekick, a failure that Katsuki is tying so hard not to drown in.
“Just the piercing. I can’t… deal with anything else right now.” He doesn’t know why he’s so honest with Kirishima. The man doesn’t deserve it, but… it’s familiar. Katsuki can feel Kirishima’s warm body heat from where he sits, neither of them touching but close none the less.
Kirishima hums his acknowledgment and sucks in a sharp breath. “One of my ex’s, my last ex-girlfriend actually!” He starts off so earnestly that Katsuki feels the world drop out from beneath him.
“Her quirk let her manipulate the properties of metal to match body quirks. She did piercings because of that, and… well, we got really drunk one night, and-”

He keeps talking, but Katsuki tunes him out.
Kirishima has ex’s. More than one.

Kirishima has /ex’s./

Of course he does, he’s fucking /Kirishima./

Perfect, raw love in human form. Who wouldn't jump on that if given the opportunity.
But that doesn’t soothe the raw, greasy feeling in Katsuki’s chest and stomach. He’s never wanted to throw up more in his /entire life,/ but there’s no reason for it. They’re not /together,/ they’re /allowed/ to live separate lives.
Only… Katsuki /hadn’t./ And it’s only just now sinking in.

Kirishima had left and went on living. He dated, he was happy.

And Katsuki had married his work and… /was/ he happy?

He couldn’t… tell right now. He felt too numb to have a proper answer.
“Boss?” Ember walks up, softly interrupting Kirishima’s story. Katsuki looks up at her and sees the cracked, cooled lava down her face from her tears.

“Hey, what’s up?” Katsuki stands at the same time Kirishima does.
Four years ago when they were a duo, Kirishima was the comforting force between them with any sidekick or Hero partner they had. But when he left, Katsuki fell into the all the rolls Kirishima had left behind.
So he holds out his arms and Ember steps into the hug, sniffling. This is as close to comfort as he gets, and it’s only because he knows her.
“Can we go home?” Ember whispers, eyes shut tight. “I… I just want to go /home./”
Katsuki swallows and nods. “Tell the EMT’s that we’re packing up so they can set up proper heating stations. Helios probably needs a break from using his quirk anyway, I’ll get him after I talk to the pilot."
"Ask Take Away if he wants to stay with Picture Perfect for clean up, then meet me at the helicopter.” He steps back and she nods, already walking off.
“I’ll go with you, yeah?” Kirishima asks, hope in his voice.

Bile fills Katsuki’s throat and he has to shut his eyes and clench his fists to force it back down. Now isn’t the time for this.
He shakes his head no. “You’re not my sidekick.” He states. “You have to stay with your Hero.” He doesn’t look back to see what kind of a reaction that gets out of Kirishima, but it feels like a heavy one.
Either way, Kirishima doesn’t argue, barely breathes, and Katsuki trudges up the hill of snow to inform their pilot they’ll be leaving soon.

He still has to get Shouto that muffin.

( CW over )


The sidekicks get dropped off in what Katsuki affectionately calls ‘Deku Daycare,’ which is just a therapy breakdown room where Deku gets practical frequent flier miles. Katsuki makes sure they’re all settled in before he checks his phone on his way out.
He has half an hour before he’s legally allowed to be back on duty, ( barring an emergency ) but that’s plenty of time to get Shouto his muffin and maybe take a nap if he flies.
He stops at the nearest Bakery on his way home, which is Hero themed and run by an old man who recognizes him on sight, and puts in his orders. He gets Shouto the biggest cinnamon muffin they have and sets up a delivery for a dozen variety baked goods to be sent to the agency.
When he gets home, Shouto’s still fast asleep in his bed and curled around one of his bigger pillows. Katsuki barely gets his bulkier gear off before he’s crawling back into bed and nudging Shouto with his shoulder.
“Nnngh?” Shouto blinks at him in surprise a he wakes up, eyes unfocused. “Kats?” He’s already wrapping his arms around him.
Katsuki swallows. “Hey, I got you that muffin.” Shouto hums happily and pulls back far enough to take the box. “Quick question.” Shouto hums. “Do you… do you think I’ve been happy, the last few years?”
“I... feel like this is a trick question and that if I answer incorrectly, you’ll take the muffin away.” Shouto mutters before rubbing his eyes.
“I’m not taking your muffin away.” Katsuki pushes hair away from Shouto’s face. “I just… had the thought today. That I didn’t know if I was happy or not.”
Shouto stretches out on the bed and puts the box behind him on the other nightstand before he turns and cups Katsuki’s cheeks. “You’re /happy,/” he insists.
“You run an agency with your best friends, you’ve got a wonderful home, great sidekicks. You seem happy, is something bothering you?”

“What about my personal life?” Katsuki rushes through the words. “I don’t /have/ one, I have work and barely sleeping when I’m /not/ at work.”
The light glints through the curtains and fall over Shouto’s bare shoulders. “Katsuki.” There’s a passion in his voice. “What happened today?”
Pulling back, Katsuki sinks further into the sheets. “I… someone died.” Shouto lets out an understanding hiss. “And then I went back to work, because that’s what you do, and Kirishima was there."
But then he started talking about his ex-girlfriend and I realized that he just… kept /going./ And I /stopped./”
“You didn’t stop, Katduki.” Shouto leans in to kiss his cheek, fingers rubbing over his jawline. “You’ve come so far since we were teenagers. Back then you wouldn’t have let me do that. You’ve grown so much.”
“I really haven’t though?” Katsuki takes Shouto’s hand and swallows. “Shouto, when was he last time you got laid?” He turns to see Shouto blink at him in confusion, a flush flooding his skin.


“Be honest.”
“Like… two weeks ago?” Shouto admits, though it’s heavy with guilt. “One night stand through Hero Escorts. Why?” Katsuki nods and shuts his eyes tightly.
“The last person I slept with was Kirishima. B efore he left.” The admittance tastes sour. “It was goodbye sex, and I think I cried after he left but I don’t remember? And I… I didn’t think anything about it otherwise.”
His hand scrubs over his face, fingers scratching at his scalp. “I haven’t dated, kissed, or fucked anyone since Kirishima. But he has. I threw a fit when he left and he...”
“He vanished, Katsuki.” Shouto’s in his space again. “You focused on being a Hero, doing what you love. And then you got Number one-”

“And Deku took it from me-”

“And you took it back-”

“Yeah then it was you-”
“Katsuki!” Shouto shoves his shoulder. “We’ve been playing the top three game for as long as I can remember, get off my dick and listen.”

“The fact I’m not /on/ your dick is what I’m whining about!” Because he can admit he’s whining if it’s just him and Shouto.
“You’re not on my dick because you’re a decent human being who knows me better than I know myself.” Shouto counters. “You know that I get lonely, that I come to you for comfort because you’re familiar and safe."
He went on. “But you also know who I want and you never let me feed into a sick sort of self flagellation by fucking the shit out of me yourself.”

“Because you’re /so/ convinced you’re a bottom.” Katsuki mutters with an eye roll.
“We are /not/ talking about that right now, fucking /focus./” Shouto steers the conversation back with a huff. “Look, you’ve done some absurd bullshit over the years.”
He sits up, the light making his piercings glint. “But feeling sorry for yourself? The absolute dumbest. You’re not Midoriya.”

Katsuki lets out a bark of startled laughter. “Holy shit.”
Shouto’s entire chest flushes as his words sink in. “Oh my /god./ Don’t you dare tell him I said that.”
They both fall into uncontrollable laughter for a while, Shouto leaning against the headboard until they settle into an easier silence. When he smiles down at Katsuki, it’s with genuine warmth.
“I think today just threw you off,” he whispers. “And seeing Kirishima shirtless probably didn’t help. I mean, his costume /is/ still shirtless isn’t it?”

Katsuki groans.
“Thought so.” Shouto chuckles. “How about this. We eat breakfast, you shower before you go back to work, and I-”
A loud fog horn of an alert goes off on Katsuki’s phone suddenly. Both of them scramble off the bed when a second later, the same alert goes off on Shouto’s phone across the room.
Stark naked, Shouto vaults toward the wall to unhook his phone from the charging station before he answers. He’s fumbling to put a leg through his snatched up boxers as Katsuki swipes the alert off and yanks on his gear.
“What’s going on?” Shouto asks down the line, phone between his cheek and shoulder. Katsuki can hear Deku’s voice on the other end, shouting on what sounds like speaker.
‘Hero’s down, warehouse district!’ Deku shouts something else and there’s an echoed call of ‘Got it bunny boy!’ before there’s a crackle of electricity. ‘Quirk trafficking bust gone wrong. Tell Kacchan to pick up his /fucking/ phone!’
“He’s here with me, it didn’t go off until the alert rang.” Shouto states, dropping the phone to the counter and swapping it to speaker so he can pull on the rest of his suit.

“/Really/ Deku?” Katuki calls as he locks on one gauntlet.
‘Pinky’s down!’ Deku shouts. ‘So is Cellophane!’

Katsuki’s out the door before Shouto even has his boots on. He has the location on as he jets into the air, his body hot with anger.

Whoever hurt his family is going to wish they hadn’t woken up breathing that morning.


( CW : Blood, injury, hastily put together plans )

Kyoka Jiro meets Katsuki outside of the hastily thrown together ‘stand off zone,’ and the two share a one armed hug. She has blood smeared on her face, her ear jacks, and knuckles, but other than that she looks okay.
“I got one of our idiots out, but they’re holding Mina fucking hostage.” She snarls.

“How?!” Katsuki asks in a hissed whisper. “She’s a fucking acid fountain!”
“Quirk bullets and the fact tthey’ve got kids with them, little ones,” Kyoka states. “They told her if she tried to get away or get out of the warehouse, they’d start killing them one by one. They’re not even being quiet about it.” Her ear jacks clack together in agitation.
“She’ll be fine, I trust her. How’s Scotch Tape? And where the /fuck/ is Deku?” He asks as they crouch down behind several crates and crawl toward a group of other Hero’s.

“Talking to Picture Perfect.” Kyoka whispers. “And Hanta’s okay, got shot in the shoulder with a bullet.”
“Regular or those temporary quirk canceling ones?”

“Regular. Knocked him on his ass too, he’s so embarrassed.” She snickers as Katsuki smirks. “Hey, why didn’t you tell us Kirishima was back?” Her ear jacks poke him in the shoulder.
She’s still part of the family, she deserved to know. Had Kaminari forgotten to tell her? Or was she mad because he /personally/ didn’t tell her?

He tries not to groan. “Can we talk about this later?”
She smiles at him and they sidle up to the barrier. Deku’s bleeding from his right bicep where it looks like a bullet grazed him. He’s also scowling, but that’s to be expected.
“Report?” Katsuki asks as he pats him on the back.

“Where’s Shouto?” Deku asks, turning to check Katsuki for injuries. Katsuki rolls his eyes, but lets him.

“On his way, now report.” He pokes Deku is the shoulder.
“Temporary quirk erasing bullets.” Deku grumbles, patting his arm just above where his wound is. “It’s been about ten minutes so far, lasts about twenty. They’ve shot Mina twice now. Just enough for them to hole up in the warehouse and take hostages.”
Katsuki nods and looks over to see Kirishima knelt in front of Hanta, who is having a bullet removed from his shoulder by Denki of all people. Hanta looks up, locks eyes with him, and snorts.
“They shot Mina in the thigh, she’s gonna /kill/ them.” Hanta rasps out. “Her thighs were blessed by The Pope.”

“They were not.” Kirishima says, voice soft but full of laughter.

“The Pope is her favorite stripper.” Denki mutters.
“Now stop squirming.” He digs in deeper with the tweezers, then huffs in triumph as he pulls the bullet out. “I told you to wait for backup, but oh no.” Hanta just chuckles, though he’s starting to look like he’s about to throw up.
“Oi.” Katsuki cuts them off and they turn to him as a unit. Despite Kirishima not having been around, he slots in like he never left. “We have to get in, keep the kids and Pinky safe, arrest these idiots, then get tweedle tit and tweedle twit to a hospital.”
“Am I tit or twit?” Hanta asks, his voice slurring. Kyoka rolls her eyes and hurries over to him, already sorting through her medical kit.

Katsuki turns back to Deku and Picture Perfect. “What’s the plan? How are we getting Pinky back?”
Picture Perfect holds up a hand and pulls off his gauntlet. “They don’t know me, or how my quirk works. Deku suggested we use that to our advantage, I can act meek and at least get someone out to talk with me.”

“That’ll just get you /shot./” Katsuki argues.
“My skin absorbs impacts and holds liquids to be formed into raw material after I will it out. Once I do that though, it doesn’t go back in. I have to get new tattoos constantly, that or ink pumped into my skin to make certain pieces bigger.”
He shows off the bare patches of skin that are left blank from their earlier mission that morning. Katsuki remembers that he’d pulled a shovel from that one spot on his hip.

“I don’t think that’ll stop a bullet.” Katsuki argues.
“Has before.” The tattoos on his skin shift as one and wriggle to fill in the space that was once bare. “It’ll still bruise, and that patch of skin won’t hold ink until it heals, but it’s worth it.”
“Are you-god you’re as self sacrificing as /Deku/ is. No /wonder/ he hired you.” Katsuki rubs at his temples and tries not to groan. “Red Riot.” Kirishima sits up like an alert puppy. “Can you still deflect bullets by simply existing?”
Kirishima grins and it’s all sharp, dangerous teeth as his quirk ripples all over. “Duh.”

“Good.” Katsuki checks the levels on his gauntlets. “The frontal assault is a good idea though.”

“It’s not an assault!” Deku argues. “It’s a distraction.”
“Uh huh.” Katsuki pulls off a grenade from his hip and holds it out to Picture Perfect, who takes it and raises an eyebrow.
“You go up there and do your negotiation thing, if things get hairy, use this. Otherwise, we’re going to surround the building while you talk the idiots down.”

Deku’s eyes brighten. “Stall for time until Pinky can use her quirk again!”
“You too, idiot, we need your speed.” Katsuki flicks Deku’s ear and then turns back to Hanta. “Hey.” He walks over and crouches down. “Will you be okay if we leave you alone, or do you want someone to stay?”
Hanta snuffles, his hand groping out weakly. Katsuki takes it and squeezes. “I’d feel better with an escort.” He whispers. “I’ve lost… a lot of blood.”
I’ll stay with him.” Kyoka volunteers, rubbing Hanta’s uninjured shoulder. “I’ll let Shouto know what’s going on when he gets here, yeah?”
Nodding, Katsuki stands up and turns back to Picture Perfect, Deku, Charge Bolt, and the now determined Red Riot. “Let’s go get back our Alien Queen and her fucking face huggers.” He says with a growl.


( CW: Injury, bleeding, guns, mentions of child abuse, stopped child quirk trafficking, Mina is our Queen )

Shouto arrives after they’ve already split up, but Katsuki catches his blue suit dashing behind crates and shipping containers as they surround the building.
From his new position, he can see maybe a dozen villains with guns and two with knives that are currently surrounding Mina and the gaggle of kids who are clinging to her.
All of the kids are crying, but one of them is also shirtless and tieing the fabric to Mina’s thigh as a temporary tourniquet, his face determined.
Mina’s going pale fast, but she looks furious as her eyes track each movement the men inside make. She’s not letting them get any closer to these kids, but she also isn’t in any shape to get up with the badly patched wounds in her leg.
Katsuki wants to dive in through the window right /now,/ but he isn’t faster than a bullet. Deku might be, but he’s still on a countdown until his power comes back.
A flash of red from the front has Katsuki turning to see Picture Perfect and Red Riot walk through the barrier and out into the open, both their arms up in surrender.
Picture Perfect looks like a fresh, fumbling rookie next to Kirishima, even despite the fact the dude is built like a lumberjack.
A man, presumably the leader of the operation, storms toward the door with his gun raised. He doesn’t leave the building, but he leaves the door open to showcase the kids. One man levels a gun at the nearest kids head and Mina shouts, pulling the kid to her chest when it happens.
She gnashes blunt teeth, a habit she picked up from Kirishima back in school that she never stopped.
The man in the doorway levels his own gun at Picture Perfect and shouts for him to halt.

Bruiser does.
“We’re not here to fight, just talk! A nehotiation. Is there anything we can get you?” Picture Perfect shouts across the courtyard. Katsuki looks back to the gunmen inside as they start up an angry conversation.
All the villains have their eyes trained on Kirishima and Bruiser, and this is a /very/ good time to move.
He pulls out a mirror from one of his pockets and angles the light across one of Mina’s hands while people are distracted. It takes a few tries before one of the kids sees it and points it out to her, silent as they can.
Mina’s eyes lazily scan over to the window and he flips her off casually. He can see her fight a smile.
She looks back and snarls at the nearest villain, barking words Katsuki can’t make out. The villain just scoffs at her, finally moving the gun away from the kids head. Only now he’s lifting it up and turning it around as if he’s going to slam to butt into Mina’s skull.
Katsuki sucks in a breath and grabs the edge of the crate. Like /fuck/ is he going to let that fucker hurt his /girl!/

At the same time that he takes a step forward, a gunshot from the front goes off.
Katsuki can’t focus on that, Mina’s lost enough blood and he’s not going to leave her with brain trauma too. He barrels through the window at the same time as arks of lightning crackle in and seize up two of the men.
Glass shatters around him as Katsuki propels his body by angling his crossed hands toward his shoulders. His feet crash hard into the man with the gun aimed at Mina and it swings toward the ceiling and misfires.
Ice crashes into the building from the other side and takes out two more of the men with guns, but not before they get shots off and, /somehow,/ miss Denki when he barrel rolls through the window.
Mina throws an arm out and melts more guns before slumping forward into her gaggle of kids, who scream and duck when a knife gets thrown toward her.
One of the children takes the knife through the arm trying to protect her, and their scream is terrified and rattling the air around them.
Kirishima runs through the front door with what sounds like a roar, skin hardened as he uses an arm to clothesline the other man with a knife and then direct open fire onto his impenetrable body.
Deku is there from the back, pinning the one who hurt the kid and slamming his head once against the ground hard enough that it makes a crunching sound.

He doesn’t lift his head back up.
Denki is dropping people left and right alongside Shouto, who gets grazed by a bullet but doesn’t seem to slow down.
Katsuki yanks a child out of the line of fire and directs an AP shot off at the weapon, which explodes and knocks the villain backwards into one of the shipping containers.
All of this happens in the span of a few seconds, and Katsuki turns to see the flash of something truly wicked in the doorway.
Bruiser, or some twisted, dripping black version of him that’s oozing in midair, has the leader held up by the throat and is pouring thick, viscous ink into his mouth with what would be his hand.
Katsuki jerks away before he vomits, flashes of a memory from his teens trying to surge up.

He tastes tepid sewer water for a split second before he’s running to the kid with the knife sticking out of their arm.
Most of the villains are down by now, Kirishima barreling into them with sharp claws and harder right hooks.

“Hey.” Katsuki shouts loud enough to catch the kids attention and the hysterics lessen. “You’re safe now, this’ll come right out if you want it to.”
The kid’s eyes go impossibly wider before they scream “Of course I want it out,” and the ceiling rafters rattle before they clamp their mouth shut and began sobbing grossly. A voice quirk and trauma like this are going to mean so much therapy.
Katsuki turns the kid toward Denki, who is better at first aid then he’ll ever be, and pushes him. The kids stumbles, surprised and clutching his arm in terror.
Denki already has his arms out as he accepts the stumbling kid, but Katsuki’s focus is now on Mina. He knows Shouto is hurrying over to help the kid as well, but he’s looking down at his friend as she tries to sit up.
She’s got a near death grip on one of the kids, a little girl who is covered in scars and bruises and weeping loud and hysterically into Mina’s chest.
“I’ve got you baby girl,” Mina whispers, and it sounds so horribly weak. “I told you I’d get you out safe.” She tucks the girls hair behind her ear and lets Katsuki rush to her side, where she twists to show off her thigh.
The first wound goes right through and is a puddle beneath her, but the second one looks like it didn’t exit. Mina looks at Katsuki with weak, tired eyes. He pulls off a glove.

“Bullet still in there?” He asks.
She nods before looking over his shoulder. “I’ve lost a lot of fucking blood, Kitty Kat, because I see Eiji. And I /know/ I’m not seeing that boy right now.” Her voice has never sounded so scared.
She takes his glove between her teeth when he hands it to her and muffles a scream when he cauterizes the first wound. When her skin has stopped sizzling, he looks up at her as she spits out the glove.
“You haven’t lost /that/ much blood.” Which is both a lie and the truth. “That’s really him, Eijiro /fucking/ Kirishima, back from the ghost zone.” And as if speaking of him summons the fucker, Kirishima skids to Mina’s side on his knees.
He’s weeping openly as he reaches out to her.

But Mina slaps his hand away and snarls. “Get the /fuck/ away from me.” The kid in her arm blubbers and buries herself closer.

Kirishima looks like he might as well have been the one who was shot twice. “Minnie.”
“No! Absolutely not!” Mina sways, one of her rescued kids holding her up in fear. “Your best bae privileges were fucking /revoked/.” She pants angrily, leaning too heavily against the kid until one of the others pry the child in her arms away.
Her face morphs from furious to neutral, then a little scared. “Shit… Katsuki I need a hospital.” She slurs before her eyes flutter shut and she slumps, unconscious.
Katsuki’s hands go to his pockets and he pulls out a proper tourniquet for her leg. “Her husband’s going to punch you in the jaw, if her wife doesn’t beat him to it.” Katsuki mutters as he ties the band off. “Deku! You back up yet?”
“Husband /and/ wife?!” Kirishima still looks stunned as Katsuki grabs both the mans hands and uses them to cover her wounds when he tears away shirts and puts proper gauze down. “When did she get-”
“Like, a few months ago?” Denki says as he starts to put the villains in cuffs and capture tape. “Dude, she still texts your number, she invited you to the wedding. Why do you think she’s so pissed off?”
Kirishima winces. “I… I changed phones. I haven’t turned my old one on in years.” He admits, putting more pressure on the wound.
“No fucking shit?” Katsuki rolls his eyes while he cleans up Mina’s thigh. “Never would have fucking guessed after the first month of you not returning any of my fucking phone calls.”
“There are /children/ present.” Deku reminds them. “And I only need a minute before I can charge up, but I’ll prioritize Mina to the hospital first.”
The one of the older looking kids suddenly huddles up to Katsuki’s side, and he lets her. He guesses she’s about seven, with blond with hair that looks like it was cut off with a knife near her scalp. She’s also covered in bruises and has an eye patch.
When she sniffles, Katsuki puts an arm around her and hugs her to reassure her she’s safe. She doesn’t hesitate to cling.

“Will… will Mrs. Pinky be okay?” The kid asks in a whisper.
“Oh yeah, she’s as tough as it gets,” Katsuki whispers back. “Is this all of you?” He watches as the girl shakes her head no. “Where are the rest? Are they in the building?” She points at their feet. “Show me.”

When Katsuki stands, he sees movement out of the corner of his eye.
The villain leader has been dropped to the floor and the gun he’d been holding is bent up like a pretzel, The dripping inky version of Bruiser is slithering along the walls inside the warehouse like a proper nightmare as Bruiser walks inside and looks around.
Ink drips off his wrist as it connects him to the creature, and it’s honestly more disturbing that Bruiser seems so unbothered by that.
When he shakes his head and sneezes as dust flies up toward his face, the creature disconnects and drops to the ground in a splatter of ink, which hits the villain and Bruiser’s pants. He doesn’t seem bothered as he rubs his nose and puts his gauntlet back on.
Katsuki looks away and lets the girl take his ungloved hand. She guides him to the back of the warehouse where there’s a trap door to a basement that’s hidden by a crate. He moves it without ever letting her go, and they take the wide stairs together.
When they reach the bottom of the winding staircase, Katsuki has to set off a few pops until he can find the light switch. Looking up as the fluorescent lights flicker overhead, he has to fight not to go back upstairs and break unconscious legs.
The walls are lined inch to inch with cages that are full of kids, none of them older then maybe nine. They all stare at him in fear, tired eyes resigned to whatever fate they would have previously endured.
For this amount of kids, there should have been more villains. That unsettles him and Katsuki instantly puts his guard back up.

As if understanding his confusion, the girls tugs his hand and pulls him over to the wall where she points out a cork board full of papers and lists.
One such list is a rotation calendar with initials and dates. Another has children assigned by head shots and numbers, along with the dates they were going to be ‘sold’ and to what auction or buyer.
Katsuki snarls, baring his teeth as he unpins the paper and puts it in one of his pockets for safe keeping.

“Do you know where they keep the keys?” Katsuki asks. The girl opens her mouth, but shakes her head no again.
“They didn’t use keys, they used a machine thing, with a card.”
Katsuki tries not to growl. “Blowtorch it is.” He walks to the nearest cage and clenches his fist. He can feel the cramping start up in his fingers, but he’ll fight through it.
“Eyes closed kids.” He shouts. “Earmuffs too, it’s about to get loud.” A concentrated beam of heat sears from his palm and begins to melt to door at the hinges.

( CW over )


For the next hour, Katsuki, Kirishima, and Brusier work on breaking open /every/ single cage and escorting the kids upstairs. Before that though, the villains are bound, gagged, and thrown in a shipping container and out of sight of the kids.
Once that’s done, Denki, Kyoka, and Shouto keep the children occupied and clean them up.

When the police finally arrive after everyone has settled down or fallen asleep on a various Hero, Social Services falls in behind them.
They have more heroes with them and plenty of blankets, clothes, and food. Katsuki is surprised it’s not utter chaos all around him, but the kids seem too worn down to act like proper children.
Mina and Hanta are already gone, Deku having run them to the nearest Hero hospital as soon as his powers were back up. Right now Denki is carrying sleeping kids from the building and into large vans with black tinted windows where sidekicks wait to escort them to a safe house.
Bruiser is sitting on the floor of one of the vans, surrounded by interested eyes as he distracts them for various medics to check them over.

