Katsuki and Eijirou break up after school.

Eijirou is devastated. Heart broken. He cries into his pillow more times than he can count.

Katsuki doesn't even give him a real reason. He just makes vague noises and is quiet while the redhead yells at him, begging him to explain.
He doesn't. He graduates. And then he moves to America.

Eijirou mourns his lost love for years, half heartedly doing Hero work just to fill the empty space in his life that Katsuki used to fill.

Some days he doesn't even go at all, dully apologizing the next day.
And then one day he just stops going all together.

Doesn't call in.

Doesn't come the next day.

Or the next day.

Or the next week.

Or the next month.

He basically disappears off the face of the Earth.

His phone is off. His apartment is empty.

He's gone.
It's been several years since Katsuki has seen Eijirou.

Several years since he'd watched him scream, tears streaking down his face.

Several years since he'd sat there silently, his mind screaming at him to take back his words, to take Eijirou into his arms.
Several years since he'd broken the only person he had ever truly loved.

But he's back now, ready to make things right.

It won't be easy.

Eijirou probably hates him by now. Probably wouldn't even look at him.

But he would beg.

He would grovel forever if that's what it took.
Maybe someday he would even be forgiven.

But that was later.

For now, the first step was finding him.

And to do that, he had to start at the agency that his classmates had all made together fresh out of high school.

Mina is the first one to see him when he walks in.


"Pinky," he drawls back, he grudgingly amused.

Denki pops up next from one of the cubicles behind her, his hair up in a high ponytail and a collar with the word PUDDIN' spelled out in metalic silver letters wrapped around his neck.

Well then.

His loudness alerts practically the whole building and from then on it seems like people phase through the walls like Mirio senpai, multiple faces that he remembers from third year greatly altered with age.

Froggy is tall and slim, her suit still clinging tightly to her body.
Denki still wears his old Hero costume, but his shirt stops just below his nipples and his pants cling a little tighter to his ass. He also has a bar through his ear and tongue.

"Still a manwhore, I see," Bakugou comments when he comes in for a hug.
"Why, you interested? I can do things with this tongue ring and my Quirk that you wouldn't believe in your wildest pornos."

Katsuki huffs out a laugh as he declines.

Mina's hair is longer reaching to almost the middle of her back, and her horns are bigger, like a demons.
Suit is still skin tight though, clinging to every curve and dip, and now adorned with a black belt wrapped snug around her waist. She's hot, and he's saying that as a gay man.

Villians probably commit crimes just to be near her and breathe her air.

He says as much.
She shrugs, grinning wickedly.

"Those villians couldn't handle me if they tried. In or out of the bedroom."

Ochako is next, all big smiles as she floats towards the ceiling in excitement.

"You're back!" She squeals, wrapping his arms around his neck before she gets any higher.
She hasn't changed much, although the roundness of her pregnant belly is definitely new.

"Who's the lucky guy?" He asks, smirking.

"Me," Mina says proudly.

"...I have several questions."

Everyone laughs.

"We had a Quirk based pregnancy," Ochako explains, rubbing her belly.
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"Well, congratulations. Wish I had come to the wedding."

"Well, we invited you," Ochako says.

"Several times," Mina adds.

"In various ways."

"And sent you constant reminders."

"Wow, hold grudges much?" He snaps, rolling his eyes.

"Aww we're just teasing, Blasty," Mina coos.

Katsuki turns, already looking down with a smart comment, only to freeze as his gaze lands somewhere near Deku's abs.

His gaze drifts up, up, up, and finally lands on...facial hair.

"Oh my god," He says.
Deku laughs, and it's BOOMING, holy shit his laugh has actually become bass boosted over the years.

"Kacchan!" He exclaims, and then all of Katsuki's internal orgasm are being absolutely crushed.

"OW! PUT ME DOWN YOU FUCKING NERD!" He yells, pushing on the now bearded face.
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"KACCHAAAN!" Deku wails right before he bursts into tears, practically soaking Katsuki in his nasty ass feelings.



They both glance down, Deku from standing height and Katsuki from where he's still struggling for freedom in arms now bigger than his entire body.
Todoroki is standing there, smirking fondly. He looks the same as ever, but his hair is slightly longer, reaching his shoulders now, and he has what looks loke actual happiness etched into his features.


"Put Bakugou down. You're crushing him."
Deku sobs one more time before setting him back down.

"S-Sorry Kacchan," he sniffs, grinning widely as he wipes his face with a tissue that the half and half man produced from almost nowhere. "It's just so good to see you! It's been so long!"
"And yet you're still just as much of a crybaby as you always were," Katsuki sighs, but his chest is light and happy.

He's missed his classmates, even if he would die before he admitted it.

It's so nostalgic that he almost misses it.


"Hey, uh, where's Shitty Hair?"
If he wasn't hero trained in body language, he might have missed it.

But he was, and he didn't.

The sudden stiffness of everyone in the room.

The way some of his classmates now won't meet his eyes.

The way Deku's grin becomes tight and strained.

His eyes narrow.
"What the fuck is going on?" He asks slowly, his piercing red stare impaling everyone in the room.

It's Deku who steps up, clearing his throat awkwardly.

"Um, Kacchan-!"

The sound of the alarm drowns him out, followed by an automated voice over the speaker.

Katsuki's world crumbles.

He sucks in a sharp breath, staring numbly at the security footage that was now playing.
Ponytail is shaking from exhaustion on the floor, some kind of gun resting in front of her with ammo next to it. She's shooting at something off screen, aiming with unsteady arms.

Glasses is out cold behind her, blood trickling from a wound on his head, but otherwise unharmed.
A second video pops up, right next to the first.

For the first time in several years, Katsuki lays eyes on Eijirou.

He's big. Bigger than he ever was in high school. And even though his skin is hardened, even though he's supposed to be impenetrable, Katsuki can see scars.
He's wearing his old hero costume, but it's now black on red, making him seem like something out of your worst nightmare.

His hair is two toned, black hair blending into his face mask and sprouting from his scalp before fading into his signature red somewhere in the middle.
And he's grinning, but it's not his usual smile. It's not sunshine bright and happy.

Ita deformed, a dark, twisted parody of the smile that Katsuki remembers from school. It sends dread racing down his spine.

But even still.

He's the most beautiful thing Katsuki has ever seen.
He's out of the door before anyone has a chance to stop him, blasting with a speed that could rival Deku and Glasses combined towards the spot that had been blinking on the map.

He has to see this for himself.

