You’re My God Now-

A KiriBaku Thread
⚠️CW: A/B/O dynamics, Religious Cult, noncon, general abuse/blood, nonmajor character death (all deaths will be unnamed characters), very underage, mpreg, omegas with vaginas/boys with vaginas, manipulation, mindbreak, angst with happy ending(I PROMISE),will add more if needed ⚠️


This is going to be a little dark for a bit, I want everyone to be comfortable.


BAKUGO IS NO LONGER THE BAD GUY. I rewrote that bit so that this could have a happy ending.

Eijiro was always so small.

He was thinner than the other chubby omegas his age, a little more on the lanky side, but he never worried much about it. The other older guardian omegas promised him that he would gain those features later on.
It definitely was never bad to get the little extra attention during mealtimes. He can’t say that he wasn’t doted on, even if that normally meant the only chubby part of his body, his cheeks, being squeezed and pinched as payment.
For extra meat on his plate though? He would easily take the gentle teasing and proding.
“Almost time for a haircut, huh, Eijiro?” One of the few older male Omegas asks him, his hands busy weaving a basket, a skill that he wouldn’t learn until he was two years older.

“Yea!” He answers him, smiling brightly.
His hands reach up to tuck black locks away from his face, which was a normal thing now that his hair was at his shoulders now.

“Will you be doing it, Daichi?” He asks curiously, swaying in the gray dress that just barely swings over the ground, reaching his ankles easily.
Daichi looks up from his busy hands and thinks for a moment, but sadly smiles instead. “Ah- no. Think I’m too busy preparing for the festival, Eijiro. We will get it done soon though- now, go! You have chores to be doing, don’t you-“ he laughs.
His eyes linger though, obviously waiting.

“Oh- of course-“ Eijiro quickly answers, having turned around before a clearing throat pulls him instantly back. “In paradisum-“ it comes quickly, almost bashfully at almost forgetting.
“Manners,” Daichi chastises, “always mind your parting blessing, Eijiro. Now, in paradisum with you.” The older boy nods his head down, dismissing him and Eijiro takes the chance to bolt now that he can.
Everyone in the commune is so busy.

His running is met with few looks for once as everyone is much too focused on preparations to even notice that he’s behind on his morning chores.

He’s being blessed already, he guesses!
An alpha looks his way and his eyes turn quickly to the ground, and his run slowly to a walk. He hopes that they do not say his name or call him over, because he will have no choice but to go.

Eijiro is scared of the older alphas right now, their eyes....
He would never say it out loud, would never dare disrespect them or their God....

But their eyes are like that of some sort of scary animals come this time every year.

A wolf, perhaps.

Too bright, and hungry, and it makes the other omegas particularly on edge.
Especially with the Festival of the Spring so close on Paradisum Homestead.

Paradisum Homestead is acres and acres of lush farmland.

On it, little houses seem to be randomly placed here and there throughout the property, seemingly almost with no order at all.

They are quaint homes for humble people.
Wood and brick, all lovingly hand built from the ground up.

Omegas live their lives near the fields to tend to the animals, and aid in the harvest come the end of the seasons.

Alphas live mostly near the main road, able to come and go as they please during the day.
Eijiro knows some of them even hold jobs outside of selling their farm-made goods. It’s always a strange sight to see the occasional outside working Alpha in non-dress.
The materials are always so dark and soft looking. Much less humble than anything the omegas are able to wear at any time.

Eijiro has been punished before for asking why they are allowed to wear such things, so he now knows better than to question it.
Out loud, at least.

That doesn’t mean that he can’t think it, or pray about it on the occasion.
They fancy clothes reminds him of the outside visitors that sometimes come to view mass.

He can’t help but stare at those outsiders, the ones without their knowledge of the true God, or the magic of the Most Holy.
They are always so busy, being brought one way and another to have their questions answered by Alpha elders- Eijiro wishes he could talk to one of them.