Unfortunately, he’s growing on Katsuki.

Like a fungus.

A weird, creepy, viscous fungus.
Kirishima’s sitting off to the side, head in his hands as he tries to pull himself together. Katsuki’s with him, but only because he doesn’t want the idiot to be alone. He’s already told the police everything they need to know and given them the papers he secured.
He’s not needed anywhere else right now.
Across the docks, Katsuki can see Shouto getting his arm tended to. His friend is fighting a yawn while it happens, and it’s pretty funny to watch him attempt polite conversation while trying not to nod off as adrenaline seeps out of him.
They lock eyes across the docks and Katsuki smirks, unable to help himself when Shouto sticks his tongue out.

Kirishima sniffles and it catches Katsuki’s attention. He’s steeling his shoulders, but his voice still comes out hoarse.
“I’m happy for you. You know that, right?” Tears begin to form in Kirishma’s eyes and he shakes his head. He reaches up to rub at the collar of his hero suit before pulling a black cord out of one of his pockets.
A black bag is tied to the end and he loops it over his head before he begins to fidget with it. “You two make… make a great couple.” He looks back over to Shouto and puts on the most fake smile Katsuki has ever seen.
“I… what the fuck?” Katsuki takes a second, then rolls his eyes. “For /fucks/ sake, not you /too./” He leans forward, looking across to Shouto before he crooks a finger to bring him over.
“Now /really/ isn’t the time to talk about this, but I’m not going to dance around it anymore. It was funny at first, but I’m tired of it.”
Kirishima watches Shouto wearily. “What… are you talking about?” A moment passes before Shouto arrives, rubbing at the edge of his freshly bandaged arm.

“Did you need me?” Shouto asks, eyes flicking between Kirishima and Katsuki.
“He thinks we’re dating.” Katsuki drawls.

“You’re… not?” Kirishima blinks owlishly up at Shouto. “But you… Midoriya said you two--”

“--Izuku said /what?/” Shouto’s voice is more like a bark, a trickle of flame curling around one of his fingers.
Katsuki groans. “Fucking- is /that/ why Japan thinks we’re a thing?!” He tugs at his hair. “That’s it, I’m going to kill him.”
“We aren’t /dating,/ both Katsuki and I are single.” Shouto reaches down and grabs Katsuki by the front of his suit, then pulls him to his feet.

“You could have just asked me to stand up, asshole.” Katsuki grumbles.
But the next thing he knows, Shouto’s throwing his arms around Katsuki’s shoulders and leaning in to kiss him. Katsuki squeaks in surprise and his hands fan out to the side, small explosions popping off in his palms as chapped lips press to his.
It’s a second of contact, maybe two, before Shouto is pulling back and glaring at Kirishima. “But I /will/ move in if I need to and take him far the fuck away from you and whatever /bullshit/ it is you’re playing at.” He turns back to Katsuki. “Patrol for an hour, then hospital?”
Katsuki blinks at him, the world moving in slow motion before he nods. “Yeah, patrol.” He lets Shouto take his hand and walk him away. He’s…


/What/ just happened?
Did… did Icy Thot just RomCom vengeance kiss him in front of his /ex-boyfriend?/

Did Shouto Todoroki just /claim territory/ over /Katsuki?/

Did Katsuki just /let him???/
They’re on the other side of town by the time Katsuki’s world snaps back into focus, and he punches Shouto hard in the uninjured arm.

“What the /FUCK?!/” He doesn’t bother to lower his voice as they walk the street.
“Welcome back.” Shouto mutters, rubbing his no doubt bruised skin. “I was making a point.”
“In the dumbest fucking way possible? You fucking freakazoid! What made you think that was a good idea? Did you get hit in the fucking head and suddenly just have chunks of stupid replace your brain! What possessed you and made you think that was smart?”
He’s actively shouting now, and people are simply moving to the other side of the street.

Ground Zero yelling at his fellow Hero’s isn’t news.
“He got the message.” Shouto counters, voice level. But there’s a sharpness to his face that looks angry.

“You kissed me without my permission.” Katsuki counters.

“It was all I could think of on such short notice. He kept looking at you like he wanted to devour you and I-”
“Stop!” Katsuki plants his feet on the sidewalk and Shouto almost stumbles beside him. “Just… /Shou./” He sighs and puts both his hands over his mask, blocking out the world. “You’re my best friend, and I know you meant well, but that was /really fucked up./”
Shouto doesn’t respond, so Katsuki continues.

“I know you get protective, and I /know/ you just want what’s best for me, but… you can’t do that again.” He pulls his hands away and sees the tension in Shouto’s shoulders. “Hey… look at me.”
Shouto does, and it’s a look full of guilt.

“Why did you do that, Shouto?”
“He’s… he’s going to end up hurting you again,” Shouto whispers.
“You’re going to let him back in despite everything, because I know you still love him, and he’s going to hurt you. He… I won’t let him hurt you, and I won’t let him take you away. I know what I did was wrong, but I… I can’t lose you.”
Katsuki lets out a breath and looks around. No one is paying them any mind, so he pulls Shouto down the street and into one of the alleyways they use to take breaks. Once there, out of eyesight and earshot, he punches Shouto’s shoulder again. Only this time, it’s not as hard.
Shouto has a… /thing/ about losing people since his sister got sick that one time and had to be hospitalized. It doesn’t always rear its ugly head, he’s been in therapy for years and normally he can sort through his own emotions.
But Katsuki knows he’s been at his breaking point for weeks, working near twenty-four hour shifts and busting his ass because Katsuki wasn’t able to take shifts. Shouto’s so stressed he can barely function, so he’s fallen back into old habits.
Katsuki pulls him in for a hug and Shouto takes it, head on his shoulder. Their height difference makes it awkward, but years of this has evened it out.

“I resent that you think I’d let him hurt me.” Katsuki mutters.

“You love him.” Shouto counters.
“But I resent /more/ that you think I’d ever leave you.” He reaches up and cups Shouto’s face. “You’re worth more than good dick.”
Shouto smiles, though it’s weak. “But you really like good dick.”

“I really /really/ like good dick.” Katsuki can’t help but laugh at his own words.
“But you’re my best friend. So stop trying to keep me close like this, you’ll push me away. I’m the only one allowed to smother people.” He presses a firm, serious kiss to Shouto’s forehead. “And /ask/ the next time you want to kiss me, idiot.”
Shouto nods, then wraps his arms around Katsuki for a tight hug.

“I /am/ an idiot.” He mutters.

“It is known far and wide.” Katsuki pats his back.
“Now get your shit together so we can go back on patrol. I’m still mad at you, and I fully expect you to go and apologize to Kirishima, but… later.”

Another nod, and Shouto fixes his hair. “I’ll… schedule an appointment with my therapist, too.”

They spend a minute longer simply hugging, right up until Shouto pulls away and fixes his suit. His face is schooled and practiced again, he looks unaffected.

But Katsuki knows better.
“Don’t forget to grab your shit from my place after work.” They walk out of the alleyway and get back to patrolling. Waiting for their phones to chime and let them know if Mina and Hanta are stable enough for visitors.
Katsuki’s mind wanders back to Kirishima and the way his hand rested on the bag on his necklace. The way his eyes had watered, how hurt he’d look when he’d admitted he was happy for Katsuki. He thinks about everything that could mean, and everything it couldn’t.
And he wonders, not for the first time, what the /fuck/ happened to Red Riot.


‘we need to talk’

Katsuki gets the text at 3:15 in the morning from an unknown number, and he nearly throws his phone through the window.
He’s at home, but not in bed. Or, he’s not in /his/ bed. He’s currently in the family room on the group bed, which is just two California Queen’s pushed together with several blankets strewn everywhere.
A patched up Mina is on his left, Hanta on his right, and Denki lays across all of their feet. Kyoka is at the foot of the bed on the left, fast asleep in her own duvet, and Hitoshi is on the right side playing a game on his phone.
Mina’s partners are in the guest room, not wanting to take away from ‘Extended family time’ as they call it.

Shouto’s crashed in the bedroom, muffin eaten and one very loud, very angry phone call with Deku had that Katsuki wanted to eavesdrop on but was too busy to.
With sleepy, slightly numb fingers, Katsuki replies to the text.

‘wjo id gis’

He hits send, then squints before trying again.

‘who is this’

That one goes through much better, and he drops the phone back to the bed.
“Do you need to go in?” Hitoshi asks in a whisper. “I can get Denks off if you do. Might need help with Mina and Hanta though.”
Katsuki shakes his head no, then shifts when Mina nuzzles closer to his side and snuffles in her sleep. She and Hanta are on some heavy pain medication, so waking them up is going to take a miracle.
They have to be dosed at this point, it’s the only way they’re guaranteed a full night of sleep.

His phone buzzes again and he picks it up to squint at the too bright screen.
‘its kirishima’

Katsuki scowls. He won’t even call /himself/ by his first name?

‘can we meet in the morning in your office? just us?’

He puts his phone down and leaves Kirishima on read.
Denki takes that moment to jerk awake, gasping as he sits up and clutches his chest. Kyoka’s eyes snap open, but Hitoshi is already crawling across the bed, fingers in Denki’s hair.
“Hey, easy baby. Bad dream?” He whispers, voice soothing. Denki makes this soft, hurt noise before he rolls off the trio’s feet and onto Hitoshi’s lap. “Was it the one about Kirishima again? And the body bag?” Denki nods.
“He’s alive, Sparky,” Katsuki mutters something he’s said a thousand times. “He’s fine.” Only this time, he means it. He nudges his friend with his foot.

Kyoka grunts and closes her eyes again. “Are we forgiving him or not? Kiri I mean.” She asks, words slurred.
“Person to person.” Katsuki says around a yawn. “Minnie doesn’t, Scotch Tape does, I thought Pikachu did, but now... not so sure.”

“We talked,” Denki whispers. “For five hours.” He hides his face in Hitoshi’s chest. “It’s stupid, he’s stupid.”
Katsuki hums. “I bet he is.” His phone goes off next to his head again.

‘youre probably asleep but let me know in the morning’

Another text.

‘its important, katsuki’
He picks up his phone and grunts. Kyoka looks up, but sees what he’s about to do and catches his phone before he can throw it off the bed.

“You need this.” She reminds him.

“Block that number then.” He grumbles before letting himself fall back to sleep.


When Katsuki and Shouto arrive at the agency the next morning, Deku’s already at the garage door, bent at the waist with his hands clasped together in front of his head. Shouto’s jovial laughter dies the instant he sees the other man.
“I’m so sorry!” Deku pleads. “I-I keep fucking up, I’m so so so so-”
“Oh my /god,/ shut the fuck up.” Katsuki walks by and ruffles Deku’s hair. “We get it, you’re incompetent. This isn’t news. I’ll just kick your ass in one of the training rooms later to teach you a lesson. I’ve got bigger problems to worry about anyway.”
Deku doesn’t stand up. “I never should have assumed anything, I should have just outright asked.”
“You should have.” Shouto says it coolly, but doesn’t move to join Katsuki by the door. “But we’ve all been making mistakes lately. Serious ones.” He doesn’t sigh, but his chest expands as if he’s going to. “Speaking of, I… I think I need a month off. For my mental health.”
Katsuki’s finger fumbles over the call button. Shouto’s /never/ taken a full month off. A week at the longest, and if that’s how he’s reacting after yesterday...
Deku finally stands up, eyes watering. “Yes, of course! Anything you want! I can hire on temporary Hero’s, that way your areas get patrolled for /sure./” Because they all know Shouto patrols areas meant for two people instead of one.
“Deku.” Katsuki hesitates for a split second, then throws caution to the wind as he presses the call button. “Maybe you should take a month off too.”

“What?!” Deku actually pales. “I… I can’t! I-”
“No, Katsuki is right.” Shouto walks around him. “You haven’t taken a voluntary break in… what, a year?”

“A… year and a half.” Deku mumbles.
Katsuki closes his eyes, lifts up a hand to smack them both, but then shakes his head. “You’re both fucking insane.” The doors open and Katsuki walks inside. After a few seconds he groans, reaches out, and drags Shouto and Deku in by the wrist when they just /stand/ there.
The ride to his floor is quiet, but they all exit together and walk toward his office. Shouto puts a hand on Katsuki’s wrist and pauses.
“I’m going to check on the sidekicks first,” He says. “I have a weird feeling today.” Katsuki nods and watches him go off toward the break room. Deku shuffles his feet, then bites his lip.
With a roll of his eyes, Katsuki pushes him down the hall. “Go /after/ him, /moron./” Deku doesn’t hesitate again.

A moment passes where Katsuki watches the two of them catch up to each other and take the corner together, then he lets out a slow, steady breath.
“God those two just need to /fuck/ already.” He rubs at one of his cheeks and turns back to his office door, swinging it open before throwing his bag on the floor. When he looks up, he freezes.

Kirishima is inside, leaning against his desk.
“Bakugo.” His voice is soft, happy almost. He’s dressed down in civilian clothes, hand tugging at the bag on his necklace.
Katsuki doesn’t respond at first. He wants to grab at nearest vase full of flowers and hurl it at Kirishima’s head, but that’s /Ember’s/ favorite vase. She goes out of her way to lock it up first when he turns his office into a tantrum room.
“Kirishima.” His voice sounds hollow. “Where’s your Hero?”

“Patrol.” Kirishima mutters. “He took some of the other sidekicks with him when I told him I wanted to talk to you.” He looks down and kicks his shoes against the carpet.
Closing his eyes, Katsuki shuts the door and counts to ten. When he’s done, he picks his bag up and walks around his desk. He wants to leave, to tell Kirshima to leave, to yell, to hit. He just… doesn’t want to do this.
He /never/ wants to know what happened.

He /has/ to know.
As he sits down, he puts his bag on the floor against his desk drawers. “You wanted to talk.” The words feel empty and yet still come out angry. There’s years of a boiling rage building up in his throat, one he thought he’d gotten over.
“Four /fucking/ years later, and you want to /talk./”
Kirishima looks down at the desk as he turns, chest facing Katsuki. “I’m sorry.” He whispers.
“Save it until the end.” He snarls. “Do you need a chair? Or is this going to be short?” It’s bitter and meaner than he intends, and Katsuki is /better than this/ but /fuck it./

Fuck Kirishima.
His throat hurts and he can feel his blood pressure rising, but he can’t move as he digs his nails into his palms.
“I’m okay to stand.” Kirishima says, soft and almost too quiet to hear. His sucks in a deep breath, so deep his shoulders push back and he stands up straighter. “Right, from the beginning.”
Katsuki leans back and waits, but it still takes a minute before Kirishima actually starts his story.

“So… do you remember why we broke up?” Kirishima asks, tugging hard at the cord on his neck.
“Yeah.” Katsuki crosses his ankles beneath the desk. “We grew apart and hardly saw one another anymore. We stopped having sex, going on dates, and then you got offered that position in Australia.'
'It was better for both of us, long distance would have only made us hate each other.”
Kirishima’s chuckle is sad and deep. “You really thought that?”

Katsuki doesn’t respond.
“I… wasn’t going to take the job. I wasn’t even going to bring it up, I’d already refused it in my head.” Kirishima admits.
“I didn’t realize we’d grown apart, I thought… I thought everything was fine. I knew we were Hero’s, our jobs came first and so did your rise to the top. I supported you, I...” He trails off, pulling the necklace off and twisting the cord tightly around his fingers.
It leaves marks.

A silence fills the air before Kirishima coughs and shakes his head. “So, when I contacted you, I told you I had a surprise for you, yeah?”

Katsuki nods. “Your job offer.”
Kirishima makes a pained noise before he shakes his head no. “That /wasn’t/ it. Like I said, I wasn’t going to bring it up. I had this… this whole thing planned.” He lets out another said laugh.
“But then you brought up how distant we’d gotten, and how it might have been better for us to split up. And I… I sort of blacked out, I think? A lot of that day is blurry, but I remember sitting there screaming in my own head about how wrong all of that felt.”
Swallowing, Katsuki rubs at his throat.

“But then I really thought about it, and you wouldn’t have taken that job if I hadn’t left, I knew that deep down. So I was selfish and made the choice for you.” He whispers.
“That’s not true!” Katsuki leans forward, ready to defend his past self, but a single look from Kirishima quiets him.
“You wouldn’t have. I knew you well enough back then, you were… god, Katsuki.” His voice sounds wet with oncoming tears. Katsuki chokes back his own emotions. “You were my everything, more than hero work, more than fame, it was just… me and you.”
His laughter is edging on hysterical now. “I wanted you to have everything, but I was going to drag you down with how I was going. You’d have tried to fight for us, and if you had you’d have never made number one.”
“Bullshit!” Katsuki’s hand slams on his desk. “You don’t fucking know that! And it wasn’t as important as-”
“Don’t I know that though?” Kirishima shouts back. “I was selfish, I took all the time off I could just to be close to you, I was dropping rapidly in rating. I didn’t…” He clamps his mouth shut and looks down at the bag in his hand.
The silence stretches again before it’s rattled out of place.
“When I left I was just… numb. Our breakup hit me by surprise and I… I thought if I left it would help clear my head. I didn’t mean to cut everyone off, I really didn’t! That was an accident!'
"But I knew that I needed space for my own health, and if I talked to anyone else it would have gotten back to you and that would have crushed me and I couldn’t… I didn’t want to turn into a stalker. So I… I spent a year in Australia and reinvented myself countless times."
Then Bruiser found me and dragged me to Wales and forced me to see a better therapist. By the time I realized just how badly I’d fucked up, it had been two years. I figured it was too late to reach out by then. "
"So I didn’t… I had Bruiser update me on if you guys were still alive every few weeks.”

Katsuki drags his nails over the top of the desk.
“I kept my old phone though, I still have it actually. In fact I keep paying the bill like it /matters./ I always said I’d just… call you guys, as soon as I was over it, but I...”

“… you were never over it.” Katsuki whispers.
Kirishima looks up, tears trickling down his cheeks before he wipes them away hurriedly.
“I was never over /you./” He whispers back. “I… it was the anniversary of our first date, when I told you I wanted to talk. I knew you didn’t remember, but I thought it would have been cute. Just… something to… if you’d even said yes.”
He laughs again, more tears falling down his face before he pulls open the little black bag.

“… what… are you talking about?” Katsuki thinks he knows, but he doesn’t want to put it into words. He doesn’t even want to put it into /thoughts./
Something glitters in the light as it drops into Kirishima’s palm and he squeezes his hand shut.
“I kept it, sort of like a sick reminder to how much I fucked up.” Kirishima admits. “My therapist, the one in Wales, told me that people who drastically reinvent themselves can sometimes turn it into a habit if they aren’t careful."
She said sometimes having a trinket or a reminder can keep you from falling into it, and hell, maybe she was wrong. But it… it kept me from shaving half my head and dying my hair blue sometimes.”
Katsuki scoots back in his chair. He’s getting too hot in this office. His throat is closing up.
“I don’t need it anymore, I’ll get something else. But I want you to have it. Blow it up, pawn it, I don’t care, but it’s… it’s heavy enough and you deserve to know why I took this so hard. I was going to ask.” Kirishima sets the item down on the desk.
It’s a thick black band with a strip of red and orange sunstones inlaid the whole way around. There’s no mistaking it for anything other than an engagement ring.
Kirishima shakes his head. “… would you… would you have said-”

“Get out.” Katsuki whispers, eyes still glued to the ring.

Kirishima doesn’t argue with him. He leaves and the door sounds like a gunshot when it clicks shut.

Katsuki just sits there and stares.


( CW: Blood, fights, crying is healthy )

“Kacchan?” Katsuki looks up from his hiding spot, though he can’t see the man calling him from this angle. “I know you’re in here.”
Deku’s footsteps are soft even after he shuts the door to the office. Katsuki sniffles, giving himself away from where he’s curled up beneath the desk in the leg space.

He hasn’t hidden away like this since high school, but sometimes hiding is the only way to deal with things.
It doesn’t take Deku long before he’s pulling the chair away from the desk and squatting down. “Oh… /Kacchan./” It’s both pity and understanding, and it hurts to hear.
“Shut the fuck up.” Katsuki hisses, wiping away the long dried tears. “You don’t even know what fucking happened.” Deku makes a face that says he’s guilty.

That he /did/ know.

Katsuki kicks him hard in the shin and Deku yelps and falls backwards onto his ass.
“Fuck you! How long have you known then? Huh? How long have you known he was going to ask me to marry him and that I fucking /broke/ him so bad that he lost his god damn mind?!” His voice slowly rises the more he goes on until he’s shouting, his throat aching from his own volume.
“How /long?/”

“I just found out today.” Deku doesn’t raise his voice and it only fuels Katsuki’s anger. “Bruiser told me. Kirishima locked himself in the training room and we heard a lot of crashing. I thought maybe Bruiser could talk some sense into him and-”
Katsuki swings a fist out and misses when Deku scrambles back. It’s enough to get him out from beneath the desk.

“Kacchan, calm down!” Deku scolds.
“Fuck you! Fuck Bruiser! This isn’t his business!” He gets to his feet when Deku does, swinging another fist and having it blocked.
“It /is/ his business!” Deku ducks another hit and takes a kick to the leg. The punches don’t have heat to them, but they’ll still leave a mark. “Bruiser is Kirshima’s Hero! He-”

“/I/ should be his Hero!” Katsuki shouts as he lets off as explosion near Deku’s shoulder.
It catches his shirt on fire, but Deku puts it out in a blur.

“This isn’t your fault!” Deku shouts.
“Are you fucking kidding me? I’m the reason he isn’t a Hero anymore! I ruined his dream!” Katsuki roars, fist finally connecting with Deku’s jaw. Blood catches on teeth and tongue, and Deku stumbles back.
Katsuki freezes, staring as Deku, as /Izuku/, wipes the back of his hand over lips. They come away bloody. Katsuki lets out a startled breath.

He didn’t mean to do that oh god he didn’t mean to he-
Izuku looks up and his defensive stance drops before he takes a few steps into Katsuki’s space and cups his face in both hands. “Hey, Kacchan, look at me.” At first he refuses, but then Deku crowds in even closer. “/Katsuki./”
Tears blur his vision and fall down his cheeks, but Izuku simply wipes them away with his thumb.

“I fucked up /everything./” Katsuki says around his attempt to choke off a sob.
Izuku hushes him, shaking his head no. “This isn’t your fault any more than it is Kirishima’s. He should have been open with you, he shouldn’t have kept quiet. He was caught off guard, but he also cut off his support group.”
Izuku keeps wiping away tears despite the blood still trickling off his cut tongue. “If his mental health was bad enough that he thought vanishing was a good idea, then he needed to get away. He was spiraling and he left and got help.”
Katsuki stops trying to hold back his tears, his shoulders buckling forward before he lets out a wail.

Fuck it, right?
Izuku pulls him in and rubs his back while soft, soothing noises rumble from his chest. He holds Katsuki through the worst of it, because on he really can at this point. They haven’t been this close since Kirishima left the first time, it’s nostalgic and dumb.
But Katsuki’s fists clench in Izuku’s shirt and he lets himself crumble and be built back up.

“I’ve got you,” Izuku whispers. “I’ll always have you.” Katsuki nods, knowing it’s true.
He was a horrible teenager, but he’s gotten over himself with the help of someone who has known him since birth. Someone he calls family in a weird, backwards sort of way. No matter how much they bicker, no matter their animosity towards one another, they’ll always be connected.
It takes a while, but eventually all the raw emotion bleeds out of Katsuki and drips through the floor. Izuku’s shirt is ruined, but he doesn’t care as he puts Katsuki in his desk chair and runs off to get him a glass of water.
He sticks around to clean Katsuki up and make sure he drinks the water, then he offers a watery smile.

“Are you going to be okay?” Izuku asks, a soft smile on his face as he wipes away his own tears. Of /course/ he’d start crying /after/ Katsuki was finished.
“That’s a stupid fucking question.” He sets the half empty glass on his desk and looks over at the ring. He reaches out before he can help himself, plucking it up and twisting it around to admire the stones.

Izuku hums. “It’s pretty.” He says awkwardly.
“Fuck you.” Katsuki puts no heat into it. “It’s manly.” His ring finger dances around the band and he has to fight not to shove it on. “What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?” He asks, flipping it back and forth on his thumb.
Izuku shrugs. “Do you want to throw it away?” He reaches for it, but Katsuki snatches it closer to his chest.
“No, fuck you.” He opens the top drawer of his desk and sets it next to the various dumb gifts he keeps in his office.
A stress ball from Ember, a set of dry erase markers from Izuku, a Ground Zero rubber duck Shouto got him from a crappy crane machine in an arcade. There are others, but the ring looks at home there amount the clutter.

He takes a second before shutting the drawer.
“Which training room did Kirishima lock himself in?”

“Second floor, the public construction.” Izuku admits, standing up and tugging at the burnt edges of his shirt.
“Okay.” Katsuki takes another minute to breathe, then he stands up. “I’m gonna go fight him.” He’s already out the door by the time the words register inside Izuku’s head.

“Sure… wait Kacchan no!”


CW: Some of that light NSFW Content, Blood, Fighting, Bad Choices but oh baby WE GOING FOR IT


There are three people outside of the training room doors when Katsuki reaches the bottom of the stairs.
Bruiser, who looks uncomfortable, Shouto, who looks exasperated, and Ember, who is guarding the door with her arms crossed. Her whole body is on fire, suit included, and she looks like a force to be reckoned with.
There’s a reason she woks at this agency, and it’s not just because Katsuki thought she would be useful.

“I said no!” She shouts, and Katsuki can hear her from across the room. “He said he wants to be alone!” Her voice crackles and Katsuki is both proud, and annoyed.
“Please, Ember, he’s my friend. I just want to make sure he’s okay.” Bruiser tries, and it’s a really good effort. Were it anyone else, they might have stepped aside.

