The Q Review For You 10/4/19: My Name Is Michael Weston, I Used To Be A Spy (AKA: Welcome To The Clown Show Australia)
1. Hello Australia and welcome to the magic of QAnon. What exactly is QAnon you might ask? QAnon is the oft told story of a shadowy group of evil people who secretly rule the world and control everything from behind the scenes.
2. From the Protocols of the Elders of Zion onward we've had these sorts of conspiracies to scapegoat some group of people or another as being the cause of all the world's ills. If only they could somehow be defeated we could be free.
3. In modern times this conspiracy theory was known as the Illuminati/New World Order. It was the belief that all the political leaders and stars in entertainment were in a giant Satanic plot to deliver the world over to Lucifer. It was all about evil signs and symbols.
4. The back of the American 1 dollar bill. Famous people covering/highlighting an eye were proof of of this plot. Everyone was in on it. Only God could save us from Satan's minions and their iron grip on the world.
5. Then came QAnon. An anonymous poster on 4chan and then 8chan told a tale of how Donald Trump had been hand picked by good guys in the US military to run for President, win office, and then defeat these Satanic monsters.
6. QAnon has some rather interesting beliefs about the evil of their enemies and how justice will be done to them. They believe Trump's political enemies are all Satanists who run pedophile rings. Epstein was key to this and his death wasn't a suicide in their eyes.
7. Hillary Clinton has been caught on tape maiming and killing a child to harvest that child's adrenaline glands to obtain Adrenochrome, a supposed super drug. (It was something in "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" and is an unregulated chemical you can buy on-line.)
8. There are some insanely high number of sealed indictments awaiting Trump's enemies (Totals between 60,000 to 100,000 are usually named) and when these people are arrested they will be tried by military tribunals and then executed for their crimes.
9. All of this brings us to the news today that a family friend of Australian PM Scott Morrison is one of the major pushers of the QAnon conspiracy theory. The twitter account @BurnedSpy34 has been revealed to be run by this man.
10. BurnedSpy isn't somebody who merely signed off on what others have written. He's pushed content and peddled conspiracy theories of his own. QAnon absorbs just about everything into it's never ending quest to explain how everything is connected to the bad guys.
11. BurnedSpy cast doubt on the Steele Dossier and blamed Alexander Downer for playing a role in framing Trump. The FISA warrants against Carter Page are a huge part of the QAnon story. It's believed they will be revealed to have been obtained illegally.
12. Once this is proven James Comey, Lisa Page, Peter Stzok, and others (Maybe even Barack Obama) will be charged with treason and either be jailed for life or executed. BurnedSpy knows full well what QAnon believes about this case and what he's saying by pushing this claims.
13. He accuses the Clintons of practicing voodoo and that Bill Clinton charged up his magic powers to win re-election in 1996. He also claims these rituals are part of our day to day lives.
14. And of course that the bad guys are followers of Satan. Who commit crimes against God and humanity in the name of a corrupting and dark energy.
15. Here BurnedSpy is screen grabbing and supporting Joe M. Joe is the maker of "QANON: The Plan To Save The World" a video on Youtube with over a million views that seeks to indoctrinate people into this belief system.
16. Joe is a supporter of white nationalist Stefan Molyneux and has defended Apartheid in many tweets.
17. When a follower suggests Michelle Obama is transgender BurnedSpy busts out the 🤣🤣🤣 emojis and thinks it's possible.
18. What good would a conspiracy theorist be without dipping their toe into some 9/11 Truthering?
19. And I'll fill out my bingo card with Chemtrails.
20. BurnedSpy is not a rank and file member of QAnon. He pushes the agenda and drives content. That he could have the ear of a head of state is jarring. I hope people understand just how wild and dangerous QAnon is.
21. Anyone new to this stuff who wants answers to questions feel free to comment or DM me. If I'm not working I'll be around to chat.
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