This is everything.
Tallying the obstruction in plain sight.
I think we know the answer already.
45 is using his office for his own personal benefit, not the good of our nation.
This Fresh Air interview on #CambridgeAnalytica could not be timed better.
Golly gee, Rudy,
We can see, Rudy,
Rudy is going to jail
Rudy is going to go jail real soon!

With apologies to Louis Armstrong et al
As I amuse only myself — if absolutely no one else in the entire Twitterverse — I shall carry on, as a mockingbird in the midnight, as an owl upon the wing, as a clever creature hunting in the absence of the light.

Kicks and giggles.
I know. I know it’s no laughing matter.
The Russian-backed occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has caused me to laugh out loud.
It’s only 20 pages but JFC.
These guys make the three stooges look like brain surgeons.
So much throwing under the bus...
I feel like I could get whiplash just watching this debacle.
OK, another count to add to our tally.

Clearly there is a conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Between 45, Deutsche Bank, and I’m thinking some intermediary. Hello, Ambassador.

Back to #IgorAndLev

Parnas met Trump in 2014.
Tucking this thread on Kazakhstan moneylaundering in here, even though technically it’s not about obstructing.
But seeing as how Rudy is a key player in obstructing, WTH...
Rudy getting cybersecurtiy deals with Kyiv and Kharkiv and hushing up poor old Peter Poroshenko... does some like it should make the tally, too.
Possibly running a shadow government for the personal benefit of the White House occupant is more in the emolument category than obstruction, but WTH, it’s going on this This Is Everything 🧵
Why not add Abuse of Power to the many high crimes and misdemeanors on this tally?
Come for the over-the-top quote and stay for the palace intrigue...
Is this why Bolton quit?

“Giuliani’s a hand grenade who’s going to blow everybody up,” Ms. Hill quoted Mr. Bolton as saying during an earlier conversation.”

I guess Bolton didn’t want to get hit with the schrapnel.
Fiona “The Slayer” Hill.

“According to whom?”
Parnas tells some whoppers.
He works for Firtash. He has for a long time.
By “holed up” I believe Polly Sigh means “arrested and awaiting extradition to the United States.”
Yes, Rudy admits, Fraud Guarantee paid me half a million last year. However, for the president of the United States, he works for free.
So that temblor reminds me, all of this has a California angle...

In addition to #IgorAndLev, we had the arrest of Andrey Kukushin in San Francisco.
And he is involved in the California marijuana market with what looks to my eyes like the Serbian-American mob who often have a lot of intersectionality with the Russia/Ukrainian mafiya.

Such is the nature of transnational organized crime.
I do think Muravyov is the better spelling of Муравьёв.

Foreign Investor-1 made his fortune building up Siberian Cement into the largest cement company in the world, along the way giving himself & managers loans that went unpaid. Mobligarchs gotta mob.
And OK, what would my tweets be without legion typos?

Hall spelled it Muraviev.
It’s just that in Russian the “ё” has a long “O” sound that is better transliterated as “YO”.
Before we get back to the crime scene, an aside. I just can not think of Kevin Hall anymore without thinking about this story he posted on how Trump bought a Hollywood mansion for $0.00.

The most seriously underrated story of all?
Alright, here is a very official looking portrait of Foreign Investor-1, which may be subject to copyright, but I think we can agree that this falls under fair use, can’t we?

Андрей Анатольевич Муравьёв
Andrey Muravyov
I mean, I think it’s the same guy as who is funding #IgorAndLev and thus Rudy. But maybe it’s time to go back and reread the 20 page indictment. 🤨
Meanwhile, Rudy says he does not need a lawyer.
What are the odds Sales quit?
Whoever said money can’t buy you love?
So to recap:

The president’s attorney (paid by Ukrainian associates of a wanted mobligarch) went to Ukraine, leaned on the new president of Ukraine to give up dirt on Biden’s son, or 45 would withhold aid had Congress approved, despite warnings from Fiona Hill & maybe Bolton.
And then, there were four.
If it’s what you say, I love it.