But Ember deals with Katsuki on the daily, and she’s not so easily swayed.
“Get stuffed.” She replies, which causes Bruiser to flush from the top of his head to the tips of his fingers. It’s hard to tell with the turtleneck sweater, but Katsuki knows.

“I’m your boss.” Shouto tries. “I could fire you for disobedience.”
“You’re only half my boss, you could only half fire me.” She counters, hands moving to her hips. “I’m not letting anyone in.” She looks up as Katsuki stomps over and stands between both Bruiser and Shouto. “Hello Sir!” Her voice is softer, happier.
“Let me in.” Katsuki states.

“No can do boss, I promised Kiri-”
“Himawari Kagayaki if you don’t let me in that training room right this second-” He doesn’t get to finish before Ember is turning her fire off and pressing against the wall. Katsuki walks passed her three steps before she lights back up and goes back to guarding the entrance.
“Thank you.” And then he’s throwing the first door open and stomping down the hall.

He can hear Bruiser, Shouto, and what sounds like Deku arguing with Ember. Who, of course, counters all of them, because she’s a genius. And a smart ass.

… Mostly a smart ass.
“He used my legal name, I’m not going to spit in God’s face like that!” He hears her argue before he walks through the second door that turns into a horseshoe hallway.
On the left and right are locker rooms and showers, and in the center, across from the door Katsuki just exited, are the training room doors.

He walks forward and kicks them open.
Kirishima is standing in front of one of the grafted cement pillars used as a punching stand, fists hardening with each punch. He’s shirtless and sweating profusely, his hair loose and sticking to his cheeks in messy strands.
His face is set in a snarl as he mutters to himself, and when Katsuki walks in he barely pauses. He does glance over at Katsuki though, and in that brief moment his face twitches to neutral before he switches back to a snarl as he goes back to slamming his fists into the pillar.
“Here to yell at me?” Kirishima asks, and his voice sounds disinterested.

“Probably.” Katsuki decides as he starts walking toward him.

“Tell me I’m a bastard?” Kirishima asks, shifting his stance.
“I’m sure Pinky gets that right. You still have to talk to her.” Katsuki jerks his shoulder to the side to avoid of fleck of concrete as it pops off the pillar.
Kirishima laughs, broken and empty. When he pulls his fist back, blood trickles down one knuckle. He hadn’t hardened fast enough, that or he took the punch for that bright burst of pain. “She doesn’t want to talk to me.”
“She’ll get the fuck over it.” Katsuki states. His anger is right there, bubbling like a pot on a stove, but he has a firm handle on the lid. He has to get his words out before he lets the lid go.
“You owe her an explanation, and you owe Scotch tape and Union Jack a /talk./ Apparently Calamari already knows, but I want him there anyway. They’re your /family,/ Kirishima, and they deserve to hear this shit from /you./ Not parroted from me.”
Kirishima turns to him, his skin rippling and sharp, jagged edges catching on the light. His belly button piercing melts into the harden planes of his stomach, then reshapes when the hardening relaxes.
Katsuki watches it glint as sweat drips down his chest and into the waistband of his sweats.

“You… you honestly think they’ll talk to me?” Kirishima asks, panting a little from his exertion. It sends an old thrill up Katsuki’s spin.
“They will when I tell them to.” Katsuki puts both his hands up in a striking pose, then slides one foot back. This is an open invitation, Kirishima can decline at any time. “I’m still mad at you, and you deserve it.” Kirishima nods, mirroring Katsuki’s pose.
“But you aren’t the only one at fault, and neither one of us are innocent in this.”

“I beg to differ.” Kirishima states, teeth gnashing.
“Too bad.” A little bit of smoke curls around Katsuki’s fingers. “You /aren’t/ forgiven, but this is our first fucking step to acting like god damn adults. So, yes or no?” Katsuki crocks his fingers toward his chest and Kirishima’s breath catches.
His face goes through several different emotions before he settles on adoration. “You’re so fucking /manly,/ Katsuki.” And then Kirishima’s charging forward, hands and bits of his face hardening.
Katsuki’s breath catches and he pivots on one heel to duck. He pushes a hand forward and lets off an explosion right over Kirishima’s ribs, but his skin has already hardened to block it.
“Did… did you just /baby tap/ me?” Kirishima shouts as he twists, elbow slamming down on Katsuki’s shoulder. He grunts and rolls away from the pain. “That explosion was /nothing,/ barely a puff of smoke! Come on Katsuki, lay into me!” He seems offended.
“Yeah, you’d fucking like that wouldn’t you?” Katsuki mutters. It’s an old habit, innuendos between them as they spar, but it falls out of his mouth easily.
It’s not appropriate, but they keep doing this /dance/ and falling back into one another, so he’s not sure he can do anything else.
“Always.” Kirishima kicks out and nearly catches Katsuki’s jaw with his foot. Katsuki reaches up and blasts his ankle so hard that Kirishima yelps and nearly falls on his ass. Years of training keep him upright, but Katsuki doesn’t give him time to properly situate himself.
Advancing quickly, Katsuki forces palm open punches punctuated with explosions at Kirishima’s shoulder, his ribs, his hip, his elbow.
Each hit is taken and blocked by Kirishima’s quirk, but he scoots back with the last blast. His shoes scrape across the floor as he goes, and Kirishima roars at him. An honest to god /roar,/ and Katsuki feels his heart skip.

God he’s so /wet/ after that, what the fuck?
He punches hard for Kirishima’s jaw, closed fist, but Kirishima catches his hand and twists. The movement causes Katsuki to swing his whole body, drawing him into Kirishima’s space to keep him from getting a dislocated shoulder or elbow.
Their chests are inches apart and now Katsuki’s breath starts to pick up.
His other fist comes up and explodes on the inside of Kirishima’s elbow where he’s holding Katsuki prisoner, but Kirishima doesn’t leg go, just jerks him closer until they’re touching.
They share a breath, two, three, stare into red eyes, and then Katsuki reels back and slams his forehead into Kirishima’s nose.
It’s unexpected, headbutts always are, and he feels blood on his skin and hears the satisfying crunch of cartilage. His head is killing him and he gasps, scrambling back and putting up both his hands to defend himself.
“/Fuck!/” Kirishima shouts, one hand covering his nose. He holds it out in front of his face and laughs as blood dribbles down his palm. “Holy /fuck./”
There’s heat and raw /desire/ in his voice now, and were Katsuki any weaker he’d have ripped his shirt off and jumped Kirishima’s bones.

Instead, his legs feel a little wobbly as Kirishima stomps forward and draws back his bloody fist.
Katsuki should /not/ be turned on right now, but /god/ he looks so /alive/ right now. His swing is sharp and powerful, and as Katsuki steps to the side, the air it displaces is a punch of its own. He’s too distracted and doesn’t see the elbow, but he feels it in his ribs.
It jerks him forward, cheek catching on the hard edge of Kirishima’s skin.

It’s sharp enough to bleed and it fills Katsuki with a twisted sort of satisfaction.

“Have you gone soft on me?” Kirishima asks, smirking as he backs away from a sharp blast toward his leg.
“Have you?” Katsuki asks, flashing his teeth as he gets his footing back. Shit, his ribs are /screaming/ at him.

It feels so good.

“Around you? I’m never soft.” Kirishima teases.
Katsuki’s breath catches and he runs in, fist drawn back. Kirishima hardness, both arms coming up to cover his face.

But Katsuki doesn’t go in for a punch.
Instead he slides between Kirishima’s legs and takes him down on his way under by grabbing both of his ankles and pulling. Kirishima lets out a high pitched, startled shriek as he falls forward. He pinwheels his arms out, but he’s too far gone to catch himself.
Katsuki rolls quickly and throws one leg over Kirishima’s back, effectively straddling those tones muscles at his hips. One hand rests on the back of Kirishima’s neck, the other on his shoulder as he gasps for breath.
He leans forward, hips rolling once with enough pressure that Kirishima lets out a groan.

And maybe before he’s a masochist, but Katsuki leans down so his lips are by Kirishima’s ear.

“I would have said yes.” He whispers, still panting from their tussle.
He doesn’t expect Kirishima to jerk and roll underneath him. Hands grab tight at his hips and slide him down so he’s sitting on Kirishima’s cock, straining through his sweats as his sweaty palms slip across even sweatier skin.
Katsuki cries out, head thrown back as his blood pounds in his ears, his heartbeat thrumming through his skin.
“Fuck fuck /fuck./” Katsuki reaches one hand up to pull at his hair, the other gripping tight at Kirishima’s shoulder. His eyes shut, his brain lost for a few seconds while he rolls his hips and feels the outline of Kirishima push up against him.
Kirishima /growls/ and rocks his hips up into each motion.
These boxers are ruined against the thick shape of Kirishima’s cock, and Katsuki’s slacks probably aren’t any better as strong, clawed hands pull his hips down into the motion.
He hasn’t been touched in /too/ long, this is dangerous territory. Jesus Christ he can feel the blood rushing to Kirishima’s dick with every passing second.

“You’re so beautiful.” Kirishima whispers, voice husky. “God, I was half mast the moment I saw you in the airport. I-”
Katsuki shakes his head and cuts him off with a whine, legs spreading wider. He /needs/ to get their pants off, he needs to spread himself open and sink down on that cock and ride Eiji until he blacks the /fuck/ out.
Strong hands lift him up, right off Kirishima’s lap, and Katsuki opens his eyes to protest. But then he looks down as Kirishima pushes him higher.
For a fantastic moment, he thinks Kirishima is going to drag him forward and cut open his pants with is claws so he can drag his tongue along his cunt.
Instead, Kirishima rolls out from beneath Katsuki and groans, hands leaving him as he sinks his claws into the rock and tarmac beneath them.

Katsuki is both disappointed and /fucking/ grateful. Shit.

He almost just broke his contract with Shouto and Izuku. ‘No sex on Agency Property.’ He scrambles to his feet and scrubs both his hands over his face. He can feel a wet slide between his legs that’s making it horrible to stand up comfortably.
“I’m sorry, that was so inappropriate, I should-”
“Shut up.” Katsuki snaps. “You know I would have ridden you in half a /second/ if you hadn’t pushed me off. My sex drive has only gotten worse since you left!” He turns to glare at Kirishima, but he’s flushed and covering his face. “God, you’re… you’re so… /you!/” He shouts.
“Sorry.” Kirishima whines through his fingers.

“Fuck you!” Katsuki snaps.

“I was about to!” Kirishima admits, getting redder by the second.
“Not without wooing me you piece of shit. I wasn’t easy when we first started dating, I won’t be easy this time around!” If Katsuki had anything, he’d throw it.


He strips off his sweat damp shirt and slaps Kirishima in the shoulder with it.

“Get over it.” He slaps him with the fabric again. “You owe me! If you actually want to be with me again, work for it!” When Katsuki goes for a third hit, Kirishima twists his arm in the fabric and tugs.
Katsuki stumbles forward, letting Kirishima wrap one arm around his hip while he lets his head rest again his hipbone.

“Do… do you mean that?” Kirishima whispers. “You’re giving me a second chance with you?” He looks up, eyes desperate.
Katsuki should say no.

He should blow up Kirishima’s face.

He should break his jaw.

He should leave right now.

He should say /no./
“We’ll see.” Is what he says instead, because he’s stupid and still in love and he hates him but not really. “You’ve got an entire Squad to get the approval of first, and my family.” He reaches down and runs a tentative hand through Kirishima’s hair. “We’ll see.”
Kirishima nods, still bleeding and looking thoroughly wrecked, but so fucking hopeful. “I won’t let you down.”

“You already did.” Katsuki reminds him.
“If you get the chance to do this again, it’ll be your only one. And if you fuck it up, that’s /it./ If you fuck it up, you’re dead to me, do you understand that? I can’t… I /can’t/ do that twice.”
Kirishima nods enthusiastically and lets Katsuki go when he shifts backwards. “I understand.”
“Good. Go get a shower.” Katsuki mutters, pointing toward the door. “I’ve… I need to get ready for patrol.” Kirishima doesn’t need to be told twice. He scrambles to his feet and runs to the door.
Katsuki takes a steadying breath and shuts his eyes.

He’s too horny for this bullshit.


( Mild NSFW in like... this post alone? IDK my ass has been up 24 hours )

Katsuki thinks about getting off in the showers, preferably with Kirishima’s fingers stuffed inside of him and the shower head pressed to his cock, but that’s not a very good idea.
In fact, it’s the /opposite/ of a good idea, it’s so bad that he gets angry for even entertaining it. But… his hips are still warm from where Kirishima’s fingers had dug into the skin. There are even marks where Kirishima’s claws had threatened to pierce him.
Shit… how is he supposed to walk out there when he smells of sweat and arousal? Some of Deku’s sidekicks are hypersensitive, that’s not fair to them and… and Katsuki’s caused enough trouble today, and it’s not even noon.
He doesn’t want to make any of the sidekicks uncomfortable.

He picks up his shirt and scowls at it, drenched with sweat and smoke and covered in wrinkles.
Katsuki tosses the shirt over his shoulder and sighs, trying to think about anything to get his mind off of Kirishima’s sweaty, toned body underneath him. He needs to think about anything other than the warm slide of Kirishima’s cock against his-
He slaps both his cheeks. “Get your /shit/ together.” He scolds himself and shakes his head, then hurries to the door. In the horseshoe hallway he can hear the showers running.

Oh… the temptation…

No! Fuck! Why is this so difficult today?
He stomps down the hall and then out of the training room, hoping to make a run to the elevator or stairs so he doesn’t distract any sidekicks with his smell. Four heads turn to him as he waves at Ember to follow and pushes between Deku and Bruiser’s shoulders.
Ember hurries after him, pulling a wet wipe out of her thigh pouch.

“Katsuki?” Shouto asks as he follows after. There’s genuine concern in his voice, but Katsuki shakes his head ‘no.’

“The training room is open, you’re welcome.” He grumbles.
“Yes, we can see that, but you’re bleeding!” Deku sounds concerned.

“You should see the other guy.” Katsuki mutters as he wipes the blood off his forehead with the wet wipe Ember hands him. Bruiser hisses and turns, running through the training room doors without a glance back.
As Katsuki takes a step toward the stairs, Ember puts herself in front of Deku when he tries to reach out for Katsuki’s wrist. “You’re too close, Sir.” Ember says sweetly. Deku blinks at her in shock.
“Ember, I’m one of your /bosses./” He sounds exasperated. “I know you work with Kacchan a lot, but you’re being a /brat/ today.”

“She’s right though.” Shouto says. “His palms are still smoking, it’s a six, maybe a seven on the scale.”
“That scale is so stupid!” Deku throws his hands up. “Why do we even have that?” Deku tsks. Katsuki turns to throw an explosion in his direction over Ember’s shoulder. It doesn’t hit or get anywhere near either of them, but it makes Deku step back. “Right, a seven then.”
Katsuki scoffs and shakes his hand out. “I’m… I don’t want to talk about it right now, okay guys? I just want to go on patrol, sort through my shit, and after I come back we... can have a fucking… I don’t know, family sit down or whatever. Will that work?”
Deku’s breath catches at the moment of openness, and then his eyes get all glittery. He nods and bites his lip, so Katsuki rolls his eyes so hard he feels the strain in his skull. He turns to Shouto, who makes him pause.
His friend has always had trouble expressing his emotions on his face, but right now he looks… /scared./ It’s almost like he can see through Katsuki and into the very core of him. Like he can smell the guilt on Katsuki’s skin.
His left hand comes up and he finger spells ‘R U O K’ before planting the hand over his heart.

‘I A M O K’ Katsuki finger spells back. Ember is blocking Deku’s view, so he doesn’t see it. Katsuki waits for Shouto to decide if he believes him or not.
When Shouto nods, it’s like a weight has been lifted. He still looks skeptical, but he isn’t going to push, and that makes Katsuki so... /happy./

“Be safe on patrol. Let me… can I get a hug before you go?” Shouto asks.

“Me too?” Deku adds, all too excited.
Katsuki points to Shouto. “Yes, meet me in the lobby in ten minutes.” Then he points to Deku. “No, meet me in the lobby in ten minutes.”
Shouto smiles, then turns and walks toward the training room.

Katsuki doesn’t stick around to see what Deku does before he’s taking the stairs, Ember his shadow. She doesn’t talk, but when he holds out his hand, she hands him another wet wipe.


Patrol ends uneventfully. There wasn’t a crime in sight, but there were plenty of people asking for simple, mundane things. Which, honestly, doesn’t surprise Katsuki. It’s a weekday and his sector is known to be tightly protected.
Many criminals are too scared to start shit on a weekday during Katsuki’s hours, mostly because his temper is legendary. Also, his sidekicks are the /true/ terrors, and it pays not to fuck around when they’re out and about.
Ember is famous for breaking femurs if Gauze is with her, and that shit hurts. Also, Take Away has a habit of accidentally breaking jaws.
It’s a nice, quiet couple of hours where Katsuki escorts kids to and from school, helps take groceries home, and saves a particularly stupid stray dog after it falls into a river.
The dog’s not stuck or hurt or anything, the idiot is perfectly fine, he just can’t find the gate to get out of the river park even though it’s two feet away from him.
Anyway, Katsuki has plenty of time to think about things as he and his handful of sidekicks wander the streets. And because of that, he comes to several conclusions.
One ) Kirishima is a fucking idiot, but he’s an idiot getting help. Katsuki needs to check in with Bruiser to make sure Kirishima /continues/ to get help, and possibly hire a new therapist to their office if he doesn’t connect with one of the three already working there.
Two) He, personally, is a god damn bastard. Sure, he’s grown a LOT in four years, and yes, communication is now one of the foundations of his relationships, but he should have paid more attention back then and he /didn’t./ He’s gotten better, but he’s still bad. So that’s on him.
Three ) Kirishima feels genuine remorse for what he did, but he has to get forgiveness from the Squad before Katsuki will let him back into his life. And some people might not be willing to forgive… and that someone is Mina.
Four ) He… ‘forgives’ Kirishima. But at the same time he doesn’t, because those aren’t the right words and that’s not something you easily forgive. The right words are ‘I don’t want to run him over with a bus anymore.’
Five ) He… might still be in love with the guy? That, or he’s just sexually desperate. Which he’s leaning more toward.
Six ) If given the option, he’s going to throw away his morals and let Kirishima fuck him until he can’t stand up straight.
And finally, Seven ) Above all else, he needs to talk to Shouto and Deku. He craves their opinions, and while he knows the ultimate decision about his future rests in his own hands, he wants them to be part of his life forever. As cheesy as that sounds.
He arrives back at the agency and has Take Away schedule a meeting. On his way into the building, he meets up with Bruiser and Kirishima as they’re getting ready to go out on their patrol.
Katsuki notices the bandage on Kirishima’s nose and wonders why he didn’t go to Gauze, but they might be off with Deku and unable to heal him.

Do Bruiser and Kirishima even know all the sidekicks yet?
He doesn’t stick around to find out. Bruiser is having an excited talk with Kirishima as they get to the door, and Katsuki just nods to them once before walking inside and passing the fountain. Their receptionist, a sweet elderly woman named Chanel, smiles up at him.
“Patrol go smoothly, Ground Zero?” She asks, and Katsuki gives her a thumbs up. “That’s good.” She turns back to the front, hands back to work on her cross stitch. Despite her age and appearance, she’s absurdly powerful.
They’d offered her a sidekick position, but she likes reception. Her quirk is called ‘Time Out’ and she can render anyone within hearing distance of her immobile.

She’s used it on the top three countless times when she thinks they’re overdoing it.
Like a persistent little grandma. She makes Katsuki almost miss Recovery Girl.
The private elevators smell like lemon zest and Katsuki wrinkles his nose as he presses the button for the top floor. He’s already unstrapping his gauntlets, and by the time he reaches the top floor, he’s pulled one arm free.
Meeting room two is open and he walks in to take the chair at the head of the long table. He sets his gauntlets on the chair to his left and stretches his arms over his head, then pulls off his mask and the clips in his hair.
Deku and Shouto will be here in a few minutes, so he drops into the chair and starts unstrapping his shoulder guards.

He’s kicking off one boot when Shouto rushes into the room, ice making him nearly skid into the table as it spreads out beneath his feet.
“I’m rezoning my patrol areas.” Shouto decides. “I’m not watching school kids anymore, I can’t do it. I’ll commit a crime or make a toddler cry, and I can’t handle that.” He nearly falls when he takes a step forward and ice plants itself under his foot.
Katsuki raises an eyebrow in question.

“Four year old who found out her quirk is to turn other quirks on and keep them on for exactly an hour.” Shouto explains, giving up on trying to walk and just skating toward the seat nearest Katsuki.
“How’s that working with your fire?” He asks.

Shouto hums before pulling the chair out and dropping into it. “Thankfully, it’s one or the other, not both. I’ve got...” He pulls out a pocket watch from his utility belt. “Seven more minutes of this.”
He waves at the snow he’s producing from his finger. Katsuki nods and tries not to laugh.

“You’re cursed.” He decides, watching as Shouto holds a hand out and makes snow fall from his palm and down to the floor instead of on the table.
“I mean… probably.” Shout admits with a shrug. “But all the better for the vacation, right? I can suffer in the privacy of my own home.”
“You’re never /in/ your own home, you’re at my house five days of the week.” Katsuki grumbles right before the door swigs open and Deku frowns at the ice along the tile.
“Not my fault your house has so much space.” Shouto shrugs and watches as Deku plays an awkward kind of hop scotch across the ice until he can get to the chair beside Shouto.

“The Squad needed a place to crash that wasn’t newly weddy.” Katsuki grumbles. “And the pool is nice.”
“Hi Shouto, hi Kacchan.” Deku slumps into his chair and rubs at his neck. “I had to stop the same guy who tried to rob the hero themed bakery twice in one day.” He shuts his eyes and huffs a sigh. “How am I supposed to go on vacation when stuff like that happens?”
“Easily.” Katsuki states. “You go home, you go to bed, and I don’t call Auntie.”

“Inko’s /scary/ when you don’t get enough sleep.” Shouto mutters.
“Yeah, but we grew up with her.” Deku smiles anyway. “You feel like talking now, or do you just want to hear about how dumb today was?” He leans forward, elbows on the table as he looks right at Katsuki.
With a chuckle, Katsuki looks up at the ceiling. “Did you tell Shouto what happened this morning?” He wonders.

“I didn’t.” Deku doesn’t sound guilty, but he does sound nervous. “I figured that was your story to tell.”
Katsuki nods and looks down, two sets of eager eyes staring at him from their seats. He takes a steady breath, and then for the next ten minutes he tells them Kirishima’s reason for leaving.
Katsuki also tells them that he’s contemplating forgiving Kirishima, but that he wants the Squad’s approval and then Deku and Shouto’s opinion /first./

Deku nods, a hand on his chin as he thinks over the new development and mumbles inaudibly to himself.
Shouto blinks, then stands up.

“Where you going, Shouto?” Deku asks.

“I’ve decided.” He makes it to the door. “I’m gonna fight him.” Katsuki chokes back a laugh as Deku nods once and then scrambles out of his chair and bolts after Shouto.

“No! Not again!”
Katsuki practically shrieks with laughter as Deku stumbles out the door. “Shouto /no!/”

“Shouto /yes!/” Katsuki encourages.


It doesn’t take much to convince Shouto to not /actually/ fight Kirishima, but he looks one breath away from saying ‘fuck it’ and doing it anyway. Deku pouts at the both of them, sitting on the table with his arms crossed and his best ‘I’m disappointed in you’ look.
“You can’t stop me forever.” Shouto grumbles.

“I can stop you for long /enough./” Deku counters.

“You two are dumb.” But Katsuki knows they hear the fondness in his voice.
“I have a thought.” Deku says, turning a tired but warm smile to Katsuki. “I think… okay, first off, you asked for my opinion so you’re not allowed to get mad.” Deku looks to Shouto next, who nods and readies a hand to freeze Katsuki’s feet to the floor if need be.
It’s happened more than once.

“What’s on your mind?” Katsuki asks, rolling a shoulder.
Deku blows out a breath between pursed lips. “I think that… you were happier when you were with Kirishima. Not that you aren’t happy now! You are! At least I think you are, I’m not going to decide your emotions for you.”
Katsuki leans back in his chair and tries not to groan. “But he made you so happy, and you haven’t dated since him. I /want/ you to date, I want you to be with someone… with...” And here he trails off.

And looks at Shouto.
Who blinks at him and tilts his head.
Deku looks away. “I want you to be with someone who will take care of you, who you’ll be comfortable with. I know you’re particular about who you let touch you, and I just…” Katsuki sits up. “Kacchan, I want you to be happy. No matter who you end up with.”
Katsuki doesn’t miss the way his eyes flick to Shouto again.

And neither does Shouto. His gaze falls to the table top and Katsuki can feel the sadness radiate off of him from whatever conclusion he’s just stumbled upon. Deku isn’t looking up either, and Katsuki’s had enough.
“What if I wanted to end up with you, Deku?” He doesn’t, GOD no. He’d rather throw himself in front of a bus, but he needs to get a point across.

“What?” Deku’s voice is shrill. “Eww NO!”

“Wow. Shining endorsement.” Shouto deadpans.
“He’s like my brother!” Deku’s voice is getting shriller. “And I don’t like boys!”

Katsuki smirks. “What about Shouto? Do you like him?”
He jumps when Shouto’s hands slam on the table and he forces himself to his feet. “I don’t want you to get back together with Kirishima.” He practically shouts as fire flares through his hair. “He doesn’t deserve you and he hasn’t done enough to earn your respect back.”
Katsuki has to fight the urge to grab Shouto by the shoulders and shake him for changing the subject. He was /getting/ somewhere with Deku!

