A SFW KiriBaku where Kirishima owns an ice cream truck and finds himself falling head over cone for hot single dad Bakugou.
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“God, you’re such a creep.”

Kirishima cringed at his friend Kaminari who was leaving against his brand new finally-paid-off ice cream truck and licking lavishly at a vanilla soft serve.

A cone he /just/ gave him, for /free./

Yanking it from his hand, Kiri raised it high
above the blond’s head.

“Jerks don’t get free ice cream!”

Kaminari laughed, jumping up to grab the cone from his friend while throwing his arm around his shoulder.

“Kiri-boo, don’t be like that,” he said before swiping his tongue along his treat. “I’m just kidding. Kinda.”
Wiggling out from under his arm, Kirishima went back to what he was originally doing and pulled the rag out from his pocket, polishing a spot on his gleaming white truck. Well, it was a van really, but ice cream van didn’t exactly have a good ring to it.
He’d heard these comments more than once from his friends who thought his dream was stupid.

“What man in his 20s wants to own an ice cream truck?”


“That just screams “hi i love kids a little too much” don’t cha think, Kiri?”

And now, “God, you’re such a creep.”
Frankly, it was hurtful. OBVIOUSLY he didn’t like kids. Well, okay, yeah he LIKED kids, but like in a NORMAL way. God.

He couldn’t explain why he wanted this so bad. It was just always something he wanted to do. The idea of making your own schedule, going out and making people
happy with such a simple service just really stuck with him.

He never thought he’d be able to do it. Not full time at least. He at least was realistic. So he put his dream aside while he went to school, worked his 9 to 5 and generally went about his life.
Then the accident came, the one that took away his mom from him. Devastated and lost didn’t cover how he felt during that time. Losing her not only fucked him up, it reminded him of all the things in life he took for granted. Always thinking he had time to do whatever, later.
He learned the hard way that later isn’t something promised.

His momma, always one to make sure things would be taken care of, surprised him with one last gift.

A life insurance policy.
Her passing was nearly a year ago.

He was better.

Still sad, but better.

And when he saw the ad online for this truck, thought about his momma and the money she left him, he knew it he couldn’t wait anymore.
He scrubbed another non existent spot while he tried his best to ignore Kami who was slurping dripping ice cream off of his hand.

“You gonna stay mad dude?”

“You gonna stay being an asshole /dude?/“ he retorted back.

“Sheesh,” another slurp, “Look, I am happy for you okay?”
“Doesn’t sound like it.”

He laughed, finishing enough of the ice cream to bite at the cone. “I know. But teasing you is part of my job. Look, I don’t get it, but fuck, if you being Mr.HeyKidsWantSomeCandy is what’s gonna do it for you, go for it.”

Shooing him with a wave of his hand, Kaminari grinned. “Kiri, seriously, I’m fucking with you. Honestly, I’m a little jealous.”

Kirishima quirked an eyebrow at him, skeptical.

“You’re gonna get so much ass with this thing. Think of all the DILFs bro. You’re fucking set.”
Rolling his eyes, Kirishima swatted Kami with the rag he was holding. “Whatever bro. Fuck off, I gotta go.”

“Alright bud, have fun scoring that poon. Don’t forget to ask if they want your soft serve or... your hard popsicle? Aye! Get it?”

Laughing a little too hard at his own dumb ass, Kaminari did take off, walking off towards his car as Kirishima got behind the wheel of his new truck.

Getting comfortable in the seat, he pulled out his wallet and removed the small portrait of him and his mom he kept there.
“Alright momma, I’m doing it. Wish me luck, love you.”

A kissed the picture briefly before slipping it back into it’s spot.

He adjusted his mirrors and with a nervous sort of anticipation he pulled out of his driveway and onto the street, flipping on the switch that blasted
out the cheesy ice cream truck melody tune he always loved since he was a kid.

He was officially in business.

It had been about three months since Kirishima first drove the truck. Three months of him straight up having a good ass time. Technically he was “working” but it really didn’t feel like it. Each day he woke up excited, ready to meet new people and bring smiles to their faces.
Sometimes he brought one of his friends along with him to keep him company. And by the end of the day, his friends were in agreement with him: owning an ice cream truck was badass.
His job, though simple one, made him feel good about himself. And for the first time since his momma died, he was starting to feel more like himself. Starting to feel happy.
Today he planned on driving his truck to a pretty popular park near by. The weather was perfect for it, and he knew there would be plenty of customers for him and decided not to bother with any of the neighborhoods along the way.
He arrived at a decent time parking under a shaded area and flipped his music switch on.

From his spot, he could see families who were throwing together outdoor parties, saw the kids who spotted him who ran back to their parents ecstatically pointing in his direction.
He stretched, opening his window before turning his back to check on his inventory.

A couple minutes later, he heard a soft spoken voice of a little girl.

“Excuse me mister?”

He turned around, giving the small girl his brightest smile.
“Hi there princess! What can I get for you today?”

She giggled, her blonde curls bouncing as she did.

“My daddy calls me that too!”

“Ah, your daddy must be a king then! So tell me my lady, what does your heart desire?” With a flourishing wave, Kirishima gestured towards
the pictures of all his treats.

The little girls smile faltered just a bit as she began to twist her fingers together.

“Well... he wanted me to find out how much they cost first.”

“Ah! Well of course!” He said boisterously, keeping up his act for the little girl.
“If you could your highness, would you bring the king over here so we can talk gold coins?”

She giggled again, running off as she yelled, “Daddy! Daddy! The pretty man wants to talk to you!”

Kirishima blushed.

He ran a hand through his red hair, trying to picture himself
through the little girls eyes.

It was getting kind of long, he could go for a haircut.

Usually it was spiked up, but being over 6 feet tall, it was kind of hard to maneuver in the van as it is, much less so with his hair.
Still, he felt a little self conscious.

“Oi, pretty man?”

Kirishima’s was pulled from his thoughts and turned to look aT THE HOLY HELL THIS DUDE IS HOT.
Like stupid hot.

Like this man could be a damn model and charge other models just to breathe in the air around him hot.


So hot he could step in his van and literally all the ice cream in it would melt hot.

Like so hot that the sun should ask him for tips kinda hot.
Like if all the hottest guys got together in one room and voted on who the hottest one was this guy would get every single vote kind of hot.

Or lik-

“Hey, buddy, you fuckin’ deaf?”

Kirishima blinked at him stupidly, his brain trying to comprehend how someone could even look
like him even.

He was blond just like his daughter. Instead of curls though, his hair was a spiked array of soft floof. At least, it looked soft. He wanted to touch it. Wanted to touch the person who’s head it was growing out of. Wanting to run his fingers along his
Muscled arms that were on beautiful display due to his black tank top. Wanted to trace his fingers along the sharp cut of his jaw, wanted to-


He’s working.