Katsuki hears the fight before he sees it.
"Stand down, Kirishima!" Ponytail is yelling. "I don't want to hurt you!"

A dark, curling laugh has him freezing in his tracks, gripping his sexuality by the balls and hanging on for dear life.

"Don't worry, Princess. I like it a little rough," Kirishima answers.

Oh, fuck.
He can see Ponytail aiming in the distance, and he readies himself.

As soon as he hears the shot, he blasts off, into the air, before landing with the grace of four years of ballet school that his supervisor in America forced him to take in front of his weakened comrad.
"Katsuki?" He hears whispered behind him.

He doesn't answer, his eyes trained on the smoke slowly clearing before of him.

A loud, rumbling laugh that sounds like rocks sliding together echoes through the empty streets.

"Well, well, that strap of yours certainly packs a punch."
Eijirou's arms are crossed in an "X" formation in front of his face, just as unbreakable as ever, and Katsuki watches as they fade once more into regular, vulnerable skin before Kirishima straightens.

And holy FUCK, Katsuki is gay.

He fights to keep his face blank.
Kirishima is built like a fucking tank, almost the size of Deku from where Katsuki is standing.

He actually might be a few inches taller.

Katsuki swallows silently, keeping his face stoic and uncaring from sheer force of will.

Jesus fuck, his legs are like trees-

Katsuki's eyes snap up, locking on two toned haired man's face.

The expression there makes him glad that Ponytail is turned away, checking Glasses for worse wounds.

Kirishima looks shattered, his eyes wide and unbelieving, arms hanging limp at his sides.
It's the same look that he had given Katsuki that day in his dorm room, only now it was worse because Kirishima had marinated in that heartbreak for seven fucking years.

Katsuki's own face crumpled, letting his own feelings spread across his face.
Kirishima always had been the only one that he could show his true feelings too.

"Hey, Ei. Long time, no see."

Kirishima huffs out a disbelieving, almost hysterical laugh. "L-long time, no see...?"

Katsuki immediately realizes that might have been a mistake.
Kirishima's parody grin curls his lips again, dark and manic s he laughs again, a harsh and mirthless sound.

"Long time no see?? Seven years, no calls, no texts, and a shitty reason for ending our relationship, and the first thing you say to me is LONG TIME NO SEE???"
He hardens and charges, quicker than Katsuki is expecting. He's still struggling to believe that this is even the same Kirishima.

He blasts away, grimancing when he realizes that he's now left Ponytail and Glasses exposed to an attack, but its like Kirishima has forgotten them.
He slams into Katsuki with all the force of a tank, knocking the breath from his lungs as they both slam into a hastily abandoned cafe.

They land in a messy heap on the floor, Katsuki trying to suck in any kind of oxygen as Kirishima sit up, straddling his hips.
He's both scared and in serious danger of popping the fattest boner alive.

His fucking THIGHS-

"Mmmm, definitely missed the image of you spread out underneath me," the black and red headed male murmurs, running his tongue over sharp teeth slowly before flashing a wicked grin.
Katsuki's dick twitches, and he silently commands it to not.

He tries to take his mind off of it by struggling to break free, but it does nothing. Kirishima is exerting literally zero strength holding him down, and Katsuki is realizing quickly that he's going nowhere.
He huffs and finally stills, glaring up at the bigger male with hard, angry eyes.

Kirishima smirks, and Katsuki is suddenly thrown back to third year.

It's the same childish, teasing smirk from school that he only ever gave Katsuki. No one else.
It makes him realize that his ex lover is still in there, somewhere behind this twisted version.

It makes him sad, his arms falling limp as he stares up into cold eyes.

"What happened to you?" He whispered softly.

Kirishima laughs hollowly, a low, broken sound.
"Are you fucking serious?" He asks, making Katsuki flinch as he remembers how old Kirishima said it was unmanlg to curse.

"What the fuck do you think happened to me, Katsuki? I grew up."

"'Grew up' and 'became a villian' are two seperate things," he snaps back angrily.
"Says who?"

That stops his next comment in his tracks, his brow furrowing in confusion.

"What are you talking abo-"


Kirishima is suddenly gone, and yeah, oxygen is great and all, but damn he already misses being crushed by those thighs.
"Ground Zero!"

He's coughing when Mina slides next to him, acid already dripping from her fingers.

He ignores her, eyes frantically searching for-


Kirishima and Deku are locked in combat, both struggling to subdue the other.

"Kiri-!" He gasps, coughing again.
Kirishima is laughing when he looks again, a savage grin apread across his face.

"Izuku! Long time no see!"

He then winks at Katsuki.

"Get it?"

He glares in back.

"Stand down, Kirishima," Deku demands firmly, his body pulsing with green energy. "I don't want to hurt you!"
Kirishima simpers, batting his lashes.

"Ooh, reprimand me harder, Big Daddy."

Deku frowns, highly unamused, and Kirishima rolls his eyes.

"Oh, I see. You only let Todoroki call you Daddy, huh?"

Katsuki is impressed with how fast Deku goes red.
But before anything else can happen, a high, perfectly pitched whistle whips through the air.

Kirishima lets his fighting stance fall, setting (big, huge, massive, fuck) hands on his hips and grinning widely.

"Well, it's been fun distracting you! I'll see you guys next time."
"Deku!" Mina yells.

The green haired man curses savagely as he runa towards, causing Katsuki's hand to fly to his mouth in shock.

He had never heard the nerd curse like that.

The whistling is getting louder, and suddenly Katsuki realizes that it's some kind of missile.
And it's heading right for them.

He fights to stand, to get out of the range of fire, and his eyes lock on matching red ones across the battlegrounds.

Kirishima is staring at him, not moving.

"Get out of there, idiot!" He shouts.

But Kirishima just smirks.
Deku is suddenly there, wrapping him and Mina in his big arms and hunching down, using his body as a shield.

"See you around, Kats," the blond hears just as the missile touches down.

The force of the blast would have knocked a lesser man off of the planet, but Deku stands firm.
And when the dust finally clears, Kirishima is gone.


"What the fuck was that?!" Katsuki starts yelling the moment they step foot back inside of the agency, away from the prying ears of civilians.

Deku sighs, scrubbing a hand over his tired (bearded) face.
"It's a long story, Kacchan."

"Make it a short one," he growls back, hands sparking in annoyance.

Deku grimances.

Katsuki immediately turna his back to him, angry red eyes searching the room until they land on blue and grey heterochromatic ones.

Todoroki may look slightly different but he's still as blunt and to the point as ever.

