3. Soros funds Mass Migration... https://twitter.com/cravecreative/status/1166671473936936960?s=19
7. Are you awake yet? Now do you see it folks? This Monster Financier & his Globalist ilk are in bed w/Justin Trudeau in an effort to destroy our Nation. They control the media. They control migration. They control the narrative. They are misleading you & they are lying to you.
8. This Election, vote w/Common Sense. Criminals like George Soros who attempt to overthrow a country should be banned & Jailed along w/our PM.
Vote for the #CommonSenseRevolution.
Vote #MaximeBernier & the #PeoplesParty
For the People.
By the People.
For my American🇺🇸friends. This Feb'19 thread on Soros' union with Pres Candidate Kamala Harris re: decriminalization of prostitution. These stories can be so easily resurrected. Makes more sense now than ever before.
Funny that.
The company you keep.
#MAGA https://twitter.com/cravecreative/status/1100495809307652096?s=19
For some reason the above tweet won't load. Lucky I got a screen grab. Soros is banned from all these countries. Time to get him banned from Canada 🇨🇦.
Soros funds...
Humans Rights Judges & NGO's who influence votes and agendas, including the UN.
Soros funds...
"... his political-philanthropic private foundations’ global network to induce chaos to change the capitalistic democratic systems that prevailed since the end of WWII."
Soros funds...
News outlet in the United Kingdom who is using people’s increased sensitivity during the coronavirus pandemic to push an anti-family agenda and call for families to be abolished.
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