He likes when he gets waved at though, or gently smiled at when they see him and the other kids in passing.
He always makes sure to wave back at them with his brightest smile. He’s been told to be kind and nice to them like all the children, but Eijiro doesn’t even need to be told!

He just enjoys making people happy.
‘The tours are to spread the word of Patreterra’, the Holy One, Father, reminds the congregation before the monthly visits. ‘The more people who know about the true God and learn the true way to live in harmony with him, the more people will feel his great blessings.’
Eijiro likes to think of God spreading those blessings on people who don’t have as much, or who suffer, or are confused and alone and ALL the other things he’s heard.

It makes him feel really warm inside.

Everyone should have a family like he does!
The tours and meetings always seem to go well, because more and more people seem to come and stay month to month.
Even if he only ever catches flashes of them while they are ‘taught the ways of the church’, he knows they are around because the primary chapel, the Alphas place of worship, is suddenly so busy when they have new members....
At least, that’s what Daichi and some of his older omega friends tell him, otherwise he wouldn’t know the two things were even connected. The Alpha chapel is none of his business, and Eijiro is a good boy who understands that lesson quite well.
He’s an Omega.
He’s not close enough to that sort of godliness, and will never be due to the way he was born! He never gets jealous though, because God blesses him in so many other ways, and being jealous of something more than he is, is a sin- and that means it’s bad.
He’s more than happy with the way he lives, even if maybe sometimes he has more questions than some of the other Omegas.

He’s just a curious boy!
The only questions that ever really get him in trouble are the ones about friends who are no longer around.

Apparently they are people who have abandoned the true teachings, and that’s bad..
Kirishima would never, ever abandon his home or any of his family. That kinda thought is scary!! So he is as good as he can be in prayers and pulling his weight with whatever he knows how to do, especially when he needs to do extra.
When some of the exhausted from pre-heat older omegas ask him to milk that morning so that they can handle their cramps and pains, he is more than happy to help. He knows they will do the same for him when the time comes, and he needs a favor from them in his time of need.
His fixes his grip on the teets that he’s working gently. The goat is a younger one, he knows not being patient will scare her too much.
“Good girl,” he praises at every large squirt into the bucket. He loves the goats because they are way less scary than the big dairy cows who sometimes get agitated during milking. It takes longer, and sometimes they stink, but he can also pet them a lot!
Though, when Lily goat starts bleating, he stops, little hands moving away to lift himself off of the ground at an unfamiliar scent. An alpha?
It doesn’t smell like any omega.. it’s way too strong. Even thought it’s coming in from outside.
Alphas don’t tend to the animals.... And while they are technically allowed anywhere on the property -it’s their god given right- father asks that they /not/ during the two weeks leading up to the Spring festival.
So... why-?
“.... Hello-“ he tentatively calls into the small milking shed, a shadow shifting under the door that his eyes are fixed onto.
When the door opens, he backs up a couple steps, leaving the half full bucket unattended on the floor. His eyes very quickly turn down to the hay as the smell of an elder, and an unknown alpha reach his nose.
“Ah- Eijiro-“ the elder alpha says softly, “-you may look up, little omega.” Her voice carries in the way that only the elders do, vibrating almost under his skin.
He almost never wants to look up, but he does with a polite smile, keeping from making direct eye contact even with the permission given.
Her purplish-black hair sits long on her shoulders, and her scent is thick and strong enough to make him wish he could turn his head back down now. There is another too- unfamiliar and... musky sweet.
“This is our guest. His name is Katsuki. He’s here to inspect you.” Her voice is suddenly very serious, losing all of the cooing tone that it normally has, and Eijiro feels strange.
Like there are a bunch of not good butterflies in his stomach all bumping around at once.
“An.. inspection?” He questions, but instantly stiffens at the shift in his Elders scent. He only understands that it’s the godliness in them that makes his blood run cold while under the smell of the superior gender.
“Yes. You know what to do.”

