1. #QAnon is a group of PATRIOTS who dig, discover and expose crime and criminals. Back on July 7th, QAnon brought you an EXCLUSIVE story on one of the biggest arrests to date in taking down the #DeepState. Nicola Assisi of 'Ndrangheta mafia family was arrested in Brazil.
2. Assisi is considered the world's #1 cocaine trafficker. The arrest in Brazil was barely covered by the news media due to the even more high profile arrest the day before of Jeffrey Epstein. But, in all honesty, Assisi's arrest deserves attention. I wrote an extensive thread.
3. I believe I was the first Anon to break this story. Please read it before going further in this thread, it's absolutely vital. Nicola Assisi's arrest put a TREMENDOUS dent into the Deep State arsenal. But, did you even know he was arrested? https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1148400803960348672
4. So many say nothing is happening but, if you just read my thread I linked above, you know this arrest was HUGE! Not only did Assisi's arrest put a giant crosshair on the 'Ndrangheta mafia crime group and interrupt it's worldwide cocaine, money and human trafficking, but it...
5. ...also exposed another absolutely massive secret. The 'Ndrangheta are involved in money laundering with the Vatican! So, most of you know that #3 in charge at the Vatican, Cardinal George Pell, was arrested in Australia in 2016 for child molestation that allegedly occurred...
6. ...20 years earlier. Let me ask you something. Why is the civilized world so pissed off at the Catholic church? Because they hide and relocate pedophile priests at the drop of a hat to keep them protected after their crimes. The higher in the RCC they are, the more protection.
7. they're given. So, why was Pell so readily handed over to Australia when he was #3 in charge of the entire Vatican? This is where Nicola Assisi's arrest and Cardinal Pell cross paths. In 2014 the pope tasked Pell with auditing the entire Vatican due to the massive corruption.
8. Before Pell's big discovery, there was a direct effort within the Vatican to stop him from exposing their crimes. But, Pell found hidden accounts within the Vatican containing more than 2 BILLION Euros! Now, consider this. Pell finds the hidden accounts, believes it's signs...
9. ...of money laundering and corruption, and begins to take the case up through the ranks. Then, all of a sudden, from a 20 year old story, the Cardinal is charged with sexually abusing two choir boys. One of which later stated the abuse never occurred.
10. Now, before any of you accuse me of anything, please remember the testimony I wrote on here a while back. You may remember, I was sexually and physically abused for 10 years straight as a kid, by multiple people. I want every single child abusing pedophile in jail.
11. On the same note, I would never want an innocent man accused of such a horrid crime...especially when the accusation was merely to cover up other crimes!

"In 2014, Pell was given by Pope Francis responsibility for cleaning up the infamously corrupt Vatican Bank.
12. When that news broke I thought, 'They’ll find some way to take him out. They won’t let him do it.' When the child abuse charges were brought against Pell in 2017, I thought, 'So that’s how they did it.' But I didn’t go further, because how would I prove that Pell was set up?"
13. "Months after this report, Cardinal George Pell was named by Francis to reform the IOR. In 2014, Pell said his team found nearly two billion euros hidden away in various Vatican accounts, off the balance sheets. In November 2015, with the Pope’s approval, Pell issued new...
14. ...guidelines for running all Vatican offices, to bring them up to international standards for financial transparency."

"In April 2016, without consulting Pell, the Vatican Secretary of State suspends an external audit of Vatican finances. The National Catholic Register...
15. ...quotes an unnamed source as saying that officials are afraid of what the audit will find...want to get rid of Pell. A year later Pell was charged in Melbourne with sexual abuse. And that was the end of the Pell threat to the Vatican Bank insiders." https://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/cardinal-pell-the-mafia/
16. Did you see that? "In April 2016, without consulting Pell, the Vatican Secretary of State suspends an external audit of Vatican finances."

The Vatican Secretary of State? Also known as the "Holy See’s Secretariat of State"?

That's the person who suspended Pell's audit?
17. Hmm...like, the same Secretariat of State who's offices at the Vatican were raided yesterday for suspicion of financial corruption in the Vatican?

"Vatican police raided the offices of the Holy See’s Secretariat of State and its Financial Information Authority, or AIF, on...
19. ...Francis in 2013, the Vatican has made great strides in cleaning up its often murky financial reputation."?

Is it strange that Reuters makes no mention of Cardinal Pell being the one told to perform the financial audit, nor of his discoveries? I'd say that was purposeful.
20. In fact, I think I'd call that #FakeNews! Very strange, especially since it was this very office that was raided yesterday, that shut down his audit to hide the financial crimes in the Vatican!

So, do you see the connections here?

Assisi is arrested in Brazil, exposing...
21. ...the fact that 'Ndrangheta has been running money through the Vatican bank, including the one in Australia!

Now, onto the next. Many people saw the discovery of a MASSIVE, 20 ton, 1$ Billion dollar cocaine seizure at the ports in Philiadelphia. Who did the ship belong to?
22. It belonged to JP MORGAN. However, that ship and the cocaine was actually found on June 17th, a couple weeks before Assis's arrest. The news only broke after warrants were issued to seize the entire ship, on or about July 7th. Some thought the ship's cocaine seizure might...
23. ...have coincided with Assisi's arrest, or been a result of the arrest. BUT, in actuality, it may have in fact been the other way around.