And he proves it by immediately ripping the bandaid from the wound with no remorse.

"About five years ago, Kirishima quit Hero work and became a vigilante by the name of Unbreakable."
And yeah, he already know that, but it still hurts to hear, blunt and out in the open like that. He grits his teeth against the onslaught of curses begging to pour from his lips.


Todoroki hums. "Well, we have no concrete reasoning, but he has a gang now."

"A gang?" He asks in confusion.

Deku takes this moment to step in, literally, walking between the two of them to get to the giant computer. He types in a few keywords and six pictures pop up on the giant super screen taking up most of the wall.

"Six members. All Quirked."
He scans the pictures quickly, committing their faces to memory, including the picture of Kirishima, settled in the middle.

"Tell me about them," he demands.

Deku taps on one, and it enlarges. It's a girl, youngish, maybe between 18 and 24. Her smile is wild and fierce.
Just looking at her, Katsuki feels some kind of respect.

He's always appreciated a female who didn't let her gender stop her from being strong.

"This is Missile Launcher," Deku explains.

"She's the one that shot at us."

"Right. Her Quirk is teleportation missiles."
"The fuck?"

"Yeah, it's fucking amazing right?" Deku says excitedly, and Katsuki rolls his eyes when he recognizes that nerdy twinkle in his eyes. "God, I hope someday we catch her, I have so many QUESTIONS-!"

"Focus!" He snaps.
"Oh. Right. Anyways, she's the get away driver so to speak. Her Quirk allows her to launch multiple missiles at intended targets and transport them to anywhere that she's previously been. However, we've never seen her use it in close combat."
Katsuki frowns. "What do you mean?"

"Well, her Quirk is a long range type. Unless her missile has the distance to gain speed, she can't use it. Usually she's hiding somewhere high up, where she can launch without complications."

"So what, she can't fight?"

"I didn't say that."
"Her and 'Chako got into it hard and heavy about two years ago," Mina pipes up.

Ochako is sitting right now, but her grin is dark and excited, and her eyes are sparkling in a way that Katsuki hasn't seen since their first sport's festival.

"I can't wait to fight her again."
"Simmer down, Round Cheeks," he replies, but files that information away. If this chick is making Ochako, a known peace lover, wanna throw down, he definitely wants to have a go at her. "Next person."

Deku taps on another picture to enlarge it.
Another girl, her hair a deep, soul sucking black, but her eyes a bright, almost blinding white. Her face is stoic and serious. She actually gives him the creeps.

"This is Inversion. Her Quirk is reversal. She's able to take something and change it to fit her needs."
"So basically she can make good Hero's evil?"

"Exactly. But it's not just heros. She can make water turn to fire and vice versa. Make a grown adult turn into a child. It's actually a very powerful Quirk. It only lasts for an hour, though."

Katsuki nodded, frowning.

Holy fuck.
"Next," he demands, and another picture is enlarged.

It's a male this time, also youngish, but not as much. He could probably be Katsuki's height. His smile is cocky and self assured. It actually looks kind of famil-

"Is that fucking /Monoma/?" He aaks incredulously.
"We were just as surprised as you," Deku says grimly, staring up at the picture as well.

"Why the fuck is Monoma in Kirishima's gang??"

"We have exactly zero idea."

Katsuki sighs, rubbing a hand over his face.

Another male, wild smile, even wilder hair, like a lion's mane, but black.

Deku sighs, pained.

"This is Beastiality."

"...Excuse me?"

Deku grunts, not willing to repeat himself. "His Quirk is Beast Mode. He's able to turn in to any animal he knows about. And he knows a LOT."
"Are there any limits we currently know about?"

"Well, so far we've only seen him transform into larger felines, such as lions or jaguars. We're unsure if he can turn into anything smaller, or bigger, or aquatic, and we don't have enough information to make assumptions."
"Then why did you say that he knows a lot of animals?" Katsuki asks, confused.

Deku sighs again, staring blankly at the photo. "He like to yell out animal facts during combat."

The blond actively has to fight to not laugh. "What?"
Denki grins at him from across the room, amusement etched into every line of his face.

"Last time him and Deku fought, he kept yelling about different animals and how they 'mate'."

"He kept talking about wolves and how Alphas have fat, throbbing knots for breeding," Deku sighs.
He's not going to laugh.

He's not.

"Next," he manages to say around his repressed mirth.

Deku brings up the last photo, and Katsuki blinks.

"Okay, this one I have the most questions about," he says.

It's a small child, no older than eleven, with bright, rainbow colored hair.
"This is Morph," Deku begins. "Her Quirk is being able to match her and at least two other's bodies to any kind of backdrop. Basically a chameleon type of Quirk."

"That's a pretty fucking cool Quirk for a kid."

"...She's 24."

"She is fucking not," Katsuki immediately replied.
The whole room laughed, and he inhaled, ready to start yelling, when a deep, tired voice interrupted.

"She is. Her birthday actually just passed," Shinsou said, slipping into the room. "We know because she kept yelling about it, and was wearing a birthday girl pin."
"Babe!" Denki said, launching himself into the purple haired man's arms.

"Hey, Babe," Shinsou replied fondly, kissing his forehead. "Were you good while I was gone?"

"I was perfect," the blond cooed, fluttering his eyelashes.

"He tried to suck my dick," Katsuki interjected.
"Wow, I didn't know America had turned you into such a snitch," Denki shot back.

"I didn't know relationships turned you into such a whore," he sneered.

"To be fair, I was a whore before the relationship."

Shinsou sighed, scrubbing a hand over his face. "It's true."
"Damn, cold blooded," Sero joked from where he was entering the building.

"Babe!" Denki once again exclaimed happily.

"See? A total whore," Katsuki said, pointing childishly.

"Nah. That's the other part of their relationship," Deku said.

"Oh, so he's horny squared."
Sero grinned from where Denki waa smothering him with cheek kisses. "Blasty! Wow, it's been years! Your resting bitch face hasn't changed one bit."

"Yes, it has!"

"Prove it."

Katsuki scowled.

"Wow, that's a killer smile you have there," Todoroki said dryly.
"Look, whatever," he snapped back. "I'm not here to smile. I'm here to figure out why the fuck Kirishima is suddenly a villian or a vigilante or whatever the fuck you wanna call him."

Both Sero and Shinsou seem to sober, as does the rest of the room.
"We've been asking that question for years, Kacchan," Deku says quietly.

He doesn't answer, training his eyes on the last enlarged picture.

