Me: it’s better for everyone if more people succeed
Conservative friend: totally agree!
Me: let’s make it easier for people to succeed
Conservative friend:
Me: providing someone with mental healthcare and medication costs 1/3 of what it costs to jail someone
Conservative friend: ugh, I know!
Me: we should replace cops with social workers
Conservative friend:
Me: we can work together to reduce abortions
Conservative friend: YES!
Me: data shows that best way is comprehensive sex ed and OTC birth control
Conservative friend:
Me: corporations that don’t pay their employees enough to live increase demand for social services
Conservative friend: wow, you’re right.
Me: we should raise the minimum wage and make corporations pay taxes
Conservative friend:
Me: childhood trauma increases the likelihood of antisocial behavior in adulthood
Conservative friend: that makes sense
Me: Trump’s policies are causing immeasurable childhood trauma
Conservative friend:
Me: human ingenuity is practically limitless
Conservative friend: it is
Me: let’s come up with a better system than capitalism
Conservative friend:
as I pointed out, they won’t even engage with me on ways to fix it. I have been talking to them. I invited white conservative men to jump in my DMs to chat about the issues. But ultimately, they said they couldn’t support policy change until they observed behavior modification.
“I supported Black Lives Matter after I saw that George Floyd video. But as soon as things started burning, I couldn’t do it anymore. The police need reform, but not when there’s violence instead of conversation.”

They used the worst behavior they could point to as an excuse.
When I pointed out that, actually, Black people have been peacefully organizing for defunding the police for decades they just shrug.

When I pointed out that killer cops and burning stores are separate issues, they acknowledged that but still refused to separate them.
We can have respectful, engaging conversation until the cows come home but fundamentally conservatives claim they cannot get on board with any of the dozens!!!! of mutually agreed upon policy changes until Democrats start acting like Republicans.

Otherwise we are undeserving.
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