Kirishima coughed, clearing his suddenly dry throat.

“Yeah, hi, sorry.”

“Yeah. Hi. So, your prices?”
Kirishima nodded, feeling like he didn’t know how to use his stuipid dumb body and had to mentally will his arm to work in order to point back at his pictures.

“Which one does she want?”

Furrowing his perfect eyebrows, he dug through his wallet.
“I’ve got like... three dollars? Please fucking tell me that will get her /something./“

Kirishima thought for a second, three dollars wouldn’t really get them much of anything. He looked back at the blond man who was staring at his daughter, a look of panic etched on his face.
He remembered seeing that same look of panic on his own mothers face when she was worried she wouldn’t be able to provide for her son. And not that he wasn’t already dumb for this stranger with the pretty face, but thinking about his stuggle made him feel even softer for him.
“It’s free.”

The man looked back at him as if he suddenly sprouted horns.

“Excuse me?” He glared.

“Anything you two want, on the house.”

The man stood there, slightly dumbfounded before shaking his head and glaring again. “That kind of shit doesn’t come without a catch.”
“Ooo, Daddy, you said a bad word.”

His daughter was staring up at him with a stern look on her face as she pointed a finger at him.

The blonde chuckled suddenly, “yeah yeah yeah, give me a break little Princess, will ya?”

She glared at him, a perfect imitation of the one he
Has used on Kirishima earlier.

“No. Unless... “ she peeked over at Kirishima’s truck, a wicked little gleam in her eye.

Ah, this girl was good.

Grinning at the two of them Kirishima decided to throw caution to the wind. It wasn’t like a guy like him, a guy with a kid who
clearly wasn’t interested in men, would ever look in Kirishima’s way again anyway, so he might at well have fun while he could.

“Your majesty,” Kirishima said in his most theatrical voice, “Your father, King?” he stopped, looking over at the blond who got the hint.

“Yes, King Bakugou, has declared it so that you can get any ice cream you want.”

“Really daddy?!” She said excitedly.

“Really?” Bakugou said glaring at Kirishima.

Marking an x on his chest, Kirishima nodded gravely. “Cross my heart.”
Bouncing up and down the little girl pointed at one of his character pops.

“This one! This one!”

Kirishima grinned as he went to pull it out for her, searching for the popsicle shaped like a unicorn.
He handed it over to her, before turning his attention to the father who continued to look at him skeptically.

“Which one do you want?”


“I said, ‘Which one do you want?’”

Bakugou rolled his eyes. “What is the catch?”
Kirishima hummed, running his fingers along his jaw.

“I knew it,” Bakugou accused.

Kirishima laughed again. “Honesly, I’m serious. Here, pick one out. Any one.”

Bakugou bit his lip before shaking his head.

“You already did that for my kid, I couldn’t.”
Leaning forward on his elbows, he looked at Bakugou. “Pick. One.”

The blond looked a bit taken back, but sighed. “Okay, fine, fuck-“

“Daddy! Bad Word!”

“JEEZ, OKAY. Uhh, here, that one.”

“That’s our special one, hold on, give me a second.”
Turning around, Kirishima grabbed the simple bomb pop he wanted, but ripped a strip off paper off of a his inventory sheet and wrote down his number.

It was a long shot, he knew, but fuck it. Later wasn’t promised.

He handed him the icy treat along with his number.
Bakugou took them, muttered a thanks and just as he started to walk away, he froze.

“Hey,” he said, looking back in Kirishima’s direction. He stared down at the paper and back up to him. “What’s this?”

“A catch. A pretty good one too, which you’ll find out if you call me.”
Bakugou’s face blazes red and even reached the tips of his ears.

It’s adorable, really.

And when he stomps off after his daughter, Kiri can’t help but sigh dreamily after him.

Such a shame he’s straight.
Luckily, he doesn’t have too much time to feel sorry for himself. Kids are running up to truck waving dollars in their hands and he puts on his big smile for them.

“Look at all these princes and oh! A princess! What can I do for my new royal subjects?”

And his day goes on.
He tries his best not to think of Bakugou over the course of the week, after all, he was just fleeting straight eye candy.

The best eye candy his eyeballs had be blessed to taste, but still, just a simple delight to his senses.

But, of course, big dumb pining idiot
that he is, he dreams of blond hair and big red sullen eyes and yeah, maybe it’s pathetic, but whatever. It’s not like he’s ever gonna see him again.
At least, that’s what he thought.
It’s midday, he’s parked his truck along side some soccer fields and there are kids and their tired looking parents everywhere. There is some kind of tournament going on, his friends Jiro and Momo’s kid are in it apparently and they gave him the heads up.
So as he sips on his water waiting for his hopefully plentiful customers, he’s a bit startled when he hears the roar of a voice.

A voice that shouldn’t be so familiar to him but it definately is.


Kirishima spits his drink out, jumping up in his truck to
squint out in the distance as best as he could.

Sure enough, even with his bad view, he can easily recognize that fluff of blond hair.

His heart picks up a little faster.
He sighs, slapping himself in the face.

What’s the point of getting all excited, he gave that name is number what? A week ago? And has hear zip. Nada. Nothing.

It’s clear that he wants nothing to do with him.
Still, his heart tells his stupid brain, we can look at him can’t we?

So as the game goes on, and Bakugou get’s somehow louder and more aggressive, Kirishima crosses his fingers and hopes that he comes last the truck. Even just a peek and he’d be happy honestly.
Soon, whistles are blown and kids are rushing around the fields. It’s chaos, and Kirishima loses Bakugou in the crowd.

Ah, seeing him was a pipe dream anyways and now he has a line full of sweaty eager kids and their grumpy parents to serve.
Despite his mini heart break, Kirishima smiles and laughs with his customers. Cheering the kids on and complimenting their parents for being so supportive. He genuinely loves what he does, and his long line moves easily for him. He’s having a good time and then suddenly, a voice.
“Hi, Mr. PrettyMan! Do you remember me?!”

Kirishima looks down and sure enough, it’s Bakugou’s princess. Her forehead is streaked with sweat and dirt and it looks more like she’s been in a battle instead of a soccer game. She looks fierce. She’s such a cute kid, he can’t help
that he smiles hugely at her.

“Of course I do Princess! How could I forget such exquisite beauty! Hmm, what is it that your precious heart desires? Was it...” he digs into his ice chest and pulls out the unicorn popsicle. “this?!”

She squeals in delight, clapping her hands.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She chants, taking the treat that is extending to her.

“Zoe! There you are! What are you doing?!”

“Daaaaddy,” she pouts, her little cheeks puffying up as her lip juts out.