Eijiro does know what to do.
He doesn’t know /why/ they want to inspect him outside of his bi-yearly one, why she’s not holding a camera this time, why there is another Alpha in the room, or even why it’s being held in the middle of the milking shed- but he fears asking another question.
He doesn’t want to get in trouble, especially by an Elder.

Their punishments hurt.
His eyes do wander just enough linger on blond hair, and red eyes that he quickly looks away from as he grabs the bottom hem of his humble dress.
“Eijiro is such a good example of an obedient Omega. He’s young, but look at how pretty he is,” she coos, moving close enough to lift his jaw this way and that, pushing hair from his face to give the other alpha more to inspect.
The compliments ease him down, and he can’t help but smile warmly at the rare touch from someone so holy, and he sighs happily.
“I didn’t expect him to be in here, so our earlier plans will have to be adjusted. Eijiro is clean, and he will stay pure until he is fully ready to receive Gods blessing at the time of his first heat...... Though, a little touching will not make him unclean.”
Eijiro tries not to pay attention to the speaking between the two alpha when it’s not directly at him. It’s hard to ignore the other alpha though, even if he only grunts in reply like he’s disappointed, but his scent is oddly neutral.
“I’m sorry, Elder Nemuri,” he whispers genuinely, feeling like he’s suddenly done something bad to have disappointed the strange Alpha.
He’s never been shy to undress at prompting for an inspection, but it takes a throat clearing to put his hands to work.
His panties come down, and he feels... almost embarrassed? Cold too.
“All of it.”
Eijiro’s head comes up for a split second. He’s never had to fully undress to be checked. “It’s a little dirty in here...” He tries to explain, then he hears the tongue click in warning, and he listens anyways...
It was asked of him.

He always does what’s asked of him.
It takes him a second, but he takes off his dress, folding and setting it aside, leaving himself exposed completely.
Full Nudity isn’t.. abnormal, the older omegas hold special masses bare to show themselves in the most natural way- but it’s abnormal enough for him, and the other omegas his age.
He’s actually a little nervous until the Elder’s hand brushes over his body, and he feels the way the smell spikes from her.
This happens sometimes, and Eijiro is more than used to the touching of an inspection. He hopes he gets praised again... he almost grins at the thought of knowing that he’s doing what he’s supposed to!
The nice words always feel way better than cold, and sometimes rough fingers spreading his privates open and rubbing until he feels like he has to pee. He’s also normally in a position of prayer, his head to the floor while on his knees in true reverent form.
The pictures that are taken while are supposed to go to Father- but this time, maybe it’s enough to just be shown to the tense smelling Alpha in the corner of the shed. He doesn’t see a camera anywhere, and he’s not even being told to submit.
t’s all just to make sure he’s still worthy though, he understands why it has to happen.
“Where is the other omega I was promised?” Katsuki asks, making Eijiro stiffen up just as the Elder is starting to spread his legs. He stays quiet, but the words hurt.
Eijiro is a good boy... Everyone tells him so!!
.......Is he not good enough?
Does Father now think the same?
The hands only inches from his private place stops, and he can’t help but hold his breath for just a moment, cheeks flushed. “I suppose we can find where /they/ are. Don’t you want to touch, though?”
Her voice is inviting and proud almost, and it helps Eijiro feel a little more confident. He’s worth looking at.. Patreterra made him just as good as any other omega, right? That’s what he’s been promised his whole life.
Then why didn’t this alpha seem interested in him like the Elder is?
The other Alpha seems more on edge now, or at least that’s how he smells- muttering something quickly before sighing again. “No. I want what I was promised.”
Eijiro can’t fight the heartbroken whine that comes out of him, his eyes starting to water slightly before the cooing Elder wipes them away.
“No tears, little omega. Get dressed, finish your chores, and then go say your prayers. Make sure you double them.” Her hands lingers, ghosting down to his chest before thumbing over tiny peaked nipples until he’s shivering under her touches.
“We will do your inspection another day.”