Unroll please @threadreaderapp
Neverending story.

Shokin was not a white hat.
See also
The Russian-paid Republicans led by #KremlinKevin tried to take Adam Schiff down but of course their motion failed yesterday.
But Schiff isn’t petty, he’s focused on the big picture.

Justice WILL prevail.
This #IgorAndLev story... now involves Client 3, as the dynamic duo apparently planned to use their trip to Vienna to connect former Ukrainian prosecutor, Shokin, with 45’s BFF Hannity.
Lutsenko reemerges in our story line, this time with the newly promoted Mamedov, whose family has influential ties in Azerbaijan.
#IgorAndLev approached him as an intermediary to the former prosecutor general — for Rudy — it seems.
Really, there are few words to describe how thoroughly corrupt 45’s administration is. And most of them are of the four-letter variety.

Time for a video break.
The case against Rudy
A musical interlude to the tune of Hello Dolly

Go to hell Rudy,
You just smell Rudy
You are going to die in jail 🎶
Golly gee, Rudy,
I can tell, fella,
You are going to go to prison
For a long, long time.
Karma’s a bitch, bubbee
Golly gee Rudy
You have brought this on yourself
Alrighty then, as usual my musical gifts are as underrated as that story about 45 buying a Hollywood mansion for $0.

Let’s look back. Recall my suggestion that the withdrawal of troops from Donbas by Ze! was the PRO QUO.

Allow me to refresh your memory
Here is the letter from Kuchma, the negotiator and former president, announcing the agreement reached on September 11.

This was released October 1; without further research we don’t know exactly what time the agreement was struck in Minsk.
Looping back to the Just Security mock trial a few tweets back, we see that September 12 is the date given for the funds to be released.
Is it possible to draw a straighter line?

11 September • Ze! agrees to #SteinmeierFormula

12 September • 45 releases aid to Ukraine.

Remember that time Clint Eastwood talked to an empty chair on the stage of the RNC?

Good times.

I’m old enough to remember when the Republicans were not the party of feeding at the mobligarchy’s trough.
Trump really and truly is Putin’s puppet.
And you’re like, what does that dummy know?

Let me repeat

September 11 the Ukrainians agree to the plan Putin has wanted for years to manage the occupied area

September 12 POTUS & his personal attorney Rudy allow the United States to send Ukraine long-delayed aid.

This is September 11 in Russian.
This is getting so Alice in Wonderlandish.
Wouldn’t that be something if the next plot twist is that the whistleblower was reporting on a call to Putin?

I know your editor won’t allow it in a work of fiction, but what a story it would make.

Right now it’s merely conjecture.
You don’t say... Ze felt the pressure in early May.
Colonel Vindman immigrated as a child, is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian, and has a Purple Heart. 💜

He is a patriot.
Here is his testimony.
Back at the #IgorAndLev clown show 🤡
And now, “This is everything” as of today
The #VindmanisaPatriot edition.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes.
Oct 31 #MadamSpeaker #Colbert
Have I been, as usual, oblique?

Have the ties to wanted man Dmytro Firtash been merely implied?
He is funding #IgorAndLev who pay Rudy.
My fave @FSIStanford prof weighs in on Maddow.
It’s rather a controversial topic right now — the closed door testimony, along with the character of the testifier.
There was a punchline on Laugh-In, “SOCK IT TO ME BABY”
Giuliani gets paid by a foreign entity.

Yet he works for 45 for free

And runs a shadow government.

Contrary to American interests...
That’s everything, right?

Thank you, Yvette.

Loony Nunes staffer Patel misrepresented himself as the NSC Ukraine expert and everyone in the White House went along for the ride!?!
Read the transcript, 45 says. Um yeah, checked that box off weeks ago and it’s super impeachy, “I’d like you to do us a favor THOUGH.”
Read the transcripts, says Adam Schiff, who leads the impeachment inquiry and is chair of the House Intelligence Committee.
Morrison prevaricates while cooking Eisenberg’s goose.

