60% of black girls experience sexual assault by the time they reach 18. Is that not scary to anyone ? The MAJORITY of black girls will be sexually assaulted before they’re an adult. When I see little black girls , my heart breaks.... the black community has never cared.
We can not let our girls be unprotected anymore. The black community is unwilling to change , their main focus is drenching themselves in victimhood and blaming white people for every problem they have. Us black women MUST change for the betterment of our collective.
The black community will go on and on about these faceless white men on slave plantations that sexually abused black women, but they will continuously ignore the black men in PRESENT times that are abusing our girls at extreme rates.
Also , I’m sure the number might be higher.... many black women won’t speak upon their sexual abuse.
And by black women changing , I mean we must start putting our WOMANHOOD first. For years black women have muled for a community that allows them to be murdered and abused at extreme rates. Black women are treated like second-class citizens in the black community.
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