Eijiro’s mouth opens like he’s going to finally argue, to say anything in response to the hurt in his chest, but he quietly closes it after some thinking.
“Sorry, Elder Nemuri,” he apologizes just in case, heartbroken and definitely fighting between feeling special at such rare affection from an alpha, and being absolutely hurt that another alpha is almost.. disinterested in him... even if he’s just stranger.
He was obviously trusted to check to see if Eijiro was still worthy.
Lily goat cleats again, stomping her hoof in impatience now that her feed is dwindling.

“I’ll say all my prayers, I promise. I’ll even say them all three times, maybe more.” His enthusiasm splits from his sadness for just that moment, eager to please, and the Elder knows it.
“Such a good Omega. Now, eyes to the ground.”

Eijiro complies, twisting hands without hiding himself as he stares at dirt, wood, and hay.
“In Paradisum.”

It sounds so hollow being said in the small shed.
The Elder does not reply as she stands, taking her strong scent with her as she steps to meet the other alpha. “Now- about this other omega that you seem so keen on-“ and the rest of the conversation fades behind a wooden door that creeks loudly and leaves him naked in the cold.
Eijiro wants to cry.
Is it because he’s only eight? He’s little but he’s not a /kid/! He’s only a handful of years away from being an adult....
He’s not even that far in age from Daichi, and he’s already old enough to receive his blessing at this years festival!
Eijiro handles his aggravation like any child. By the time that evening has come around, he’s barely even thinking about it. It’s hard to with how busy he is.

The blond haired alpha sticks with him though.

He makes a mental note to ask Daichi or another about him.
He thinks about how pretty the pups such a man would make!

Eijiro hopes for the future with little touches to his small, only slightly soft tummy. Maybe Patreterra will bless their pairing one day when he is ripe to receive him!
He can only hope with little clasped hands over the nest that night, a stirring in his stomach as he prays for such a blessing next to other children who are surely praying for the same.
He sleeps restlessly that night.

Normally he’s such a quiet sleeper, but for some reason he’s uncomfortable.

Not even kicking out his legs into the pile of other omegan children his age helps.

Their soft pats and warming cooing are of no help either.
“What is it?” Someone in the pile asks tiredly, reaching out to pull closer, trying their best to soothe him with their own purring.

Eijiro shrugs, snuggling up to them.

“A tummy ache?”

Eijiro nods.
When Eijiro wakes the next day, it’s to a soft throb in his privates that has him pressing a hand down his pants to touch himself.

The soft lips are hot, and swollen almost, and it has him quickly yanking his hand back.
Is he sick? Is something wrong?

Did he not say his prayers right?....
He stays there, awake and afraid of whatever is happening until one of the older omegas comes to wake his nest mates up.

Should he tell one of them? Will he be punished?
He’s scenting off a nervous storm, and even if he didn’t want to tell anyone, his family around him are gently touching him on the back and arms, a chorus of soft purrs even though they are tired.

“Eijiro?” A familiar voice calls, and it’s Daichi who steps out.
It’s not a surprise, he’s normally the omega that’s over his group anyways. What is a surprise is how tired he looks, like he hasn’t slept.

Eijiro wonders if he should be worried about his older brother more, but the child in him longs to be comforted and he raises his arms.
Daichi pauses, but moves around the ground, helping the others dress the children and kiss them softly on the forehead. He wishes he could be selfish, and didn’t have to wait, but that would be wrong to his nest mates. They are equals.
When Daichi finally does kneel in front of him, he makes a face. Eijiro can’t help the tears that prick the corners of his eyes until fat drops are running down his rosy cheeks and his lip is puckered. “I d-didn’t say my prayers right,” he hiccups.
The other children watch, but still follow their leaders out the door with soft words of worry for him. Daichi repeats their ‘goodbye’s’ and ‘In Paradisium’s back until the nest room is empty except for one other omega stands in the back of the room.
Eijiro is distracted by them- their unfamiliar face and green hair catching his eye. Before he can ask their name though, Daichi is lifting him out of his shirt.