“Give it back to,” Bakugou looks in his direction and freezes.
Kirishima waves. “Hi.”

Bakugou’s face turns red and he quickly turns back to his daughter. “Give it back.”

“But Da-“

“Give. It. Back.”

Her little eyes well up with tears, and she turns to Kirishima looking like a kicked kitten.

Fuck, /he’s/ about to cry she looks so sad.
“Hey, Bakugou, it’s cool ju-“

“I don’t have any cash okay?” Bakugou interrupts. “It’s not right.”

Kirishima waves him off. “It’s just a popsicle bro, it’s okay.”

Bakugou leans into towards the window, glaring up at him to whisper harshly. “You think I don’t know it’s
‘just a popsicle?’ Trust me. I fucking know. But I’m not interested in your fucking handouts.”

“If it bothers you that much, pay me back later.”

Bakugou tisks. “Ha? And how?”

“You have my number. Use it.”

Bakugou glares up at him, but this time, his face is flushed red.
“You’re holding up the line, call me later. Actually hold on wait a sec,” he digs into his cooler and then tosses a bomb pop at him. “Okay, you can leave now. Good bye.”

As Bakugou stands there shocked, Kirishima grins, but otherwise ignores him, taking the next order.
After he serves a few people, he sees Bakugou’s daughter is there tugging on his arm and it’s only then that he leaves. She gives Kiri a big wave behind Bakugou’s back and he waves back, smiling at her.
He doesn’t expect Bakugou to reach out to him, not really. Sure he hopes, but he isn’t stupid.

So when his phone lights up with an unknown number, he automatically screens the call, letting it go to voicemail.
If it’s important, they’ll leave a message.
They don’t.
A couple days ago by, and again, he gets another call from an unknown number.

He thinks about picking it up, but he is really really bad with telemarketers. He ends up feeling bad for wanting to hang up on them, so he usually ends up buying whatever crap they are peddling.
It’s easier to just screen the call. Besides, if it’s /really/ important, they’ll leave a message.

He checks his phone a few minutes later and there’s no voicemail.
The next day, he gets a call from the same number.

Now he’s just irritated.

Who calls that damn much and /doesn’t/ leave a voicemail?

At this point, it’s a game to him. He let’s it go to voice mail.

Again, no message.

The number calls again.

No message.
Finally, after the third time, Kirishima doesn’t care if he’s lost the game, he just wants it to stop.

He answers on the 4th ring.

“Hello?” He says, trying his best to sound annoyed.

“Jesus fuck are you hard to get a hold of! You can’t answer the damn phone?!”
His heart lurches in his throat and he feels like he might actually vomit. His brain is 100% unconvinced that Bakugou is on the other end but Kirishima has dreamed about that voice for nearly two weeks, there is no way it could be anyone else.

There’s a sigh on the other end. “Duh, yes? How often are you giving out your number you ice cream bimbo?”

Kirishima squints at the receiver. Ice cream bimbo?

“What’s it matter? Maybe I give it out to everyone.”
To his surprise, the man laughs. “I believe it. You already put out for me, twice, and I didn’t even have to take you to dinner.”

Kirishima blushes, his brain going dead. Not that he wants to read in to it but it sounds like Bakugou is flirting with him. Very straight, father
to a cute curly haired little girl, who couldn’t possibly be flirting with him, sounds like he is flirting with him.

Holy shit.

“Imagine what you’d get if you /did/ take me out to dinner?”

There’s a pause.

Shit, he read into it. He definitely wasn’t flirting. Oh my God.
“Okay, yeah.”


Kirishima goes silent this time.

“Hello? You still there Pretty Man?”


“Yes,” he croaked.

“Look, I uh, I finally got a little bit of money and I wanna thank you for what you’ve been doing for me and Zoe. So, let me take yo-“

“I didn’t even finish what I was gonna say.”

“I don’t care. Yes. My answer is yes.”

Bakugou laughs, and it sounds like heaven. Angels are probably literally weeping it sounds so beautiful.

“Alright, Pretty Man, dinner it is.”
Kirishima is practically dead. Or about to be. With the way his heart is pounding in his chest he’s pretty sure that he’s in the middle of an honest to god heart attack. It’s hard to breathe.

But he manages to squeak out a “When?”

There’s a hum on the line and Bakugou thinks.
“I was hoping tonight? I got a sitter lined up but if that’s too short noti-“

“Yes. Tonight is perfect.”

“Goddamn,” he chuckles, “Oh okay, yeah, tonight then. I’ll pick you up at 7. Text me your address. Also, what’s your name? Unless you /like/ me calling you Pretty Man?”
“I mean...” Kirishima grins, “I don’t mind, but my name is Kirishima.”

“Pretty name for a pretty man. Alright Kirishima, see you tonight.”

And he hangs up, giving Kirishima the perfect opportunity to scream out his total fucking astonishment.
In a few hours time, he would be going on a date with Bakugou. Bakugou who may or may not be entirely straight because he had DEFINITELY filtered with him and DEFINITELY invited him out to dinner.

Hell, he was picking him up!!!

That is date etiquette one oh freaking one.
He screamed again as he did a little dance around his kitchen.
After he got some of his energy out he looked at his clock.


He only had three hours to get ready.

Texting Bakugou is address, he threw down his phone and ran into his closet. If he was going to go on a date with the most handsome man in existence he should at
least try to look nice.

After picking through all of his clothes and trying on at least 27 different outfits, he finally decided on the “one” and hopped into the shower with a little over an hour to spare.
By the time he was done showering, shaving, doing his hair and getting dressed, it was almost 7 and he was trying his best to not sweat out his hair gel. But heck, he was nervous. Excited beyond all comprehension, but nervous.
Three knocks on the door pulled him from his mind and he went straight to panic mode.

Picking up one of his throw pillows, he screamed into it as forcefully yet quietly as he could.

He threw it back on to the couch, and after doing a breath check, he opened the door.
He’d only seen Bakugou twice. Once in a tight black tank top, and the other time where he was wearing some shirt with his daughters soccer team scrawled across the front. Both times he thought he was handsome.

Seeing him now, in a button down and dark jeans had Kirishima
Feeling like he’d never actually seen him at all.

Bakugou was gorgeous.

He felt like a toad next to him.
Bakugou looked him up and down, his eyes growing wider the as they made it back up to his face.

He knew it. He looked stupid. He was going to cancel on him for sure.

“You look... really pretty,” Bakugou softly said.
Kirishima.exe has stopped working
“Sorry, was that weird?” Bakugou asked, flushing as he scratched nervously at the back of his neck.

Getting himself together, Kirishima shook his head quickly. “Well only weird because I should be saying that to you.”

