1. we all know the plasma event can only and will take place on the winter solstice

The year of the empcoe is unknown
But all the signs point to an event in the near future
This year
21-12-2019 is a common date
And up to 2024 and beyond is also speculated.
And up to 2024 and beyond is also speculated
.The sun's light will go out and the world will go dark
.The plasma will break through the centre of the dome,this is the black sun/black hole,sucking matter into the void-rapture
.pole shift,earthquakes,fire and electrical storms,liquifaction-mudflood
2. The subliminal/predictive programming,Empcoe/plasma event in movies,TV, games,lyrics etc is obvious

Fortnite,Simpsons,marvel,Disney,Hp lovecraft etc...
3. The biblical refrences and throughout all religions and ancient cultures the same theme/story is found going by many names and versions of this event passed down in myth and legend
4. signs of the empcoe are all over the mainstream with black holes,solar flares,pole shift etc from nasa and the like

The weather and strange sky anomalies
Purple skies,chemtrails/geoengineering,
Fires,blackouts, exploding transformers
Increased lightning
5.whats causing the plasma event and is it survivable? (Depends who you ask)

.A naturally occuring,cyclical event due to the cycle of the sun and build up of plasma around the world
.The plasma event is caused or triggered at specific times by the controllers using advanced
tech,Knowledge of past resets has allowed them to create weapons and tech utilising the plasma energy-cern
.How to survive the event is up for debate
.Planning for all manner of natural disasters is advisable
.going underground may not be due to liquifaction
.don't get sucked up
.cities and built up areas are major danger zones
.survivors of the initial event will then have to endure hell week until the electomagnetics stabilise leaving
Post apocalyptic survivors like any movie you've seen
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