1/3 Giving a talk on #Medtwitter and in anticipation for skeptics of the #clutter that can be on these platforms

I wanted to compile a list of people on #Medtwitter that are *consistently* advancing conversations for the better of medicine
2/3 Hoping to get diversity of interests: MedEd, Subspecalists, Health Policy, QI, Health Equity, Medical humanities, Nurses, Social workers, Case managers, Addiction Medicine, Primary care, etc.

I may have #blindspots so wanted to crowd-source, can u name 3 ppl?
3/3 Also wanted to crowd-source for a list of all the medtwitter #chats and what times/days they happen?
Also real talk:

What would you advice ppl who don't join twitter because

"I don't have time."

How have you navigated your busy schedule and twitter? How would you advice approaching/thinking about it?
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