“Are you sick?”

Daichi’s voice is especially kind, touching his forehead with the back of his hand.
It doesn’t match the circles under his eyes, or how every time he moves and his shirt shifts in place, Eijiro can see bruises on his neck.

“Don’t feel good.”

Daichi shushes him gently, smiling and brushing the hair from his face before tucking it behind his ears.
“Don’t cry. It’s gonna be okay. Shhhhhh...I’m sure your prayers went just fine.”

The soft way Daichi smells always works so quickly to calm him down. It works that way for everyone, he thinks. Eijiro is sure he is a prime- or at least, that’s what some of the members call him.
There is only one more other than him if he can remember.

It means that he’s specially made by Patreterra for the Alphas. One of the most blessed of them, even if they are equal...

It feels nice to know he hasn’t messed up. If Daichi says he hasn’t, than he must be right.
“Tell me what hurts.”

Eijiro hesitates, but his hands slip down, hesitantly tugging near the crotch of his pants, and Daichi follows the movement.

There is something in his face for a moment, but it’s gone before Eijiro can even decipher what it was.
The omega in the back of the room shifts.
Daichi looks back, his eyes lingering on the other omega who says nothing but crosses his arms. When his looks back, he’s smiling softly, and he sighs.

“Are you scared? Don’t be, Ei, I’m just gonna check-“ and his hands pull down his sleep pants.
“Not scared,” he says, trying to be brave suddenly, especially in the room with someone he doesn’t know.

Daichi smiles at him again, grinning with teeth now as he ruffles Eijiros hair. “I know- or I should have. You are so brave.”

He cant help but feel a little better.
What feels especially good is when his underwear come down, and his throbbing privates are exposed to the air, cooling them off a little.

The other omega must slip out fairly quickly, because after a single glance from Daichi, he only hears the door close.
Daichi wraps an arm around him, holding him as he slips the underwear right off of him, setting it to the side. It’s then that Eijiro sees dots of blood there in the crotch, and he frowns again.

Then he’s grinning from ear to ear- oblivious to the quiet sadness Daichi has.
“I’m- wow!” He exclaims, bouncing onto the balls of his feet at such a beautiful sign. “I’m gonna be a big boy! I must have said my prayers extra good!! Daichi, do you see?! Do you see?!”

He’s damn near breathless in his excitement, reaching down to touch himself a little.
Daichi takes his hands before though, and after a sigh, he’s smiling again. “Yea, Eijiro. You are becoming a very big boy. You are so, so blessed.”

Eijiro is a mess of a beaming smile, his body being really and truly blessed! It’s so early, maybe he is even a prime, just like-
“Ei... will you do something for me?”

Eijiro listens with all of the attention he possible can with such an amazing thing going on. He would do /anything/ for his big brother Daichi.
It’s probably to go and tell the Eld-

“Can you keep this a secret?”

He freezes, smile falling into a look of hurt confusion. Hiding.. such a big thing? Is that even okay?

“This is so, so special. I just need you to make sure you keep it quiet.”
“Why?” He feels a little bad about how much he wants to cry, but tears are pricking his eyes again, and he’s almost.. a little mad.

Daichi leans forward to gently touch his neck, thumbing over a not yet swollen gland, but he does smell slightly more strong.
It’s calming to Eijiro, who softens under the touch as Daichi goes right back to smiling so lovingly at him.

“You know how all of us have been working so, so hard to put on the festival?”

“Well, if we have to add you to the festival this year, it’s gonna be so hard on us. You are such a good boy, and I’m gonna make sure you are celebrated so much after, okay? I’ll even sneak you in some beef jerky-“

The only thing that stops his squeal is Daichi’s hand.
“Shhhhh- Thats no way to keep a secret! Now.. If you can keep it secret until the day after, I promise you that I will get you that, and I’ll even given you all my desserts for the week, and you know how bigger omegas get the stuff with the icing and jam-“
He trails off, smiling at Eijiro who is beaming like he was never upset in the first place.

