For #BlackHistoryMonth I am combining 2 passions: art & science. Inspired by @faith_uwadiae's wonderful BHM thread (check it out!), I will attempt to post an #Inktober2019 drawing every day based on historical and current black British scientists, to celebrate and learn!
Please comment with any of your favourite Black British scientists to join the fun! #BlackInSTEMM #BlackHistoryMonth
Day 1: Dr Alan Powell Goffe, 1920-66 English-Jamaican clinician/ microbiologist who was instrumental in polio & measles #vaccines 😱 His work has saved millions of lives but there is so little information about him - not even a @Wikipedia article!
Dr Alan Powell Goffe, ex-Chief Medical Virologist of @wellcometrust Research Laboratories now has a Wikipedia article! Thanks to the super speedy editors! What a career - tragically cut short.
@HelpfulScience #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackInSTEM
Day 2 (delayed): @yoditstanton engineer and founder/CEO of @OpenSensorsIO - an open platform for getting real-time data from sensors (e.g. for air pollution, car parks, traffic), allowing more efficient use of our spaces!
Day 3: Prof. Clifford Johnson @asymptotia: award-winning physicist who researches the fabric of our universe through string theory and quantum gravity. A brilliant communicator and artist - talk and book ⬇️
#Inktober19 x #BHM #BlackInSTEM @BlackPhysicists
Professor Johnson's @asymptotia TedEd talk and book - the talk is fantastic and I can't wait to get my hands on the book! Great to see a Professor engaged in #sciart 
Day 4:
@Kayishas_Words, chemical engineer/scientist. Founded @BB_STEM, a supportive network of Black STEM professionals to increase diversity &inclusion in STEM. 2018 Top 100 BAME leaders in Tech; 2019 @theBBBAwards 'Rising Star' winner🌟

#Inktober2019 #BHM #WomenInSTEM
Day 5: Dr John Alcindor (1873-1924). Trinidad-born 'black doctor of Paddington' got his med degree @EdinburghUni, was awarded a Royal Red Cross for saving lives in WW1, advocated Pan-Africanism+equality and researched flu&TB!
#BHM #Inktober2019
(Yes yes I am Quite Behind 😂)
Day 6: Dr @EstOdek: Neurobiology PhD turned Antibody Engineer Extraordinaire! Studied neuropeptides in starfish @QMUL, before working on antibody therapeutics @GSK
Check out her 'Question Time' tweets for some lighthearted #scicomm fun!
#BHM #Inktober2019 #WomenInSTEM
Day 7: Today's #BHM x #Inktober19 comes from yesterday's #BlackGirlFest19
Connie Mark, MBE, OBE (1923-2007) - Jamaican medical secretary, served in British Army in WW2 and set up Friends of Mary Seacole to recognise women in nursing. Thanks @ReynoldsLeyla for a great workshop!
Day 8: John Edmonstone, taxidermy specialist, teacher to Charles Darwin (!!!) Taught @EdinburghUni in c.19th. Previously enslaved in British Guiana (now Guyana) but free man in Scotland. Remember Darwin's Galapagos finches? Yeah, thank Edmonstone #BHM #Inktober2019 #BlackInSTEM
Day 9: Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE @aimafidon
Mathematics & computer science @UniofOxford, youngest girl (11!) in UK to pass A-Level Computing, founder of @Stemettes - an initiative helping 1000s young women get involved and excited about STEM #WomenInSTEM #BHM #Inktober2019
Day 9: Dr Allan Glaisyer Minns 1858-1930
Raised in Bahamas and emigrated to England to study medicine at Guy's Hospital
Medical Officer of Thetford Workhouse, Norfolk, and lectured at a local school.
Became the 1st black mayor in the UK in 1904! #BHM #Inktober2019 #BlackInSTEMM
P.S the background was inspired by the Thetford Castle 🏰
Oops Dr Allan Glaisyer Minns should have been Day 10!
Day 11: Prof Kathleen Adebola Okikiolu - English-Nigerian mathematician who has studied the properties of different dimensions in space 🤯. 1st black person to receive the prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship, alumni of @Cambridge_Uni and @UCLA
#BHM #Inktober2019 #WomenInSTEM
Day 12: Dr @faith_uwadiae, immunologist studying how malaria and cancer are linked. She's setup some incredible #DiversityInSTEM initiatives: @DiversityChall and of course her 2018 #BHM thread, the inspiration for this thread! Thanks Faith for all you do!
#inktober #WomenInSTEM
Day 13: Dr Harold Moody (1882-1947). Born in Jamaica and came to England to study Medicine @KingsCollegeLon. Set up an inclusive clinic in Peckham and The League of Coloured Peoples to fight against racsim. Community leader during WWII bombings in South London. #BHM #Inktober
#BHM x #Inktober update:
Drawing is taking a longer than I though so I have fallen quite behind! But fear not, I will get through 31 individuals, it'll just go beyond October. Black history shouldn't be consigned to 1 month anyway 😉
Day 14: @luke_kristopher , @ucl Physics PhD student researching pores of the cell nucleus. Founder of @DiversityChall, working with @Kayishas_Words and @faith_uwadiae to lift up underrepresented scientists.
Last but not least, a talented artist!

