Warning graphic 📌I was asked to do a thread on Tony and John Podesta. Who are they? John Podesta was Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton. Plus, Advisor to Obama. John Podesta and Clintons have a 30 year friendship. John was also Campaign Chairman for Hillary Clinton. Cont👇
John's brother is Tony Podesta of The Podesta Group one of the highest grossing lobbying firms in Washington D.C.📌📊💰30 million in revenue
When Seth Rich (DNC staffer) downloads DNC emails to zipdrive and gives to Wikileaks. John Podesta begins telling the world it was Russia. Funny thing is the day Seth is murdered Crowdstrike (Hillary paid for company btw) gets a HUGE payment? Hhhmm?ALSO email leak stop. Russia?
Oh yes that trip to Portugal- gets leaked-
Gosh the suspects of Madeline McCann kidnapping sure look familiar! Gasp they were blocks away!
In this sketch I see Anthony Weiner look alike and Ghislaine Maxwell of Epstien Island to! Weiner is hubby to Hillary Top Aide Huma Abadeen! They have all been to the Island to!
In those leaked emails are Pedo talk. They also talk about a Spirit Cooking dinner with Marina Abramovic- Is she related to Ghislaine Maxwell? Anyway they are cannibals. Look at art behind Podesta... eating a person?
The brothers also are in 📌 (Red Shoe Club- research if you dare) what are those shoes made of?
They are all friends you know!
They love Art..
Hey Kiwis ever see these symbols👇Yah he was there
Birds of a Feather- It is worse than all this to...
And guess what I learn about Tony Podesta he is involved in Ukraine also ( helping to lose our 1.8 billion plus) Working beside Manafort- Funny how (they) chose to go after Manafort and not Tony Podesta! Manfort gets arrested and Tony closes his lobbyist business and flees👇
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