“I’m /not/ gonna get in trouble for keeping the secret?” Hes auspicious, but barely, and it melts away the moment that the older omega chuckles and wipes sleep from his eye.
“Not at all. This is what Patreterra would want, anyways. You are helping me, and you know how important it is to do good for your fellow Omegas.”

“Love and do good by thy Omega brother and sister, for they are equals in His eyes to you.”
Daichi stares at him for long enough that he wonders if he should have said the rest about ‘we are all blessed with fertile womb as servants of-‘ but before he can even think the rest of it, his brother pulls him into a tight hug.
“Exactly. Now into these underwear, and eat this.”

Eijiro nods, his mind clearing of his hymns, and instead, he’s stuck nearly drooling at the thought of meat sticks and iced strawberry cake. When he’s dressed again, he watches as Daichi takes off his left shoe rather quickly.
The sole is lifted, and a small white circle is taken out of a small pile, and Daichi doesn’t even ask before pushing it into Eijiros mouth.


It tastes gross on his tongue and he doesn’t even want to pull the gross thing back into his mouth.
He keeps his tongue outside of his mouth, drooling onto the ground.


The tone shocks him, but he shakes his head, absolutely not wanting to even as the taste gets worse.
When a hand pushes his tongue back into his mouth, and then shoves his jaw closed, Eijiro is scared into swallowing before yanking his head back in surprise, black hair falling into his face.
“Thank you... Please, please remember what I told you, Eijiro. You absolutely shouldn’t tell anyone, remember? Waiting is better for everything and everyone!”

Eijiro pushes his bangs out of his face, rubbing his arms at this... now weird situation.
Daichi is being weird. He’s never shoved anything into his mouth before, and he’s definitely never asked him to keep secrets, but..... His brother has done so much for him. If this is all he has to do, he’s going to do his best, even if his privates are hot again in his pants.
“In Paradisium,” The older omega says, and with a kiss, he’s quickly reminding Eijiro about his chores, and he’s gone too.

Midoriya feels like he’s going to lose his dinner from the night before. He’s spent the last five minutes heaving over a hole in the ground that’s for composting.

Every day on this hellscape of a farm feels like it’s going to tear up his brain.
It’s made especially bad by the fact that he’s /trained/ for this sort of thing.

He’s seen plenty of omegan children used and abused in circles like these, but never... Never in his life has he seen so many be so willing and brainwashed that they /love/ it.
Or... Think that they love it.
His stomach is sour, and his throat is hot with bile that he finally chokes up into the pile, moving his own feet in humble shoes to avoid the splash back.
Midoriya has also never seen so many omegas present so early in his life.

The sheer horror of it all... A lifetime of stimulating their bodies to /breed/.... Every week he’s there, he feels like they keep showing up younger and younger-
And Omega #124..


He’s the youngest he’s seen to present yet.
‘He’s a kid. He’s just a /BABY/‘, he finds himself raging in his head as he wipes his mouth and waves off curious looks with a gentle laugh and a ‘don’t worry about me’ gesture of his hand.

A guest. He needs to act like one, and fix himself fast.
The yelling in his head dies into ‘I need to be here’, and ‘I’m an Omega, same as the others.’

The only thing separating them is the nature of births. He’s here to learn, and one day, to serve. That’s all. A future womb.
A hand on his back pulls him up to look at a slender face, green eyes, and black hair that is braided down his back.

“It’s done.... I’ve done my part to keep him safe.”

Midoriya nods at Daichi, smiling just like he is to make conversation like nothing at all is going on.
The young prime even laughs a little and touches his shoulder.