It must be Kirishima before he became a villian. He looks terrible. Dark bags under his eyes, and no sign of that sunshine smile.
It breaks his heart.

"I'm going home," he decides aloud, praying that no one notices the quiver in his voice.

He turns and stops short when he's immediately wrapped in a soft hug, a big belly pressing against his own.

"We'll get him back," Ochako murmurs.
He clutches at her tightly, briefly, and ignores the burn in his eyes.

He'll wait until he's back home to let those kind of feelings loose.

"I know. I'll make sure of it."
He sighs as he slips into his house, thanking every God he knew that he had still paid his rent on the little one bedroom apartment even while he was in America. He doesn't know what he would do of he had to deal with his mom right now.

He loved her and all but...

He tossed his bag to the side, ready for a nice, hot shower and maybe some food-


He shifted into a fighting stance, facing the voice that had just come from his supposed to be empty apartment.

"Who's there?"

Bright blue eyes suddenly appear in midair where he's looking.
He snarls, sparks popping from his hands threateningly.

"Who are you?"

"Well, aren't you a little ray or sunshine," a disembodied voice says, right before a person appears before his eyes.

A person, a girl-no, a woman he's seen before.

"Guess Ol' Deku gave you the rundown on our little family already," she replies, a bright grin lighting up her eyes and off setting her rainbow colored hair.

"How do you know I'm not just that good?" He demands, slowly letting his stance drop when she doesn't attack.
She's smaller than what he expected, but bigger than what he originally assumed, coming up to almost his chest.

She shrugged, casually walking across the room to settle on the couch while suspicious red eyes tracked her every move.

He couldn't let his gaurd down.

Not yet.
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"What are you doing in my house?" He demands.

"Big Boss wants to see you," she hummed, examining her nails carelessly.

Big Boss.

"Kirishima?" He asks cautiously.

"Yup," she replies, popping the 'p' at the end of the word.

He frowns.

"How did you know where I lived?"
The look she throws his way is dry and disappointed, and he lowkey wants to punch her in the jaw for it.

"As if your "secret" apartment is actually secret," she scoffs. "The landlord here brags daily about the big hero renting out one of his units."
Katsuki briefly closes his eyes.

"Yeah. Your address is on the internet and everything, sweaty boy."

"Don't call me that," he snaps, glaring at her.

She shrugs. "Just stating the facts."

"Even if I Kirishima wanted to see me, why wouldn't he just be here?" He growls.
"What makes you think I'm not?"

He freezes, hair standing on end.

On the otherside of the couch, Kirishima seems to appear out of thin air, already grinning his wide parody grin.

Katsuki sputters, unable to grasp at the words tumbling around in his brain.
"How long have you been there?" Is what he finally manages to get out.

Kirishima shrugs. "The whole time? To be honest, I'm surprised you didn't sense that there was more than one person here. Your skills are lacking, bro."

He snarls, hands popping dangerously.
"Oooo, the big hero is mad," Morph fake whispers.

"I hope he spanks me," Kirishima whispers back.

"Enough!" He yells.

He then points to Morph. "You! Extra! Get out!"

"Wow, so rude," she sniffs, but she stands and heads towards the door anyways.
"Thanks, Morph!" Kirishima calls cheerily as she leaves, the door closing behind her with a satisfying thunk.

And then they're alone.

He take a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves, and turns back to the couch.

Kirishima isn't smiling anymore.

He's watching him, eyes dark.
And suddenly Katsuki is 16 years old again, butterflies in his stomach as the only person he ever gave a shit about pays attention to him and only him.

He stares back, crossing his arms, as if that will somehow protect him from the feelings threatening to leap from his chest.
"...Hi," he finally says, his voice soft and unsure.

He's only been in this situation once before, and that was earlier today. Based on Kirishima's reaction then, he obviously didn't do a good job.

He doesn't know how to start.

But this time seems to be better than his first.
Kirishima is still watching his, but his face doesn't twist with anger and hurt this time. Instead he meets his gaze head on.


And suddenly Katsuki can breathe a little.

This is fine. They're fine.

He fumbles for another topic, anything to keep the conversation going.
"It's g-good to see you," he says, wincing when he stutters over his words. And then again when he realizes that its no better than long time no see.

But Kirishima huffs out a soft laugh, his eyes softening ever so slightly.

"It's good to see you too, Kats."
The laugh. That familiar softness in his gaze.

It calms Katsuki down more than words ever could.

It makes him brave.

"Do you hate me?" He blurts out, unable to stop himself.

He can't meet Kirishima's eyes anymore, staring hard at combat boots as his nails dig into his skin.
There's silence for so long after his question that if he wasn't looking directly at Kirishima's shoes, he would have thoughy the other had left completely.

And then...

"...I used to. I used to hate you so goddamn bad."

The sob that leaves his throat is harsh and sudden.
He fights it, but he's no match for the flood of tears suddenly waterfalling down his cheeks.

He angrily swipes them away, cursing up a storm in a shaking, watery voice.

It's okay.

It's what he expected.

He's fine.

He's great.
"That's great," he says, choking back his tears. "That's awesome. You can absolutely hate me. I would hate me, too. I'm absolute trash."

Kirishima seems shocked.

And Katsuki can understand why.

Even in his darkest moment, he had never let the other see him cry.
Never had trusted the other with that part of himself, too busy wondering when Kirishima would realize that he deserved better than Katsuki. That he was meant for more than just being the boyfriend on an angry blond who couldn't properly express his feelings.
He sucks it up quickly and with maximum effort, swiping with his sleeves until his eyes are dry and his face is splotchy and red.

"It's okay that you hate me. I understand," he mutters again, only a slight quiver in his voice.

A large hand engulfs his, and his head snaps up.
"You never listen," Kirishima murmurs, voice fond as his other hand comes up, thumb brushing softly over a heated cheek.

"I said I /used/ to hate you."

Katsuki whimpers softly, his other hand flying up to grip Kirishima's tightly, nuzzling his face into the warm palm.
"I don't need your pity," he says, but there's no heat, and the way he won't let go of Kirishima's hand speaks greatly of his true feelings.

Kirishima chuckles and pulls him forward at the same time he steps back, leading them over to the couch.

And even though they're not okay. Even though they haven't fully discussed things.

Even though he's a Hero and Kirishima ia a villain...

He still stumbles forward, falling gratefully into those large, familiar arms.
They settle slowly, muscles untensing, breath slowing, enjoying the silence of just being.

It kills Katsuki inside that he has to ruin it.