“I’m not going to date him right away!” Katsuki argues instead.
“If he walked in here right now and told you he wanted to have sex, you’d be naked and on the table in under a minute.” Shouto counters, a bitter twist to his voice.

“Oh my /god?/” Deku’s entire face goes up in a blush. “Stop?”
“I haven’t had a proper cock in years, so /what/ if I’m desperate? He was the best sex I’d ever had, the only sex!” Katsuki argues.

“Stop!?!” Deku’s sinking into himself, covering his face as he whines.

“Besides!” Katsuki ignores him. “It’s not like I have any other options.”
Shouto scoffs at him. “Hero Escorts. They work fine for me.” Deku jerks his head up so fast to look at Shouto that Katsuki thinks he might have pulled something in his neck. “… What?”

“Why would you use Hero Escorts?” Deku asks, looking hurt. “You’re… you’re /you!/”
Katsuki throws both of his hands up and lets out an exasperated yell. “You’re so fucking dense! A concrete building brick could get it faster!”
Shouto shoots him a look before turning back to Deku. “Because I’m me, it’s not easy to date. People want me for my fame the instant they find out who I am. It’s not genuine. Hero Escorts know it’s just for sex or company. There’s no need to pretend for a commitment I won’t get.”
Shouto holds up his hand when Deku tries to go on, effectively cutting him off. “After all, I’m in a position that’s too public to date.”

“And the guy you like is a god damn /moron./” Katsuki grumbles.
Deku splutters. “You like a guy?! Who is it? Why haven’t you told me before?”

Shouto blinks, opens his mouth, then turns to Katsuki and makes this /noise/ of disbelief.
“A fucking /brick./” Katsuki stresses again, holding his index and thumb together. “This is why I kept trying to push the issue. I’m not doing it to upset you, but this is just… it’s never going to end. I can’t deal with this. I love you Shou, but what the fuck.”
He offers Shouto a shrug and Shouto sits with a thump against his chair.

His arms wrap around his chest and his stares at his lap. “You’re right, but I didn’t think it would go this far over his head with you dropping bombs instead of hints.”
Katsuki sighs and wheels his chair around the table until he can reach out and pull Shouto into an awkward hug. “Do you want to set me on fire as retribution?”
It’s at that moment, years in the making, that a light bulb goes off in Izuku Midoriya’s head.
“Oh my god!” Deku sounds astounded. “You like /me?!?/” The disbelief in his voice isn’t hurtful, just stunned. “I thought… I’ve always thought you liked Kacchan!” His hands lift up and he’s gripping both of his cheeks. “Why would you like me though? I’m awful!”
“I mean-” Katsuki gets an elbow to his ribs and stops talking.

“No! He’s right.” Deku stands up, looking pained. “Shouto I’m… I’m a disaster! You could do so much better, you deserve the best, you’re so amazing, and talented, and powerful! You light up a room and-”
“Fucking shit, Deku, /stop./” Katsuki hugs Shouto closer when he hides his face in his shoulder. “You’re just listing the reasons he likes /you./” He shakes his head and feels Shouto’s breath catch. “Do /not/ make this awkward for us.” He warns, pointing a finger at Deku.
“I… I won’t.” Deku whispers, and Katsuki... believes him.
“I just… whenever I thought of our future, I always imagined you and Shouto getting married or something. I’d stay single and just… be your best friend. I’ve never thought about life any other way, but I know that no matter what, you two were always a part of my future.”
“Gross.” Shouto stage whispers, but his voice is watery. Katsuki wouldn’t be surprised if Shouto’s crying against his shoulder.
“It’s true though!” Deku seems to gain more courage. “I’ll always stick with you guys, unless you ever want me to leave. But I mean, really leave, not Kacchan’s brand of leave. I mean-”

“We get it.” Katsuki deadpans.
Deku huffs. “I’m just trying to tell you that I’ll stick around no matter what. Nothing’s going to get weird, I love you both too much for that.”

“It’s going to be weird for /me./” Shouto argues.
“You two should try dating anyway.” Katsuki advises.

“You’re not helping.” Shouto hisses.

“Well neither are you.”
Deku doesn’t say anything at first, rubbing at his chin as he seems to suddenly dive into his own head. Katsuki sighs and rubs Shouto’s back. Eventually he looks up from Katsuki’s shoulder, a soft smile on his face that’s barely noticeable.
His eyes are a little red, but he still looks put together.

“I have an idea.” Deku says, one balled fist smacking his flat open palm. Katsuki resists the urge to roll his eyes /again/ and looks over. “We should go on a double date.”
Shouto’s hair sets on fire again and Katsuki absently puts it out by patting his head.
“No, think about it! It’s a great idea. If we date, we’ll see if we fit romantically and get any tension out of the way. And if we double date with Kacchan and Kirishima, we’ll be able to keep an eye on them and keep Kacchan from getting hurt.”

“That... actually might be something I could sit through.” Shouto admits.

“Hey! I get a say in this, and I say it’s a shitty idea.” Katsuki tries.
“I’ll text Kirishima and ask him if he wants to get dinner with all of us. Or should we go to one of the Hero Arcades?” Deku asks, already digging out his phone. “I’ll pay.”

“What the /fuck?/” Katsuki hisses.
“We could do an arcade and then dinner?” Shouto suggests. “The games will be nostalgic, and Katsuki and Kirishima used to go to arcades all the time when they first started dating.”

Katsuki balks at the man still in his arms. “The fucking betrayal.” He splutters.
“How does Brazilian sound for dinner?” Deku asks, looking up with shining, hopeful eyes. Katsuki glances between the two men, ready to put up another fight, but then it sort of... clicks in his head.

“I’d love that.” Shouto says, fond but hesitant.

Holy shit.

It’s happening.
They’re… they’re /doing/ this. These two fucking idiots are going on a god damn /date/ after dancing around one another for fucking /years./
Katsuki shuts his mouth and lets the two of them plan out their stupid double date, and he bites the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling.

About fucking time.


( CW : NSFW ahead, and like, yelling at your bro for not being a bro )

Katsuki eventually goes home and sees that the Squad is all there and it’s… honestly, after the day he’s had, it feels /nice./
He showers with the bathroom door open while Denki tells him all about his day and pulls silly string out of his hair in front of the mirror. Hanta shouts a few comments from the other room, but otherwise he lets Katsuki be.
He’s been spot cleaning since Katsuki got home, it’s a restless habit he picked up along the way.

When Katsuki steps out from behind the glass to see Denki, stripping down and bouncing out of his boxers on one foot, he sighs.
“Don’t judge me, I called next. And your shower is way nicer than the guest one.” Denki explains as he shuffles around a toweled Katsuki.

He /still/ has a nice dick. It’s a crime, Hitoshi is so fucking lucky. And isn’t that a gross thought.
He dresses in his baggiest, comfiest clothes and ventures into the kitchen, where he finds Mina and Tetsutetsu making something on the stove. It smells decent enough that he doesn’t think anyone will end up with food poisoning.
“Hey Pinky,” Katsuki leans over to kiss Mina’s cheek from her spot on the bar stool, “Iron Man,” he nods at Tetsu, “now where’s Medusa?”
“Setsuna got called in to work for a night shift,” Mina says with a pout. “I was really hoping she wouldn’t, I wanted more wifey kisses, but we can’t have everything.” Katsuki hums and lets Tetsu hold out a spoon to him.
“Is this too salty?” Tetsu asks, pushing strands of hair behind his ear. Despite having it all in a ponytail, it still keeps falling out.
Katsuki tries a bite of stew, or whatever this is, and hums. “No, needs more garlic though.” Tetsu nods and turns back to the stove to hide his grin. “Don’t make that face at me.”

“What, a smile?” Tetsu teases.
“You’re here on my good graces alone.” Katsuki warns, though he’s fighting his own smile.

“I’m here because my wife wanted company while she’s on mandatory bed rest and was too lazy to come home.” Tetsu argues. “And you have a pool.”
“It’s a /nice pool./” Katsuki agrees. “Shouto might be coming over later.” He tells them. “So make extra.”

“Always.” Mina says sweetly, the holds out her arms. “Hug.”
He obliges because it’s Mina and the scar on her leg is still fresh. She wobbles a little when she walks, it’s not terrible, but it’s enough to make him squeeze her tight.
“Where’s Jackie?” He asks, realizing he hasn’t seen Kyoka since he got home. She’d been staring intently at her phone when she’d greeted him in the hallway.

“Picking up her wife.” Tetsu says with a chuckle.
“Ahh yes, our lesbians need to recharge their batteries by being in close proximity to one another or they’ll start adopting cats.” Katsuki nodded. “Anyways, what are the plans for tonight?”
“Movies and catching up.” Mina says with a shrug. “If Kyoka can detatch herself from her wifes tit long enough to bring her over, we’ll eat American snacks.”
Katsuki shuts his eyes and grunts. “/Why/ am I friends with you guys again?” He mutters. Tetsu chuckles and gently punches his shoulder.
“Cause you can’t get rid of us.” He states cheerfully. He seems to perk up when there’s a knock from down the hall. They all watch as Hanta waves and shouts ‘I got it,’ and after a few seconds, he returns with Hitoshi.
Who has a giant teddy bear in his arms that’s pink, yellow, and green tie dye colors. It also has sunglasses and a denim jacket that says ‘Git Gud Dude’ sewn into the lapel.

God damn it, Mina’s going to fucking love that thing.
Katsuki smiles and rolls his eyes when Mina squeals and makes grabby hands for the bear.

Called it.

“I thought you had work!” She says when Hitoshi makes his way over and lets her engulf the bear in a death grip.
Hitoshi shrugs. “Finished early, wanted to see you guys. Today was...” He trails off and shakes his head. “I just missed you guys. Is Denks here?”
“In my shower.” Katsuki grumbles. “Please don’t fuck in there, that’s what the guest bathrooms are for.” Hitoshi snorts and Tetsu lets out a deep laugh as he stirs whatever he’s making on the stove.
They all mill about for a while, talking about their day and welcoming Hanta into Hitoshi’s arms as he yawns and relaxes against his chest. Eventually Denki joins them, dressed in one of his dumb kigu’s and his hair in a ponytail.
“Love of my life.” He says sweetly, kissing Hitoshi over Hanta’s shoulder.

“That’s gay.” Hanta says with a smirk.

“Says our token straight.” Mina teases.

“Hey, I resent that.” Tetsu waves a finger at her and smirks when Mina giggle-snorts and buries her face in her bear.
Katsuki smiles fondly at all of them. “Alright, we’re crowding the kitchen. Get your asses to the family room.” There are a few complaints, but they all shuffle out and into the hall when the doorbell chimes. Katsuki sighs. “I got it.” It’s probably Kyoka and Momo.
He trudges over to the door, people still milling in the hallway as they help Mina limp toward the family room. When he looks through the peep hole, he sees red and white.

Why did… Shouto ring the doorbell? He just walks in, doesn’t even knock.
He tenses a fist at the ready, healthy paranoia surging through him, and opens the door.

Shouto is standing there, a satisfied look on his face.
And next to him is Kirishima, looking guilty and panicked as Shouto holds him in place by his earlobe. The bandage on his nose is gone, but there’s another on his cheek. When no one says anything for at least a minute, Shouto tugs on Kirishima’s ear.
“Hi,” Kirishima whimpers. “Please tell him to let go?”

Katsuki closes his eyes again. “Shou, /please/ tell me you didn’t kidnap Pro Hero Red Riot and drag him to my /house?/” He hisses.
From the hallway, something thumps to the floor. Katsuki turns to see Tetsutetsu staring, wide eyed with a ladle on the carpet next to his feet. That better not stain.

“Eiji?” He sounds fucking /wrecked./
“Tetsu.” Kirishima sounds both guilty and hopeful. Shouto lets go of Kirishima’s ear and navigates him around Katsuki to shove at the man already rushing toward him.

“That was a bad idea.” Katsuki mutters right before Tetsu’s fist collides with Kirishima’s jaw.
Shouto hisses in sympathy.

“I… didn’t think that far ahead.” Shouto admits as Katsuki lets him in.

Then the shouting starts.
“You were Mina’s emergency contact for three fucking years!” Tetsu roars, his voice booming through the hall.
“I had to force her to remove you in case she actually got hurt! What would have happened if-and you never picked up your phone! My wife called you for three fucking years once a week!"
"You were my brother! You were supposed to be up there beside me when I got married and you /weren’t there!/” Tetsu’s crying as he pushes Kirishima in the chest.
He takes it, listening to every complaint and demand that Tetsu can scream out. Katsuki turns and grabs Shouto’s hand, pulling him through another doorway, around the kitchen, and then into his bedroom.
After all, the hallway is full of people and the crowd is causing him to get claustrophobic.

And they’re going to be yelling at him for a /while./
Katsuki falls face first into his bed and groans. He can feel Shouto settle down next to him after the door shuts. They can still hear the shouting, but it’s muffled and moving around. Probably going into the family room.
“I thought that would have been a better idea.” Shouto whispers. “You said you wanted them all to talk to him, but everyone is always busy. I checked schedules and texted people and thought, why not tonight?”
“It was a great idea, Shou, the bad idea was pushing him towards /Tetsu/ first.” Katsuki admits. “Once they’re done, we’re going to need /so much/ alcohol.”

“I could go out and get whiskey, or just any assortment.” Shouto offers.
“Rum for Mina, you know she-”

“Hates whiskey, I know.” Shouto rolls over and presses to Katsuki’s side. “Katsuki?”

“Hmm?” He doesn’t lift his face from his arms.
“… thank you for keeping me in your life despite everything that’s happened.” Shouto whispers. Katsuki pauses, then looks up and reaches out to draw Shouto to his chest. He presses a soft, warm kiss to his cheek.
“No pity party in the bed.” Katsuki whispers. He pulls back and feels Shouto’s fingers tighten in his shirt. “What?”
Shouto looks down at the contact between them. “I… I keep thinking about what Izuku said. About him seeing us getting married.” There’s a twinge of humor in his voice before he continues.
“If things don’t work out with Kirishima, and if Izuku and I don’t have chemistry, would you… would you want to try dating?”
Katsuki can’t help the sad smile. “If we can pick ourselves up after that amount of disappointment, sure.” He presses forward for another kiss to his forehead.
At least they know that if things don’t work out the way they want them to, they’ll have each other. Their foreheads press together and Katsuki runs his fingers through Shouto’s hair, both their eyes closed.
Maybe that’s sad, settling for your best friend, but… fuck it. At this point they’re too worn down to try dating anymore.

After a few minutes, Shouto pulls back and slips out of Katsuki’s arms. “Right, alcohol.”
“Take Hitoshi with you.” Katsuki whispers. “And lock the bedroom door, I want to jerk off before I have to deal with that /mess./”
Shouto snorts so hard he has to cover his face. “So tactful.” He mutters before climbing off the bed. He fixes his clothes and pulls his shirt down, then leaves without another word. The lock clicks into place as the door closes.
Katsuki gives it a minute, listening to the sounds around him. There’s no more yelling, so they’ve all moved into the family room.
They know better than to bug him if he’s locked himself in his room, and even if they didn’t he knows they’re probably all having serious discussions that’ll last at least an hour, minimum.

He doesn’t need an hour though, he just needs a distraction.
Rolling over, Katsuki half hangs off the side of the bed and pulls open one of the drawers beneath the mattress. He reaches in and pulls out his Hitachi, fumbling for the plug.
After a few seconds, he finds it and untangles it from a few other cords, then shifts to plug the toy into the wall. His thumb flicks the switch twice to test the power, and he’s satisfied by the soft buzzing before it shuts off again.
Heaving himself back onto the bed, he looks down at the still open drawer. Does he want a dildo? All the good ones are in the toy chest, this is mostly the shit he uses when he’s too tired to go digging through his collection.
… ehh, he’ll get one later. If he’s still aching for something after getting off once, he’ll consider it a reward dildo.

And is he gross for doing this with company over?
Oh, the answer is absolutely yes, but his squad has walked in on him doing far worse than playing with a Hitachi.
Katsuki tugs the waistband of his pajama pants and boxers up by hooking his thumb into the elastic, then he slides the Hitachi down until it’s resting against the top of his cock.
Just that slight pressure is enough to make him sigh, and he spreads his legs and twists the toy so his fingers have better access to the switch.
He flips the power on the low setting, but it’s still startling enough that he jerks into the buzzing pressure against his cock. His hips roll once, then he starts sliding the toy further down. A whine escapes him at the missed pressure, but he’s got time.
Katsuki’s been wound up all day, going back and forth between wet and anxious, so he doesn’t expect foreplay to last long. Katsuki tilts the toy and lifts his hips as the vibrations tingle across his folds.
With very slight, jerking motions, Katsuki lifts and drops the toy so it’s rubbing against everywhere but where his body craves it. He keeps going, teasing himself until he drips down his thighs.
His cunt clenches with need and Katsuki groans, eyes screwed shut as he lifts the toy off of his skin. One hand slides between his legs, three fingers rubbing against his folds and coming away slick with lubricant.
It sticks to his skin and clings, the slide making him whine. Katsuki huffs and pushes his fingers back down, scooping up more lubricant before he rubs it along his cock and squeeze it between his fingers.
Sweat beads at the base of his spine, his legs trembling before he lifts his knees and plants his feet on the bed. Throwing his head back, Katsuki switches the Hitachi from low to high and pushes it down on his wet cock while three fingers press to the underside.
He doesn’t try to cut off the cry that escapes his throat, his hips trembling at the feeling. /Fuck,/ this is so /good./
His mind drifts to Kirishima, as it always does, and he imagines their lips pressed together as Kirishima lays on top of him. Thick, tanned fingers would be welcomed to sink into his cunt, a thumb rubbing his cock.
Another gasp escapes Katsuki as his stomach clenches, his orgasm barreling toward the surface as he pushes the head of the Hitachi harder against his cock and starts rocking his hips upward.
He thinks of the way Kirishima’s hands had been so warm earlier today, how he’d bucked up beneath Katsuki and ground that thick cock against him.

God, he wants Kirishima in his room /so bad!/
He opens his mouth to call out to him, but his orgasm approaches too fast and hits too hard. Instead he lets go of his cock so he can cover his mouth and muffle his scream.
His fingers are wet and spread his fluids over his cheek, but he can’t be assed to care when his hips are lifting off the bed into the vibration of the Hitachi.
His world twists and his breath punches out of him, the toy slipping from his fingers after his orgasms peeks. The wands slips down into the leg of his pajamas. It continues to buzz, but Katsuki can’t grab for it yet. He needs… just a second or two...
The buzzing rolls against his inner thigh and it’s irritating and too much, so Katsuki grabs the cord and yanks the toy out of his boxers to flip the switch off. His breath his hard to come by, and as he lays there trying to even himself out he wonders if he was too loud.
He just took a shower too. Shit.

Slumping against the covers, Katsuki opens his eyes and stares at his ceiling. He should clean up and make sure no one is murdering anyone else in the family room.
Maybe stress to his squad that no one is allowed to beat up Kirishima until Katsuki gets to sit on his dick /one last time./

He sighs and reaches over for the box of tissues.

CW over



After getting cleaned up and taking a nap, Katsuki stretches his muscles and sneaks into his kitchen to start a pot of coffee.
While the coffee gets ready, he walks down the hall and slowly opens the door.

The lights are off but the string lights that halo the ceiling have been plugged in. They bathe the room in ever changing pastel colors, Mina’s idea of comfort.
Katsuki can see the movie on the screen at the back of the room playing some old, black and white American Film. Momo is curled up next to Kyoka on the floor while Shouto is leaning against her other side, the two whispering quietly about the film.
To their left, Hitoshi is squished next to Tetsutesu, and both of them have a disaster puddle on their laps.

Denki and Mina are wrapped around Kirishima, his arms holding them tight as the three of them sleep on Hitoshi and Tetsu’s legs.
They’re squished in, faces red and puffy from tears despite how dim the lighting is, and they look like they’re /finally/ at peace. Kirishima looks like he’s been hit a few more times, but nothing hard enough to bruise or leave any more marks.
Hanta looks back, the only one not covered in people, and climbs out of the pile. He makes his way over to Katsuki and the two leave the family room and head back into the kitchen.
Whatever had been cooking had been moved off the stove and long since abandoned, so Katsuki inspects it and shrugs. He moves it back onto the burner, tries a bite, and goes to his fridge to add a few things.
“You missed a /lot/ of yelling.” Hanta says, voice soft despite the fact it won’t carry down the hall. “And Mina throwing a shoe or five. Still not sure how she got Momo’s heels.”

Katsuki snorts. “What’s the Squad consensus then?”
Hanta makes a noise that isn’t good, but isn’t bad. It’s noncommittal at best. “Denki forgives him, but I think he just missed him so much that he doesn’t care. Kyoka is weary, but forgiving, and anything she thinks, Momo agrees with."
"Shouto… not touching that with a ten foot pole.”

“Smart move.” Katsuki sets a bell pepper on his cutting board and digs out a knife.
“Mina is still /really/ upset, but I think she missed him so much that just having him around is going to make her forgive him. She might not /yet,/ but she’s going to. Tetsu might say he’s alright, but we both know he’s going to take the longest. He holds a mighty grudge.”
“That just leaves you and Hitoshi.” Katsuki mutters as he starts cutting the pepper into thin strips.

“Hitoshi seems indifferent, but I’m pretty sure he’s following Denki’s lead.” Hanta rubs the back of his neck and then goes to get two coffee mugs out of the cabinet.
“And as for me… I... don’t know.” He sets them down and pulls out two spoons. “There’s no denying how much I missed him, but… Katsuki, he /hurt/ you.”

“I hurt him too.” Katsuki says it softly, separating the insides of the pepper from the skin he’s going to cook.
“It’s not the same though. No one is innocent, but he fucked up /way worse./” Hanta walks the few steps over and dumps the seeds into the trash after scooping them up. “I’m not going to forgive him unless you do. And hell, even then...” He sighs.
“He’s going to get a lot of shit from a lot of people, and as much as I don’t want one of them to be me...” He trails off and chews his lip.
Katsuki dumps the bell pepper slices into the pot and bumps his hip into Hanta’s. “Hey.” They look up at each other and slowly share a smile. “It’s going to take a lot of time, but I… I think it’ll be worth it.”

“And if it isn’t? If he just… fucking up and leaves again?”
Katsuki feels his grin split his face. “Then we hunt him down and make an example of him.” Hanta’s grin is slow, but twisted. In the quiet, they share a fleeting thought of vengeance for something that might not even happen, and then they wash their hands and make their coffee.
The food doesn’t take long to finish, and Hanta helps Katsuki fill bowls and put them on huge trays. They walk back to the family room together, the smell of food floating around them waking Denki the instant the door opens.
He doesn’t separate from Kirishima entirely, their legs are still tangled together, but he does move so his torso is pressed more firmly to Hitoshi’s. His arms reach out, his hands making grabbing motions for the food.
“Say please you piece of shit.” Hitoshi grumbles, slapping Denki’s ass. It’s gentle, but it’s loud enough that it causes Kirishima and Mina to startle awake.
“Dinner.” Katsuki states as he starts passing out bowls. “What the hell is this movie?” He asks Momo as she takes the bowl from him and smiles so fondly.
“Some Like It Hot.” Momo says, passing the bowl to Shouto. He takes it and the spoon Katsuki holds out. “It’s an American classic, we just started it so you haven’t missed much.”
Katsuki nods and takes his normal place on the orange beanbag with his own food, then the group slowly settles down and eats. Momo gets up and gets drinking, saying that since she’s already seen the movie it’s perfectly fine for her to move around.
Thankfully they all passed English in high school, so the movie isn’t hard to understand. Some of the customs are a little confusing, and they pause every now and then to argue over them, but ultimately the movie ends on a high note.

‘Well, nobody’s perfect.’
“Oh, Tetsu, would you love me no matter what like that?” Mina asks, still curled up against Kirishima’s side.

“I /married/ you, Mina.” Tetsu says with a wide grin. “I’d marry you again, boy, girl, anything in between.” And he sounds so fond about it.
“I think he knew the entire time, the rich guy.” Hitoshi mutters.

“Seconded.” Shouto lifts his whiskey glass in the air and then stretches.

“I think he just didn’t care, no matter the outcome.” Kyoka says, her voice holding that hint of dreamy delight.
“What do you think, Katsuki?”

“I think I need to piss.” Katsuki mutters. He pushes to his feet and stretches his arms over his head.
“Fuck, same.” Kirishima moves to sit up, but is suddenly held tight by pink arms. “Minnie, I’m just going to the bathroom. I’m not leaving.” He whispers.

“I don’t believe you.” Mina practically growls it.

“But my bladder, think of my innocent bladder.” Kirishima whines.
“You /better not/ piss on me. I’m not into that. No kink shame or anything, but do fucking /not./” Tetsu warns.
“For fucks sake.” Katsuki groans. “Mina, I’ll go /with him./ He’ll use my bathroom and I’ll have my eyes on him the entire time. That make you feel better?” She grunts in a way that says ‘No it doesn’t,’ but ends up letting Kirishima go.
Denki wiggles away so he’s sitting on Hitoshi’s lap, and the two are rubbing their noses together and whispering quietly as Katsuki waves Kirishima to the door. He doesn’t wait long, just grabs Kirishima’s hand and drags him up the hall to the master bedroom.
Once there, he pushes Kirishima into the bathroom and turns his back.

The door bathroom stays open, the bedroom door does not.
The sink gets turned on as a blanket noise and Katsuki waits him out before he flushes and starts washing his hands. Katsuki hurries in behind him as Kirishima is distracted by the various soaps and lotions on the counter. He finishes before the guy even lathers up his hands.
After flushing, Katsuki nudges him over and pumps soap into his palms.