Midoriya chuckles as though he’s made a joke that just went over well. “I’m going to keep them all safe... The supressent should work for Eijiro and the others, we just have to wait this out a couple more days.”
Midoriya eyes aren’t ignorant of the bruising on Daichi, and the worn look in his eyes.

He can’t even count how many times that the poor omega has been dragged off by an early rutting alpha...

He doesn’t want to think about it too much, but that also feels like an insult.
“Just a few more days.”

Solace settles over his features, and he smiles very genuinely.
All he can find himself thinking about now is teeth marks riddled into flesh under wrapped cloth, and his shirt.

Midoriya counted the teeth marks for himself last night for his notes, but it was a gruesome sight with how much scar tissue exists for him there.
A life never knowing any connection awaits him once this is all done.

Will it be lonely for him? Does he stay up late thinking about it? How much pain is he constantly in?
Midoriya hopes he finds love and comfort though, and he’s going to make sure that Daichi, along with every other Omega in this hellhole gets proper mental counseling after this.

It’s going to take /years/ to even bring some relief to the damage this place has done.
“In Paradisium.”

They both exchange that stupid mantra dryly, parting ways with their own missions in mind.
Just a couple more days.. just a few more...

No way to deny ones own guilt when their hand is in the cookie jar.
The festival that’s really just an excuse to take and /breed/......

It’s going to be their own demise in a sting operation a year in the making, and hundreds of officers strong.
An Alpha crosses his path, coming out of a barn that Midoriya doesnt think twice before slipping inside of.

Every day.

So many times a day.
He’s ill, but not surprised to find a young woman in there, her dress tattered and shoved up, and tears pricking her eyes, but she doesn’t say a word.

They never do.
It’s why this has taken so long.

So fucking long....
He moves further in, unable to do more than cheerfully encourage her that she did great, that one day, he will be happy to receive such a blessing himself.

Just a couple more days....
He helps her pull her underwear up, but she refuses to move, or allow any more.

She’s /bleeding./

Midoriya smiles, and nods, because ‘of course not’.
She has bruises on the inside of her thighs.

He makes a hard mental note of her appearance. Later, he will find her number, and make sure this is documented in a journal that is nearly the 100th he’s filled since starting.
The smell of cum and mother’s milk is starting to make him sick.

/Just a couple more days..../

Midoriya knows he needs to report to Bakugo, but that can wait just a couple minutes more.
When he’s finally manages to leave the barn almost an hour later, the first thing he does is wash his hands clean in a water pump near the sheep’s paddock.

They bleat at him.

It’s hard not to compare the omegas on the homestead to the very animals they rear and breed.
Midoriya has sat in on their services for months and months, learning their hymns and disgusting scripture that treat them like-

His eyes pass over the sheep again, and he leans against the wooden fence.

Yea..... Just like this.
A heavily pregnant omega waddles past him, carrying a bucket of feed with another two. She looks tired, and she’s probably just about ready to pop.

Just didn’t sync up with the rest, apparently.

Her name is Chise, and she’s 14 years old.
Midoriya gives a polite wave, but doesn’t offer to take her work from her. It would be an insult, and would ‘make her baby weak’. After a year, he’s learned better.

His mind thinks to a star next to her name.
The father of her child is unknown.

Kinda hard to be sure when she was raped by twenty alphas over the three days she was in heat.

Age ranges of those alphas?

Midoriya fixes his own dress.

They teach them young. It’s easy when they hold service in different chapels and live life separately.

To the Alphas, the Omegas are little more than hot ‘blessed’ flesh and wombs for sacred seed- no matter their age.

The alphas live comfortable lives with outside access, electricity, and other modern comforts like medicine and plumbing. Given that they are separated from the Omegas except to have sex and for special service, it’s no wonder why they treat them that way.
A humble, ‘simple’ sex. They bodies on display if an Alpha so chooses. Nothing private.

Blessings be upon you from sacred Alphas, for they are the ones who will sow the seed in your womb which will be your ticket to a happy life in the after. Into Paradisium.

