Inscriptions in Tamil Brahmi at Perumalmalai in Tamil Nadu.
The inscription are dated to 3rd century BCE or older, this is amongst the oldest decipherable writings anywhere in India
The inscriptions say "Kavai" and "Saialan (from) Vindai (village has donated these jain caves)"]
Samanar Caves. Madurai.

Located 11 kilometers from Madurai
It was here that hundreds of Jain monks undertook ‘sallekena’ or ‘fast unto death’. The incident is mentioned in 2000-year-old Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions and Vatteluttu writings which were recovered by Archaeologists.
Bas-reliief sculptures of tirthankaras at vallimalai , Vellore district , tamilnadu .
There are inscriptions which are are carved in Tamil & Kannada languages. These inscriptions establishes the connection between Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.
2,200-year-old Tamil-Brahmi inscription at Samanamalai , madurai, tamilnadu
It is engraved on a boulder in which a drip-ledge has been cut and beds excavated on the rock floor for Jaina monks to rest ....
One of the earliest Jain caves found in Madurai, the Keelavalavu jain cave, with its beautiful sculptures and paintings, is a trove of wonders. Another striking feature is the presence of upside-down Tamil Brahmi letters which can be deciphered using a mirror.

Keezhavalavu , tamilnadu Contains The sculptures of tirthankara & invaluable Tamil brahmi Iinscription which date backs to 3rd Cent BCE and entire site could house upto 100 jaina monks . The tamil Brahmi inscription States that "Ubasan Thodila Von Kodu Paliyi "
One of 4 Jain image carved on the four side of a 7meter high stone at thirakoil,tamilnadu.
This image shows Naga king Dharanendra protecting with his hoods the tirthankar parshvanath from storm clouds sent by cloud deity samvara , with yakshini Padmavati is also holding umbrella
"Mangulam inscription" often regarded as oldest tamil-brahmi inscription, 3rd century BCE , mankulam village , madurai .

It is dedicated to Jain monk "Kaniynanta".
The record mentions the name of great pandyan king "Nedunjcheliyan" who made stone beds for Jain monks .
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