“Tch,” Bakugou said kicking at the ground with his shoe.
“C’mon, let’s get a move on.”

He nodded, smiling shyly at him as he moved to close and lock the door behind him.

Bakugou had parked his simple 4 door sedan in the driveway and as they got closer, the blonde ran ahead to open the door for him.
There was no way in hell this wasn’t a date.
With his face blazing and his heart thumping erratically at the unexpected gesture, Kirishima smiled softly at the blonde before sliding into his car. Bakugou shut the door carefully behind him, a small smile of his own playing on his face as he walked over to the driver side.
Getting in and starting the engine, Bakugou went to back out of the driveway but suddenly frowned, hitting the breaks. Both men jerked forward from the impact.

“Fuck,” he huffed, looking over at Kirishima.


“I’m an asshole. I didn’t even find out of you’re like,
fucking allerigic to anything.”

“I’m not,” Kirishima assured him, reaching over to pat his arm in the small space. Dates could do that? The whole touching thing? “Besides,” he continued, giving his arm a little squeeze before letting go. “I’d go full anaphylactic shock for ya.”
Bakugou bit his lip to hide his obvious amusement and let the car reverse out of the driveway. Once on the street he glanced over at Kirishima.

“So... uh,” Bakugou coughed to clear his throat, “what kind of shit are you into?”

Kirishima’s eyes widened at his attempt at small

“Well, right now? Just you.”

The car jerked slightly.

Kirishima laughed as Bakugou cursed next to him.

“Sorry...” Bakugou said, looking away from him. “I’m just not used to... I mean, uh. I- Look, I don’t do this kind of shit. Not ever. Not anymore.”
“What? Get hit on? Go on dates?”

“Gah! You’re so fucking forward do you know that?”

Kirishima grinned, staring at the other man’s profile while he scowled at the road.

“Look, it’s not ever day a straight guy asks me out. I’m just trying to have the full experience.”
Bakugou’s hands tightened on the wheel as he scoffed. “You fucking idiot, I asked you out on a /date/ and you think I’m straight? What? Did you brain get frost bite working in that fucking shitwagon all day?”

“Hey! That /truck/ is a good girl. How dare you!” He mocked offended.
Bakugou was making a turn at a light, heading towards the more industrial area of their city. Warehouses were on either side of them, but he seemed to know where he was going.

“Seriously though,” Bakugou said as he turned the car onto the next street. “Why would I possibly be

Kirishima blinked.

“You’re kidding right?”

Bakugou shook his head, eyes still on the road.

“Bro. I’ve met you twice, and each time was with your /child/. Last time I checked, most men have sex with a woman to make that happen.”


“Yeah, ah.”
He pulled into parking lot. There were no names on their of the buildings just numbers and glass windows.

This didn’t look like a restaurant.

“Zoe isn’t mine,” he said suddenly. “Well, she /is/ but she isn’t.”


He hopped out of the car, leaving a baffled Kirishima
behind. A moment later, Bakugou was opening the door for him as Kirishima scrambled to get out of his seatbelt.

“What do you mean?” He asked as he got out. Bakugou waved him off. “Let’s leave the sad shit for later okay? C’mon,” he pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket.
“Let’s go. I got a coupon.”

And he smiled at him. A real genuine fucking smile and Kirishima could have died on the spot and been okay with it. Bakugou started walking ahead of him then saw that Kirishima was frozen.

“Get it together ice for brains, I’m hungry.”
He grabbed Kirishima’s wrists and pulled him along to the entrance of one of the glass front buildings.
Inside was completely unexpected.

The entire building was gutted. Exposed brick for walls and the entire venting system open for them to see above. Yet the look was very “industrial chic”. Aside from the small entry way desk where a woman sat smiling cheefully at them, he
couldn’t see how this could be a restaurant and yet, something smelled absolutely mouth watering.

“Good evening! Are you here for the class?”

A class?

Bakugou nodded, dropping Kirishima’s wrist and stepping forward with the paper he pulled out from earlier.
With the payment portion done, the woman handed them both an apron and encouraged them to put it on.

“Each station is already set up with everything you’ll need. Just choose whichever you’d like and the chef will be out shortly! Have fun and bon appetit!”
They walked through the small opening area and walked directly into a sleek testing kitchen.

The kitchen took up most of the entire room. Large industrial cooking equipment lined most of the walls, there was a large prep area, set up almost like a stage and had rows of
Smaller prep tables lined in front of it with an array of different cooking tools at each station.

Other couples in the same aprons as them were already sitting at stations, chatting happily with each other and people around them.

“A glass of wine sirs?” A small woman said,
suddenly appearing at their sides.

“Yes, please,” Bakugou said, reaching out to grab a glass off of the tray she was holding. “Kirishima?” He asked, motioning for him to take one.

He did, feeling slightly giddy. This was a genuine date night and he was beyond thrilled.
After grabbing their wines, Bakugou tilted his head towards the stations.

“You pick,” he said.

Kirishima chose a station in the back, pulling out one of the stools for Bakugou to sit at before the blond had the chance to do the same for him.

“Hey,” he said, shooting him a

“It’s my date too. I’m allowed to be a gentleman aren’t I?”

He rolled his eyes, but sat down all the same.

“Alright well, cheers, I guess,” Bakugou said once Kirishima sat next to him.

“To a first but hopefully not a last date?”
Bakugou smirked at him, clinking their glasses together softly before taking sip.


But to Kirishima, it sounded more like a “yes.”
As he sipped, Kirishima couldn’t help but peek over at Bakugou. Bakugou was looking down at the table examining some of the utensils. He grunted at a few of them, picking them up and looking them over.

And maybe Kiri should have been doing the same, but he was too busy looking
At his date.

“Stop staring.”

“Can’t help it. You’re so handsome.”

Bakugou groaned, shoving his hand in his face pushing him away.

“S-shut up,” he stuttered, making Kirishima laugh.
Kirishima was about to say something witty back, but suddenly everyone around them began clapping.

He turned to look at the man walking in the room. He looked vaguely familiar but Kirishima couldn’t place him.
Next to him, Bakugou actually gasped before clapping in a shy, star struck kind of way. The blond turned to him to grip his hand, giving it a shake.

“Do you know who that IS?” He asked excitedly, bringing his mouth closer to whisper.

“Uhh.. should I?”

Bakugou groaned.
“Kirishima, he is only like, one of the top fucking chefs in our area. I had zero fucking idea he was going to be our instructor. Holy shit, you’re like a fucking lucky charm.”

And before he let go of his hand, Bakugou brought it up to his mouth to give it a quick kiss.
He didn’t even seem to notice he did it, just one small peck and then he was back to clapping for his apparent idol chef.

But Kirishima noticed it.