Trick or treat. 🎃
What was the other call? Was it to Putin?
It’s all geopolitics, my friends
Back at the #IgorAndLev show, this news just in.
Returning to the topic of #VindmanIsAPatriot, we find this development to be bad. Bad for 45 & Eisenberg in particular.
Maybe I should have kept this thread going instead of reverting to my typical fare of one-off tweets & replies.

But let’s just say it’s never too late on Twitter to KOB, as Winston Churchill would say. #KOB #IgorAndLev
Many of you may be contemplating, with a long December of impeachment hearings, trips to NATO, Normandy format meetings, & whatnot, how to maximize the free views NYT provides monthly.

Well suffice to say I crossed that Rubicon some months ago.
Here, my friends, some nuggets:
The former* Ukrainian officials, both corrupt and disgraced former Prosecutor Generals (equivalent to USA’s Attorney General) are Shokin and Lutsenko. They make #CoverupGeneral Billy Barr look upright as if that was even possible. 🤕
My currently pinned thread on Viktor Shokin leaves out the 2016 developments where at long last Biden leaned on Poroshenko to fire Shoken. Biden was doing so at the behest of the international community, not solo.
Back to the NYT story, where Lev finds that house arrest is cramping his style:

“Later in the hearing, when a lawyer for Mr. Parnas asked that house arrest conditions be loosened for his client, Mr. Zolkind said Mr. Parnas was still under investigation for additional crimes.”
“Still, they have not been charged in connection with the work they did on behalf of Mr. Giuliani to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation into former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son Hunter.”

Not yet, anyway.
I’m a glutton for schadenfreude, as it turns out, and Rudy is my current #BlackCaviar


“Federal prosecutors are also investigating whether Mr. Giuliani broke lobbying laws in his dealings in Ukraine, people familiar with the inquiry have said.”

Please to recall, it’s not just #IgorAndLev it’s the #FraudGauranteeFour, when we justly include Correia and Kukushkin — who I believe were on a slightly different hearing schedule than our amigos from Belarus and Ukraine.
I must say this photo of Kukushkin stays with me. It’s taking up the space in my head that would better serve… oh I dunno…combatting climate change, if Hillary were president.

What type of yacht is that, anyway? Is that San Pablo Bay? Hey tweeps, help a resister out here.
Enough editorializing!

It’s back to the Gray Lady & FARA — which is bigly my hobby horse, and Mueller’s too, it seems — is mentioned.

“Federal investigators are examining potential violations of criminal laws governing lobbying in the United States on behalf of a foreign govt.
Let’s just pause to honor a woman who embodies the very best of American values — Marie Yovanovitch — a consumate foreign affairs professional.
Here is an excerpt from her testimony.
Breathe deeply from Yovanovitch’s rarified atmosphere before we dive into the reeking stench of red herrings.

Zolkind stuns the troll lawyer Lefcourt, by saying NO CLASSIFIED MATERIALS WILL BE USED TO PROSECUTE THE #FraudGuaranteeFour

Oh, so scrumptious, the schadenfreude! 🦪
Unnamed Russian citizen, mon derrière.

And that my friends, is the end of this story.

Except for one tiny detail, revealed weeks ago, in this selfsame thread on #IgorAndLev.

— Dumfounded #KOB
Fun fact: at Winston Churchill’s estate, it is required that a “ginger cat” be resident and the current kitty Jock VI is going blind but still enjoys a good life. 😸
A little freshly breaking news on the #IgorAndLev sh!tshow
Time for another verse

Golly gee Rudy
Lev seems angry
How ya gonna get away
How ya gonna get away
Scot free?
It is the season of sharing.
Anyone happen to have heard what is going on with Bill Taylor’s replacement as COS at Kyiv?
Must say Mr. MacMahon has quite a jolly good web designer not to mention um an impressive roster of clients. 