“Smells like cotton candy.” Kirishima whispers, barely audible over the water in the sink.
“It doesn’t cause me a rash either, mixes fine with the quirk sweat.” Katsuki mutters. Kirishima hums, both of them rinsing off soap and then sharing the towel. “Alright, time to get back to Mina.” Katsuki waves a hand toward the open bathroom door.
Kirishima leans over and Katsuki raises an eyebrow at him. “What, scared of her?”

“A healthy amount.” Kirishima says before standing back up. “You closed your bedroom door.”

Katsuki blinks. “Okay, and?”
“Shouto says you only close it when you’re mad or you’re jerking off.” His voice gets a little deeper, more curious. Katsuki rolls his eyes.
“I didn’t think you wanted people walking by and seeing you wave your dick around at the toilet. Pikachu and Mini-Zawa look like they’re about three minutes from dicking down, so they might run through the hallway.”
Katsuki says as he rolls his eyes and leans against the bathroom counter. Kirishima laughs, one hand covering his cheek as he shakes his head.
It’s a sound that pools hot in Katsuki’s gut. One he’s missed /so/ badly, one he dreams about. He swallows the desire and looks away, trying to focus instead on the light from his headboard.

“I missed your sense of humor.” Kirishima whispers, stepping closer.
“It’s not that hard to come by.” Katsuki mutters, trying not to look over at Kirishima as a wave of want washes over him. Now isn’t the time, but god they’re /so close./ Katsuki can smell the faint remainder of his aftershave, the food on his breath.
“Harder than you think.” Kirishima puts a hand on the counter, framing Katsuki’s side. They aren’t touching, but they’re close enough that Katsuki can feel Kirishima’s warmth. He opens his mouth and breathes out.
“Are… are you doing that on purpose?” He turns finally, looking at Kirishima. His hair is flat, tugged loose from any product that might have held it in place earlier. His shirt is disheveled, hanging lower to show off his tan lines and collar bone.
The bandage on his cheek is still there, but it doesn’t take away from Kirishima’s natural fucking everything.

God, who gave him the /right/ to be his hot? A stupid smile full of sharp teeth, sweet eyes that are full of hope and adoration.

Katsuki can /not/ do this.
He takes a step away and nods toward the bathroom door. “Come on, before Mina thinks you took off out the bathroom window.”

Kirishima opens his mouth, then pouts. His head shakes and follows after Katsuki like a lost puppy.
They head back to the family room, where Kirishima is pulled into Mina’s arms and Tetsu squishes in on his other side.
Denki and Hitoshi are nowhere to be seen, apparently having ‘gone home.’ Katsuki wouldn’t be surprised if they’re just in one of the guest rooms fucking. They’re the main culprits.
Momo keeps them up for another hour with tales of her time in America, various snacks and candies she brought back, and then she has to cover a yawn. Kyoka laughs and pulls her to her feet.
“Okay, executive decision time.” Kyoka states. “I’m taking my wife home. Tetsu, you should do the same. Mina keeps nodding off.”
Shouto nods as well, getting up to wrap himself around Katsuki’s side. “I need to go home and do laundry, but I can come back tomorrow.” Katsuki nods and lets Shouto lean into him, even goes as far as a one armed hug.
“Well, if you’re leaving, I better-” Kirishima tries to get up again, but Mina huffs and yanks him back down. “Minnie, he /drove me/ here.”

“Holy shit.” Hanta laughs as he gathers up empty bowls and trash.
“You’re staying here.” Shouto mutters before pressing a kiss to Katsuki’s cheek. “You two need to talk and I /don’t/ want to be here if that talk leads to where I think it will.”
Katsuki scoffs. “You have no faith in me.”

“None.” Shouto says with a nod before leaning in to whisper. “Go get your dick wet, you deserve it.”

Hanta laughs louder as he leaves the family room with Momo and Kyoka.
Tetsu yawns and stands up, a hand held out to Mina. “Come on baby, let’s go see if Setsuna’s home. Katsuki has us on speed dial, if Eiji runs we’ll be the first he calls.” Mina scoffs, but slowly pulls away from Kirishima.
They share a few whispered words, and then Tetsu carries Mina out of the room in his arms like a Princess.

“You /sure/ you don’t want to take him with you, or just… stay the night?” Katsuki asks, nose brushing against Shouto’s cheek. Shouto chuckles and rolls his eyes.
“I’ll call before I come over so you have time to hop off his dick.” Shouto says it with an absurd amount of seriousness. Katsuki can’t help but laugh as they break apart, and he walks Shouto down the hall and gets his hugs in as his friends leave.
When his house is finally empty, save himself and Kirishima, he walks back into the family room and shrugs at the bed.

“You can crash there.” He says as he stuffs his hands into his pajama pockets.
Kirishima stands up, rubbing at the back of his neck. “Oh… I mean… yeah. I get that.”

“Get what?” Katsuki tilts his head. “What, were you expecting me to invite you into my bed so you could ravage me?”
Kirishima’s face flushes and he splutters. “No! I mean-I-fuck Katsuki, I thought we were going to talk?”

For some reason, one he doesn’t entirely understand, that makes Katsuki angry. “So you /don’t/ want to fuck me?” His words are bitter and feel strange to say.
“Of /course/ I want to fuck you!” Kirishima throws both his hands in the air. “I’ve been thinking about you on my dick since the training room, I-” He doesn’t get to finish.
Katsuki rushes forward, grabbing two fistfuls of Kirishima’s hair to tug him into a kiss. Kirishima’s mouth is open at first, but a growl rumbles through his chest and his leans into the kiss the next breath.
His hands are around Katsuki’s hips in a second, lifting him off the ground and hoisting him up so Katsuki can wrap his legs around him.
When he pulls back to gasp, his mouth tingles. “Fuck talking, do me instead.” He doesn’t even feel shame, one hand tugging harder at Kirishima’s hair while the other reaches down to tug at the bottom of his own shirt.
“Not a good idea.” Kirishima pants out between peppering kisses across Katsuki’s cheeks. He walks them over to the wall, pressing Katsuki’s back against it before he helps him yank his shirt off.
His own gets thrown behind them before they’re kissing again, this time sliding their lips together instead of a single press.
Katsuki leans in, opening his mouth to bite gently on Kirishima’s lower lip and tug it back. “I. Don’t. Care.” He says, each word a separate breath.
“Come on Eiji, /please./” He doesn’t hide his whine, in fact he makes it louder. Kirishima gasps and buries his face in Katsuki’s neck. He can feel Kirishima’s cock as it swells against his hip, and /fuck/ he’s /so close/ to where he wants him.
“Give me a second to get you to the bed. Do you have condoms? You’re clean right?” Kirishima asks, trailing kisses up to Katsuki’s jaw.
“Yes I’m clean, but you know you don’t need a condom.” Katsuki hisses at one nip of sharp teeth. “Go to my bathroom and shower if you’re that fucking worried about being /clean,/ otherwise let me suck your dick.”
Kirishima makes this /sound/ like he’s about to shatter. “But I wanted to watch you /bounce./” He whines like it’s a proper tragedy, and if Katsuki weren’t being held up by the wall, he’d have fallen to the floor.
“/Now./” He demands. “You don’t need to finger me, just-” Katsuki fights with both hands as he starts undoing Kirishima’s jeans.
Kirishima laughs and eases Katsuki’s legs off his hips, then starts undressing. As soon as Katsuki’s feet touch the floor he’s shoving his pajamas and boxers down, leaving them where they fall before he hurries toward the door.
“Where are you going?” Kirishima calls, still kicking off the leg of his boxers.

“I’m not /fucking/ in the family room!” Katsuki shouts. “Hitoshi brings Eri over sometimes and she sleeps on that bed! I draw the line there, the kids been through enough.”
He turns in the doorway to his bedroom just in time to see Kirishima walk out in all his naked glory.

Katsuki swallows.
Kirishima’s dick is half mast and as thick as Katsuki remembers it. The shaft has a vein just under the head that gets more noticeable the harder Kirishima gets, and Katsuki wants to drop to his knees and slide the whole fucking thing down his throat.
He wants to gag on it, Kirishima’s hand pulling at his hair as he fucks him until his throat is hoarse for weeks.

He wants bruises and to get dizzy from choking in that monster.

He feels wetness sliding down his thighs.
“/Bed./” He croaks it out before he hurries into his room. He tosses himself on his mattress and scrambles to grab a bottle of lube from the drawer, then he scoots back down and rolls onto his back, legs thrown open.
Kirishima chases after him with a laugh, his thighs bracing the edge of the mattress as his hands fall to either side of Katsuki’s face.
His breath is hot and smells like sugar candy from all those dumb snacks they had earlier. Katsuki reaches one hand up, tucking a strand of hair behind Kirishima’s ear.

Fuck it, behind /Eijiro’s/ ear. If he’s doing this, he’s not going to half ass it, he’s going all in.
“How did you get even hotter?” Eijiro asks with a goofy, sharp toothed grin. “You’re like… the hottest guy I’ve ever met, I swear to god.” Katsuki laughs and slides his hand into Eijiro’s hair, tugging him down to share another kiss.
When their lips touch, Eijiro lowers his hips, his cock steadily growing against Katsuki’s skin. He doesn’t bother trying to hide how needy his whine is as he chases after Eijiro when he pulls back.
“I wasn’t done.” Katsuki grumbles, nipping at Eijiro’s bottom lip again. Eijiro groans and pulls back further, one hand fumbling between them.

“Gotta stretch you.” He mutters. “Don’t distract me.”
Katsuki snorts. “I’m stretched, I told you earlier.” Eijiro gives him a skeptical look. “Eiji, just because I wasn’t taking dick doesn’t mean I wasn’t keeping up with my kegel health.”
“Oh my /god./” Eijiro laughs, shutting his eyes as his hand rests on Katsuki’s stomach. “Fuck, I missed you so much. You always make me laugh when I’m nervous.”
That makes Katsuki smile. “You’re nervous?” He reaches out for the lube and pops the lid open with his thumb. “You used to wreck me on a daily, how are you nervous?” He fumbles a bit before Eijiro shifts to let him use both hands so he can pour lube onto his own palm.
Rubbing his hands together, Katsuki watches the way Eijiro flushes.

“What if… what if I got bad at it?” He asks.
Katsuki rolls his eyes. “Then I’ll teach you how to fuck all over again, now will you just shut up and...” He trails off as he reaches down with slick hands and palms Eijiro’s cock. “Fuck, I missed you.”
Eijiro snorts, hips rolling into Katsuki’s touch. “Are you talking to me or my cock right now?”

Katsuki doesn’t justify that with a response.
His wrist turns so he can coat Eijiro’s cock with lube, but he really has to twist to get the whole thing. Eijiro’s cock it’s super long, in fact it’s about an average six, maybe seven inches in length, but that’s pushed aside by how /thick/ it is.
Katsuki used to be scared to actually measure it, back when worried about being considered a size king.

Now he knows better.

This dick /fat./
“Your /hands./” Eijiro groans. “I swear to god, you left me with the worst thing for hands.” He’s getting that growl in his throat that means he’s starting to lose focus, his hips bucking into Katsuki’s palm and fingers.
Katsuki swallows and fumbles with his other hand for a pillow. Hearing him pat around the bed, Eijiro reaches up and snatches the nearest pillow and lifts Katsuki up by the hip with one hand.
He shoves the pillow under and the two of them guide his cock head to press against Katsuki’s cunt. Hardened fingers spread Katsuki’s folds, then they’re soft as they spread the slick already pooling there.

“Yeah?” Eijiro asks one last time.
Katsuki has a chance to back out, to turn and run, to blow him up and tell him to get out of his house.
“Yeah.” Katsuki says with a nod, letting go of an exhale as Eijiro starts to push his dick passed the tight ring of muscles. Instantly Katsuki’s eyes roll back, both his hands gripping the sheets and letting off explosions.
Eijiro groans, pausing not even an inch in. “You… you gotta relax.” He pants, already pulling back. “Knew I… shoulda’ stretched you.”
Katsuki grunts in response to that, legs wrapping quickly around Eijiro’s hips to keep him from getting far. He whimpers, hands outstretched until he can grab onto Eijiro’s biceps for support. They share a wordless exchange, and then Eijiro is nodding and sinking forward again.

Eijiro’s dick is /so different/ from a dildo or a vibrator, he’d forgotten how warm it was, how much it stretched him. Katsuki lets out a gasp, feeling warm and full all at once, and Eijiro isn’t even halfway in yet. The fucker.
Shouto was right, he /really/ loves good dick. And Eijiro’s is the /best./
“Oh… my god!” Katsuki punctuates his words with gasps as Eijiro pulls back and thrusts in again, sinking even father than before. “Yes, holy fuck /yes!/” He’s babbling, he knows that, but he has ever right to be out of his mind right now.

Above him, Eijiro /growls./
“So needy.” He whispers, voice husky and close to Katsuki’s ear. He pulls back slow, too slow, it’s agonizing. “I’ll have to fix that.” He thrusts forward again and Katsuki lets out a squeal when he feels Eijiro’s balls slap against his ass.
His legs tighten around Eijiro’s hips, his body arching as his arms move from biceps to wrap around shoulders. “Fuck me!” It’s a statement less than a request, but it makes Eijiro laugh before he dips down to kiss Katsuki.
Their lips clash, messy and wet as teeth click and a long, thick tongue pushes into Katsuki’s mouth. He moans, suddenly rocking on the bed when Eijiro starts a slow roll of his hips. He isn’t thrusting or pulling back, just slowly rolling.
Katsuki pulls away from the kiss panting, nails digging into Eijiro’s back. “Ei, please I can’t-it’s been /years!/ Please just-just fuck me up baby, please!” He’s starting to cry, god damn it. Why does he have to get so weepy over dick?
With another kiss, Eijiro hushes him and pulls back enough to lift Katsuki just an inch higher, then he thrusts forward so deep that he bottoms out.
Katsuki screams into Eijiro’s mouth, but it’s cut off halfway through when the slow, adjusting pace Eijiro had started swaps to quick pistoning thrusts. Katsuki looks away from the kiss, gasping out as his toes curl.
Eijiro pushes up and Katsuki shrieks, a small explosion going off against Eijiro’s hardened back beneath his hands.
“There... we go, gonna make… make you cum... so fast.” Eijiro says, voice deep and determined. He keeps the pace up, hard and unforgiving as he aims for the top wall of Katsuki’s cunt.
He hasn’t even touched Katsuki’s cock and Eijiro is already driving him right toward an orgasm. Katsuki’s thighs tense, his back arching as sweat drips off both their bodies.
He’s being fucked nearly up the mattress, his whole body beginning to tremble as sensations build faster than he can think.
He lets out a babbled collection of pleas, all nearly incoherent and most cut off with each vicious thrust. His nails can’t catch good enough purchase on Eijiro’s back, hardened in case of explosions, but Katsuki is… kind of into that.
“Katsuki.” Eijiro groans, leaning down to kiss along his throat and then brush against his lips. “I love you /so much./”
His orgasm punches him harder than the dick currently plowing into him, his cunt clamping down on that thick cock. Katsuki screams, wails even, as his vision goes white and his body tightens into a single coil. When it snaps, his eyes slam shut.
As endorphins flood through him, Eijiro kept thrusting. Katsuki gasps, each thrust causing a little ‘Ah!’ of pleasure to slip through his lips. When was the last time he’d come without touching his cock?
“Love you... so much.” Eijiro babbles, hiding his face against Katsuki’s shoulder. His thrusts are getting sloppy instead of steady and hard. Katsuki hums and clenches around him the best he can with how lax his body is after orgasm.
It doesn’t take long, he just has to slide a hand through Eijiro’s hair and kiss along his face. “Cum inside me, Eiji.” He whispers, and with a hard thrust of hips that jerk Katsuki on the bed, he does.
Eijiro whines, trying not to fall on top of Katsuki as he fills him, cock pulsing hard. Katsuki can feel the cum slipping around Eijiro’s dick as he gives an aborted thrust, feel it leaking out of his cunt in globs. The bed is going to be /disgusting./
He smiles, pulling Eijiro up to kiss him slowly, pulling him in for a hug next. “That was /so good/ baby, you did /so good./” Eijiro sniffles and buries his face against Katsuki’s neck.
“Love you.” He whispers again, more fervently. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Katsuki.” Katsuki hushes him, rubbing along his back.
“Easy, come on, pull out.” He rocks his hips once and Eijiro grunts, pulling out and reluctantly rolling to the side when Katsuki let his hips go by flopping his legs to the mattress.
Now free of cock, Katsuki’s cunt dribbles cum and slick. He can’t help but laugh. “We’re uh… we’re doing that again. Soon as I can feel my legs.”
Eijiro laughs too, rolling onto his side to kiss Katsuki’s shoulder. “Anything you want, any /way/ you want.” He promises.

Katsuki believes him.

( CW over )


( CW Mild panic attack had by Bakugo )

Sleep creeps up on Katsuki while he’s waiting for the tingling to stop, but it’s not the heavy kind at first. It starts off more like a sheet thrown over his mind instead of a thick duvet.
He’s still aware of Eijiro’s body next to him, and that’s… that’s a comfort he hasn’t had in a /long/ time. He’s slept next to plenty of people before, some naked and some not, but with Eijiro it’s… /different./
And not just because of body types, but because of how… /relaxed/ his mind gets next to the other man. His body too, but he’s going to chalk that one up to the intense orgasm he had earlier.
Eventually he drifts through his nap long enough that his body is satisfied, and Katsuki opens his eyes. The light from his headboard is bathing the ceiling in pale orange and it… it’s familiar and comfortable.
He smiles to himself, not really able to help it before the light slowly shifts to yellow. He stretches out, arms over his head before he reaches to pull Eijiro to him for a kiss.

But Eijiro’s not there.
Katsuki sits up with a sharp breath, looking around the room almost frantically as he scans the floor. Eijiro’s not by the door, he’s not in the room.
He scrambles off the bed, a ringing starting in his ears as several pops go off between his fingers. He can’t breath, his vision is going black around the edges.
He’s going to kill him.

He fucking /left./

How COULD he?

Why would he?

Where is he?

He’s /DEAD!/

He turns toward the bedroom door and gets ready to run out, naked or not.

And then the toilet flushes and Katsuki drops to his knees in shock.
He whips around and looks at the bathroom door, which he left ajar but is now shut. He can see the dim nightlight from under the door and Eijiro’s shadow shuffling around by the sink as the water turns on. Katsuki still can’t catch his breath.

It doesn’t seem real.
But then the door opens and Eijiro’s just… /there,/ startled and opened mouth.

“Katsuki?” He hurries forward, arms outstretched. “Babe, what are you doing on the floor? Are you… Katsuki are you crying?”
As soon as Eijiro’s hands are on him, oxygen rushes into Katsuki’s lungs and he claws up the other mans arms until he’s wrapped around his neck.
“I… I thought you left again.” He admits, eyes shut as he holds on tight. “I thought you /left/ and I was going to hunt you down and… oh god how are we supposed to do this if we’re so fucked up that you can’t even take a piss without me panicking?!”
Eijiro shuddered breath is hot against Katsuki’s neck. “I had to pee, I didn’t-I should have left the door open. I’ll leave it open next time, I’ll-I’ll wake you up first!” There’s a creeping panic in his voice that pulls something tight in Katsuki’s chest.
“Stop it.” He squeezes tighter around Eijiro’s shoulders and lifts up on his knees. “I… I just panicked. It was on me, I-”

“No!” Eijiro pulls back, tears now brimming on his lashes. “It’s /my/ fault, /I/ broke us, I did this when I left!” He makes a choked sound and sits back.
He climbs into Eijiro’s still naked lap and hushes him with peppered kisses to his cheeks, his thumbs brushing away tears even though his heart is still pounding so hard that his chest hurts. They need to talk this out, but…
No, /no/ more of that. No more running from their problems. That’s what put them here, Katsuki’s unwillingness to just fucking… /talk/ about shit.
“Look at me.” He whispers, and Eijiro does. His eyes are bloodshot and his face is a mess. “It was going to happen eventually, but it happened /now./ We… we’re going to deal with it.” He leans in and presses a brief, chaste kiss to Eijiro’s forehead.
“Just… yeah, leave the bathroom door cracked open or something. Unless you have to shit, then just wake me up before you climb out of bed.”
That makes Eijiro laugh, and the tension and sorrow that had been building slowly starts to ease back. It’s still there, it’s like the foundation of a house, but Katsuki has always been good at demolition.
“I love you, I promise I won’t fuck this up.” Eijiro whispers, eyes shut as he leans into Katsuki’s touch.

“You will though.” Katsuki scolds him with an eye roll. “And so will I. But not beyond repair. We’ll work at this, we’ll… I want this.”
He pulls back enough so he can cup Eijiro’s face in his hands. “I want /you,/ Eiji.”
After a sniffled breath, Eijiro nods. “I… I want you too.” He whispers it, eyes shut as he leans forward so their foreheads are touching.
Blond hair mixes with fading red as they nuzzle together, and Katsuki waits until his heartbeat has steadied and Eijiro isn’t sniffling anymore before he pulls away.

“Shit, what time is it?” He mutters as he climbs to his feet.
He walks over to his phone and presses his thumb to the screen until it lights up. His lock screen is a bright picture of himself, Deku, and Icy Hot standing in front of their Agency the day they bought it.
The time at the top tells him it’s 2:06 in the morning, and he grunts. He could /really/ use more sleep.

Looking back at the bed, and makes a face at the covers. They’re still covered in cum, burnt holes, and volatile sweat.
He strips the top layer off so it’s just down to the sheets, then climbs under the first one and stretches out. His bed still smells a little bit like a roasted marshmallow, but it’s a smell he enjoys.

“Can I… should I join you?” Eijiro asks, hesitant at the foot of the bed.
“Duh.” Katsuki lifts the edge of the sheet and tries not to smile like a lovesick child when Eijiro stumbles to climb under with him. They both end up laughing, a tangle of messy limbs and frayed nerves, but eventually it all settles when Eijiro curls up against Katsuki’s chest.
Katsuki’s running his fingers through his hair, and he thinks absently that they should probably get water.

But he’s tired. He hasn’t been this tired in a while, and the adrenaline rush didn’t help. He’d been so alert earlier, but now he’s crashing hard all over again.
“M’gonna nap.” He informs Eijiro.

“Okay, I won’t go anywhere.” He promises, face nuzzled against Katsuki’s pecks.

“You better not.” But it’s halfhearted.
He knows Eijiro won’t do that twice, somehow he’s just… sure. Unlike the fear that slapped him when he first woke up, that irrational, unthinking fear that leaves lead in his throat, this is certainty.
He opens his eyes again and swallows several times, trying to settle his breathing. Eijiro notices, hard not to when you’re right on top of someone, and he stretches out so his throat is over Katsuki’s chest.
It’s a dumb angle, but when Eijiro hums low in his throat the vibration is enough to tickle.

Katsuki shoves his shoulder as he tries not to laugh, and Eijiro settles down normally again. “You’re like a giant dog.” He scolds.
“You’re the one who drools buckets.” Eijiro mutters.

Katsuki scoffs. “That’s a lie, I don’t drool in my sleep, /you/ do.”

“I never said in your sleep.” Eijiro shifts a little on the mattress, trying to get more comfortable.
“What other time do I drool?” Katsuki asks as he rolls his eyes.

“When you’re sucking dick.” That shuts Katsuki up. He’s not the kind to blush, but he does shove Eijiro one more time before shutting his eyes and letting the sounds of their breathing start to lull him to sleep.
Maybe he can suck Eijiro’s dick later.

… actually…

No. Not rght now, they’re too keyed up. They need to sleep this off. The last thing Katsuki wants is to have a panic attack with a dick down his throat.

( CW over )


( CW : NSFW, We eatin' good )

A few hours later and Katsuki wakes up from the fading memory of a wet dream. Whatever had been happening has him /soaked,/ and he either came right as he woke up or was just about to.
He lets out a frustrated whine at being robbed of remembering the experience. His squirming wakes up Eijiro though, who is hard against his thigh.

Oh... Eijiro is /there,/ warm against his skin and drooling on Katsuki’s chest as his eyes flutter open.
“Wazzit?” Eijiro asks sleepily, looking around as he wipes drool off his cheek and then off Katsuki’s pec.

“M’horny.” Katsuki grumbles. “I blame you. Close proximity to your dick has set off a bomb in my libido.” Eijiro snorts and shakes his head.
“Did you want me to do something about it, or did you just want me to know?” He asks, lips brushing against Katsuki’s chest when he leans down to kiss his collarbone.
“Because I was having a /really/ nice dream about you,” he rolls his hips to grind his cock against Katsuki’s thigh for emphasis, “but you woke me up from it.”
Katsuki swallows, thinking about all the places that statement could lead them. He’s still wet, in fact his cunt almost aches with a need for something to be stuffed inside of it.
“Why dream about me when I’m right here? I want you to do something about it.” Katsuki admits. “No idea what though.”

Eijiro hums, tongue dipping out to trail over Katsuki’s collar and down to one of his nipples, which he nips at. “Want me to surprise you?”
“You know I hate surprises.” Katsuki whispers, one hand fumbling until he can grab Eijiro’s as it squeezes his hip. “You wanted to finger me last night?” He brings the hand up to his mouth and licks across Eijiro’s index finger, curving his tongue across the pad.
He hears Eijiro’s breath catch, feels how he goes lax and gives over the guidance of his hand to Katsuki. Closing his eyes, Katsuki pulls the hand closer and licks between his index and middle finger.
“Missed how long your fingers are.” Katsuki whispers before letting saliva pool onto his tongue. Once he’s sure things will be messy, he opens his eyes and catches Eijiro’s attention before licking from palm to the tip of his middle finger.
Eijiro makes this /noise,/ like he’s trying to hold back a groan but also himself. “I missed your mouth.” He admits with the same kind of urgency. “No one kisses like you do, Katsuki.”
“No fucking shit,” Katsuki says it with a smirk, fully aware of how prideful he’s being. “You’ll have to tell me about your shitty experiences later when I’m done /wrecking/ you.”
He slowly eases Eijiro’s index and middle finger into his mouth. His tongue curls around them as he gives a weak suck.