It felt like his hand had been burned. Permanently seared with the shape of Bakugou’s lips on his skin.
He sat in a semi daze. A dreamy smile on his face as he sat staring in the direction of get chef who was getting his audience to simmer down.
“Oh stop it!” The chef was saying, his blond shiny hair reflecting off the overhead lights in a dazzling sort of way. He was huge, his chefs coat fitting snug around his muscles, which, there was a lot of. He definitely reminded Kirishima that he should start using his gym.
The man smiled at the audience, and if his hair was shiny his teeth were absolutely illuminating. The white on them was almost blinding from even their seats in the back.

Next to him Bakugou leaned forward a little, completely captivated.
Kirishima glowered.


Whatever. He could be blond too if he wanted to be. It was probably bottled anyway.

He crossed his arms, huffing a little as he did.
“Ladies and gentleman, thank you for having me! Those of you who don’t know me, my name is Chef Toshinori and I will be your instructor for tonight’s meal.”

There was another round of applause, and this time Kirishima didn’t clap.
His food probably wasn’t even that good anyway.

How was he even /allowed/ in a kitchen? He was so big he probably had a hard time tying his shoes much less manning an oven. He’d like to see him try to get his giant ass in his ice cream truck.

Bakugou gripped his arm, “Hey? You alright?”

Kirishima pointed his nose in the other direction and sniffed. “Why don’t you go ask your favorite celebrity up there? Not like you can’t stop staring at him anyway.”

Bakugou didn’t say anything and Kirishima finally took a peek.
He was starting at him, eyebrows furrowed for a sec before raising high in astonishment.

“Holy shit, you’re jealous.”

Kirishima blanched.

No, absolutely not. He doesn’t /get/ jealous. That’s super unmanly.

Bakugou chuckled softly, knocking Kirishima’s knee with his own.
“Admit it.”

Kirishima kept his mouth shut, pretending to pay attention to the stupid idiot in the front. Oh, it looked like he was pulling out some kind of burger? Whoopdefreakingdo.

A warm hand gently squeezed his thigh. “Kirishima look at me.”
“No, I’m learning.”

Bakugou sighed, gripping his knee harder. “/Kirishima/.”


He turned his head, and to his surprise Bakugou’s face was much closer then he would have expected. Close enough that their noses almost touched. Almost.
“Are you jealous of All Might?”

“Oh my god, you have a nickname for him? Should I go, give you two some alone time?”

Bakugou laughed, bringing a hand up to his face quick to stifle it.

“Kiri,” he said, snorting. “Hey, knock it off.” Kirishima had looked away again.
Fingers gripped his chin, forcing him to look at him.

God, he was so close. He could have counted his eyelashes if he wanted to, or maybe the small little freckles that dusted across his face like a constellation.

“I’m here with you, not some extra, you.”
Kirishima felt warmed all over, like he’d been submerged in a warm bath, or tucked into a warm bed. It was so nice.

Bakugou smiled at him, bringing his hand from his chin up to Kirishima’s face where he brushed the back of his knuckles up against his jaw.

Kirishima nodded, smiling like an idiot as Bakugou tucked a stray strand of his hair behind is ear.

“Plus, if it makes you feel any better, I am definitely more into red heads.”

It definitely made him feel better.

Not that he was jealous at all. Because he wasn’t.
It was a lot easier to pay attention after that. Even if Bakugou kept his hand on his knee.

It turns out they were going to be making some type of fried chicken burger, but instead of buns they would be using rice. Even Kirishima couldn’t deny that it did look and smell good.
That bastard.
After being given instructions and ingredients, Bakugou and Kirishima got to work.

As they measured out ingredients and whipped up the marinade Kirishima couldn’t help but notice how at ease Bakugou looked. It was clear that he was holding back for Kirishima’s sake.
“I take it you like to cook?” Kirishima asked as Bakugou sifted potato starch into flour for their coating without hardly looking.

“Mmm,” he hummed, seemingly lost in thought. “Yeah, I guess you could say it used to be a passion of mine. Now it’s just a hobby.”
Bakugou drenched their chicken thighs into the white mixture, thickly coating both sides before dropping it delicately into their hot oil.

“What made you stop then? If it was a passion why stop?”

Bakugou frowned as he did the same to the other thigh.

“Zoe needed more.”
As the chicken cooked, Bakugou began whipping up the sauce for their burgers automatically before looking up at Kirishima.

“Oh shit, sorry, uh- do you want to do this?” He asked, sheepishly. “I kind of took over.”

Kirishima shook his hands, “Nah, you’re good. It’s kinda hot
watching you to be honest.”

Bakugou blushed, muttering a soft “idiot” as he went back to work.

“So,” Kirishima started, “you had Zoe and then what?”

His date scoffed as he drained the hot chicken out of the fryer. “I told you, she’s not mine, not like that. She’s my niece.”
“She calls you “Daddy” though?”

Red eyes met his, a wicked gleam in them as they bore down on him. “Sorry, do you want to call me that instead?”

Kirishima choked on the wine he had just sipped.

Setting down the cooling chicken, Bakugou got to work on pressing the rice
Patties together to form their buns. As he smashed them inbetween plastic wrap, he sighed.

“Alright so, Camie, my sister, had Zoe right when I started culinary school.” His hands forming the rice buns seemed to shake slightly.
“Zoe’s dad split as soon as she was born the fucking asshole. So in a way I was always kind of the stand in since Camie and me lived together anyway.”

He dropped the rice buns into the fryer, not taking his eyes off of them as he continued to speak.
“Then one night, when Zoe was maybe 5 or 6 months old, I got the... I got the call, about C-Camie.”

Kirishima didn’t need him to go on. He’d gotten his own call about his mom. He knew.
Moving over to close the gap in-between them, Kirishima wrapped an arm around his waist, trying to be comforting while still giving him room to move.
Bakugou stood still for a minute, just watching the rice cook. With his free hand, he gave Kirishima’s hand a small squeeze before pulling the patties out of the fryer. He cleared his throat, before sucking in a deep breath.

“Anyway yeah. So, with Camie gone, I stepped up.”
He plated the patties, adding a piece of crisp green leaf to each before sliding their chicken on top. “I became a dad at 19, dropped out of school to get a job and it’s been me and her ever since.” He drizzled sauce on top of the fried chicken before topping them with a bun.
“It’s a lot easier now that she’s older,” he said, reaching for the already prepped side salad and adding it to each of their plates. “She’s 7 now and you met her, she’s fucking rad. It’s hard sometimes, but she’s worth it. I’d do anything for that brat.”
By the time he stepped back to admire mostly his handiwork, he smiled. His chest seemed to swell with pride, and maybe it was a little bit from their meal which looked and smelled amazing, but Kirishima was willing to bet his pride came from thinking of Zoe.
If he hadn’t had a crush on him before, he sure as shit did now.
“That’s really badass of you Bakugou. I mean it. Zoe is a very lucky little girl to have someone like you as her dad. I didn’t get to meet your sister, but I’m sure she’s super proud of you.”