"...What happened to you, Kirishima?"

Large shoulders roll out a shrug.

"Dunno. Just ended up here."
He frowns, trying not to stare at the nipple ring glinting in front of his face.

"How do you just 'end up here'? You don't just fall into a life of crime."

Kiri hums, gently scraping hardened fingers through blond hair the way he knows Katsuki likes.
"Well, maybe not. But this is where I ended up."

Katsuki sighs, both in pleasure at the stimulation and exasperation at Kirishima's attitude.

"Look, I can understand being hurt after a break up, but turning to a life of crime is a bit much, don't you think?"

The fingers stop.

He frowns at Kirishima's confused voice and sits up.

"What? You don't think becoming a villian because we broke up is a little extra?"

Kirishimas eyebrows shoot up, and he blinks.

"You think I became Unbreakable...because we broke up?"
And now Katsuki is confused.

"What? Yeah. That's the only logical explanation."

Kirishima make some sort of noise, like a dying animal.

"Wait, wait. You think that you, Katsuki, breaking up with me, Kirishima, is the reason I'm a vigilante?"

And yeah, okay, now he's mad.

Kirishima holds out for approximately zero seconds before he bursts out laughing, bright and happy and pissing Katsuki off to his very soul.

"Why are you laughing??"

"Oh my /god/, are you serious?"


Kirishima wipes away a stray tear, still giggling.
"God, the way you think so highly of yourself is one of ths reasons I had fallen in love with you."

And yeah, he hears the past tense, and yes, it hurts, but he ignores it for now in favor of answers.

The redhead sobers, but a twitch of a smile still plays across his lips.

"Katsuki, I didn't become Unbreakable because we broke up."



"I became Unbreakable because the world sucks absolute donkey dick."
Katsuki is stupified.


Kirishima shifts to face him on the couch, staring into his eyes.

"Look, let's cut to the chase. Being a Hero is a great job. An amazing job. The fans, the perks, the fame, it's all great. But at the end of the day? All a hero is is a sham."
He's offended immediately.


Kirishima scoffs, waving away his protests. "Yeah, yeah, heros do great things and are great people, yadda yadda yadda. Cool. But Hero-ing is a job just like any other job. And what do all jobs have?"

"...Free coffee?"

"...Rules, Katsuki."
Katsuki scoffs. "So what? Every job has rules."

Kirishima hums, leaning back against the couch and crossing his arms, causing Katsuki's eyes to immediately zero in on his massive muscles. "Yeah, and those jobs suck, too. But being a Hero sucks the most."

"Okay. But first let me ask you something. Have you always been able to help everyone?"

"Yes," he answers immediately.

"Everyone. Every single person in trouble. You've been able to see someone on the street, tell the need help, and save them."

He starts to answer, but stops.
He really thinks about it.

"Okay, no, but that's different. I can only help the people that ask me."

Kirishima smiles sadly.

"And that's the key."

"What do you mean?"

(CW: abuse, domestic violence, angst, death of an OC)

Kirishima is quiet for a long time before he answers.
"When I first started at the Hero Agency I picked out, there was an intern there named Ayumi Sakamoto. She was a 24 year old ball of sunshine who could put a smile on anyone's face. She was also Quirkless."

Bakugou frowned softly. He didn't like how fond Kirishima sounded.
"Ayumi had a boyfriend named Haru, who visited her at the agency everyday. And they acted so in love. Always touching. Kissing. Laughing. They acted so in love, that it took me years to figure out she was actually being abused by him."

Katsuki inhaled sharply.
"Oh, yeah. You see, Haru had a Quirk named Silence. For lack of a better term, let's call it the secret keeping Quirk. It gave him the ability to make someone feel excruciating pain if they spoke of something they weren't supposed to."

Katsuki can't breathe.
Kirishima is...probably trying to smile to hide the pain, but it looks more like a snarl, his teeth bared in anger.

"It was a great Quirk, too. Super powerful. And he probably could have used it to benefit society somehow. Maybe to keep government secrets or something."
"But instead, he used it to make sure that Ayumi couldn't tell anyone about what was going on in their relationship."

Katsuki growls, his hands sparking in anger. "That little BIT-!"

"Oh, yeah, you and me both, bud," Kirishima says with a harsh laugh.
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"But see, over time, Haru became careless. I guess the high of being able to make her keep their secret went to his head. Suddenly, there were more visible bruises. She was limping every day. She became spooked at every little noise and wouldn't smile anymore."

Fucking hell.
"And then one day she didn't come into work."


"No one really seemed suspicious. After all, people miss work all the time. The only one that was worried was me. Ayumi didn't just not show. She always called, or sent a text to me so I could tell our boss."
"And then another day goes by. And another. Then a week. A week and a half. No one's heard anything. I'm so worried I can barely see straight, so I go to our boss, asking permission to investigate. And do you know what he says to me?"

"He says 'It's none of our concern'," Kirishima spits, his face twisted in disgust. "'We don't have the jurisdiction to investigate without a warrent, or at least a phone call. Missing work is not a valid reason."

Katsuki feels sick to his stomach.
❗❗Reminder CW for abuse and original character death. Will mark as needed❗❗

"It takes a month for anyone to really become worried. Takes a month and a half before the big boss actually looks up her address to give me permission to go over there. And do you know what I found when I got there?"

He doesn't want to know the answer.


"I find Ayumi in bed. She looked so peaceful. Like she could be sleeping. In fact, I would have believed she was sleeping it it wasn't for the angle of her bent arm and the purple, swollen bruises around her neck."


The sudden pain in the red head's voice rips his heart into pieces and throws it on the floor.

"Autopsy said she'd been dead for two weeks. Asphyxiated by her boyfriend's Quirk when she'd called her best friend in tears trying to tell her he had broken her arm."


Kirishima laughs, hollow and broken, and Katsuki reaches out, squeezing his hand tightly.

"She didn't even make it to actually telling her. Her best friend was at work and the call went to voicemail."

Katsuki has never been so angry.

"And then it gets worse."

"How the /fuck/ could that situation get any worse?" Katsuki demands.

Kirishima shrugs, staring at nothing. "Well, when we finally caught the boyfriend and put him on trial, he only got about four years of prison time."

"Yep," he replies, popping the 'p'. "Six years of physical abuse, mental abuse, gaslighting, and a whole murder, and Haru only got four years. Ayumi is gone forever, and in about two and a half years, Haru is gonna be out in the world living his life again. And that sucks."
Katsuki can't think of anything to say.

