In 1892 a rebellion started in Uruzgan when the amir's soldiers raped a Hazara leader's wife. In response to the rebellion, Abdur Rahman declared a jihad against the #Hazaras. British military advisers were called to assist his army. In the end, the Amir's forces prevailed. BA
When the Ulama declared their Fatwa against the Hazaras declaring them infidels, Abdur Rahman ordered to his army’s officials to take every woman, girl, boy, men, or good belonging to the infidels and to give him one-fifth of it. They could have kept the rest as a war trophy. BA
After this order, thousands of Hazaras got sold inside and outside #Afghanistan. As state by Kateb: “There was not a single house in Afghanistan that didn't have one or two Hazara girls as slaves” (“Kateb Waqaye Afghanistan” pag. 253-254). BA
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