Thread Alert : Last couple of days, India has seen how #NitishKumar has failed #Bihar, his arrogance, false excuses on handling #patnafloods , I still believe he is/was probably besty among the worst to lead Bihar, here lets list down key failures of Nitish govt in last 14 years
On 16 July 2013, at least 23 students died, and dozens more fell ill at a primary school in the village of Dharmashati Gandaman in the Saran district of the Indian state of Bihar after eating a Midday Meal contaminated with pesticide. Nothing has been seriously done after that.
In 2014, 379 encephalitis-related deaths were reported in the region Bihar-UP. In 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, the toll was 90, 103, 54 and 33, respectively. #NitishKumar promised to make better health facilities to fight it, however situation didn't improve.
More than 100 children had lost their lives due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES). Being the CM of the state for more than 15 years certainly also brings #NitishKumar to the center of discussions over existing health facilities in the state & @SushilModi is equally responsible
The Kosi afflux bundh breached in Kusaha in Nepal on 18 August 2008. This was the eighth incident of its kind and the first time did a breach occur upstream of the Kosi Barrage. Nothing concerete has been done on this by #Bihar govt in last 10 years.
In addition to forcing more than three million people from their homes, the floods in 2008 destroyed 100,000 hectares of crops in this highly cultivated region. it is impossible to gauge the full scope of a disaster the size of the Kosi River floods #BiharFlood
In Feb 2016, BJP vice-president Visheshwar Ojha was killed in an area under Shahpur police station of Bhojpur district when he was returning from a marriage. In next few days, the bullet-riddled body of Kedar Singh, another BJP leader from Saran district, was found in Chhapra.
#NitishKumar was expected to earn people’s goodwill, especially of women, after he imposed Prohibition in 2016 but it has only given rise to an illicit liquor industry and mafia. Some of folks I have heard of have made millions, they were either unemployed or related to crimes
illegal sale of liquor seems to be now controlled by the “dabang” (local powerful people mainly young male members) in the villages. This illegal business of sale and distribution of liquor can’t be possible without a connection with the people in power #NitishKumar
40 minor girls in Muzaffarpur shelter home were repeatedly raped over a period of time and three girls were murdered by Brajesh Thakur & his associates; some of them had to undergo abortion. #NitishKumar
The CBI took Ashwini, self styled doctor, on remand for altogether 14 days on various occasions and interrogated him. The statements and evidences given by him against chief minister #NitishKumar & IAS officers Atul Prasad and Dharmendra Singh were never presented in the court.
The incident gave rise to political repercussions, with the state opposition alleging that the accused in the case had close links with the #NitishKumar . State Social Welfare Minister Manju Verma resigned following an uproar. Nitish has always been on silent on those cases
In 2018, a construction firm owner, was gunned down in broad daylight on Saturday in Darbhanga district. Hours before that a bank official was abducted from Gaya and killed. 3 murders took place in 48 hours in Bihar that time. No one knows what happenned to killers? #NitishKumar
Last month, Janshakti Party (LJP) leader Kalyan Dutt Pandey was shot dead by assailants in Dehura locality of Siwan district . (JD-U) leader Sant Kumar Singh was shot dead by bike-borne criminals in Mahthi village in Samastipur district #NitishKumar
chief engineer with the Water Resources Department allegedly set a contractor afire at Gandak Colony in Gopalganj for refusing to pay Rs. 15 lakh as bribe in Sep 2019 #NitishKumar
As of now, Most areas of the capital, Patna, are submerged under 4-6 feet of flood water. The sewage systems are blocked, drains are overflowing and any last-minute efforts to handle the slippages by the state government are falling flat #NitishKumar #BiharFlood
Congress lost power after the 1987 floods and Lalu Prasad was voted out after 2004 floods. A warning signal that could be the third in the trilogy of Bihar’s flood woes. #NitishKumar #BiharFlood
During the 11 months of the RJD- JD(U)-Congress government, 1.91 lakh cognisable offences took place. Between August 2016 and June 2017, as many as 2,468 murders and 1,044 rapes were reported. #NitishKumar
From August 2017 to June 2018, cognizable crimes saw a 20 per cent jump in Bihar. During these 11 months, the police registered 2.31 lakh criminal offences, of which 2,722 were murders and 1,278 rapes.
And the Good things
There were no national level institutions in Bihar before 2004. All the institutes such as IIT, IIM, AIIMS, CNLU, IIIT, Central Universities have come up post @nitishkumar @SushilModi govt.
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