Bakugou looked at him, his eyes a little wide and if they were wet, Kirishima would
never tell.

“C’mon,” Bakugou said gruffly, “Let’s fucking eat.”
Kirishima smiled fondly at him, moving to sit down at their since abandoned barstools. Bakugou was pointedly not looking at him, the apples of his cheeks and the tips of his ears a pretty shade of red. The color looked good on him.
"Finished already!?" A voice suddenly boomed from behind them, startling the both of them. A hand clapped Kirishima's back and he looked over to see the man was doing the same to Bakugou.
Chef Toshinori leaned in between them to stare down at their plates.

"What's this? You fried the rice? Ah yes, I see now what a cleaver move that was!"

Kirishima could see Bakugou's face burning darker and it made his stomach twist. A sudden flash of jealous curling around
his insides, making his teeth grind together in an unfamiliar way.

He didn't want to be /this/ person. But hell if watching another man make Bakugou blush didn't make him sick.
"Who came up with this?" The chef asked.

"I-I did sir," Bakugou said, his voice slightly trembly under the the hand of his apparent fucking celebrity crush. Toshinori patted Bakugou's back and have his shoulder a small squeeze.

Kirishima wanted to throw up.
The bottled blond bastard released Kirishima from his talons and moved to pick up his plate instead, bringing it closer to his beady little eyes as he squinted it at.

"Very very good idea, and the plating is beautiful! My boy, have you thought about entering into the field?"
Why didn't they just kiss and get over with it?? Kirishima's hand involuntarily clenched into a fist.

He needed to reel in his ridiculous emotions. He was being stupid he knew. Bakugou was talking to someone he admired and Kirishima had to stop being an asshole.
Kirishima looked off to the main prep area trying to calm himself down my counting the hanging utensils and focus on not making an ass out of himself.

"Uh, yes, actually," Bakugou said, letting out a small nervous chuckle.

Three spatulas, two whisks, four what are those?Tongs?
Something gripped his thigh and he looked down at the hand clasping it and the person attached to it. Bakugou gave him a small smile before looking up at the chef.

"But if you don't mind sir, I'm on a date with this pretty man right here and I don't want his food to get cold."
Internally Kirishima was screaming, outwardly he gripped Bakugou's hand on his leg and gave it a squeeze.

Toshinori cleared his throat, before letting out a hardy laugh.

"Ah! Yes! How rude of me! Enjoy your date, you two!" He said, scampering off to another station.
When he left, Bakugou scooted their chairs close together, letting their thighs and knees touch.

"C'mon, eat," he encouraged, nudging him with his shoulder. "Or do I have to feed you?"
Kirishima laughed, a small fluttery sort of noise. "Please," he joked.

There was the sound of silverware scraping porcelain and when he turned to look, Bakugou was holding up a fork with a generous portion of salad on it's tongs. "Open up," he purred.
Kirishima shivered, his skin breaking out in goosebumps and his eyes locked with Bakugou's. This close they were even more prettier. The lights overhead making them shine even brighter, bringing out the different shades in his irises. Bakugou's lips were curled at the corners
when he motioned with the fork again.

Kirishima opened his mouth, letting Bakugou guide the bite to his lips. The way he tipped the fork against his lips, the way Bakugou's eyes never left his mouth made the gesture seem intimate. Something secret.
"How's it taste?" Bakugou asked in a low tone that had Kirishima's belly tighten up.

He chewed in a way that he hoped was seductive.

"Like a salad."
Bakugou snorted, slapping Kirishima in the arm.

"You are lucky you're cute," he said stabbing at the salad on his own plate.

Kirishima leaned over, setting his head on Bakugou's shoulder as he chewed and swallowed. "You think I'm cute?"

"I won't anymore if you don't eat."
Kirishima quickly shoved a heaping fork full of salad into his face.
As Kirishima ate like his life depended on it, Bakugou laughed. It’s sound only cut off due to him taking his own bite, and then moaning appreciatively. It made Kirishima stop chewing so he could look over at the other man.
Even though it was just a salad, Bakugou seemed to focus on each bite he took. He chewed with purpose, as if each bite was something new, something to be valued.

Kirishima didn’t notice how long he was staring, but enough time had passed for Bakugou’s eyes to flick over at him.
“Stop staring me,” he mumbled, sounding embarrassed as he shifted in his seat.

“Can’t,” Kirishima admitted, jabbing his salad with his fork again and then bringing it into his mouth. He chewed slowly, trying to taste the same way Bakugou did. He swallowed, slightly disappointed
It still just tasted like leaves. Good leaves, but leaves none the less. Rabbit food, is what he’d usually call this stuff, but for Bakugou he’d eat it. He grinned at the blond who was still looking at him to finish. “You’re just too handsome for me to look away from.”
“Boo,” Bakugou groaned accompanied by an eye roll.

“It’s true,” Kirishima insisted, leaning into the blondes space after setting down his silverware. “You really are incredibly ho-“ he was cut off by Bakugou thrusting a bite of burger into his mouth.
This bite, this taste, was something to moan about. On pure instinct, Kirishima closed his lips around the meat, dragging the bite into his mouth as his tongue sweat along the tongs of Bakugou’s fork. The flavor was something indescribable, the texture incredible.
By the time he finished chewing, he was practically panting. Licking along the bottom on his lips, he opened his eyes up only to me met with Bakugou’s own blown out pupils. His face was flushed, his top teeth digging into his plump bottom lip as he stared at Kirishima.

“Tch,” he huffed, looking away. He cut off another bite of his burger and brought it back to Kirishima’s lips. “Are you always this much of a fucking slut for food?”

“Nope. Must just be because it’s you,” Kirishima smirked before leaning forward and taking the bite,
making sure to not take his eyes off of Bakugou’s.

The blonde shivered.
Again the flavor was intense, and had it not been Bakugou sitting next to him, he would have easily crammed both of the burgers into his mouth and devoured them like an animal.

But he desired Bakugou much more than any food on the planet.
After swallowing his third bite, Bakugou finally reached his breaking point and slammed the fork down before switching plates with Kirishima.

“Feed yourself,” he grunted, before picking up the untouched burger and jamming it into his mouth. The earlier fanfare he had while
Eating the salad apparently forgotten.

Kirishima might have been hurt if not for the look on Bakugou’s face, or the way he was shifting in his seat.

Taking a bite on his own, he grinning over at the blonde while he chewed, avoiding eye contact with Kirishima.
Bakugou was clearly turned on.