Just to tidy up a bit, in case I did not make this crystal clear, it is Firtash who oays for 45’s free lawyer.

The replies to this brief thread are worthy of your consideration if you like picayune stuff like actual statutes. 😉
Toxic. Radioactive.

Where’s the bus, Rudy?
Here’s your ticket...
The Hill is alive with the sound of impeachment

With documents singing

A tale of treason and greed
This is a whole enchilada, in and of itself.
It’s a combination platter with everything nefarious all wrapped up like tamales in corn husks. All that’s missing are the three amigos.
Extra points if you had “real estate mentioned in the Mueller Report” on your bingo card. The Grand Havana where Rudy & Lev met was also the meeting place for Manafort, Rick Gates, and Kostya Kilimnik on August 2, 2016.
But wait, now we have the churro and ice cream to top it all off. #CoverupGeneral Barr was in on it. Because you know what? Everyone was in the loop. And I mean everyone.
With a cherry on top.
Here is Lev Parnas on Rachel Maddow, part 1, from January 15, 2019

Uncle B on the plot to assassinate Ambassador Yovanovitch.

I haven’t forgotten this thread entirely as it has #everything
Anderson on Rudy Colludy: He’s a big butt dialer
Lev Parnas: you can say that again.

Also Lev, Pete Sessions & 45, Leningrad Lindsay in on it all long before Lev
Everything but the kitchen sink.
So it appears that FOX News was aware that John Solomon, Rudy Giuliani, Joe diGenova, and Victoria Toensig are as full as crud as a septic system but had them on the air... anyway.
Oh, Lev did #everything for Rudy, even wiping his mouth for him.

How, er, touching.
They say with knitting you can just pick up where you left off...Back at the #FraudGuaranteeFour, we find David Correia pleading guilty. Russian national Kukushkin we can anticipate will avoid justice.

So if everyone is cutting a deal, who gets the shiv?

Hello Rudy 🧛🏻‍♂️
Ouch. That’s a lot of moola.
Let’s just double back to America First PAC. One of its cofounders and Trump’s third campaign manager, Brad Parscale was recently arrested.

I wonder what will happen to Linda McMahon? 💅
Since 815 and 817 Slaters Lane Alexandria, VA looks to be criming central, I am going to tuck this in here too, for posterity, so to speak.
Almost forgot about this thread until writing a few more verses of Hello Rudy.
The verses. A la an old musical. Oh hello Rudy, redux...
Golly gee. Rudy.
Time for the showtune!

Its Babs and Louis Armstrong. Hello Dolly.
^ obviously IT’S
The SEC versus Fraud Guarantee
Who will prevail? 🤔

Thanks, Bull.
Go to jail, for a year and a day, and pay $2.3 million in restitutions, judge orders Correia.

Thanks, Don.
The David Correia of Fraud Guarantee, who just happened to go to Dubai to ink a deal with wanted mobligarch Dymtro Firtash…

Speaking of Dubai, I wonder if Erik Prince has his mitts in this mess, too.
There’s a link to the ODNI report on Foreign Threats to the 2020 Elections in David Corn’s tweet here.

Time for another verse of Hello Rudy!

Golly gee, Rudy,
Can you tweet fellow?
Fed have taken all
Your devices
You’re gonna pay
For all your vices
Rudy is going to go away
Some day!

This may be entertaining
Nope, Dominic Carter came on instead, to speak about the mayor’s race. How apt!
Ruhroh, this tweet I’m nattering about has been deleted!
Well, in case you were wondering, the FBI briefed the White House that Rudy was regurgitating Russian claptrap (as was reported October 2020) but did not tell Rudy himself (as was incorrectly reported last week).

As if he didn’t know he was spreading disinfo. 🙄

This is everything, redux.

Far up this thread you will find me squarely in the Muravyov camp.
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