“/Fuck,/ I want you to use your strap on me /so bad./” Eijiro’s voice cracks when he says it. “Nobody was as good as you.”
And he’s probably just stroking Katsuki’s ego because they’re both horny idiots, but Katsuki still likes the way it sounds. He sucks with purpose, bobbing his head as his wet lips slide back on forth on Eijiro’s fingers.
“Can we… shit, next time we do this I’ll prep myself and take your dick as long as you want me to.” Eijiro says it with so much passion that it makes Katsuki pause. He leans away from the fingers and they slide out of his mouth with a pop.
“That’s a bold thing to say. I’ve gotten more dicks since the last time we fucked.” Katsuki licks his lips and guides Eijiro’s hand between his legs. He lets go when Eijiro’s palm touches his pubic hair.
Eijiro doesn’t need to be guided for this, he’s dipped his fingers here more than once. It might have been a while, but Katsuki’s sure that muscle memory will kick in.
He closes his eyes when Eijiro’s middle finger slides down, over his cock and through his folds, then rubs around the rim of his cunt.
Katsuki’s legs spread wider, his torso shuffling closer to Eijiro when his shoulder thumps to the bed. One of Katsuki’s legs gets thrown over Eijiro’s hip, his foot hooked behind the other mans knee.
“I’ll take whatever you slide into me, babe.” Eijiro whispers it like a promise, his nose brushing against the shell of Katsuki’s ear. His index finger curls toward his palm, the back of his still wet knuckle brushing against Katsuki’s cock before applying pressure.
Katsuki whines, short and high before one of his hands reaches out to grab for Eijiro’s other hand. “I’ve got you.” Eijiro whispers like a promise.
Their fingers twine together, Katsuki’s sweaty palm heating to the point it could spark at any minute. But Eijiro flexes his palm and hardens it, as if reminding Katsuki he doesn’t have to focus so hard, he can’t hurt Eijiro like this.
Katsuki can give in to pleasure and ride that wave of lust.

When they’d first gotten together, Eijiro had joked that they were made for one another. Now though, Katsuki felt like it might be true.
Two broken people slotting together in broken ways and still finding time to have feelings for one another.
Eijiro’s middle finger pushes in slow enough to make Katsuki whine, almost desperate for more. He’s made a mess of the bed, he can tell, and it’s both exhilarating and disgusting.
He can feel slick on the inside of his thighs from when he was squirming earlier, and now it’s getting on Eijiro’s hand.

“You’re so loose.” Eijiro whispers, now sunk in to the second knuckle. “Didn’t realize you wanted me /that/ bad.”
“Stop talking.” Katsuki says it with an eye roll before he turns his head and captures Eijiro’s lips in a kiss. Eijiro obliges, pulling back just enough to lick his lips and make their kiss easier.
Eijiro pulls his finger back and Katsuki whines, but then it slides forward again, teasing but still only to the second knuckle. Despite how thick and long his fingers are, Katsuki isn’t satisfied with just one.
When Eijiro starts a slow, steady rhythm where he slides his finger in and out, Katsuki waits until he feels like he might scream before rocking his hips down to pull more of Eijiro’s finger inside of him.
“Greedy.” It’s said hotly, their lips don’t even part completely, and it makes Katsuki laugh. Of /course/ he’s greedy, he’s been greedy since the day they met.

But Eijiro stops teasing, sinks his finger in completely before pulling it out and sliding two back in its place.
Katsuki lets out a short ‘Ah’ of a gasp, lips still caught against Eijiro’s. The kiss starts back up, a little faster and messier this time as tongues join in, and Katsuki moans. Eijiro’s fingers are purposeful and searching even as they scissor him open, and it feels so /good./
It’s nothing like his own hand. His skin isn’t callused and firm, it’s soft and smooth from years of working with his quirk.
Katsuki pulls back from the kiss, gasping as Eijiro’s thumb presses down on his cock. Katsuki squeezes his other hand, pulling it into the space between them as he lifts his hips for more contact, more of that pressure.
He’s chasing a high that’s still far off but always so close. With every slide of Eijiro’s fingers, Katsuki rolls his hips to meet them, his eyes shut as he pants and whines.
After a while, Eijiro chuckles, nuzzling his cheek. “Not enough?” He asks in that low, deep voice that sends pure pleasure sparking through Katsuki’s veins. /That’s/ the confidence he missed seeing on Eijiro, not this fumbling mess he’s been the last few days.
Katsuki shakes his head no, not trusting his voice. Eijiro hums, shifting before looking down the plane of Katsuki’s chest.
“You’re taking my fingers so well,” and he eases a third in, causing Katsuki to keen, “I know you’re comfortable with me pressed close to you like this, but… I kind of want to eat you out.” Katsuki gasps, yanking his hand away to grip Eijiro’s shoulder and shove him down.
“Buffet’s fucking open.” Katsuki says, rushing through the words in his excitement.

Eijiro laughs as they scramble apart, his fingers sliding out as he repositions himself between Katsuki’s legs, thighs over his shoulders. “Dinner /and/ a show?” He teases.
Katsuki kicks his back with his heel even though he’s laughing. “Shut the fuck up.” He smiles and feels his cheeks flush.
One of Eijiro’s hands reaches up and Katsuki grabs it, cradling strong knuckles against his chest again. He doesn’t ever want to let this point of contact go. He wants to hold Eijiro’s hand forever.

That’s so dumb.
The other hand slides back to Katsuki’s cunt and three wet fingers press against his rim. For a moment, Katsuki thinks he’s going to get those fingers back inside of him, but instead they just push and prod, never sliding home.
He looks down and see Eijiro staring at his cunt in awe, and he cant help but scoff.

“Eiji.” The other man looks up, eyes blown wide as excitement fills his features. “Either suck my cock, or let me suck yours.” And doesn’t /that/ put the biggest grin on Eijiro’s face.
He opens his mouth and leans forward, the flat of his tongue pressing warm against Katsuki’s cock. He doesn’t mean to jerk his hips at the touch, but he does, eyes fluttering shut when Eijiro dips in for another pass.
He’s practically slobbering on Katsuki’s dick, but it… it feels good.

/So/ good.
The tip of Eijiro’s tongue circles Katsuki’s cock and he whimpers, loud and needy into the air of his bedroom. There’s no denying how much he wants this, how much he’s missed sex. How much he’s missed /Eijiro./
And not just for the sex. God, the dumb jokes leading up to the sex, the smell of his sweat, the way he flops on top of Katsuki like a big therapy dog when he starts to panic.
Katsuki tries not to cry, tries not to get caught up in his thoughts and instead focus on how good Eijiro’s tongue feels as it flicks across his cock.
How good his lips feel when he wraps them around Katsuki, two fingers stroking along the small excuse for a shaft he has before Eijiro is sucking and using his tongue heavily against the head if his cock.
Katsuki swears, hips lifting toward Eijiro’s mouth. The fingers leave and it’s a little less pressure, but god his mouth is so dangerous and yet /so/ careful. It’s wet and hot and sucking him down until Katsuki is crying out and trying to jerk away from the pleasure.
Eijiro holds his hip in place, a grip strong enough to bruise just so he can keep Katsuki where he wants him.

Squeezing Eijiro’s other hand, Katsuki reaches down to push Eijiro that much closer.
He’d wanted to be eaten out, yeah, but he’ll /never/ say no to getting his dick sucked.

It doesn’t take long, not when Eijiro starts moaning around Katsuki’s cock and using his tongue like it’s a fucking vibrator. And where the /fuck/ did he learn that?
Whoever taught him that is getting a god damn edible arrangement.
Katsuki’s grinding his hips into Eijiro’s mouth the best he can, his pleasure spiking through him as he cries out over and over. “Eiji, oh /fuck/ me-/Yes!/ Yes /there/ Eiji don’t stop oh god don’t stop /please!/”
Eijiro doesn’t stop or slow down, not even when Katsuki screams his way through his orgasm, legs clenching tight and nearly crushing Eijiro’s skull if it weren’t for well placed hardening. When over stimulation gets to him, Katsuki yanks hard at Eijiro’s hair.
“Baby, stop.” He whines it, and Eijiro slows down and pulls off his cock. Saliva trails after his lips when he looks up, and god it should /not/ be that hot. Eijiro’s panting, eyes blown and looking absolutely feral between Katsuki’s legs as he licks his lips.
“I… can I?” Red eyes flick down, passed Katsuki’s cock to his dripping cunt. A wave of excitement makes Katsuki tremble all over.

Or maybe that’s aftershocks from the orgasm.

“Told you the buffet was open.” He mutters, and it sounds a little slurred. Probably is.
Eijiro moans and practically dives in, mouth open and tongue already thrust against Katsuki’s exposed cunt. He licks up as much as he can, slow but determined, and Katsuki gasps through it.
It’s both too much and not enough, and he wants Eijiro’s tongue /inside/ of him but he can’t seem to catch his breath fast enough to beg for it.
Thankfully he doesn’t have to, Eijiro’s tongue laps up what he wants and then he seems to go for the source, tongue pushing inside of Katsuki’s cunt with purpose. Katsuki lets out a shrill noise, hand still in Eijiro’s hair or he would have covered his face.
His hips rock into the thrusting tongue, and when Eijiro’s fingers find his cock he screams, an explosion going off where he’s holding Eijiro’s hand. He’s squeezed so hard their knuckles are white, hardened skin rippling through the pops and crackling on his palms.
Katsuki doesn’t expect two orgasms that fast, but the second one doesn’t creep up so much as run right at him with a bat. Eijiro’s sucking around his cunt while he fucks him with his tongue, his fingers rubbing at his cock, and it’s all too much.
He cums once again with Eijiro’s name ripped from his throat on a scream, his vision filling with colorful little dots as his eyes roll back. When he catches his breath, his cock has been left alone, but a warm, long tongue is still lapping against him slowly.
As if Eijiro’s trying to clean him up.

He moans and rolls his head to the side.

“Fuck you.” He croaks, voice hoarse and scratchy.
Eijiro laughs as he looks up, tongue darting out to flick against Katsuki’s cock. He whimpers, shying away from the contact, and Eijiro seems to take the hint.
Slowly, like he’s creeping up the bed, Eijiro climbs up and takes his place next to Katsuki as he wipes off his cheeks and chin. There’s cum drooling from his lips and Katsuki laughs at him.
“Did you cum enough? I could finger you again if you want more, does that sound good?” Eijiro asks.

It’s… stupid, and sweet, and considerate. Katsuki hums in contentment and rolls onto his side so he can hide his face against Eijiro’s chest.
“I came enough, I’m good.” His voice is still hoarse. “Let me jerk you off though, my throat needs the rest. But after, after I want to blow you. I deserve it.” He reaches down and Eijiro grabs his hand to stop him.
“Babe, I already came.” He says it sweetly. “Fucking blew all over the bed like a teenager with my tongue inside of you. You taste /that/ good.”
Katsuki laughs harder, feeling arms wrap around him to pull him in for a hug. Eijiro Kirishima is such an idiot.
He’s a giant, optimistic fool, a ball of god damn sunshine with so many insecurities it could tear a building down, but get him alone for sex and he’s… it’s different but still the same.
“I love you,” Katsuki lets it out in a single breath, a whisper. Part of him regrets it, but Eijiro hums and nuzzles against him. While Katsuki hadn’t wanted to say it yet, hadn’t wanted to fall in love again just over sex, it had slipped out despite his wishes.
“I love you too.” Eijiro whispers back. “Sleep?” He asks gently.

Katsuki swallows the thickness in his throat, fighting back the panic. This… everything between them is a mixture of difficult and easy.
He looks up and grabs the sides of Eijiro’s face to pull him in for a kiss. It’s slow, comfortable, everything Katsuki wants in a post orgasmic bliss.
Maybe Eijiro gets that, maybe he knows not to take anything Katsuki’s cum drunk mind says too seriously. Maybe he doesn’t and he just loves Katsuki /that/ much.
“Sleep.” He agrees when they part. He nuzzles in as they shift away from the wet portion of the bed, eyes shutting as he lets his body relax.

… he really does love him though.

( CW over )


The alarm on Katsuki’s phone goes off and startles him upright, his chest pounding as he stares straight ahead with his hands held in a defensive, blast ready position.
He takes in his surroundings, two quick sweeps of his eyes going from wall to wall, then relaxes as he swallows down the thick urge to fight someone that isn’t even there.
Beside him, Eijiro grunts and bats along the bed for a pillow. When he finally finds one, he shoves it over his head and moans into the mattress as sunlight shines through the curtains.
Katsuki sighs, the tension easing from his shoulders as he reaches over and snatches up his phone before swiping away the alarm. It’s on thirteen percent battery because he forgot to plug it in.
Shit. He leans over and pulls up the cord, then sets his now charging phone back on the nightstand.
Inhaling deeply, Katsuki is met with the thick musk of sex and sweat. He’ll need to open a window before Shouto gets here. And shit, wash the entire bedspread. Like fuck is he going to subject his best friend to laying sprawled out in his and Eijiro’s cum.
“Wake the fuck up you big whiner.” Katsuki says it plainly, shoving at Eijiro’s shoulder. “You have to get a shower.”

Eijiro groans beneath the pillow. “I don’t work today, I don’t wanna.”
“Bet you your ass that you do. Icy Hot and Deku are /both/ going on vacations. It’ll be all hands on deck, so get in the shower. I’ll go get your clothes.” He throws the sheet off his body before he stands up and stretches.
His skin is sticky with sweat and cum and it makes him frown unhappily. “Actually, maybe I should shower first.”

Eijiro’s head pops up from beneath the pillow. “I could join you!” He offers, too excited for his own good.
“Oh no, I know better.” Katsuki takes a healthy step away from the bed. “If we get in that shower together, we’ll end up fucking again, and we /need/ to go to work.” Katsuki heads over to his dresser and starts flipping through his boxers for something clean and soft.
He’s a little sore, but not uncomfortably so. More like that familiar burn from a vigorous leg and core day at the gym.

He finds something that’s loose enough and grabs it along with a tank top.
“Strip the bed while I’m gone, oh and open a window. Icy Hot will be over, if he texts first just let him know I’m in the shower.” He waves and closes the bathroom door behind him.


When Katsuki gets out of the shower, the window is thrown open and a fan is oscillating in the middle of the room. The old bedspread has been stripped and replaced with new sheets, a duvet, even new pillow covers.
Katsuki wonders where Eijiro found the replacements, but he hasn’t changed his routine in a long time so it’s not surprising that the guy remembered his storage spots.
Eijiro’s sitting on the bedroom floor in fresh clothes next to a dufflebag that Katsuki doesn’t recognize, his hair dripping onto a towel around his shoulders as he plays a game on his phone.

Katsuki raises an eyebrow at him.
“I found your guest bath.” Eijiro says cheerfully. “Also Todoroki and Midoriya are in the kitchen, they brought me a change of clothes, but I didn’t want you to think I ran away again so I stayed in here.”
Katsuki’s breath catches.

What a dumb thing to feel all fluttery about. What an idiotic show of romanticism. Katsuki’s heart is pounding in his chest and he tries not to climb onto Eijiro’s lap and sink onto his cock right there.
“Why’s /Deku/ here?” He asks instead, walking over to grab proper pants.

Eijiro shrugs as he stands up, arms above his head as he stretches and groans.

It’s a pleasant sound to listen to while Katsuki tugs on his jeans.

“Said something about going to an arcade?”
Katsuki pauses, then scowls. “We have /work./” He hisses, zipping his jeans up with a finality before threading the button through the hole. He stomps toward the door, temper rising, and feels the calm surety of Eijiro at his back.
“Deku, who the fuck let you in my house?!” Katsuki shouts down the hall. Eijiro starts to make a disapproving sound, but Deku’s laughter echoes through the kitchen and it seems to appease him.
“Todoroki did!” Deku shouts back, head leaning around the wall. “I already called the agency and got you two the day off. Todoroki said you’d need it for emotional support.”
Shouto’s head peers around the corner over Deku’s. “That’s what I told him because his delicate ears can’t handle the truth.”

“What? What truth?” Deku frowns up at Shouto.
“They’ve probably fucked so much that Katsuki’s back to being bow legged.” Shouto says with an intense seriousness.
“Sit on it you piece of flash frozen garbage!” Katsuki snaps, but he can’t help his smirk when Shouto winks at him. “I was actually looking forward to patrol, thank you very much.”
“Oh... well then, that’s more than I needed to know.” Deku whines. “He /did/ get laid, he’s being /nice!/” It’s all teasing, and Deku’s flushed and reeling back from the wall as Katsuki rounds the corner swinging, but he’s also laughing and batting at Katsuki’s hands.
“Katsuki’s always nice though.” Eijiro mutters bashfully from Katsuki’s shoulder. He looks at Deku with a curious tilt to his head. “What about the arcade again?” And Deku’s grin brightens with excite and though he’s caught in a headlock.
“We’re going on a double date with you and Kacchan!” The way Deku says it, there isn’t room for argument. Eijiro nods, though his face remains confused even as Katsuki shoves Deku away and moves around the kitchen to start prepping some kind of breakfast.
It takes Eijiro ten minutes before the words really sink in.

“Wait we’re /what?!/”
“It was their idea.” Katsuki grumbles, cracking eggs over his frying pan with chopped carrots and onions. Shouto is draped over his back, head on Katsuki’s shoulder like a lump and eating bits of carrot whenever Katsuki passes them.
Deku’s at his other side, frying leftover rice with intense concentration. They work fast and well together, years in close proximity lending them the advantage.

“Isn’t that… I don’t know, too soon?” Eijiro wrings his hands together as he sits at the bar.
Katsuki scoffs and Shouto looks back, his white eyebrow raised while his red remains stationary.

“You two /fucked/ last night, but going on a date is moving too fast?” He asks in a deadpan voice. Eijiro’s face flushes.
“Don’t say it like that, you make it sound like I don’t want to date Katsuki, but I do! Just as much as I want to fuck him, or hell, him to fuck me.”
“I’m /maintaining/ ignorance and pretending I haven’t heard this conversation.” Deku sing songs. “Kacchan’s still my brother, I don’t want to hear about his sex life.”

“It’s a really good, messy sex life.” Katsuki says with a feral grin. “We fucked a lot last night.”
“It wasn’t /that/ much!” Eijiro argues. “Only like… three times? Unless you count when I ate you out?” He shrugs and Shouto lets out an exhausted exhale.

“I can’t hear you!” Deku starts singing loudly in badly accented French, a song he no doubt picked up from Aoyama.
“We’ll pretend, for Izuku’s sake, that you two only /talked/ last night, and that today, since it was the only day we could book the Arcade with the rest of the stuff we want to do, that you’re excited to go to a Hero Themed and Hero Friendly arcade and-”
“Wait, Hero friendly?” Eijiro perks up, looking excited. “They have those here?”

“The hesitation, it lasted so long.” Katsuki stage whispers as he stirs egg with chopsticks. “Shou, get the boxes out. I’ll make us lunch too.”


They arrive at the arcade via Deku’s car, which is unassuming and boxy but fits them all well enough. Shouto calls shotgun and Katsuki sits in the back behind him, holding Eijiro’s hand as he stares out the window and pretends he isn’t as flustered as he actually /feels./
He hasn’t gone on a date in…

Best not to think about that.
He glances down at his phone in his lap from time to time, which has his Sidekick chat open and active. For the last ten minutes it’s been nothing but the mess of them sending him encouragement and gifs of Ember crying in the break room because ‘Dad’s taking a day off!’
She also sent him a minute long video that he didn’t play on mute and get emotional about anyway when he watched all his sidekicks get ready to go on patrol without him. Totally… didn’t do that.
“Okay! We’re here!” Deku says cheerfully as he pulls into the mostly empty parking lot. The arcade is in what was once a worn down storage warehouse, but now it’s three stories of thriving, chaotic goodness that is paid for by the ‘Hero Enrichment’ society.
Katsuki’s /still/ pretty sure it’s just Yaomomo trying to give heroes a reason to take days off so no one suffers burnout.
They climb out of the car and Katsuki and Eijiro walk up the sidewalk with its numerous painted depictions of older, long retired heroes. Crimson Riot is around here somewhere, but Katsuki isn’t going to go out of his way to hunt him down.
Not when the sidewalk wraps around the entire building.

They go through the first set of doors and the light goes from bright and cheerful to dark and cool. There’s a short man with faun features behind a desk who takes Deku’s coat the instant it’s held out.
“Good to see you, Mr. Deku!” His voice has a warble to it as he looks between the other three. “Oh wow, you brought more Hero’s with you! Can I take anyone’s coat? Jacket? Can I get you drink vouchers?”
Katsuki sheds his bomber jacket and is about to hand it over, but Eijiro takes it and puts it on before it can reach the man.

No one says anything about that as they get their hands stamped after showing identification.
Shouto passes over his absurdly long coat after that, and they go all go through the second set of doors and breath in the smell of the arcade. Blacklights run around the room and fill the space with a retro vibe.
The skull on Katsuki’s shirt lights up and starts to glow as well, and he looks down to pride at it. The clear patterns that run around the side catch in the light as well and also start to charge, getting brighter the closer they are to the lights.
“Okay, first things first!” Deku says cheerfully. “We go look at prizes!”

“I… shouldn’t we have /tickets/ before we do that? I’ve never gone with you, just with the Squad that one time, they never looked at prizes first.”
“That’s because wrangling them long enough to scope prizes is useless.” Katsuki admits. “And they only come for the games.”
Shouto hums, a little surprised when Deku grabs his hand and nods toward the very back of the arcade. The prize bar is tucked next to the circular restaurant sticking out of the wall.
“Anyway, you check prizes first to see if there’s anything worth getting, or if you’re playing games to give your tickets to the next person. Right Kacchan?” Deku asks happily.
Katsuki shrugs before he reaches out and loops his fingers with Eijiro’s.

Who flushes and steps closer as they follow after Deku and Shouto.

Fuck, it’s like their first date all over again isn’t it?
Katsuki’s heart is hammering in his chest and he swallows around the fear. Or is this excitement? Maybe thrill? There are too many words to describe how he’s feeling and he hates /all/ of them.
The counter in the back is being run by young woman with bright pink hair and twitchy little rabbit ears that are poking through her work cap.
She looks up from the customer before them, a guy edging into his forties, and waves excitedly at the sight of Deku before turning back to continue her obligation.
“How often do you come in here? I thought you didn’t take vacations?” Katsuki drones, already scanning the prizes along the back wall. It’s full of plush hero’s and replica support gear.
He sees a Red Riot display under the ‘Brand New’ wall and tries not to burst out laughing. He hasn’t even been back two weeks and his fans are already demanding his merch.
“They’re open on my days off.” Deku says it sternly, but he’s blushing through each word. “Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, prizes!” He turns to Shouto and the blush gets a little deeper. “Is there anything you want?”
Shouto hums, eyeing the toys and trinkets before he nods. “I see some things I wouldn’t mind getting. Is this cards or tokens?”
“Tokens and tickets.” Deku says cheerfully. “It’s all recycled paper that’s biodegradable and garden friendly for their tickets, and the tokens are quirk made metals so they’re hypoallergenic! They get cleaned at the end of each day too. It’s really fascinating, you see they-”
“Tirade jar.” Katsuki holds out his free hand towards Deku, who clamps his mouth shut and narrows his eyes.

“We aren't at work.” Deku starts digging his wallet out anyway.
“Shit, you guys are /still/ doing the tirade jar?” Eijiro asks, laughing as he watches Deku put a single bill in Katsuki’s hand.

“Izuku has built an entire children’s hospital on the Tirade Jar alone.” Shouto says it proudly as he pulls out his own wallet.
“I’m going to buy us tokens.”

“I’ll go with you.” Eijiro says with a sweet smile. It’s obvious there’s still a tension between the two of them, but Eijiro acts like it means nothing.
Like Shouto won’t set him on fire the second he puts a toe out of line. “I can carry the cups if you want.”

“That’s fine.” They walk off together in the direction of the token machine and Katsuki swallows.
“Hey… tell your boyfriend not to set Eiji on fire.” Katsuki mutters. “Or give him frostbite.”
Deku shakes his head, startled, before a grin settles on his face. “Okay, one, he’s not my boyfriend. This is a starter date. And two, /Eiji?/ You don’t call people by their names, especially not their first names.”
It’s meant as a tease, but it leaves something tight in Katsuki’s throat.
“He’s the exception, always has been.” Katsuki looks away, feeling his skin flush. “Look can we… there’s just a lot going on in my head right now.” It’s an admittance that drags itself out of him, kicking and screaming.
“This double date thing, probably not a good idea to have done it this fast.”

“You slept with him.” Deku reminds him, though it doesn’t sound accusatory. Just… factual.
“Yeah, and it was great, and I don’t regret it, but...” Katsuki swallows. “I think I… shouldn’t have. We still haven’t really… /talked./” Deku hisses.

