Since there's been a lot of 'Barelwi' bashing on twitter and people have been supporting the Deobandi's in the whole Barelwi vs Deobandi dispute, I'm going to post the original blasphemous statements of the Deobandi's and leave it to you to decide. Lets see who is genuine...
Blasphemous statement number 1 - Khalil Saharanpuri stated in his book, 'Al Barain Al Qatia' that the devil has MORE knowledge than the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. He also states to believe in the exstensiveness of the knowledge of The Prophet is SHIRK! On page 51 it says...
"In sum one must ponder that by observing the state of Shaytan and the Angel of Death, to use this to prove that the Prophet also has vast knowledge of the earth without any proof but by mere invalid analogy, if this is not Shirk then which part of Iman is it?"
"For Shaytan and the Angel of Death this vastness is proven from Nass (textual evidence of Qur'an and Hadith). What Nass-i-Qat'i (clear textual evidence of Qur'an and Hadith) is there to prove the vastness of knowledge of the Prophet which refutes all Nusoos to prove Shirk?"
The original Urdu.
Blasphemous belief number 2 - Ashraf Thanwi states in his book Hifz Ul Imaan that the knowledge of the Prophet is like the knowledge of CHILDREN, MADMEN and ANIMALS! He states,
Hifz ul Imaan, page 8

"Such knowledge is possessed by Zayd and Amr, rather, children and madmen, rather, all animals and quadrupeds also possess such knowledge".
The original Urdu.
Blasphemous statement number 3 -
Qasim Nanotvi denies the finality of Prophethood in his book Tazheer ul Naas, he states,
"Moreover if for instance in the time of the Prophet صلي الله عليه وسلم there is another prophet anywhere else, The Prophet صلي الله عليه وسلم will still remain Khaatam".
"If for instance after the time of the Prophet, any prophet is born, even then there will be no difference in 'khaatam-e-Muhammadi'. Even if it is during the time of the Prophet in some other world or for instance even in this world any other prophet is advocated." [page 25]
The original Urdu.
Blasphemous statement number 4 - Rashid gangohi stated in his Fatawa, vol 1, page 20, lines 11-15 that falsehood has/shall occur in the speech of Allah. He states,
'Wuquu e Kizb ke maani durust ho gaye'. This translates to, 'the meaning of occurrence of falsehood thus becomes valid'.

*Important note. He uses the word 'وقوع' which actually means occurrence, he did not use the word إمكان which means possibility of lying.
The original Urdu.
Rashid gangohi also spoke good of Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahaab in Fatawa Rashadiyyah, "He and his followers were good people". Non sub continent sunnis do you still agree with what the deobandis have to say?...
Even whilst knowing that the Sunni Arab Ulema have labelled Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahaab a deviant e.g. the likes of Shaykh Zayni Dahlan and MANY others.
Even the official fatwa of Darul Uloom deoband includes Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahaab within the Ahlus sunnah,

"It is against the final opinion of the ulama of the deoband to declare Shaykh ibn Abdul Wahaab Najdi out of the folk of Ahl Sunnah wal Jamaah".
Was Imam Ahmad Rida Khan alone in his takfeer? Nope. The following scholars BEFORE him also made takfeer of the deobandis. Many after also made takfeer.

Fadl Haq Khayrabadi
Irshad Hussain Rampuri
Abdal Haq Khayrabadi
Nazir Ahmad Rampuri
Ghulam Dastagir Qusuri
Even 33 scholars from the Arab lands also signed and endorsed the Fatwa of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan.

Before ignorant people start calling Imam Ahmad Rida Khan a 'takfeeri', he spent more than 15 years writing to the deobandis to retract their statements before he made takfeer.
In fact Imam Ahmad Rida Khan was so careful in making takfeer, he refrained making takfeer of Ismail Delvi due to REPORTS of him performing Towbah.
If after all of this, you still continue to back the Deobandi's, then may Allah guide you to the truth. آمين
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