He can't even think of anything to feel.

Well, that's not true. He feels angrier than any kind of anger he's ever felt before.

And he feels like he understands.

"You became a vigilante because of Ayumi."
Kirishima smiles at him, soft and hurt.

"I became a vigilante because of people /like/ Ayumi. People who can't speak for themselves, or people that can't stand up to their bullies. I became Unbreakable for people who have already been broken."
Katsuki stares at him.

Stares at his tired, worn down face and his big ass, bleeding heart, and he feels himself fall in love all over again.



"That is so fucking manly."
"Using my own catchphrases against me," Kirishima replies with a small laugh. "Are you trying to get in my pants, good sir?"

"....I mean, I wasn't, but if you're offering, it's been a few years."

They both share a laugh, hands still tangled together.
"Okay, okay, nice joke."

Katsuki blinks.

"Who's joking?"

Kirishima blinks.

"...You are."

"No, I'm not."

There's a brief moment of silence before Kirishima shifts, now facing him with his whole body.

"No, no, see. You /have/ to be joking. You just said /years/."
Katsuki nods slowly. "Yeah. It's been years since I've been in your pants."

Kirishima sighs in relief. "Oh, thank god. I thought you meant years since you've had sex in general."

"Well, that's true, too."

The redhead almost has a heart attack.

"Kat, how long has it been?!"
"How long have we been broken up again?"

"That is /not/ funny."

Katsuki shrugs, settling back on the couch. "Well, after we broke up, I just...didn't. Have sex."

"Why not?!"

"What do you mean, why not? I barely let people be friends with me, you think I can just go have sex?"
Kirishima sputters, his brain almost unable to comprehend. But deep down, he gets it. Katsuki isn't the kind of person to just sleep around with people. Especially people he has no real feelings for. He's a "do it yourself" kind of guy.

"Well...how come you didn't date again?"
The blond shrugs again, but this time it's uncomfortable.


"Who was I gonna find that was better than you?"

Kirishima's heart expands and shatters in his chest.

"Oh, /babe/," he croons, already reaching forward.

But if Kirishima was like a mountain in high school, he's like a fucking tank now, all broad strong arms that easily wrestle Katsuki to the couch, where he proceeds to try and cuddle the life out of him.


They descend into a petty wrestling match that Kirishima could have won easily with both arms tied behind his back had he been really trying. But instead he's content to let Katsuki straddle him victoriously, he's chest heaving and teeth bared in a wild, frenzied grin.

"I win!"
Kirishima hums softly, distracted by how the fingers of both his hands are touching where he's wrapped them around the blond's waistline, his shirt bunched up and showing off the tiniest sliver of skin.

"Yup...you sure showed me..."
Katsuki's breath catches in his throat when a thumb circles around his belly button slowly, his muscles contracting.


"You're still so small here, Kats," Kirishima rumbles, and his voice is deeper suddenly, rougher.


A shiver courses through his body.
His own hands wrapping around thick wrists as he swallows heavily.

"E-ei..." He whispers breathlessly, desperately, as his hips rock forward, just once.

"Fuck," the redhead hisses, and suddenly those hands are gripping him tighter, nails digging into pale skin.
Katsuki moans, his head tipping back as subtle pain ripples through his body, making his hips rock again, harder this time.


"Tell me to stop," Kirishima whispers fiercely, his eyes burning with something Katsuki hasn't felt in years.
And Katsuki knows he should, knows that there's way too much that they /need/ to talk about, but...

But fuck, Kirishima is swelling up big and thick underneath his ass, and he hasn't felt a touch that wasn't some platonic, business bullshit in so very long.
And he's /missed/ those hands on his body, and yes, they're larger and unfamiliar now, but damned if he doesn't want to get reacquainted.

"Please," he whispers, so softly that one would have missed it if the room hadn't been so quiet. "Eijirou, please. I need it so bad..."
"Fuuuuuck," Kirishima frowns roughly, and suddenly their rolling, and he's pinned beneath two hundred plus pounds of pure muscle that make his dick twitch violently.

He mewls, arching upwards, and is delighted when he goes absolutely nowhere.
"You're so big everywhere, holy fuck," he whines, his pupils expanding, eating away at the red until nothing is left but black.

"Katsuki, don't-!" Kirishima groans, but he's rolling his hips as well, his erection big and hot and solid against his own.
It makes him want to tear off his clothes, to bend over and present himself to be used.

"I-I know," he whimpers, not stopping the other when he begins to press hot kisses down his neck, making him shudder. "Ah!"

"You still moan so pretty," Kirishima whispers into his ear
Katsuki moans again when he says it, reaching up to push weakly at his shoulders.

He feels overwhelmed, hot, not used to these feelings after so many years without. And jerking off wasn't the same as having a brick of a man grind against you while whispering into your ear.
"Did you think about me?" He coos, caging him in with his arms as he starts to thrust against him, slow and steady and oh so very firmly, making sure there isn't even a millimeter of space between their hard dicks as they rub together.

Katsuki gasps, his head falling back.

"You did, didn't you? You couldn't have thought about anyone else. I was your only. Took all your firsts, didn't I? First date. First kiss. First blowjob."

The blond wails brokenly as Kirishima ruts against him, grunting filth into his ear.
"You remember the first time I sucked you, baby?"

He does. He remembers it vividly. Hot and tight and perfect. He came in seconds, just like he's about to do now.

"Eijirou," he sobs, overwhelmed tears filling his eyes and dripping down his face.
"Just once," the vigilante gasps desperately, hungry eyes focused on his face as he continues to move between his legs. "Cum for me just once, baby. It's been so long since I've seen it. Heard it. You'll cum for me right, Katsuki?"

Like he could stop it.
His body seizes, and he cums with a broken shout, painting the inside of his underwear in thick, sticky lines of cum as Kirishima continues to rut against him, murmuring soft praises and filthy words into his ear until he stops shuddering.
They don't say anything for a while after, one still catching his breath and the other fighting not to make a move that would be too fast, too soon. But finally, Kirishima is able to peel himself away, using straight up force of will to not drop back on top of him when he whines.
"God, you always did make me lose my mind," Eijirou murmurs, staring heatedly at his still spread thighs, where a large wet spot was spreading tellingly across the front of his pants. He wants to suck the cum from the fabric.

"Back at cha," Katsuki replies, still gasping softly.
He's looking up at him with tired, hooded eyes that do /nothing/ to help with Kirishima's own arousal. But he can't give in. Not like this. Not when there's still so much on the plate of their fragile relationship.

