The lion's share of demonisation of Whites is the charge that Whites were inveterate slavers who lounged on settees sipping tea whilst slaves from Africa fanned them


Never mind that that Whites ended slavery, paying with their money & their lives

Never mind Europeans themselves were slaves for centuries longer & in conditions that make "Roots" look like summer camp

A captured European slave was chained to an oar in a galley~never again setting foot on dry land or in a slave pit in 40lb irons~never removed

I.5 mil Whites
The White slaves of the Ottomans, totaling 1.5 mil European children, women & men over the centuries had various grim fates:

One was the slave pit. There Sub-Saharan African overseers were expert in "tossing" the skin and bones slaves into the air to break bones or cause death.
Another cruel fate for a captured European made slave was the Ottoman galley where below deck they were chained to oars for the remainder of their natural lives.

They were also frequently blinded with hot coals and/or castrated in conjunction with this terrible fate.
The enslavement of Europeans is sometimes referred to as:

The Barbary Slave Trade
White Slavery

The latter term has come to be associated with women generally forced into sex slavery.

A life shut into a harem by the Islamic Ottomans was the fate of captured European women.
Whole coastal areas of Europe were abandoned for fear of slave raids & entire villages were emptied of their populations as all were kidnapped.

European slaves were captured from as far as Iceland, and as near as Italy

One such village was Baltimore in Ireland

"The fishermen and coastal dwellers of 17th century Britain lived in terror of being kidnapped by (Ottoman, Barbary) pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa. Hundreds of thousands met wretched deaths on the Barbary Coast in this way."
Dr. Bill Warner @PoliticalIslam provides an excellent introduction to slavery under the auspices of Islam & life with the menace of piracy, which severely affected commerce.

This presentation should not be missed:

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret
A friar, witness to slave raids upon European coastal areas said:

"They snatched up & bound the terrified people as they fled with no more care than if they were hunting rabbits."

Grooming gangs operating in the UK today have an ideological predecessor in these Islamic slavers
A frequent target of the slavers were sailors~A lucky one might be ransomed: an unlucky one~enslaved

One would be freed if one "turned Turk" but to do so meant all efforts to ransom you from your homeland ceased

Slaves endured unimaginable torture rather then recite the shahada
"The cruelties of the Algerine pirates, shewing the present dreadful state of the English slaves, and other Europeans, at Algiers and Tunis"

[published 1816: free .pdf]
The Untold Story of White Slavery (Ottoman Turks, Arab and Barbary Muslim Slave Trade)

The interior of Europe was not spared this indignity. Slavers raided inland, particularly in Eastern Europe, for centuries #WhiteSlaves

A very powerful dramatization

The Untold Story of White Slavery (Ottoman Turks, Arab and Barbary Musli... via @YouTube
"Many have tended to take as given that slavery was always racial in nature," said historian Robert Davis...but that is not true.

Davis claims White slavery has been minimised or ignored because academics preferred to treat Europeans as evil colonialists rather than as victims."
#MountsBay #Looe

When Europeans were slaves...
The middle-men in the trade of Europeans as slaves of the Ottomans were the same as in the Trans-Atlantic trade of Sub-Saharan African slaves: Jews:

"Whites Were Slaves In North Africa Before Blacks Were Slaves In The New World" Paul Craig Roberts
One of the most famous European slaves to live to tell the tale was Thomas Pellow of Cornwall:

Thomas Pellow (1704 – ?) was a Cornish author best known for the extensive captivity narrative entitled The History of the Long Captivity & Adventures of Thomas Pellow in South-Barbary
Some of the hundreds of captured & enslaved sailors were from the then new United States.

The US paid 'tribute' to the Ottomans not to kidnap their men & hefty ransoms when they did.

Jefferson decided to put them out of business instead of paying #Jizyah

At the beginning of this thread we conjured the iconic image of the White lounging about with his attendant African slaves fanning him

Would you like to see reality instead?

Here's Eaton's account as he visits the "Turks" to try to work out peace for the new American Republic~
Don't let anyone tell you only Sub-Saharan Africans were enslaved.

The enslavement of Europeans lasted centuries longer & was far more brutal.

France invaded Algeria to stop their people being kidnapped from coastlines & on the high seas.

Islamic Ottoman Turks enslaved whites
"More Whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than Blacks were brought as slaves to the United States or to the 13 Colonies."
With the addition of 2.5 million White slaves from the European interior

1.5 captured & enslaved from European coastlines and the high seas hitherto described


2.5 captured and enslaved in the interior of Eastern Europe


4 million enslaved Whites
#1619Project thread

Information about the enslavement of Whites will be added to this thread on an ongoing basis

This video is a good introduction to the enslavement of Europeans & even Americans captured at sea for the first 30 years the US existed...
From 8th great-gransdon of Lancashire mariner Thomas Rimmer, enslaved by the Ottomans:
Captive White children, women & men were paraded through town in chains before being sold at the slave auction in Algiers or Meknes or any one of the many White slave ports in the Barbary (North Africa.)

From Slavs to Slaves by Peter Frost
“...these unhappy captured [English] people had been driven to Algiers like a herd of cattle. Such as were no longer able to walk had been tied on mules & many who had become still more enfeebled were murdered without ceremony."

"Cruelties of the Algerine Pirates" Cptn. Crocker
I have left mention of the 100s of thousands of Irish slaves to the end since it seems that their plight as White slaves is known.

What is not generally known is that White slaves in the multiple millions hailed from all of these countries
An entire Irish village was captured, all of the men, women and children, and sold into slavery... Baltimore
Ireland & the Slave Trade
The book above, Barbarian Cruelty, dates to 1623

The #1619Project commemorates the year of the arrival of the first African slaves in the New World

Meanwhile in Africa, European men, women & children had long been enslaved in unimaginably inhumane conditions...
With the injuries pictured above in mind, compare the account of this young White woman survivor of Islamic Ottoman slavers:

"Then he pricked her with such things as commonly his Women use instead of pins, being as sharp..."
Compare description of the living hell endured by enslaved British subjects on the Barbary as recounted by Capt Crocker

with the brutalization of British schoolgirls by Pakistani grooming gangs in the UK today: (16 pg entreaty from the mortified Captain)
When Europeans Were Slaves: Research Suggests White Slavery Was Much More Common Than Previously Believed

Review of "Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters" by Robert Davis 
The huge loan taken to purchase the freedom of every slave at the expense of the British taxpayers until 2014 (when the loan was at last paid in full) was paid to the Rothschilds....
Earlier in the thread you may have noticed a dead link where YouTube had deleted:

The Untold Story Of White Slavery (Ottoman Turks, Arab And Barbary Muslim Slave Trade)

Here it is at from the internet archive:
Muslim and Jewish slave trade and castration of the Slavs in the Middle ...
Barbary Slave Trade: Millions of Europeans enslaved in North Africa

Jewish Ownership Of Slavic White Slaves In The Ottoman Empire
Slavery in Africa before the transatlantic slave trade began
The White Slave Trade of Africa
Christopher Hitchens: When Whites Were Slaves
Barbary Pirates, Muslim Slave Traders
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