It is my dream to one day run for GOP congress and restore the honor, the respect, and the dignity that the GOP has lost during 45’s time as president. Every follow gets me closer to that dream. Let's unite to save our democracy. Heres What I believe in:
2. Diversity is our strength- not our weakness. As so, we want people of all different faiths, backgrounds, and ethnicities in America. We are better for it. Yes, we want safe and orderly immigration- but we also CANNOT sling hate toward people that are different than us.
5. Elections must be fair. Elections must be accessible to as many Americans as possible (I want more democracy, not less). Elections must be secure from outside interference. 45’s attempts to get foreign nations to influence our elections are impeachable.
6. Capitalism has unleashed so many positives in the world. With this wealth we have been able to accomplish so much good. Still, those that are in the top top % brackets can contribute a little more, which will allow us to invest in initiatives like education, healthcare, etc.
7. As a Christian, I am disheartened to see all the fear around people of other faiths. Muslims, Jews, Hindu’s, and other religions do a lot of good for the world. Loving your neighbor as yourself (no matter the faith, or no faith at all!) makes us so much stronger and better.
8. Education is worth investing in. Community colleges should be free. Why? I believe every dollar we spend on education our youth will return back to us 10X. Invest in our youth. Invest in our education.
10. To that point- we should stick and work together with our allies to address authoritarian rulers in the world. Enough praising them like 45 does. Instead, we need to call out abuses of power when we see them- and stand up for those that can’t stand up for themselves.
11. Bullying people on twitter is no way to run a country. The way that 45 has attacked citizens on this platform is reprehensible and extremely below the office of the president.
12. I believe in free markets and smaller government (as much as reasonably possible) and other conservative principals. But, I also think that listening to as many of your stories as possible makes me better. Makes us all better.
We are all in this together. Every one of your follows and retweets gets me closer to the dream of running for GOP Congress one day. I love and appreciate every single one of you❤️
@JohnKasich is my top GOP role model. @EvanMcMullin is another republican that I look up to very much. Consider following for smart and balanced takes on politics :)
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