Remember, trying to create a life that looks good to others is still a form of approval seeking, brainwashing & people pleasing

Have the confidence to be disliked, rejected and to have others judge you. Taking your power back from the false matrix system will require courage.
Your freedom and liberation from the false dream time reality will be met with distractions, misinformation, psychic disturbances, psychological threats, scares, warnings, so much trickster energy and even offers to “sell” yourself, if you just go back to being asleep.
When you have developed your intuition and spiritual discernment you will see everything clearly.

You will see the games people play, the nonsense, you will see the tests that are here to initiate you and you will see your role and how you are here to serve.

Stay focused.
I remember when I was first shown a vision of my purposes and I was like there’s no way. My self image was so far from the vision that was being shown of who I’m meant to be. I was certain my guides got the wrong person. I was like go back and do it over. I straight up said no😆
It’s taken years to get me ready. Years to work internally to clear old programs, self sabotage and heal old hurts. Constant daily energy work, downloads, upgrades and putting me through so many tests, training and finally recently it all clicked. And it’s finally happening.
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