The fact made Kirishima’s heart soar.
They ate in silence for a few minutes before Kirishima, possibly pressing his luck, cleared his throat.

“Mmm, so...I was thinking.”

Looking over at him, slightly more relaxed, Bakugou grunted. “Must be painful for you.”
“SO I was thinking,” he repeated, ignoring the dig, “That for our next date, I could plan it.”

Bakugou stilled.

“I mean,” he faulted slightly, quickly taking a bite to cover up his nerves that seemed to come out of nowhere, “if you want to see me again.”
Before Bakugou could answer him, the woman who poured them their glasses of wine was back, setting down small plates, each with a delicate slice of cheese cake. Some type of berry flavored drizzle topped each piece accompanied with small delicate rounds of raspberries.
Kirishima thanked her as she walked off, getting ready to cut his fork into the creamy texture when Bakugou stopped him with a soft squeeze onto his thigh.

“After desert,” he said, his tone serious. “We’re going back to my car and I’m going to kiss the hell out of you.”
And maybe Bakugou didn’t answer him about that second date, but for now, being kissed stupid would be good enough for him.
Kirishima practically inhaled his cheese, almost choked on it a couple times in his haste to finish it. Bakugou seemed to eat just as fast, just as eager.

As Kirishima was scraping the last of the cheesecake off of his plate and cramming it into his mouth, Bakugou was already
Pulling him off his seat and dragging him away.

Right as they hit the entry way of the lobby, Kirishima’s heartbeat pounding in his ears, a loud voice called out.

“Wait! Young chef! A word!”

Kirishima’s blood began to boil for a different reason.
The hand not held by Bakugou curled into a fist.

Chef Toshinori jogged towards them, his giant body already crowding Kirishima before he got there.

Bakugou’s fingers gave his a small squeeze. It was a question, a please.

Rolling his eyes, Kirishima shrugged.
Bakugou gave his hand another squeeze, this one thankful.

It pissed him off, but still, this bottled blond asshole was an idol to Bakugou. A cockblocking idol, but an idol none the less. He’d be a good boy, and hold his tongue.
“I’m so glad I caught you before you left,” the chef said, somehow managing to show all this teeth in a weird smile. How the hell did he even manage that? “You really showed a lot of talent tonight. A talent that I couldn’t look past.”
“Of course you saw talent,” Kirishima scoffed, unable to stop himself from speaking. “My Bakugou is beyond talented. Glad to know your eyes work.”

The hand in his squeezed hard, a warning, but Kirishima didn’t care. This chef gonna learn about his man today.
Toshinori laughed, unfazed by Kirishima’s rudeness. “They do! They work splendidly! Now, Bakugou,” He said, still with that stupid smile on his face, “If you are interested, I’d like you to talk to you more about training course I’m putting together.”
Bakugou gasped, a teeny breath of a thing, but Kirishima heard it all the same.

“...me?” He said, sounding dumbfounded.

“Yes! I think you’d make an excellent addition! Here, I won’t take up any more of your time, but please take this!” In his big dumb hands was a card.
Taking it from him, Bakugou brought it up to his face for closer inspection.

“When you are ready, give me a call and we can talk more about this! I’d love to have you on board and really explore your potential young Bakugou!”

/explore your potential?/

The only thing this giant bastard was going to be “exploring” was the inside of a hospital if he didn’t stop looking at /his/ fucking date the way he was.

“Thank you, I’ll think about it,” Bakugou said in a soft voice.

That was enough of a sign for Kirishima.
He gripped Bakugou’s hand and started walking, throwing a goodbye over his shoulder.

“Have a pleasant evening!”

As they hit the outside door, Bakugou yanked his hand from out of his.

“What the hel-“

Kirishima reached out and cupped his face.
“The car is too far away,” he said softly and before Bakugou could stop him, he pressed his lips hard against the other mans.
Bakugou’s mouth tastes warm and sweet. A mixture of cheesecake and something that is just uniquely him. One kiss in and Kirishima craves more of it. Gently, Kirishima moves one of his hands up to cup the side of Bakugou’s face, savoring the feel of his skin and his lips.
Much sooner than he would have liked, Bakugou is pulling back. His eyes are half lidded, his cheeks flushed and his bottom lip slightly puffy and kiss burnt. He looks perfect like this and Kirishima wants another taste. Just as he’s leaning in, Bakugou presses a hand to chest.
“Hey, hold on a fucking second,” he says in a huff.

Against his will, Kirishima’s bottom lip juts out in a pout.

“Oh please,” Bakugou grins, flicking his lip. “Stop that shit. Let’s just get a few things straight.”
“Okay, but warning, I’m not really all that straight.”

Bakugou groans.

“Yeah, I think I figured that much out for myself thanks.”

A few people come trickling out of the building, a clear sign that the class is over. Taking Kirishima’s hand in his, Bakugou begins walking them
Back towards his car.
Once there, he opens the door for him before making his way to the driver side.

“Alright,” Bakugou says once he gets himself situated. “We should probably talk.”

Swallowing, Kirishima nods.
He isn’t sure /what/ they need to talk about but with Bakugou looking so serious it must be important.
“First of all...” he stops talking, his eyes flicking back from Kirishima’s to his mouth. He does this for a few seconds before he throws his arms up in a shrug. “Fuck it, talking can come later.”
Fisting the front of Kirishima’s shirt, Bakugou pulls him forward to capture his lips into another kiss.

Kirishima feels like a teenager again. Bakugou’s hands are everywhere, his mouth panting and wet across his skin as he leaves blazing trails wherever he kisses him.
“You’re so jealous,” Bakugou whispers near his ear before dragging his teeth along the shell. “You stupid idiot, can’t you see I only want you?” And with Bakugou’s hands ghosting across his skin, his lips hardly leaving him, he really did feel stupid.

Stupid, and amazed.
Amazed that someone as great, someone so self sacrificing and loving and loyal as Bakugou would even want him in the first place. It didn’t make sense, but like Hell was he about to bring it up now.

“I think I figured that much out for myself thanks,” Kirishima said, laughing.
Tugging on his hair, Bakugou forced his head back to look him in the eyes.

“I mean it, Kirishima. I don’t want anyone else, just fucking you. So cool it.”

Kirishima frowned, the mood suddenly shifted.

“Okay,” he says, feeling a little wary. “I’ll try to-“

“No...” he stops
“Kiri,” he starts again, taking a deep breath as he leans back into his seat, disentangling himself from Kirishima. “Look, I like you. You’re sweet, you’re hot and for whatever fucking reason you seem to like me. But...”


Kirishima braces himself for the worst.
“You’ve heard my story. I’ve got a kid, and she means and is everything to me. Zoe is my number one. She needs me and I will alwa-“

Kirishima raises his hand, stopping him.

