Aug 12 - W/Blower submits complaint (Schiff Should NOT have known)

Aug 24 - Schiff meets with William Taylor

Aug 26 - complaint sent to Maguire

Aug 28 - Schiff tweets about it (Should NOT have known)

Cont 👇
Sept 9 - Atkinson notifies Congress - (now schiff should have known )

Sept 10: Schiff requests complaint

Taylor after that meeting tries to BAIT Sondland in text messages in September.

Sondland is CLEAR & obviously sees he is being baited so he re-iterates.

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AUG 24 [ Schiff should not have known anything until Sept 9]

Schiff has a TWO hour meeting with Taylor about Ukraine.

Taylor is Schiff key "witness"

WHY is this not being investigated?!


Atlantic Council Is in business with Burisma Group.

🔺Atlantic Council sponsored Schiff meeting with Taylor. 🔺

Atlantic Council Joe & Hunter biden are ALL in it together.

Images biden in 2011 with their leaders & speech at AC

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