Not to mention the fact that he shouldn't even be here.
"I have to go," he mutters, tearing his eyes from the thin, pale strip of Katsuki's belly that was peaking from under his shirt.

"Go?" Katsuki sat up on shaking elbows, red eyes roaming his face. "You're leaving?"

He hums softly, standing to his full height.
"Well, I can't stay /here/, Katsuki. As far at the world knows, I'm a villain. Can't exactly spend the night and have coffee in the morning."

Katsuki cocks a disbelieving eyebrow. "You're gonna leave like /that/?" He asks, gesturing to the hard bulge in Kirishima's pants.
Kirishima flushes brilliantly, cupping both large hands over his erection.

"As a matter of fact, I was."



"How come I don't get to return the favor?"

Kirishima sputters, huffing until he can articulate a proper sentence.
"W-we just said that he needed to talk more!"

"Yeah, and then you held me down and humped me until I came in my pants," was the blond's snarky reply, a grin tugging at his bitten lips. "I should at least get a chance at you, too."

"C'mon, Ei," Katsuki purred, and oh /fuck/, that gentle, coaxing voice could make him burn down a city. "Don't you feel sorry for me? I haven't had your dick in /so/ long. I miss it. The feel. The smell. The /taste/."

Kirishima whimpers brokenly.
His brain instantly feeding him the lewdest images it could think up from back when they were in high school.

Katsuki had been bad the first couple of times, but after a /lot/ of practice, mainly on Kirishima, he now had the mouth of a two dollar whore, and he fucking /knew/ it.
He knows first hand how that silver tongue feels dragging across his cock, how pretty those reed eyes look glistening with tears as he feeds him inch after inch.

How satisfied he looks swallowing a mouthful of warm cum, proudly. showing him that it all went down his throat.
He jumps when he feels small hands on his knees, inching up towards his thighs as Katsuki leans in to gently nose at the hands covering his jeans, making his stomach contract harshly.

"I wonder, do you still smell the same?" He asks, looking up at him through thick blond lashes.
Kirishima shudders, his hands clenching tight around his now /throbbing/ erection, his foot sliding back half an inch, trying to will his body to escape.

But the hot feel of a tongue dragging across the tops of his knuckles makes him gasp loudly, his hips jumping forward again.
"C'mon, Ei. Let me taste it," he moans softly, sucking and nibbling at his twitching fingers, and fuck, underneath that confidence is a layer of want. Of desperation.

And that's the final nail in Kirishima's horny little coffin.

He exhales shakily, falling onto the couch.

"Just this once. /Only/ this once," he pants, his fingers quick to undo and unzip his pants, shoving them and his briefs to the floor.

He sees the exact second Katsuki's pupils dilate, his breath hitching as the vigilante spreads those thick thighs wide open.

Katsuki scrambles forward, shaking as thick fingers immediately find their way into his hair, dragging him closer, pressing him up against the underside of his balls just the way he's always liked it.

The scent of sweat and skin makes his eyes roll back, a groan filling the air.
He buries his face as far into the man's crotch as he can without actually becoming one with his skin, huffing excited breaths of thick, manly scent that makes his dick twitch and jerk eagerly.

"Oh fuuuuck," he moans, dragging his tongue across thick pubic hair.
The hair makes everything smell so much /more/ rank, filling his nose with the scent of both stale /and/ new sweat, as well as the smell of skin, some kind of cheap body soap, and a darker, earthier smell that Katsuki has always associated with /Kirishima/.
"Jesus, you're being so fucking /greedy/," the vigilante moans, watching with hooded eyes as Katsuki huffs and snuffles at his balls and hair, rubbing the scent into his skin like some kind of depraved dog.

"'S good," Katsuki slurs, almost drunk off the smell alone.
Kirishima laughs softly, tugging him away, ignoring his whines, only to press his flushed face against his erection, rubbing it against his cheek. "What about here, Katsuki?"

A tongue slipping out to lick him from base to tip is his answer and he groans, dropping his head back.
Katsuki moans, trying his hardest to suck a hickey onto the base of his dick using his lips alone as his hands come up to play as well, one reaching up and rubbing around the tip in slow circles, while the other is going down to cradle his balls, massaging them in a warm palm.
It's still as thick as he remembers it. Maybe even thicker. He moans as he rubs it, hole clenching as he remembers how Kirishima used to fuck him into oblivion with it, leaving him gasping and delirious afterwards while he cleaned his body and lay them down to relax.
"Can't believe this fucking monster used to fit inside me," he pants, sucking the head into his mouth harshly before releasing it with a lewd pop, making Kirishima arch up of of the couch with a punched out wheeze.


"Fuck," Katsuki echoes, breathing in his musk.
The scent is beginning to thicken as Kirishima begins to sweat again, making his brain kind of fizzle and pop as he sucks in a larger amount the next time, bobbing his head in his ex boyfriend's lap.

It's messy and wet and fucking wonderful and Katsuki has missed it.
Kirishima's hips are jumping slightly, fucking an inch or two at a time down his throat. Impatient, but never one to rush him to take more than he could handle.

"Fuck! G-God, Katsuki, your fucking /mouth/," he whines, his hand clenching tight in blond hair.
Katsuki moans, one of his hands flying down between his legs, farther than his dick, farther than his balls. Using his own drool and whatever other fluids that were dripping from his fingers to shove one into his hole.

It burned, but not enough to stop him.
Only enough to make him let out a slightly uncomfortable whine as his hips shifted. He's been through worse on the battlefield. He sucks Kirishima down deeper, the head popping into his throat as soon as he's able to push in another finger.
Kirishima is gasping loudly, his body twitching as that tight throat squeezes around his dick.

He's been with other people, but no one, /no one/ has ever sucked him like Katsuki does.

That fire.

That desperation.
That need to be buried in his pubic hair that be doesn't understand but finds /so fucking hot/ anyways.

Deepthroating is nice, but the /passion/ that Katsuki puts into it is something that he will always be weak to.

The blond pops off of his dick and scrambles into his lap, his eyes half crazed and a little wet with tears. It takes Kirishima a second to get his brain together after having that pleasure ripped away from him and realize Katsuki is trying to sink onto his dick.

