Number of refugees who came to KRG from northeast Syria since war with Turkey now more than 2,300, per Kurdish authorities.
The UN says more than 1,600 refugees have come from northeast Syria to the Kurdistan Region since the Turkish operation. This figure is lower than the KRG's figure.
The KRG says more than 3,000 Kurdish, Arab, Christian refugees have come from Syria in about a week:
The number of refugees from northeast Syria coming since the conflict with Turkey continues to go up, per Iraqi Kurdish authorities. Now more than 7,000.
7,169 is the latest Syrian refugee figure to KRG since the conflict with Turkey I have, per Kurdistan Region presidency on October 22.
8,376 refugees from northeast Syria have come to KRG now since the Turkey-SDF conflict. More than 1,200 in last 24 hours, per KRG Ministry of Interior.
The number of refugees who have come to the Kurdistan Region from northeast Syria since the crisis is now 12,326, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council.
Now 14,343 refugees from northeast Syria have come to the KRG since the Turkey-SDF conflict:
14, 425 Syrian refugee arrivals in KRG since Turkey-SDF conflict now. Perhaps the rate is slowing, but it could pick up again depending on how the war goes.
17,046 refugees from northeast Syria in KRG now, per latest figures. They're still crossing through Sahela.
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