“Well… shit.” He rubs at the back of his neck. “Should we rain check?”
“Ugh, /no./ I don’t want to show up and then bail.” Katsuki stuffs his hands in his pockets. “But Deku, we have a /lot/ to talk about. I don’t know where to even start, or if we should be having that conversation alone or with Taki there.”
Deku nods thoughtfully. “With Taki, I think. She’s a good therapist, she’ll understand.” Katsuki grunts.
“Speaking of, we need to make sure that Eiji sees one of ours and gets along with them, otherwise we’re going to be hiring a /fourth/ therapist to our building and… that seems to be pushing it.”
“Actually, not at all.” Deku seems to cheer up. “We’re a Four Hero agency now, adding another therapist wouldn’t be strange in the slightest. Our sidekicks have always been happy with their pick of who we have on staff, but adding one more wouldn’t be strange."
"I mean, hell, Picture Perfect has every right to hire more than just Kirishima for sidekicks, we might end up needing a fourth.”
Katsuki grunts again. “That reminds me, why the /hell/ is Kirishima a sidekick anyway? He’s fucking… he’s /Red Riot!/” He glances back and sees Kirishima holding a novelty cup under a faucet as coins pour down the shoot.
“I don’t... actually know.” Deku admits, glancing back with him. “It’ll be something you two can talk about though.” Reaching out, Deku pats Katsuki’s arms and it... it’s not the worst thing in the world. “Hey, wanna go get your ass kicked at a racer game?”
Katsuki scoffs. “Do you mean do /you/ want to get /your/ ass kicked at a racer game? Which one of us actually drives on a bike?” Katsuki tugs his hands out of his pockets and flexes them.
“I can beat you at anything that isn’t Pac Man.” Deku says pridefully. “We leave Pac Man to Shouto.” Katsuki can’t help but laugh as he steps around Deku. He walks over to the token machine and takes one of the cups out of Eijiro’s arms.
It’s hefty, and Katsuki has no doubt that Shouto bought the largest amount you could buy for each of them.
“Icy Hot, please do me the honor of annihilating Deku at some Pac Man so we can put him in his rightful place.” Katsuki says with a grin.
Shouto rolls his eyes and takes a cup from Eijiro with a muttered ‘Thank you,’ and then turns toward the rows of games and machines all covered in lights and moderately depicted Hero portraits.
“I will destroy you, Izuku Midoriya, and once I’m done with you, you’ll thank me.” Shouto says with a seriousness that makes Katsuki choke on shrill laughter.

Deku’s face matches his shoes.
“Uhh… alrighty then.” Eijiro hands Deku his cup and stands next to Katsuki as the other two start walking into the depths of the arcade. They idle there for a moment longer, then begin to walk after them.
“Hey, Eiji?” Katsuki nearly whispers. Eijiro turns and looks at him with a smile.


“Are…” Katsuki sighs. “Do you think we’ll be okay?” He reaches out and feels a swell of warmth in his chest when Eijiro takes his hand and squeezes.
“I hope so.” Eijiro whispers. “I love you, I always have and I know I always will.” He steps closer so their arms touch, the feel of his jacket a weird but not unpleasant sensation.
“Just tell me what I need to do, what steps you want me to take, and I’ll fight for this. For us.” Katsuki feels his entire soul try to jump out of his chest and he squeezes Eijiro’s hand tighter.
He doesn’t say it, not out loud, but he thinks it clearly.

‘I love you too.’
Eijiro hums and then turns his head, his whole face lighting up. “Oh shit, is that a Ground Zero plush?” He hurries over and nearly plasters himself against the plexiglass of a crane machine. “Holy shit it is! I don’t have that one!”
“You have more than one?” Katsuki teases.

“Obviously,” Eijiro says with a smirk. “I’m a huge fan of /the/ famous Ground Zero.”
Katsuki can’t help his grin. “So you want the plushie from the shitty crane machine?” He shakes his cup of coins. It’s too full to rattle, but the top coins slide and clink.

“You still a crane machine wizard?” Eijiro asks, eyes hopeful.
“You say that like I ever /stopped/ being a badass.” Katsuki fishes out some tokens and moves to the front of the machine. “Get ready to carry around that dumb doll for the rest of this date.”

Eijiro gins, a smile full of teeth as Katsuki sets his cup down. “Can’t wait.”


Katsuki gets the doll on the first try, because he /is/ an actual crane machine wizard. Eijiro is delighted when Katsuki passes it over, and he hugs the plushie like the grow child he really is.
The way he smiles down at the doll has Katsuki’s chest doing fucking flips, and he quickly scoops up his cup and gestures toward the sounds of arcade music.
Eijiro follows and they make their way deeper into the arcade just in time to see Shouto calmly clear a level in Pac Man on a huge screen that’s probably as tall as he is. Next to him, on an equally large screen, Deku has just been eaten by a ghost.
“Fucking corners.” Deku grumbles as he watches his screen drift away to flash the ‘You Lose’ banner. Katsuki snorts, arms crossed over the back of Shouto’s chair as he taps the joystick in his hand.
“He’s the number one hero and yet he sucks at Pac Man.” Shouto states when his tickets start to pour out of the machine. He turns, highfiving Katsuki, and Eijiro walks over and pats Deku’s shoulder.
“I’m not any good at Pac Man either.” Eijiro admits, but Katsuki’s not so sure if it’s the truth or a lie to cheer Deku up.
“Thanks Kirishima, as least I know we can be bad at something together.” Deku looks up and smiles, lifting his fist for a bump. Eijiro beams at him and they thump their fists together.
Shouto and Deku gather their tickets, then the four of them wander over to the racer games. Katsuki proceeds to beat all of them into the ground, and it’s pretty laughable how put out Deku gets.
Shouto and Eijiro are abysmal at the game, and it soon goes from ‘A race to the Finish’ to ‘Who can crash in the funniest way.’
They move through the arcade, playing game after game and scooping up tickets that they fold and stuff into pockets or the bottoms of their cups. Deku destroys Katsuki at Galaga and he tries /very hard/ not to be bitter about it.
Shouto is an absolute mess at DDR, and Eijiro laughs his way through the high score while Deku tries not to cry from laughter on the sidelines as Shouto gives up and pushes Katsuki onto the pad.
They play a few of the chance games, feeding tokens into badly aimed shoots and laughing when they clatter and miss. None of them are really good at those, but they’re not meant to be games you win.
They play basketball tosses, a badly put together duck hunt, classic skee-ball, and various other games. By the time they’ve run out of tokens and made their second loop through the arcade, they’ve been here for well over two hours.
“I’m so /hungry./” Eijiro bemoans. “Can we get prizes and then food?”

“Yeah, of course!” Deku says, holding Shouto’s hand as they drown under rolls of tickets that drape across their shoulders.
At some point they stopped being ‘Yours and Mine,’ and just lumped their winnings together.

Katsuki thinks it’s cute, but he’ll never say that out loud. They’re such an iconic couple, it’s stupid that it took them this long to get here.
“Do they still have the obstacle course?” Shouto wonders when they get up to the ticket feeder. “That was a lot of fun. Denki was terrible at it.”
Katsuki snorts. “Pikachu wasn’t prepared for the level of bounce you needed to get through the fucking thing. Even Scotch Tape fell on his ass a few times.”
He stands at the machine on the left side of Shouto and Deku as they begin feeding tickets strip after strip. Eijiro stands on Katsuki’s other side and does the same.
His Ground Zero plush is poking out of the front pocket of Katsuki’s jacket, the gauntlets squished together above the toys head. Eijio has taken it out several times to take dumb pictures with it, and it makes Katsuki’s guts flutter.
“Why do you need bounce?” Eijiro asks, pulling bound up ticket packets out of his cup.

“They quirk the walls and floor.” Deku explains. “Everything becomes super elastic, it’s a lot of fun. If we aren’t too tired afterwords, we could try it.”
They continue to feed the machines until all of their tickets are gone, then take their three receipts and head to the counter. Shouto and Deku end up getting one another something and Katsuki has to fight not to roll his eyes as they whisper and blush at the exchange.
Eijiro gets himself two posters and a FatGum pillow, and Katsuki donates all his tickets to whoever ends up next in line.

He has most of these prizes already, and the ones he doesn't are all Red Riot themed.
They regroup once Deku and Shouto have stopped being embarrassed about existing and order greasy food at the restaurant in the wall. The conversation is light, talking about the games they played and what Deku and Shouto plan to do on vacation.
Katsuki talks about his sidekicks, who are still sending him memes when they’re on break or waiting for the police, and makes sure that he sends back pictures of his food for Take Away and pictures of himself for the rest of them.
Eijiro doesn’t talk about much, but he does join the conversations. Katsuki isn’t sure if his quite demeanor is new or if he’s just too scared to bring up any topics that might explode like landmines under the table.
Either way, they finish their food and forgo the obstacle course. That can be for another day.

Another date.
“We’re going to go to the movies next.” Shouto says as they get back to Deku’s car. “But we can drop you off at the agency if you’d prefer?” He glances to Katsuki, who nods.

“We’re not going to the movies with them?” Eijiro asks as he opens the car door.
“Kacchan’s about to burst out of his skin, I can tell.” Deku comments. “He doesn’t take vacations, and even when he does they’re only half days. Come on.” They all pile inside and squish together, and Eijiro’s hand instantly fits into Katsuki’s without question.
“How come you don’t take vacations?” Eijiro whispers, lips close to Katsuki’s ear.

“Lot of reasons.” He admits. “My mind never shuts off for one.” He doesn’t tell Eijiro that it started as a way to distract himself from the pain of being ghosted by his then best friend and ex.
“I took one a long time ago though with some of the Squad. Ended up passing out three days in and had to be rushed to the hospital. Turns out my body builds up to much adrenaline, and that it evens out my blood pressure because of the nitro in my sweat.” He flexes one hand.
“Well, shit. That…. explains all of high school, actually.” Eijiro says with a good natured laugh.

“Shut up.” Katsuki grins.
“I can be idle, but I’ve got to go running or something once every three days, bare minimum, or my blood pressure drops too low.” He squeezes Eijiro’s hand and feels him nuzzle against his neck.
“I… I found out I have to eat a lot of carrots. Or, well, anything with betacarotene in it. It keeps my skin from busting open if I harden too much.” Katsuki shudders at the thought.
“Yeah, first time that happened I uhh… kind of panicked.” Eijiro hushes himself by leaning against Katsuki’s side. “Quirk’s are weird.”
“They /are./” Katsuki agrees. “Do you… do want to go into the office with me, or do you want to go home? I’m just going to be doing paperwork. Maybe see if my therapist has an opening. I could… I could introduce you to her?”
Eijiro inhales sharply through his nose, then hums.

“That… that sounds good.” He whispers.

They lapse into silence in the back, listening to Shouto and Deku talk quietly about which movie they want to see and what times are good.


Deku drops them off in front of the agency instead of in the underground parking garage. Katsuki doesn’t mind, but that means he has to go by /Chanel./ And Chanel is the one who probably signed off on his ‘Day Off’ papers.
She’s… /not/ going to be excited to see him back in the office.

Maybe he can sneak by and use Eijiro as a shield...
They walk in and the building is eerily quiet, only the sound of the center fountain filling the cool air inside the lobby. Katsuki sticks to Eijiro’s right and they walk passed the empty reception desk, which isn’t unusual.
He sees the ‘Back In 5’ sign on the counter and figures that Chanel is probably just getting tea or using the restroom.

They make it ten feet from the elevator when a voice rings out and makes the walls vibrate.
“/Stop/ right there young man, the /both of you./” Chanel’s voice is stern and coming from the doorway of the kitchenette.
Katsuki is frozen in place mid step, unable to move save the fact he’s still breathing. The quirk doesn’t give him a choice. In front of him, Eijiro is equally frozen. His hardening ripples across his skin in waves that get sharper and sharper at his hands with each pass.
“Chanel.” Katsuki greets her as calmly as he can, but he can only really see Eijiro’s side and hand.
“You’re supposed to be spending today /out/ of the office.” Her voice is scolding as she walks around both of them and lifts up a hand. “Yes, even you, Red Riot. What are you two doing back here?”

“Taki.” Katsuki says it in a short, serious breath.
“Oh, that’s alright then. Time out is over.” Chanel says, and her quirk drops Katsuki to his knees. He groans, shaking his head vigorously.

“I don’t /like/ that.” Eijiro whines as he stumbles into the nearest wall.
Chanel tuts and pats his shoulder. “Then don’t make me think you’re going to follow in Ground Zero’s footsteps and run yourself into the ground. I only just met you young man, I don’t want to have that be a reoccurring part of our interactions.”
She sighs like the world is one great big inconvenience to her, then toddles back over to her desk.

There’s a soft dial tone, then Chanel has a short, quiet conversation behind her desk before hanging up. “She knows you’re heading up.”
Chanel calls before she settles behind the desk and flips down her sign. “I better not catch you trying to go on Patrol young man.” She doesn’t say who it’s aimed at, but Katsuki’s pretty sure it’s him as he hears the click of cross stitch needles start up.
He ushers Eijiro into the elevator on wobbly legs and shakes out any lingering stiffness as he presses the button for the top floor. Neither say anything on the ride up, nor do they talk when Katsuki leads them down the hallways and passed the press designated areas.
They go further still until they’re walking on plush, cream colored carpet.

When Katsuki stops them, it’s in an atrium with seven doors along the wall, each with little name plagues hung proudly in the center.
Sitting on a tan, circular couch is a woman with arms the size of Katsuki’s thighs and muscles just as thick.
She’s toned with a buzz cut and prosthetic right leg that has flowers woven into the metal, and she looks like she could knock someone out by flicking them with her fingers. When Katsuki clears his throat, she looks up hurriedly.
Her turquoise eyes hone in on Katsuki before she stands and hurries over.

“Chanel called my desk, said you needed to see me?” Her voice is deep, but reassuring. Her footsteps barely make a sound on the carpet.
“Yeah, hey Taki.” Katsuki rubs the back of his neck, then lets out a long sigh. “I… this is Kirishima, Eijiro Kirishima.” He motions towards Eijiro.

Taki’s eyes widen, a look of slow, dawning realization creeping up on her.
“/Oh./” She says, then turns and waves a hand. “Well, come on. The couch is free and big enough for two.” They continue to hold their silence even as they follow Taki into her office, which looks like a giant living room full of couches, plush toys, and one very scorched wall.
Taki sits on a large, high backed chair, unstrapping her prosthetic to lean against the arm. She makes herself comfortable by pulling down a squishy blue afghan and draping it over her lap.
Katsuki drops into his preferred dip on the right side of an L shaped sectional. He kicks his boots off and tucks his feet under his legs, reaching for one of the many plush creatures around the room before he buries his elbow in its face.
This is just… how his sessions go. Squished on a couch with Taki’s booming, comfortable voice to fill the space.

And it doesn’t feel weird to have Eijiro there with him, sitting close on the couch, though sitting awkwardly.
Taki hums, fingers threading together over her lap. “Alright, I’m Takihasha Omura, feel free to call me Taki or Mrs. Omura if that makes you more comfortable.'
'First thing I need to address with the both of you is that I need you to understand that this /isn’t/ an official therapy session. Nothing you say in this room will go on any record unless you want it noted.”
She turns toward Eijiro and her face softens. “Mr. Kirishima, I’m not sure who your current therapist is, but if you’re not comfortable sharing anything with me, then this will stay strictly a talk between friends.'
'Or, if you feel uncomfortable at any given time, please know that no one is keeping you here. You can get up and leave and no one will go after you.”

Katsuki makes a noise that conveys ‘I might’ without the need to say it.

“No one that matters.” Taki amends.
“Rude.” Katsuki grumbles.

“This is a space for /you,/ if Katsuki makes you feel unsafe at any time, I can and will eject him from the room. And there’s nothing he can do to stop me.” She says it seriously, then nods. “So, do you consent to a pseudo session with me?”
Eijiro clears his throat, rubbing at his arm before he looks at his knees. “I… I know that I need to talk to Katsuki.” He admits. “But I don’t know where to start, so… so if you could help me?”
“Help /us./” Katsuki adds, not looking up from the fur he’s carding his fingers through.
Taki hums, soft and accepting. “I think I can do that.” Katsuki looks up when she clears her throat. “So, Katsuki told me that you two were very close a few years ago?” Eijiro nods. “What changed that?”

Guilt claws up Katsuki’s throat, but Eijiro beats him to it.
“I… I let go.” Eijiro whispers so softly that Katsuki almost doesn’t catch it. “I wasn’t clear with what I wanted, and I took choices away from Katsuki without talking to him first. I thought I was making the only choice left for us, but I was wrong.”
Katsuki reaches out and squeezes Eijiro’s hand. “It’s not your fault.” He says it firmly. “I didn’t give you enough room to feel like you /had/ choices.”

Taki clears her throat to catch their attention. “Could you elaborate a little more for me?”
Eijiro looks over at Katsuki, pleading, and he nods. He can’t say this out loud again, it obviously reopens the wound every time it comes up.
“I got absorbed in my Hero work and thought we’d drifted so far apart that we’d stopped being in love. Eijiro didn’t see it that way, he was… just as in love with me as the day he confessed, I think.”

“Even more than that.” Eijiro whispers, his voice going hoarse.
Katsuki swallows down the emotions threatening to bubble up before he continues. “He was planning on proposing to me, wanted to talk to me about it, but I didn’t connect the dots.'
'I… I told him I thought we should break up because we never had time for one another anymore. I… thought he felt the same, but he didn’t.”
“I /lied./” Eijiro chokes out. “I told you it was fine and it /wasn’t/ and I-I hurt you /so much./” He isn’t crying, but he looks like someone is shoving a steel rod through his stomach.
“That’s not /fair,/ Eiji. I hurt you /way/ worse.” Katsuki reaches up to brush his thumb against Eijiro’s cheek. “I /broke/ you because I couldn’t just… man up and talk to you about how I felt. /I/ was the one who took your choice away, not the other way around.”
“I still /left,/ Katski.” Eijiro argues. “I left and then I just… I thought if I waited out the hurt I could come back and it would go back to normal, but it /never/ stopped hurting.”
Taki clears her throat once again and both of them look up a her, startled. It isn’t like they forgot she was there, but they’d gotten so caught up in one another that Taki had slipped far down on their list of priorities that he was hidden by the curl of the paper.
“Do you two mind if I suggest something?” She asks, her voice like soft cotton.

Katsuki nods and. after a moment, Eijiro does the same.
“I think that... /both/ of you were in some way at fault here. But honestly, I can already see that whatever wound that was open between the two of you is already trying to knit itself together.” She points at their joined hands. “My suggestion is... maybe take things /slow/?”
Katsuki clears his throat and looks away, sucking his bottom lip between his teeth. He’s not the type to blush, but he knows is is right now. “Yeah, /about/ that.”
Taki lets out a deep, /long/ sigh. “Of /course./” She sounds more amused than anything else. “/Nothing/ can ever be easy when it comes to you, can it Katsuki?” He glances over and sees her smile and eye roll.
“Well, since you’ve both dived back into the deep end, you need to know that there might be lasting effects that you’ll need to work around.”
“Like waking up with abandonment issues when he leaves for the room?” Katsuki asks with a smirk.

Reaching up, Taki rubs at her temples before she drags her palm down her cheek. “I deserve a raise.” She says with a nod. “Alright, lets dive into that, shall we?”


The session is… /exhausting,/ to say the least. When Katsuki and Eijiro leave Taki’s office, Katsuki feels raw from crying, but also lighter as they hold hands and wave goodbye.
There are more appointments lined up, proper ones with Taki taking the role of Eijiro’s therapist. Things are going to work out.
Eijiro leans into Katsuki’s side as they make their way to the elevator, and they stop off at Katsuki’s office and get water bottles. After that, they make their way to Katsuki’s Sidekick breakroom at the end of the hall on his floor.
They sit close as a table near the kitchen, Eijiro leaning on Katsuki’s shoulder until his sidekicks suddenly flood in. They rush Katsuki with worried babbling and hurried chatter, and Eijiro slips away to give them room.
He doesn’t go far, not even when Bruiser rushes into the breakroom and runs to his side.

Katsuki can’t see or hear what they’re talking about, but he feels like it’s important.
“Boss you won’t believe this, but someone asked for /Ember’s/ autograph today.” Take Away says with a sly grin. Ember, who is standing next to them, flares up in her version of a blush.
“Shut /up!/” She says shrilly, smacking Take Away hard in the shoulder.

“No hitting.” Katsuki mutters. “Did you give it to them, your autograph I mean?”

Ember huffs, but nods. “They were barely a teenager,” she mutters, “it was... really cute.”
“I recorded it.” Take Away states, pulling out their phone.

“You did /not!/” Ember shrieks, diving after Take Away as they run from her, cackling as they dash into the kitchen.
Katsuki sighs and shakes his head, then turns his attention to his other sidekicks as they fill him in on their patrols.
Eventually they trickle away, either going to nap before another patrol, or to get food before going home. When the only ones left at the table are Katsuki, Eijiro, Bruiser, and Ember, he sighs and leans back. He puts his feet up in another chair and tries not to yawn.
“I mean, if you /want/ to hire more sidekicks, you know I won’t say no.” Eijiro says with a laugh that lifts the tension out of Katsuki’s shoulders just by hearing it.
“Hey,” Katsuki reaches a foot over and nudges Eijiro in the thigh until he looks back, “why /are/ you a sidekick?”

With a huge, dramatic sigh, Eijiro slumps further in his seat. “Ugh, it’s dumb.”

“It’s not dumb.” Bruiser corrects. “It’s bureaucracy.”
“Eww, laws.” Ember mutters as she gets up. “I’m going to get a water, do you want anything Boss?”

“Grab me an orange if they have any.” Katsuki says with a smile.
“Oh, get me one too.” Bruiser states.

Ember blinks and then scoffs. “I don’t remember working for you? Get it yourself.” She walks away as Katsuki cuts off a choked laugh.
Katsuki knows he can get away with talking to Ember the way he does because they’ve been friends for /years,/ they’ve worked alongside one another and been through hell and back.
Bruiser, who very much takes his cues from the people around him, is going to be stepping on landmines for /eons/ at this rate.

“She’s never going to like me.” Bruiser whispers.
“Sidekick.” Katsuki says it a little louder than necessary, but it catches Eijiro’s attention.

“Shit, yeah, that.” He rubs the back of his neck. “My Hero License expired overseas, but instead of letting me renew it, they forced me to get a new one once I got to Wales.'
'I had to take a new test, which I passed by the way, but because I didn’t go to any of their stupid approved schools, I was told I couldn’t regain a full Hero license until I spent a bare minimum of /four/ years as a sidekick!”
Bruiser grunts. “It was the dumbest letter he ever got. He was already working /with/ me, the agency I worked for was ready to sign him on. But then that bullshit happened and well… I asked him to be my sidekick. Better the Hero you know that a government appointed one, right?”
Eijiro lifts his top lip in a sneer. “I hated it at first.” He relaxes when he looks over at Bruiser.
“But this guy made it nice, it wasn’t… it wasn’t that /bad/ anymore. I stopped viewing it as a punishment and saw it more as an opportunity to learn. And Bruiser picked me up way more often than he should have, kept me grounded.”
Bruiser just laughs. “Bakugo, you have to help me convince him to renew his Hero license. I’m /so/ tired of people asking me if it’s okay to talk to him like I /own/ him or something.” Bruiser insists. “The world needs The Hero Red Riot! Not Picture Perfect’s /sidekick./”
Katsuki hums in agreement. The world is always better with Red Riot in it.

His world in particular.
“Hey, I like being a sidekick,” Eijiro mutters. “I mean, I miss being a Hero, sure, but-”

“I’ll take you tomorrow to renew your paperwork.” Katsuki decides.
“We’ll need to get your own PR team set up anyway, that way you’re not leaning on Discount Polaroid’s.” Eijiro splutters and tries to protest, but Bruiser cuts him off.
“Hey,” he nudges Eijiro with his elbow, “listen to Bakugo. He know what he’s talking about.” There’s a softness to his face that Katsuki can only just see around Eijiro’s shoulder.
“When I met you, you could barely stand up. You were killing yourself slowly with all the work you took on, but now look at you.” He glances around at the breakroom. “You’re home, you’re surrounded by people who love you, you’re /thriving,/ Eijiro.”
Eijiro flushes and holds out his hand, to which Bruiser bumps, slaps, and then taps. It’s the dumbest secret handshake ever. It suits them.
“I promised I’d always take care of you, but now you /gotta/ take care of yourself.” Bruiser pushes to his feet and lets out a satisfied sigh. “Right, how do I put out a call for sidekick auditions?”
Katsuki shrugs and as Ember comes back and hands him his orange. “I don’t know, Ember just sort of showed up one day and said ‘You’re ugly, hire me.’ Then she just kept showing up so I started signing her paychecks.”
“Hey! I did /not/ call you ugly.” Ember scolds. “I told you that you had the personality of a persistent cockroach and that you’d be lucky to find anyone willing to put up with you. And that I had the patience of a Goddess and that you’d be blessed to have me.”
Eijiro bursts out laughing and Bruiser flushes red all over again.

“Oh, right, you /did/ say that.” Katsuki nods and starts peeling his orange. “No idea where the rest of them came from though, but now I have ten.”
“Shouto wasn’t hiring!” Take Away shouts from within the kitchen. “So I settled for you!”

“Shouto, Deku, and I hired the rest of them.” Ember says proudly. “They had to be able to work with me /and/ withstand the Boss’ tantrums.”
Katsuki flicks an orange peel at her. She swats it back at him.
“I’ll contact Shouto’s team and have them email you the agency we go through when we’re hiring temps or interns.” Ember states.
“Now, I’m going to go get ready for the rest of my patrol. You,” she pokes Katsuki in the shoulder, “better get home before Chanel finds out you’re still here.” Katsuki chuckles, but silently agrees.
“Yeah, I’ll...” He trails off, then pulls out his phone and hands it to Eijiro. “Give me your number you piece of shit.”

Eijiro beams, all teeth and joy as he fights back his laughter. “You /like/ me.” He teases even as he starts tapping at the screen.
“Bit more than /like./” Katsuki mutters before he takes his phone back. “Get home safe, I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t be late or I’ll blow your ass sky high.”
“Bye Boss!” Ember says sweetly as she rocks on her heels. “I’ll sort your paperwork on your desk for you when you come back in tomorrow!”
Katsuki salutes with his back to them all, his phone burning a metaphorical hole in his pocket. He heads toward the elevator, but stops midway and ducks into his office to have a single emotion explode out of his mouth in the form of a barking laugh.
He hurries over to his desk and sets his orange down, then pulls out his phone as he slumps into his office chair. He opens his contacts and smiles.
There are little hearts around Eijiro’s name so it always puts him at the top of Katsuki’s contact list. He also sent his own number a text. Katsuki opens it and bites his lip.