#BHM #Inktober
Day 15: (finally!) Prof Anionwu @EAnionwu, UK's first sickle cell and thalassemia (blood disorders) nurse specialist. She pioneered the development of counselling centres for patients and has supported communities and taught on the subject for over 40 years! #BHM #Inktober2019
#BHM x #Inktober2019 is back! Going to try and get to 31 Black British people in STEM by the end of the year... that's a lot of drawing 😅
Day 16: Jacky Wright @WrightJacky - @Microsoft Chief Digital Officer, led digital transformation @HMRCgovuk, diversity champion who's worked with @YearUp and others, and all round tech powerhouse 🖥️🌟
#BHM x #Inktober2019
#WomenInSTEM #WomenInTech
Day 17: The marvellous Dr Chamberlain @ch_nira, mathematician who uses modelling to solve complex problems in all sorts of industries 🚀🚗🏭
Incoming President of @IMAmaths, @Science_Council top 100 scientist, Great with #scicomm!

#BHM x #Inktober2019
Day 18: Professor James Samuel Risien Russell
🇬🇾 Guyanese-British neurologist trained @EdinburghUni
🇬🇧 Captain of @BritishArmy in WW1
🧠 Leading expert in shell shock
🚫 Campaigned against institutionalisation for mental illness
#BHM x #Inktober2019
Merry Christmas!
Day 19: Prof Ijeoma Uchegbu @ucl nanoparticles expert 💊⚛️
Her multi-award winning work focuses on turning nanoparticles into drugs and has led to many patents. She co-founded @nanomerics to commercialise this important work!
#BHM x #Inktober2019
Day 20: Dr @michaelsulu. Biochemical engineer who studies how microorganisms/cells can be used to produce useful products like hydrogen and vaccines! 💨💉
He's excellent at #scicomm and teaching - check out his talk at @Ri_Science 👇🏾

#BHM x #Inktober2019
Day 21: Emeritus Prof Gina Higginbottom @EthnicityCRC
started as a clinical nurse before becoming an academic expert in the UK and Canada. Her research finds ways to improve healthcare in communities, especially for vulnerable people.

#BHM x #Inktober2019
Day 22: Dr Mark Richards @dj_kemist.
Multidisciplinary physics teaching fellow @imperialcollege. He's transitioned between academia, finance, and industry as smoothly as his DJing skills! Big supporter of underrepresented scientists and science outreach 🙌🏾
#BHM x #Inktober2019
Day 23: Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock. Space scientist who's career spans working on telescopes/satellites to setting up her own #scicomm company, Science Innovation 🌌 She presents @BBCFOUR's The Sky At Night series and has written books about space!
#BHM x #Inktober2019
Day 24: @SirGeoffPalmer, Emeritus Prof @HeriotWattUni in Grain Sciences, 1st Black Prof 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
He won the 'Nobel Prize' equivalent of brewing for his discoveries, and is an outspoken human rights activist who's researched & written about slavery.
#BHM x #Inktober2019 #BlackInSTEM
Day 25: Prof Dorothy Monekosso, computer scientist @leedsbeckett. Originally an engineer in space tech 🛰️
She now specialises in developing systems, smart homes and robots to assist in everyday life, especially for those with dementia/strokes 🏠
#BHM x #Inktober2019
Day 26: Prof Chris Jackson @seis_matters
Geologist and sedimentary basins expert @imperialcollege 🌋
Contributes to many #SciComm and outreach initiatives including BBC's Expedition Volcano. Strong advocate for #DiversityInSTEM and open science

#BHM x #Inktober2019 #BlackInSTEM
Day 27: Prof Helen Minnis, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry expert @UofGlasgow. Her experience working in an orphanage in Guatemala led to her specialising in attachement disorders and researching better ways to support vulnerable children.
#BHM x #Inktober2019
Day 28: Prof Eric Aboagye, expert in cancer pharmacology and imaging @imperialcollege. He's worked on AI to predict patient treatment responses, has developed cancer diagnostics and was elected Fellow of @acmedsci in 2010🏅
#BHM x #Inktober2019

Ignore my dodgy handwriting 😅
Day 29: @ChiOnwurah, engineer and @labour MP for Newcastle Upon Tyne. Chi studied @imperialcollege and has been a versatile engineer working on software, hardware, telecoms and other areas. She advocates for diversity and investment in STEM.
#BHM x #Inktober2019 #WomenInSTEM
Day 30: Prof Tanniemola Liverpool, physicist @BristolUni who studies the dynamics of complex fluids and biological matter. He advocates for more inclusion of #BlackInSTEM and founded an access scheme during his undergrad @Cambridge_Uni
#BHM x #Inktober2019
Day 31: @SavageRoni. Award-winning geotechnical engineer and #WomenInSTEM advocate who founded @Jomasassociates. Her company investigates land in the UK, informing construction and use. Roni has led a strong growth in the business, turning over £2mil in 2017
#BHM x #Inktober2019
From October's UK BHM to February's US one, #BHM x #Inktober2019 is DONE! Black people have contributed to STEM in Britain for centuries yet finding just 31was frustratingly difficult. This is why we desperately need better visibility of #BlackInSTEM.
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