1/ Brexit Benefits. Die-hard remainers often make the claim that, when confronted, respecters of direct democracy cannot name one single #BrexitBenefit. Well here’s a few potential benefits available after we leave the EU…
3/ Brexit Benefits: When we leave the EU, we, not Brussels, will get to decide what projects in UK get funding. Currently, not only is it our own money, but to add insult to injury, Brussels decides how our own money is spent!
4/ Brexit Benefits: EU project funding using our money have to be emblazoned with the relevant logo, conning people into thinking it’s EU money. It’s not. Post Brexit we can rightly claim that piece of currently misdirected prestige for ourselves.

5/ Brexit Benefits. Out of the UK, we’ll be subject to less onerous WTO state aid rules. Recent example of more onerous EU state aid rules is former sports car maker TVR’s much welcomed re-birth unnecessarily delayed.

6/ Brexit Benefits. We can establish properly operational Free Trade Zones, previously not viable inside EU (why they were allowed to lapse). Mixed views, but here’s a very good article explaining the benefits post Brexit, e.g. hard pressed UK retail.

7/ Brexit Benefits. “Brexit creates a golden opportunity to regain 70% of the UK’s fisheries resources & rejuvenate a multi-billion pound industry for the nation – becoming as sustainable & successful as Norway, Iceland & Faroe.”

8/ Brexit Benefits. We can establish free trade agreements which suit the UK and not diluted over the diverse interests of 27 other countries, or in the interests of the Brussels elite if exclusive competence (a now favoured route).

9/ Brexit Benefits. We get to keep 100% of tariff proceeds, rather than hand over 80% (shortly likely to become 90%) to Brussels.

10/ Brexit Benefits. We can set tariffs to suit our own commerce and consumer interests. In fact the DIT have already published its tariff schedule, which has been recently up-dated. We are & will be free to do this outside of a customs union.

11/ Brexit Benefits. Simple one here - A clean Brexit will cement UK direct democracy as having been truly honoured and be seen to be truly honoured.
12/ Brexit Benefits. Over onerous directives can be re-designed to improve our international competivity, i.e. MIFID II - Even the Germans are critical, for example:

15/ Brexit Benefits. Whilst some co’s may re-shore to mainland Europe, many will choose to re-shore back to UK, i.e. McLaren composite chassis mfg from Austria to England, enhancing efficiencies, reducing costs & cutting unwelcome environmental issues.

16/ Brexit Benefits. If UK exports are hindered by new (EU) barriers they’ll be diverted back to the home market. In the same vein EU imports will be displaced by UK production & imports from 3rd countries we already have FTA’s agreed.

18/ Brexit Benefits. Current EU VAT rules outlaw reduced rates below 5% & standard rates below 15%. Even new proposals dictate the weighted average cannot be below 12%. Outside of the EU, *WE* decide.

19/ Brexit Benefits. Since 2009 we’ve been on the losing side of voting on EU laws that affect the UK. After we leave we’ll no longer be put in that position.

20/ Brexit Benefits. The Commission is pushing to create a ‘level playing field’ on corporation tax, the average of which is 22.5%, 3.5% higher than the UK’s current rate (planned to be lower). Out of the EU, we can do what we want.

21/ Brexit Benefits. The Commission is pushing to remove the veto in remaining areas incl. tax (see 20/). Although it faces an uphill struggle, the EU hierarchy never gives up and, outside of the EU, we’ll be free of that very real risk.

22/ Brexit Benefits. Provides the opportunity for: “The BSI charter should be re-written, returned to the original wording: to act in the interests of British business & the British nation.” Simon Boyd, Reid Steel.

23/ Brexit Benefits. Our humanitarian & development aid (2nd most generous in the world after US) will no longer be able to be fraudulently added to the EU’s propaganda figures to falsely bolster their global contribution:

24/ Brexit Benefits. Opportunity to remove CE-marking requirement, which denotes conformity of process, adds nothing to quality/safety/suitability for purpose, holds back entrepreneurism, innovation & business development, says Simon Boyd, Reid Steel.

25/ Brexit Benefits. With better control over our borders, we can reduce the large number of unsafe toys, electronics, construction products & personal protective equipment that circulate within the EU’s Single Market.

26/ Brexit Benefits. A "Financial Centre" model proposed by Barnabas Reynolds would “allow Britain to reshape its regulatory structures” as well as moving away from what he sees as “the blanket of unnecessary processes introduced in EU laws.”

27/ Brexit Benefits. Further to 22/ & 24/ we can “be rid of anti-competitive regulation that does little or nothing to help UK business and their staff.” Simon Boyd, MD, Reid Steel, a 100yr old company which exports to over 140 countries worldwide.

28/ Brexit Benefits. Free of the stifling embrace of the Single Market & Customs Union, Brexit UK could help avert a global trade war & lead the way to more free trade.

29/ Brexit Benefits. Needs must, recruitment of more customs officials in readiness for Brexit, is highly likely to have the additional benefit of clamping down on the shocking trend in people smuggling and consequent risk of life.

30/ Brexit Benefits. From British multinational software company, Sage: "UK manufacturers serving UK businesses are likely to be in demand because of the potential difficulties and issues surrounding imports from the EU."

31/ Brexit Benefits. British multinational software company, Sage, turns a possible negative into a positive: "potential difficulties in data transfer between the UK and EU – at least initially – might mean UK companies switch to UK-based data storage."

33/ Brexit Benefits. No. 13 appears to be missing according to some viewers, so here it is again.

34/ Brexit Benefits. No. 17 appears to be missing according to some viewers, so here it is again.

35/ Brexit Benefits. "Universities & Science Minister Chris Skidmore has said that the UK will not implement the EU Copyright Directive after the country leaves the EU."

36/ Brexit Benefits. Already starting, with the new UK Agriculture Bill which will reward farmers for successful environmental & animal welfare improvements, after "years of inefficient and overly bureaucratic policy dictated to farmers by the EU". https://www.gov.uk/government/news/agriculture-bill-to-boost-environment-and-food-production
37/ Brexit Benefits. Nos. 12 & 13 above mention UK's post-Brexit opportunity to remove unwieldy EU regs, which can stifle innovation & entrepreneurship. UK success there, could force the EU into a re-think, where their firms & citizens could also benefit!

32/ Brexit Benefits. Channel 4 'Smuggled', exposes current flaws in our border security. UK Border Force to recruit up to 1,000 more officers in readiness for Brexit, in addition to those already recruited.

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