Since its #IndigenousPeoplesDay I wanna humble brag about something I'm still kinda proud of. In @BronstedBear's Pathfinder campaign I was playing a homebrew race with only a wiki page to go off of. Talking to them we decided a lot of their culture would be based off Oneida's >>
(Cont) It was mostly just flavor/background stuff. They could speak "Sirius" but for flavor purposes, that meant speaking Oneida with the help of  and my cousins who live up north. Names were rough romanization translations.
PF!Range's daughter's name was Lata, short for latatwʌni·yó, which is free/independent. There was plot reasons for that. The city he founded and country it grew into were the words for "Home" and "Market" as well. Food and culture were as well (we had a dinner WITH FRY BREAD)
It was never really an important plot point or anything, but just that bit of flavor made me really proud of this race that had grew from just some wiki page saying that the race was basically just there to be servants. They're now world renown traders who invented ice cream.
I may not know a ton about my tribe or culture but I'm still proud of what I do know, especially when I can incorporate it into something else I enjoy. Happy #IndigenousPeoplesDay
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