Or some shit.
Blessed be upon you, Alpha. May you give to your Omega, whom is your diligent servant in body, spirit, and mind, a filled womb and lifelong blessing.
Midoriya sighs, crossing his arms tighter as the smell of wet mud and manure fill the air. He’s used to it by now.

Some of the teenage omegas walk with two small pups in arms, cooing and taking care of them as they go. Must be their turn.
No omega on the homestead is allowed to raise their own child.

He doesn’t even want to think of carrying for nine long months- only to have his own pup plucked from his arms and passed around. No right to name, no right to anything.

The alphas name all pups born on the farm.
No right even to be called ‘mother’.

It’s a disgusting trick to make their sex mature faster. Let them take care of the babes- which makes the little ones stimulated into presenting young, and the newly presented ones -who shouldn’t nearly be able to at their age....
It forces their breasts to bud early.

It forces lactation...

They take on their jobs willingly still, finding their duties a blessing, and rewarding to take care of the little ones- but Midoriya knows better.

Every morning he has to put cloth over his own nipples.
Since he is still learning, he doesn’t get left alone with the pups enough for it to get bad, but their whimpers do affect him at times.

Both older and younger omega think it’s cute how their breasts will leak from the crying-
Midoriya finds it to be the most sad thing.

There is so much more to life than work, and children. So much more than dark age living and hobbies that make their fingers bleed for a God that doesn’t exist.
So much more to life than sex for all of them, but especially for the children.

He doesn’t even know of any children in the commune that are even act like /true/ children.

Just a few more days.

He tries to relax the tension from his hands.
He should already know who it is when he’s being yanked back into the barn he just came out of by the back of his dress.

The door slams shut, and Bakugo rounds on him, arms crossed.
“Update. Now.”
Midoriya is in no mood to smile at his grumpy disposition today, but it is what it is. “Oh, hello, Kacchan- a nice day, isn’t it?” He whispers as Bakugo rolls his wrist hard over his neck and clothes.
Neither of them are enjoying this act. Bakugo acts like he will join- but only if he gets his ‘favorite’ omega to himself. The elders want his money, so they generally stay out of Midoriyas way, but only to keep Bakugo happy.
Except one or two times with horny alphas that Midoriya doesn’t really want to think about.
“Shut the fuck UP, Deku.”

“Anyways-,” Midoriya trails on, trying not to make a face at him, “everything is going the way it’s supposed to. Still no sight of the leader, but that’s exp-“

“We have a name.”

Midoriya freezes.
They have a name? /How?!/

For a cult leader, the man is surprisingly good at hiding his identity. No trail of anything except his voice and some blurry stills that they’ve only caught on video once.

Mostly because he always wears a mask.
Also everyone around here thinks he is literally /GOD/, so lips are sealed.

When Midoriya and Bakugo first started, they thought it would be easy to find such a big man-
“Kendo Rappa.”
The name doesn’t mean much to Deku, but maybe with some research-

“Stop mumbling,” bakugo grunts at him, lip turned up In his scowling. “Nobody knows much, but now we have a name. We just need a good look at his fucking face-“
That will be much harder.... Maybe the elders have seen him outside of his mask but... None of the omegas for sure have.
The thought also seems to scare them.. Like once the mask is removed it will be the face of their God looking back at them, and they will go blind. While this isn’t taught, it’s a learned fear.
“It’s one less thing he can hide from us.”

Deku’s voice is quiet and small, and even Bakugo thinks the man needs a goddamned break. They all do. Too much fucking disgusting shit going on here.
Bakugo doesn’t ever admit out loud that he has nightmares too. They come on the days he sees the young ones get hurt. They come with the fact that sometimes his own body reacts.

That haunts him.
He won’t rest until Kendo Rappa is hanging for his crimes. No smaller punishment would be enough.

Bakugo hopes it’s slow, and that the leader of this fucking place struggles for minutes before the oxygen is saped from him completely.
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