Been wondering what Russia & Putin are up to. So I did some digging. I believe it could be 3 possible goals. Putin came of age in the USSR & KGB. While in the KGB, he saw Soviet Russia & Russia’s greatness fall. 1/
I believe Putin’s 1st goal is to reestablish Russia’s dominance in the world. In the fall of the USSR, they lost strength & ground. In Syria & Ukraine, Putin’s showing strength & force. He made the US look weak in Syria yesterday. 2/
Putin‘s 3rd goal, is securing & gaining warm water ports. The two places Russia is fighting at, Ukraine & Syria have 1 thing in common...Tartus & Sevastopol.. Rush is only 2 warm water ports. They’re essential for trade & military 7/
These ports could aid Russia’s navy & are essential for trade. Notice that Sevastopol is in Crimea. Tartus in Syria. Russia had to secure these ports, hence war in both locations. Taking Ukraine would secure that port. 8/
Warm water ports are necessary for trade & to have further reach for their Navy & military. Russia will likely seek to add more ports. They need Mediterranean access. Right now their ally Turkey Controls their access there 9/
With Sevastopol they have access to the Black Sea. With Tartus they have access to the Mediterranean. And keeping Turkey happy keeps that access open. Putin seems likely to further expand land & port grabs. Which will mean further battles 10/
These 3 goals seem to go hand-in-hand. It all seems to be about strengthening Russia & reclaiming what they had before the fall of the USSR. There could be other girls & probably are... so I’ll keep digging. Putin is up to more in the Middle East...11/
Update: Moscow’s Patriarch Kirill has called Putin’s reign “a miracle from God.” He also named Ukraine & Belarus as part of the “Russian World” in 2015 due to shared values. This is a big reason Putin wants to reclaim these 2 countries. 2/
Update: Russia has annexed Crimea & is at war in Ukraine in the Donetsk & Luhansk regions. They’ve even practiced simulated bombings over Odessa. They’ve also pushed for more integration of Belarus to Russia. The church’s theory backs this up. 3/
Update: Putin wants to take the countries the Soviet union lost with the Warsaw Pact. He sees them as his & the church supports him. It’s the major religion in the Balkans specifically Russia, Ukraine & Belarus. 4/
Update: if you look at the lower map, look at that blank’s Belarus, Ukraine & Georgia. Those are the three regions Russia is actively trying to integrate or take. They occupy 20% of Georgia, push Belarus to integrate & occupy Ukraine. 6/
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