"Just a little bit," he gasps, shuddering as that fat head smears pre-cum and saliva across his twitching hole, causing Kirishima to grunt desperately as he clenches those small hips, trying to lift him off. "J-just a little bit, just the tip, /please/, fuck, Ei, please, just-!"
And Kirishima want to he strong, he really, /truly/ does, but he's always been weak to a begging Katsuki, and the fact that the head of his dick is /literally/ seconds away from slipping inside of him is causing his brain to melt out of his ears and onto the floor.
"Fuck!" He hisses, clenching one of his hips tight enough to bruise as his hand reaches down, wrapping around his dick, just under the head.

"J-just the tip?" He whispers shakily, desperately, nudging up, up, fuck-!

They both gasp loudly when it pops in, arching into the air.

Kirishima thanks God he had the foresight to hold his dick, because with out that hand stopping him, he would have shoved every inch inside.

It was hot.

An indescribable kind of heat that Kirishima knew only came from Katsuki's Quirk, making all of his insides hotter than the average human.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," he whispers, frozen in pleasure, his trembling muscles locked in place.
Katsuki is in no better shape

His eyes are wide open and glassy, staring into space as his hole clenches tightly around the tip, eager for more that he knows he won't get.

But it feels /good/, being stretched even this little bit, and he can't stop his hips from rocking back.
Kirishima snarls, his head flying back against the back of the couch as Katsuki tentatively begins to move, rocking back and forth so that the head of his dick is repeatedly being pulled out and then pressed back into the blond's hole.

"Ei," he gasp breathlessly, beautifully.
Kirishima can't speak, can't even move, letting Katsuki take what he needs from him. He can't trust himself. If he moves, Katsuki is going to have an ass full of dick.

"Fuck, Ei, it's good, you're doing so good," Katsuki moans, kissing down his neck.
"Thank you, baby, thank you, you're doing so good, being so good for me," he whispers, planting hot, wet kisses only his neck as he moves fluidly, like some kind of sexual water nymph, and Kirishima can only grit his teeth and take it, no matter how much he wants to take more.
But then Katsuki bites him, pearly white teeth sinking into his neck. and Kirishima wails, and his hips jump, and suddenly he's deeper, /deeper/, too deep, but not all the way, only a few inches, and Katsuki lets out a high pitched moan in his ear that makes his dick pulse.
He doesn't even think to hard about bringing his hand down, letting it land loudly on the blond's bare cheek, digging his nails into the pale flesh in a way that he knows will leave marks for days.

"/Bad/," he growls, and Katsuki wails so broken, but so, /so/ pretty-
And then he's moving again, taking his pleasure with the few inches that he's stolen, grinding his ass back against his fist as he pants against Kirishima's bitten neck, licking over the reddening mark with a groan.

"Worth it," he whispers cheekily, and Kirishima hits him again.
The impact of his hand against skin makes Katsuki tighten up with a cry, and the vigilante curses up a breathless storm.

It's all too much. The smells. The feelings. The sight of Katsuki's blissed out face as he rides what little he can in Kirishima's lap.
"'M gonna cum," he hisses, helpless as he feels that familiar, rolling wave in his gut.

Katsuki groans, reaching down to wrap a hand around his own sticky erection and tug rapidly.

"Please, inside, please," he gasps, and Kirishima is done for.
With a bitten off shout, he tenses against the sofa, shuddering violently as he begins to cum.

It's some kind of full body release that steals the very breath from his body, starting at his toes and working its way all the way up before ejecting itself from his body.
Filling the whining man in his lap with everything that he has to give and then some.

Katsuki doesn't stop moaning the entire time, his head flying back as he works his hand faster in his lap, desperate to tip over that last edge.

"Fuck! Fuck! Almost-!"
Two hands catch his shaking hips, slamming him down, sending the tip of a slowly softening erection slamming against his prostate.

Katsuki goes off with a cry that boarders on a scream, his thighs shaking dramatically as he spills himself all over both their stomachs.
He feels it in his very /bones/ and he can't stop himself from grinding his ass back against Kirishima's dick, milking himself until every last aftershock works itself from his body.

It is, by far, the best orgasm he's had since he and Kirishima split.
It takes a few minutes for him to begin to remember words, and another few for them to actually become a real sentence.

"What happened to just the tip?" He asks groggily, blinking away the white spots from his eyes.

Kirishima shrugs slowly.
"Looked like you could use a few more inches."

Katsuki chuckles softly.

They lay there until they can't afford to anymore, peeling themselves away from each other with groans and short, tired curses.

Kirishima looks a mess. He's been bitten and scratched and cum on.
He probably didn't look any better.

"So. That happened," the red head hummed, sighing softly.

Katsuki nods slowly. "Yup."

"...We can't do that again."

He sighs wistfully, playing with the drying cum on his thigh.

"...I know."

And suddenly it's uncomfortable.
He feels naked and exposed in more than just a physical way, and he can't meet Kirishima's eyes as he stumbles to a standing position.

"I think I'm gonna go clean up," he says softly, wrapping his arms around himself tightly, fighting the slight chill.
Kirishima nods, coughing fakely.

"Yeah. I think I'm gonna just...go."

Katsuki has to fight to not ask him to stay, not willing to let himself to cross another line tonight.

"That would probably be best," he murmurs instead.

A large hand cups his cheek, tilting his head up.
"Please don't look so sad," Kirishima whispers, staring with those beautiful red eyes that Katsuki loves so much.

"Kiss me," he begs longingly.

And he wants to. He wants to so fucking badly. Wants to wipe that sad look off his face.

"I can't," he murmurs softly.
"Not yet."


He said not yet.

Katsuki is gonna count that as a win.

"I'm going to come back," he murmurs softly, stroking his cheeks with his thumbs. "I'm not sure when, but I will be back. And we're gonna talk. And I mean /really/ talk. Not like today."
"I could go for another today," Katsuki jokes hesitantly, feeling warmth bloom in his chest when Kirishima laughs for him.

"Maybe," he murmurs, leaning down to plant a soft kiss on his forehead. "But for now, you need to shower and sleep, and I need to leave."
He nods, sighing softly. "Yeah, I know."

He goes to grab a robe as Kirishima straightens himself out, pulling a pack of wipes from his utility belt as will as a bandage for the bite on his neck.

"Boy Scout," Katsuki scoffs.

Kirishima snorts.
"Don't be jealous."

And then it's time.

Katsuki stands there watching as Kirishima opens the door, the slight kick of wind making him shiver.

"You'll really come back, right?" He asks just before the door closes.
Kirishima flashes him a small smile, the one that's always been just for him.

"I couldn't stay away if I tried."

And later that night, when he was all showered and curled up in his too-big-for-one bed, Katsuki held those words close to his heart, and dreamed of the future.
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