1. Andrew Scheer is unfit to be Prime Minister. He has repeatedly lied about his opponents, their policies & his background. He has engaged in underhanded tactics, misled Canadians, insulted us without apology & tolerated racists and homophobes within his party. #elxn43 #cdnpoli
2. Scheer’s litany of lies include saying:
✖️The Canada Food Guide didn’t have consultation or science behind it, when it does. https://twitter.com/marcomendicino/status/1153340464394907649?s=21
✖️The CPP is a tax when it is deferred compensation for retirement. https://globalnews.ca/news/3967859/reality-check-are-canadian-families-really-facing-a-2200-tax-hike/
3. Scheer lies cont’d with him or CPC saying:
✖️The LPC govt took veterans to court when it did not. https://twitter.com/alexwellstead/status/1154032745976401920?s=21
4. Scheer misled us by saying:
✖️The price on pollution is a tax that will cost us $. Not so. PBO confirms 8/10 Canadians will get more from the rebate than will pay. https://globalnews.ca/news/5202108/carbon-tax-canada-2019-revenue/
Plus emissions will ⬇️ https://twitter.com/seanfrasermp/status/1154374659271532546?s=21
& spur growth https://twitter.com/tylermeredith/status/1154504948219969537?s=21
8. Scheer & CPC lied that:
✖️ the govt forced the release of Canadians’ personal information, when it did not https://twitter.com/navdeepsbains/status/1165731386847911936?s=21
✖️the govt lowered criminal sentences, when it did not https://twitter.com/davidlametti/status/1166437246440038401?s=21
✖️the govt lowered taxes for millionaires https://election.ctvnews.ca/truth-tracker-conservatives-falsely-claim-trudeau-lowered-taxes-for-millionaires-1.4629774
9. ✖️Scheer’s CPC candidate in BC fake quoted & falsely claimed endorsement by @rickmercer, when he did not. https://twitter.com/rickmercer/status/1174019842216775681?s=21
✖️Scheer falsely claimed the LPC Will decriminalize all drugs, when they won’t https://m.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/andrew-scheer-liberals-decriminalize_ca_5d87ff76e4b0957256b8c6b4?ncid=fcbklnkcahpmg00000008
10. Scheer misrepresented his credentials stating:
✖️ he had been a licensed insurance broker, when he had not https://twitter.com/ishatreza/status/1179032584229179392?s=21
✖️ he obtained his university degree in SK, when it was from Ottawa https://twitter.com/canucktraveler/status/1180100430610800642?s=21
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