Now, JP Morgan was able to escape responsibility for the cocaine because while they own the ship, they had actually leased it to MSC.
24. MSC stands for Mediterranean Shipping Company. MSC is the world's LARGEST shipping company, recently taking over the claim from Maersk. (This ship was flagged out of Liberia.)


BUT, the company is actually owned out of...you guessed it...ITALY.
25. Italy is home of the 'Ndrangheta crime family. BUT, the company is operated out of Switzerland! Why does Swiss operation matter? Because...the current Vatican Secretary of State is...headed by Swiss lawyer Rene Bruelhart!

"That means JPMorgan Chase (JPM) does not have any...
27. This 'Ndrangheta is no joke folks. "Public bloodbaths, assassinations, brutal feuds - the Calabrian mob 'Ndrangheta is bigger, more deep-rooted and more powerful than the Mafia. John Hooper on a new, globalised brand of Italian organised crime"
28. "The links with Latin America have proved important, for they have helped the 'Ndrangheta to become a leading player in the global cocaine trade. Gratteri estimates that 80% of the cocaine entering Europe today is brought in by Calabrian mobsters. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2006/jun/08/italy.johnhooper
29. "Senior Calabrian Mafia investigator Nicola Gratteri, whose investigative zeal has forced him to live with police protection since 1989, has said the pope’s plans to reform Vatican structures...could prove a problem for the ’Ndrangheta..." https://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/cardinal-pell-the-mafia/
30. Now, what you may notice is the way I was treated when I broke the story about Nicola Assisi's arrest. MANY Anons gave me a lot of crap, called me names, belittled me, claimed I was looking for attention, etc, when I wrote about this story.

Now look...
31. George Pell's discovery that 'Ndrangheta was money laundering through the Vatican banks, including the one in Australia, probably got him arrested on what MAY amount to be totally bogus charges in order to shut him up. And, the very person who was responsible for stopping...
32. ...his audit, to stop the discovery of corruption in the Vatican, had his office raided yesterday in a Vatican financial corruption investigation.

No matter how you look at it, Nicola Assisi was a TREMENDOUS catch. The world's #1 cocaine trafficker, behind bars!
33. "Brazilian police arrested on Monday two Italian mafiosi who are considered by European and American anti-drug authorities to be the world’s main cocaine brokers."

"The Federal Police of Paranà and Sao Paulo stated during Monday’s press conference that the ‘Ndrangheta...
35. The Assisi's have been based in Brazil since 2013? That's about the same time the pope told Cardinal Pell to start auditing the Vatican banks! Connected? Coincidence?

Nicola Assisi's arrest ALSO exposed the connection the 'Ndrangheta has with the Brazilian PCC.
36. The PCC is the largest cocaine trafficking group in South America. Drug seizures have increased 90% in Brazil in 2019! THAT'S FREAKING HUGE!

"Meanwhile, drug seizures in Brazil during the first six months of 2019 have increased by more than 90%. Much of this cocaine was ...
38. Oh wait, what? Check this out from 2010!

"The Vatican Bank is under new scrutiny in a case involving money-laundering allegations that led police to seize €23m (£19.25m) in September."

"The Vatican calls the seizure of assets a "misunderstanding" and expresses optimism...
39. ...it will be quickly cleared up...The documents also reveal investigators' suspicions that clergy may have acted as fronts for corrupt businessmen and Mafia."

"On 21 September, financial police seized assets from a Vatican Bank account. Investigators said the Vatican...
41. Wait...first of all, you have to read that entire article. Secondly, what you're telling me is there's a LONG HISTORY of the Vatican running money for the mafia and corrupt businessmen? (Women too, let's not get all sexist here.) And, when police seized $20 million...
42. ...it was headed to JP Morgan bank???

So...what you're telling me is that the same company that owns the ship that was caught trafficking $1 billion in cocaine, is also a recipient of 'Ndrangheta crime family money, laundered through the Vatican bank? There's more!
43. "JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon raised money for Barack Obama in 2008 and was reportedly in the mix for the treasury secretary job that went to Timothy Geithner. So what was he doing having a "discreet one-on-one conversation" with Mitt Romney before a Tuesday morning fundraiser..
44. ...at Brasserie 8¹/2 on Tuesday morning. According to a JP Morgan source, Dimon hasn't given money to Democratic candidates this election cycle, and has "met privately with many of the Republican presidential candidates" for 2012. Dimon can't endorse a candidate because...
46. Nicola Assisi, the world's #1 cocaine trafficker, makes billions for the 'Ndrangheta crime family. They profit more each year than Deutsche Bank and McDonalds combined, and they launder money through the Vatican, which has found its way to JP Morgan bank. JP Morgan ships...
47. ...have been caught trafficking cocaine. And, JP Morgan has been secretly meeting with Mitt Romney and donating to both sides of the isle, despite the fact that it is a significant conflict of interest because the CEO is on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York!
48. Listen folks, you don't work with QAnon very long without realizing, almost ALL big crimes and deep state criminals are connected. And, you take out a player like Assisi and stop major cocaine trafficking lines...you put a SERIOUS dent into the deep state arsenal!
50. Also from the reuters article:

"Romney’s campaign raised $358,219 from employees of JPMorgan..."

"...Republican National Committee raised an additional $39,758 from JPMorgan..."

"...Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee together had raised $156,769..."
51. I've given you a lot to look at and frankly, I'm out of time. I love you all, I'm so honored to be a part of this movement and I thank God for all PATRIOTS in QAnon...even those of you who gave me crap saying Nicola Assisi was a nobody! :)

God Bless


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