/‘Love of your life.’/
What a trash fire of a man, what an absolute disaster, how horrible!

/Fuck,/ Katsuki loves him so much.

He adds to the text, just because he can.

/‘You’re damn right I am.’/
Then he pulls open the drawer he keeps his gifts in and takes out the ring Eijiro had been carrying for so long. It’s… heavy, beautiful and perfect, but /heavy./ Without a seconds hesitation, Katsuki slides the ring onto his finger and admires it.
The fit isn’t perfect, in fact it stops at his second knuckle, but…

His heart feels like it’s going to explode in his chest.
Eijiro Bakugo… it sounds nice. Katsuki Kirishima sounds silly, like he’s go with alliteration, /ha!/

Katsuki Kirishima sounds fucking cool as hell, fuck him.
He yanks the ring off and stuffs it back inside the drawer before slamming it shut.
He’s half tempted to text Eijiro and tell him they need to get the ring resized because it doesn’t fit anymore, but then he stops and nearly throws his phone away when he realizes where his brain was /going./
/Slow./ Taki said to slow down. They need to… chill out.

Katsuki picks up his orange and loads his desktop. Paperwork counts as relaxing, he won’t stay more than twenty minutes. As soon as he finishes eating this orange, he’ll be out the door.


( CW : NSFW content, face-fucking, gettin' the strap, families protecting the baby )

- Epilogue -

Six months. Eijiro has been back in Japan for /six/ months, and Katsuki hates it.
Okay, no, that’s an /absolute/ lie. He loves and adores his fiance, but he /hates/ the nonsense that follows him around.
“Red Riot! Red Riot, a word?” A reporter waves a hand to catch their attention. “How does it feel to be a homewrecker?” He asks outside the police line. A microphone is shoved toward Eijiro’s face as he holds a villain in a headlock and waits for the police to bring over cuffs.
“Sir, /please/ stay behind the line, I’m working,” Eijiro drones for maybe the millionth time. The villain in his arms laughs, he’s stopped struggling long enough to scoff at the reporter.
“/Dude,/ a homewrecker? /The/ Red Riot?” The villain rolls his head back to look at the reporter like he’s crazy. “This guy is the purest man known to /exist,/ he would /never./”
Katsuki’s currently zip tying people a few feet away, but he silently agrees. Eijiro would rather have his dick sawed off with a wooden spoon than hurt Katsuki /ever/ again. He’s told him so on more than one occasion.
“Then what do you have to say to the allegations that you’ve come between the long standing relationship of number two and three Hero’s, Ground Zero and Shouto?!” The reporter asks, leaning over the police tape once again. He gets eased back by a sidekick with a sigh.
“For the last /fucking/ time!” Katsuki shouts. “We are /not/ nor have we ever been /dating!/” His voice carries over the crowd. Eijiro chuckles and passes the villain over to the nearest cop. The villain wiggles once and turns to Katsuki.
“Congrats on your engagement, by the way, I saw the announcement! Hope I’m out in time to catch the wedding highlights.” He ducks his head as he’s put into the police car.
Katsuki tries not to groan. When the /villains/ are paying more attention than the /press,/ he knows he’s in for a stressful future.
He looks over and sees that Eijiro is ducking away from the press as they hound him for more information, and he isn’t surprised when Ember swoops in and light herself on fire.
The press shriek, because they always do, and Katsuki knows whatever footage they might have gotten is now blown out and unusable thanks to Ember, lens flare Goddess that she is.
“Move along, we all have jobs to do and you’re impeding the law.” She scolds, waving a finger at them before they scatter.

Eijiro sighs as he reaches Katsuki’s side. “She’s an angel.”
“She’s adopted you because I keep you around.” Katsuki admits before he nods toward the officer in charge.
It takes another three hours before they’re allowed to go home. One hour spent on the street and two hours back at the agency. Katsuki drives his bike home while Eijiro takes his beat up truck and runs a few errands, but they keep pace since Katsuki stayed late.
Mina found the truck for Eijiro at an impound lot, and the two get together to work on it from time to time when they have free days. She’s… mostly forgiven him by now, but she still has her rage filled moments.
The lights are on in the living room when Katsuki pulls up, and as soon as the bike is settled he sees the garage door fly open.
Eri jumps the single step it takes to get from the hall to the garage floor and fling her arms out. “Bakugo!” She runs to him and he scoops her up in a hug. He’s stopped trying to make her leave him alone and given over to her brand of affection.
“Did you get taller?” He asks as he spins her in a circle.

“No?” She looks a little confused, but that happens. She might be fourteen and bright eyed, but she still has her moments where things don’t… slot together.
Her horn is a little longer than the last time he saw it to, and he can’t help but poke it when he sets her back on her feet. “What are you doing at my house, Princess Rosalina?”
Eri smiles, leaning against Katsuki and yawning sleepily. “Studying for the entrance exams.” She mumbles, already slumped against him. “Yoshi said it was okay, he used Kami’s spare key.”
“/Yoshi/ needs to start paying rent at this rate.” Katsuki mutters as he steps closer to the door as Eijiro pulls in. His truck rumbles a little before it settles into park, then creaks as Eijiro opens the door.
“Hey there, Eri!” Eijiro says cheerfully, arms extended. She quickly abandons Katsuki in favor of that big ball of sunshine, and Katsuki lets them catch up as he walks inside.
He finds Hitoshi in the living room, glaring down at what looks like middle school homework, and he’s got cat ears on and a fluffy white boa wrapped around his shoulders.
There are also other costume pieces scattered about, all coming from a single pink and white polka dot bag by the bar dividing the kitchen and living space. There are also cartoons playing without volume on the tv, the colors splashing against the couch.
“Katsuki, thank /fuck,/ help me with this.” Hitoshi holds up the closest paper. “I wear to /god/ that teacher is lying to me about her homework. This isn’t middle school test work, we both know I’m not stupid.'
'I’ve half a mind to have somebody arrest him for discrimination or fraud or… I don’t know, torture of a minor with math?”
Katsuki sighs. “Why don’t you do this at your flat with Pikachu?” He asks, already walking over to the table. He flops onto the nearest chair and grabs scrap paper and a glittery purple pencil.
“Denki is visit his mom for a week and the flat is being repainted. Dad’s got the cats but they’re out for date night.” Hitoshi mutters as he flips through some papers.
“And Eri’s my sister, she needed help with her homework and you’re the /best/ at that. Being part of Bakusquad has to have /some/ perks, so I’m going to cash them in any chance I get.” He glares down at the paper in his hands and sets it aside.
Katsuki rolls his eyes and starts working out test problems in a way he knows Eri will understand.
She and Eijiro suffer from a mild sort of dyslexia when it comes to numbers, and if he could coach Eijiro through high school then he can get the baby of their weird family through /middle/ school.
“What do you want for dinner?” Eijiro asks as he comically walks through the hall on heavy feet. Eri’s standing on his boots, giggling as he holds her arms out to keep steady with each step he takes. Despite being a teenager she’s still so /small./
“Apples.” She says, all too seriously.

“Can’t have apples for dinner, but you can have one for a snack.” Eijiro says as he scoops her up and sits her on one of the bar stools.

“Apple curry?” She asks, kicking her feet.
“That I can do.” Eijiro says with a warmth that Katsuki can feel from here. He finally kicks off his boots now that she’s not standing on them.
They swap between dinner and schoolwork for a while, then watch a few episodes of whatever show Eri’s currently obsessed with before she falls asleep curled up next to ‘Yoshi.’
She has her fingers curled in her hair and her feet tucked under her, and Katsuki wants to reach out and pet her, but he knows better.
“I’ll get out of your way in a bit,” Hitoshi whispers, “just… let her rest for ten more minutes? She had an episode in class today, I just want her to feel normal for a bit.” Katsuki nods, because honestly, what’s it going to hurt?
He packs up some leftovers and apple slices as Hitoshi calls a car, turning down Eijiro’s offer to drive them back home in his truck.

When they leave, Eri gives them sleepy, quiet hugs. “Thank you for letting us stay over.” She mumbles around a yawn.
“Any time, Princess Rosalina.” Katsuki watches down the driveway for a little while after she’s gone, then heads back inside to where Eijiro is cleaning up the counter.

“I don’t want kids.” Katsuki states.
Eijiro blinks, a little startled, but nods. “Alright.” He folds the rag and sets it on the divider of the double sink. “Maybe a dog then?”

“Eri’s scared of dogs.” Katsuki reminds him. “I couldn’t do that to her.”

“Shit, she is isn’t she.” Eijiro hums. “Maybe a cat?”
“God no, the Smash Bro’s household has /enough/ cats. If you want to cuddle one that bad you can spend the night there.” Katsuki grumbles.
Eijiro laughs and moves to crowd Katsuki so his back is pressed against the kitchen bar. “That’s fine, I don’t need a pet or a kid, you’re enough of a /handful./” He punctuates the words by reaching down and groping Katsuki’s ass.
Snorting, Katsuki lifts up on his heels and leans in to nip at Eijiro’s throat. “Tease.” He mutters. “Trash needs to be taken out.” He leans back just to listen to Eijiro groan, his head thrown back.

“You’re a worse cock block than /Denki/ is.” Eijiro grumbles.
“If you sleep here, you do chores. That was the deal.” Katsuki states before he slowly pushes Eijiro’s hands off his ass and moves them to his thighs. “Don’t take too long this time.” He presses a soft kiss to Eijiro’s chin and then his lips.
Reluctantly, Eijiro pulls away and goes toward the trashcan. Katsuki smiles, then heads toward the hallway. “I’ll be in the bedroom.” He calls over his shoulder.
“Alright,” Eijiro calls back, “I’m going to start the dishwasher once I get back inside.” Katsuki gives a thumbs up and then heads down the hall and into the bedroom.
There’s a new dresser by the window, new shoes on the wall rack, and the closet has been divided in two for the both of them.
Katsuki strips naked and crawls onto the bed, fluffing the pillows and stretches out. After a few minutes he sits up and turns the lights behind the headboard on, then gets off the bed to get his phone out of his jeans.
He climbs back on the bed and lays back, flipping through his texts as he grabs the charger cord. He’s got a few from work that he ignores, they’re just alerts to remind him to file reports.
There’s also one from Shouto, and he opens it to see a picture file. He taps it and waits for it to load, then rolls his eyes.
It’s Shouto from early this morning on a weekday off, and he’s presumably naked in bed.
He’s not wearing a shirt and the only thing covering him is a sheet, but he has one hand covering his flushed face and his hair is a mess as light shines down on him and the rumpled pillow beneath his arm. The caption just states ‘So that happened.’
Katsuki doesn’t have to guess too hard.

He texts back ‘Took him long enough to dick you down’ and then loads up a game. When Eijiro finally makes it back to the bedroom, Katsuki is down to his last life and starting to get a chill from the fan in the corner.
“You didn’t have to get naked.” Eijiro whines, already stripping down to join him.

“And yet here I am.” Katsuki exits out of the game and watches as Eijiro plugs his phone in on the other nightstand.
His muscles ripple along his back as he starts doing his nightly stretches. Katsuki hums in appreciation.

“You’d think the appeal of eye fucking me would have worn off by now.” Eijiro says, bending forward so far that his head almost touches the floor.
He’s looking up at Katsuki through his legs, his hands wrapped around his ankles.

“I don’t think it’s ever going to wear off.” Katsuki admits. “When you’re done, can I suck your dick?” Eijiro stands up straight, his back popping.
“Yeah! I’ll be done right now.” He turns, ready to hop on the bed, but Katsuki stops him with a hand.

“Don’t move, I’ll come to you.” Katsuki stretches across the bed, then tosses his legs over the side. He kneels down, legs spread apart so they’re touching Eijiro’s feet.
His hands slide up Eijiro’s thighs and over smooth hair, and he looks up in time to see Eijiro swallow.

Katsuki licks his lips purposefully, letting himself smirk. “Excited much?” He asks, one hand lifting to cup over Eijiro’s hardening cock.
“To see you on your knees? Yeah, just a /little./” Eijiro admits, his index finger and thumb pinching together to prove his point. “You sure you’re up for-”
He cuts off when Katsuki leans forward and drags his tongue up the underside of Eijiro’s cock, flicking the tip against the head. Eijiro makes a choked off sound and covers his face with one hand, the other sinking into Katsuki’s hair.
Katsuki lets saliva pool in his mouth before he uses his tongue to spread it up and down the shaft. His fingers alternate with his tongue as he strokes Eijiro to full mast, his other hand squeezing the muscled thigh in front of him.
“Shit, right… right to it then.” Eijiro says around an excited laugh. Katsuki presses open mouthed kisses to the side of Eijiro’s shaft and hums his agreement. He can’t help but feel prideful when Eijiro makes a choked off whine and his hips jerk forward slightly.
When he pulls back, Eijiro cups the back of his head. Katsuki just laughs before he speaks. “I jerked you off this morning to try and prevent this, what gives?”
“Katsuki, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen yourself on your knees with your legs spread and your tongue on a cock, but the image alone could make me cum.” Eijiro admits. “Self restraint who?” He mumbles to himself.
Katsuki laughs and uses the hand that /was/ on Eijiro’s thigh to reach up and fondle his balls. They’re already getting tight, and he trails his fingers back to trace across his taint.
“Do you want me to just kneel here and open my mouth, let you cum all over my face?” Katsuki asks, voice low. “Or do you want me to finger myself while you fuck my throat?”
Eijiro’s hips buck forward again and he lets out a pitiful whimper. “Yes to the second one.” He gasps the words, eyes shut.
Katsuki grips the base of Eijiro’s cock tight, squeezing hard enough to make him whine. “Don’t cum yet.” He whispers. “I want to make you cum with my mouth, not my words.”

“Then shut up.” Eijiro says around a whine.
Katsuki just grins and leans forward, sucking on his cheeks before saliva pools heavy over his tongue again. He uses it to his advantage, back to lapping over every inch of Eijiro’s cock that he can reach.
The flat of his tongue extends, a slight pressure applied when he drags it over the head of Eijiro’s cock.

He tastes like sweat and smells like their body wash. Katsuki wouldn’t be surprised if he went to clean himself up on any of his bathroom trips earlier.
His free hand keeps fondling Eijiro’s balls, pulling gently when he thinks the other man is getting too comfortable. He gets a tug to his hair as a reward and he smiles, knowing he’s being an insufferable tease and unwilling to change it.
“Babe,” Eijiro whines at Katsuki’s words, both hands in his hair now. “/Please/ suck my dick already.” He pleads.
“Why are you in a rush?” Katsuki asks before poking the tip of his tongue out to swirl around the head of Eijiro’s cock. He’s drooling down his chin, the shine of his saliva dripping to the carpet.
Eijiro grunts. “I want you to fuck me after I cum.” He admits, face flushing darker now as Katsuki looks up through his lashes. He’s sweating down his chest, repeatedly swallowing when Katsuki sucks just the tip of his cock into his mouth and drags his lips back. “/Shit./”
Katsuki hums, then lets go of Eijiro. He doesn’t pull away back, but he opens his mouth wider to slide his tongue down the underside of Eijiro’s cock to press against the vein there.
Both his hands curl in his lap, and he can feel how wet he’s starting to get at each gasp Eijiro makes.

He pulls back just enough to whisper a few words as a tease.

“Eiji, will you fuck my face baby?”
When Katsuki drops his mouth open, he isn’t surprised when the hands on the back of his head yank him forward onto the cock in front of him. To his credit, he only gags a little at the forced thrust, but Eijiro is considerate and pulls back enough to let him breathe.
But it’s just a single breath before fingers tighten in his hair and Eijiro is holding Katsuki’s head in place as he fucks forward and toward Katsuki’s throat.
He’s long gotten used to Eijiro’s size, learned tricks to keep himself from choking, learned how to tell Eijiro if it’s too much and that he needs to pull back.
But right now, Katsuki shuts his eyes and tilts his head back, allowing Eijiro access to his throat. He doesn’t mind if his voice gets a little scratchy, most people assume it’s because he didn’t get enough sleep.
But really it’s just because Eijiro’s fat dick slides into his throat in a way that makes him wetter than anything else and burns going down. He swallows when the head pushes in, the urge to gag overshadowed by how /badly/ he wants to feel that again.
Whining, he reaches up and puts a hand around Eijiro’s, his other sliding between the folds of his cunt as he buries two fingers inside of himself. He mimics the thrusts of the cock in his mouth with his fingers, mind going foggy right up until Eijiro pulls out completely.
Katsuki looks up, gasping as he watches Eijiro grip tight at the base of his cock. “Oh my /god,/ Eiji!” He tries not to laugh. “Just cum on my face.” His voice is hoarse as he opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue.
He’s panting, gulping down air, but Eijiro has always liked him like that.
Eijiro whimpers and strokes himself three, four times before he’s cuming over Katsuki’s tongue and cheeks. Katsuki closes his eyes from experience, feeling something sticky splat across his forehead and into his hair. There’s no doubt it’s on his eyelashes.
He feels like the blowjob should have lasted longer, but he’s a fucking mess between his legs so he doesn’t mind.
He closes his mouth when Eijiro starts huffing for breath, swallowing what’s on his tongue. A few seconds pass before a tissue is wiping away at his skin, Eijiro muttering sweet nonsense as he drops to his knees.
Katsuki hums and opens his eyes, fingers sliding out of his cunt before he pops them into his mouth. He isn’t his favorite taste, but he knows it drives Eijiro mad to watch him do that.
“/Fuck/ me, give a guy a minute.” Eijiro whispers, leaning forward to rest his head on Katsuki’s shoulder.

“Hmmm,” Katsuki pulls his fingers out of his mouth with a wet pop. “Can I still fuck you?” He asks, turning his face to nuzzle Eijiro’s cheek.
“God, yes, /please./” Eijiro whispers.

“I like the sound of that, you’re so sweet to me baby.” Katsuki says, peppering kisses over Eijiro’s face. “Go pick out your demise?” He watches as Eijiro pulls back to nod enthusiastically and laugh.
“Should I stretch myself for you?” He asks in an excited whisper.

“Someone’s insatiable.” Katsuki teases. “Go ahead, I’ll watch.” They help each other to their feet and walk over to the toy chest.
After they open the locks, Katsuki picks up the leather strap from the top and runs his fingers on the inside. The lining is still smooth, still smells good after the last time they cleaned it.
It takes Eijiro a minute or two, but eventually he comes up the toy he wants. It’s a green one, not too fat, not too long. Were it not for the color, it would look like an average sized cock.
Katsuki slaps Eijiro on the ass and watches him scramble to the bed, shuffling through the drawers to get the lube.
As Katsuki puts the toy through the ring on the front of the strap and situates it over his own cock, he can’t help but smile as Eijiro fumbles to lube up his fingers.
He tosses the closed bottle to the side, fingers slick as they hurry to spread his cheeks, his legs open wide. Apparently he’s in a hurry, because he skips his regular teasing foreplay and sinks one finger in. His flaccid cock twitches once, and Katsuki tuts.
“We’re not in any rush, Eiji.” Katsuki says as he walks around the bed and picks up the lube bottle. “You take as much time as you need, I can wait.” He leans down and kisses Eijiro’s cheek.
Eijiro grunts, finger sliding in and out of his hole as his toes curl. “Will you… will you kiss me?” He asks, a little breathless.
“Always.” Katsuki says as he climbs onto the bed, then between Eijiro’s legs. He bends over him, his new cock pressing into the side of Eijiro’s thigh before he captures his lips in a kiss.
One of his hands dips down to join Eijiro’s, not sliding his fingers in but encouraging the thrusting by rocking his palm against him.

Between soft, wet kisses, Katsuki starts whispering encouragements that he knows makes Eijiro weak in the knees.
‘Love you like this,’ ‘You’re so hot,’ ‘I can’t wait to fuck you,’ ‘You feel good, yeah?’

It’s met with a tiny gasp before Eijiro pulls his hand away and reaches for the cock on his thigh.
“Hey, hold on. Still have to lube it up.” Katsuki whispers against Eijiro’s lips before he pulls back and uncaps the bottle. He pours a generous amount onto both his palm and the cock, using his hand to spread it over the shaft and head.
“I want you so much.” Eijiro whispers. Katsuki bites his lip when he smiles, then leans back further. While Eijiro isn’t at full mast yet, that doesn’t mean he isn’t excited. That shows enough on his face, in the way he’s panting and yanking a pillow to stuff under his hips.
Katsuki waits until he’s comfortable, lets Eijiro hold his own legs open before he guides the head of his cock to the ring of muscles that no doubt had three fingers stretching them earlier.

“Ready?” Katsuki asks, already pushing forward with a smirk.
Eijiro’s breath spikes. “/Yes!/” His head falls back to the bed as Katsuki keeps sliding in slowly. He pauses at one point to add more lube, then keeps going, all while Eijiro whimpers and whines beneath him.
Katsuki’s starting to get a little lightheaded himself just from hearing Eijiro make those noises. He swallows when he bottoms out, then guides Eijiro’s legs around his hips.
He waits, leaning forward but grabbing the headboard with one hand. “Love you.” He whispers before rolling his hips.

Eijiro’s breath hitches. “Love you too.” The last word comes out as a squeak when Katsuki pulls back and thrusts forward, trying to angle up.
He doesn’t hit the spot he wants to right away, this position isn’t the best for prostate stimulation. Or maybe it is and Katsuki’s just stuck with awkwardly curved toys.
Either way, he rocks his hips a few more times before sitting up on his knees and grabbing Eijiro’s leg in his free hand. When he has a steady grip, he starts fucking into him hard enough that if they weren’t braced against the headboard, Eijiro might have smacked into it.
Nails bite into Katsuki’s back and he groans, listening to the soft sounds of encouragement coming from his partner as Eijiro’s thighs tighten around his hips. When Eijiro starts rocking his hips into the thrusts, the toy jerks back and starts smacking against Katsuki’s cock.
He gasps through his nose, trying to ignore that sharp rise of pleasure so he can focus on Eijiro’s.

“Stop that.” He warns.

Eijiro just laughs, but eases off for a few more thrusts before he does it again.
“I will fucking /end/ you.” Katsuki snaps, breathless as he leans forward to kiss him. Eijiro kisses back, sharp teeth nipping at plump, swollen lips from sucking cock earlier.
“I mean… that’s the… the goal, right?” Eijiro teases before he lifts his hips into the next thrust. Instead of arguing with him, Katsuki pulls out.
“Flip over.” He loves the way Eijiro whines, but when he flops onto his hands and knees and wiggles his ass for him, he laughs. “Oh my god, don’t do that.”
“You like it.” Eijiro says, panting before Katsuki shoves his cock back into him. He groans, gripping the headboard, head on his arms. “Oh, yeah that. I like…” He moans.

Katsuki smiles, and while he misses being able to see Eijiro’s fucked out face, this position is good too.
He find his prostate soon enough, Eijiro keening and scrambling to get a better grip on the headboard. Katsuki’s ready though, ready to listen to Eijiro fall apart around him, so he makes sure to grab the other mans hips with both hands and fuck that same spot relentlessly.
Eijiro screams, head thrown back and Katsuki’s name on his lips. Katsuki keeps it up, one hand reaching around to grab Eijiro’s cock. It’s hard and dripping onto the sheets, and Katsuki strokes it fast with lube sticky fingers.
When Eijiro cums, his hips and balls slap against Katsuki, sweat dripping off his skin and sliding down the front of shaking thighs.
Katsuki jerks him through his orgasm before Eijiro waves a hand back. Katsuki slowly lets go of Eijiro’s cock and slides out. He fumbles with the buckles of the strap as Eijiro rolls onto his back and away from the ropes of cum on the bedspread.
Katsuki throws the leather and the toy toward the bathroom, then feels Eijiro’s hands on his hips.

“Sit on my face, babe.” He pants out.

And Katsuki is /so/ tempted.
“Not until you catch your breath!” He laughs and leans over him, dropping onto his cum soaked skin and not caring a bit.

… okay he cares a /little/ bit, but it can wait.

“Yeah… thanks… I...” Eijiro groans. “Make sure I get you off before bed though, yeah?” Katsuki grins.
“Obviously.” He kisses Eijiro’s chin, staring up at that dopey smile full of sharp teeth, the way his hair is sticking to his forehead, his way his skin shines with sweat.

Katsuki looks at this lovely, absurd man, and he smiles. “I’m glad you came home.” He whispers.
Eijiro sucks in a sharp breath, and maybe it’s because he’s still cum drunk, or maybe he’s just emotional, but he pulls Katsuki closer for another kiss. “So am I.” He whispers between tender kisses. “I never want to be anywhere else.”
Katsuki hums and rubs their noses together. “I love you.” He murmurs. And he means it, and Eijiro knows he means it. It’s not the first time he’s said it since he got back, but it… for some reason, it means the most /right now/ between the two of them.
Naked, covered in cum, sweat, and saliva, Katsuki Bakugo /loves/ Eijiro Kirishima.

“I love you too.” Eijiro whispers back, eyes closing as he takes a minute to catch his breath. “Maybe if I… maybe if I nap, you can ride me.”
Katsuki just laughs and rolls away from him. “I’m going to get a rag to clean up.”

He leaves the bathroom door open, like he has for six months, and like he will for six more. And after that, when it stops being about fear, he leaves it open out of habit.
Because at that point, it becomes less about needing to know Eijiro won’t get up and run away, and more about the fact he just likes to /look/ at him.


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