“Bakugou,” he interrupts. “I’m sorry I made you feel that way. Honestly, I am.”
Scratching the back of his neck, he clears his throat and keeps going. “I’m embarrassed too. I don’t really know what came over me? I think it’s probably because you are way out of my league and I dunno, I did feel jealous because I wanted you to look at me the same way you did
for that bastard chef. /Sorry/ don’t give me that face, I’m trying to to be honest here.” Kirishima took another deep breath before facing Bakugou again. “But seriously, I would /never/ EVER do anything to make you feel you had to choose between me or Zoe. Ever.”
Bakugou’s shoulders relaxed slightly as Kirishima kept talking.

“If you and I become a...thing? Which, I really /really/ hope you want to. I would never want Zoe to feel left out. You and her are a packaged deal Bakugou. I know that. And I want that. I’d love to know her too.”
Before Kirishima could get another word out, Bakugou’s lips are on him once more, peppering kisses all over his face as his arms wrap him into an awkward hug due to them being in a car.

“Goddamn you’re fucking perfect,” he says softly before kissing his mouth again.
Zoe, unbeknownst to Kirishima, had apparently been talking about the “Pretty Ice Cream Man.” A fact that Bakugou had apparently wanted to keep quiet about.

A plan that went to absolute shit within the first time Kirishima went over to their home.
“My dreams! Daddy my dreams! I TOLD YOU!” The little girl shrieked triumphantly the second Kirishima waved at her as he crossed the threshold of their doorway.

“Oh god,” Bakugou said, pinching the bridge of his nose as Kirishima got down to his knee to be more level with her.
“My dreams Pretty Man! You’ve been in them! I /told/ my daddy but...” Zoe eyes Bakugou, her face forming an almost cartoonish from as she does, “/never/ listens to me. But you will Mr. Pretty Man, I /know/ you will.”
“Okay, okay,” Bakugou groans, waving her off. “Let’s leave him alone you gremlin. No one wants to hear th-“

“/I/ do, Zoe,” Kirishima say’s heavily emphasizing the “I”, smiling as Zoe lights up despite Bakugou rolling his eyes.

“Yes!” Zoe yells before throwing her arms around
Kiri’s neck in joy.

She pulls back, clapping ecstatically.

“Okay SO! In the dreams, I’m a princess,”

“Sounds like so far, your dream is already 100% true,” Kirishima interrupts to Zoe’s absolute delight.

“And you and my daddy are the kings!”
“I like it,” Kirishima grins, winking at Bakugou.

“She’s not done,” Bakugou says, swiping his face in exasperation.

“And then!” Zoe continues, bouncing as she does, eager to get it all out, “I get a princess sister and a prince brother and we all live happily every after!”
Zoe says it with such joy that Kirishima finds himself wanting to share in her dream as well.

Reaching out, he gives her tiny hand a small squeeze.

“That sounds like such a nice dream Zoe. Fingers crossed, and maybe one day it’ll come true.”
Zoe frowns at that, taking her hand back to cross her arms.

“It IS coming true. I already told you.”

At that, Kirishima laughs. “Sorry, sorry, my bad Princess Zoe.”

She smiles again only to run up and give him around hug.

“I forgive you Pretty Man.”
“How about we start calling him by his actual name, huh kid?” Bakugou interrupts, poking her in the side to make her giggle.

“But he IS pretty,” Zoe pouts.

Turning towards him, Bakugou gives Kirishima a soft smile.

“Yeah Princess, you’re definitely right about that.”
“You know Kiri,” Denki says, lazily licking a vanilla chocolate swirl, “I never thought you’d actually listen to me.”

Kirishima was in the middle of fixing his tie when he raised his eyebrow at his. “One, I’ve never listened to you. And Two, how the hell did you get that?”
Denki shrugged, slurping on his ice cream. “It’s amazing what you can get away with when you are beautiful like me,” he winked.

“Those aren’t mean for later at the rece-“

“Shh,” the man says, waving his hand at him. “Let’s go back to you listening to me.”
“Like I said,” Kirishima contuined, facing himself back in the mirror to make sure his tie was just right. “I’ve never listened to you before.”

“Kiri, Kiri, Kiri. You beautiful idiot. You DID listen to me. Back when you got your first truck! Don’t you remember?”
“Not at all,” Kirishima replied, turning back to face him.

“God. Okay, I told you to go out and get yourself a D.I.L.F. I didn’t expect it would be the first one you’d see, but I’m glad you listened to me.”

“Oh my god.”

“That’s what you’ll be screaming later, aye.”
“Why did I make you my best man again?” Kirishima asked, rolling his eyes at his friend who was making obscene gestures with his hands.

“Because you love me.”

Kirishima could only sigh. Denki wasn’t wrong after all. Plus, today, he didn’t feel like arguing with him.
Today, he was getting married.
Their wedding was planned to be a small intimate affair. With Bakugou being in the last year of his culinary training, Zoe getting ready to graduate middle school and the twins in kindergarten, their life was too chaotic to plan anything lavish.
But, the two men were tired of waiting.

Busy schedules be damned, they were going to get married no matter what.

It was about time.
With help from their friends and family, Bakugou and Kirishima end up having a beautiful wedding. It was simple and perfect, just like their lives together.

Their twins, a boy and a girl, were respectively the ring bearer and flower girl.

Zoe, best girl for both of them.
The ceremony was short and sweet, and if Bakugou cried, Kirishima didn’t see it, his own eyes filled with tears to see much.

But, despite his tears, he managed to catch Zoe smirking next to him after Bakugou and Kirishima kiss and are declared husbands.
“Happy wedding day Daddy and Papa,” Zoe says, obviously pleased with herself as she hands over a square wrapped package in the middle of their reception dinner.

“Baby,” Kirishima starts, “You didn’t have to get us anything.”

“Yeah kid, what the hell?” Bakugou chimes in.
“I’ve had it for a while. Just be quiet and open it.”

Together they do, tearing away the wrapping paper and nearly dropping it when they see what it is.
In a simple frame, is a child’s drawing.
“Told you my dream would come true,” Zoe gloats before scamping off, leaving her dads to stare open mouthed after her.

“Holy shit,” Bakugou says finding his voice. “I completely forgot about all that.”

Kirishima gripped his now husbands hand, and looked into his eyes.
“It wasn’t just her dream that came true, so did mine the day that I met you.”

Bakugou rolls his eyes, setting down his dessert but Kirishima can see the smile threatening to break out about his face. “You’re so damn soft,” he accuses.
“Always for you,” Kirishima says, smiling at him before leaving forward to press a kiss to his mouth.

He tastes like ice cream.


the end
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