For the time the bells rings in the uni building, Katsuki is already sitting in the second row of the auditorium, apparently they were going to have a substitute teacher for pharmacology while their teacher
takes off time for their pregnancy. Good for them but Katsuki is afraid of having a douchebag as a sub for the next three months. So he waits to at least see if they are punctual, have the nerve to make a good first impression and they... Well...

There's no teacher yet, and
one of Katsuki's friends, Denki, is sitting by his side and leaning back while he looks at his phone. Time to wonder who's the new sub and if they're hot.

"Yo, you think they're hot?" Denki whispers and Katsuki rolls his eyes.

"Who fucking cares?"

And that's how long the
conversation goes. For the next three minutes, there's still people walking in but not someone who looks like a teacher and Katsuki is starting to lose his faith on three bright and fulfilling months of knowledge.

"Good morning!" A deep but lively voice says loudly and Katsuki
jolts on his place, trying to find the source of it, and his eyes finally land on a man walking inside the auditorium looking like a... Teacher/Business man and Katsuki feels he has seen that face before. He's not exactly plain looking, with his dark green curls and bright eyes
he can't clearly see their color, he's tall and seems healthy and pretty... Muscular, but it's not like he can see it clearly under that outfit. "Please forgive me for being late..." He stays in silence when he sees another student arriving even late "Or that's what I thought."
There are so many scents around the auditorium because of the students, and Katsuki is able to put a face on each scent after all those years so, when he smells a new scent of a cheap scent like "vanilla" from scent blockers, he looks at the new sub teacher and just wonders why.
At the end, those questions went away and their new substitute introduced himself. "As you guys know, I'll be your teacher's substitute. To be honest, I don't have much knowledge when it comes to being a teacher but I have a lot of knowledge about your next subjects. My name is
Midoriya Izuku, sounds familiar?" Most of the students gasp, Katsuki sits straight on his place with his eyes wide open and his brain finally puts two and two together. Of course he saw that face before, he's a known man around Japan because of his hospitals around the country
and his obvious collaboration and presence in matters of the secondary gender. He's also an alpha. A well known handsome alpha with his rumors here and there...

Katsuki's heart is going crazy. A man he deeply admires is in front of him.

Izuku keeps talking a little about
himself, what he does and in what he specializes. It's brief and he finally proceeds to ask if there's any question from the students, some are stupid and he laughs it off, others are interesting and about the class so he sits and talk. For the next hour, he just makes a little
introduction to the new subject to study and Katsuki is glued to the man standing in front of the auditorium, he can only listen to Izuku, he's completely interested in what he has to say and what they have to do. And he also enjoys it, for the first time.
Izuku Midoriya turns out to be a really interesting, intelligent and charismatic man, and also clumsy or lost. It's obvious that he knows too little about being a teacher and maybe he is being guided by one of the teachers. But, after all, he really is trying his best and Katsuki
always looks forward to every class with him. He even approaches his teacher after weeks of giving himself some thumbs up. 'You can do it.' he thinks and walks the stairs of the auditorium to approach Izuku while the man starts to grab his things.

"Uhm..." Katsuki starts
and he notices how Izuku raises his head to look at him in an instant, and he smiles.

Dear lord.

"Ka... Katsuki Bakugo, right?" Izuku says, looking directly at the omega and the blond nods, a little surprised that the man knows his name. "Hard to forget, you're the best in
the class."

"Thank you very much." Katsuki says in a low tone of voice and breathes deeply. "Uhm, anyways, i hope I'm not bothering but, knowing you and the area you work with, can I, please, ask you some things?"

Katsuki, when he looks at Izuku raise his eyebrows surprised,
expects the man to reject him and say 'maybe tomorrow'. He's a busy man after all.

Izuku looks at his watch, then at Katsuki. "Yeah, of course, you don't mind talking and walking with me to the administration building?"

Katsuki is pressing his lips together and repressing a
smile, head moving in a quick nod before Izuku continues grabbing his things with a smile on his face. And, when Izuku is finally done and they're finally on their way to the other building, they both get into an interesting and deep conversation. It's fulfilling and enjoyable.
When they arrive to the building and Izuku approaches the stairs by his own, Katsuki wants to go back in time and talk a little more.

"Well, thank you for answering my questions, sir."

Izuku laughs and Katsuki shudders. "Please, call me Izuku. And I hope you have
more questions tomorrow."

And when he walks away, Katsuki's inner omega is crying, begging for a little more time and Katsuki himself is angry because of that. He respects Izuku, deeply, as a teacher and man of business. That's it. That's it. That's... It. [tbc]
The following days, Katsuki is always prepared with a new question, at least it works for him, Izuku seems interested in answering and talking, meanwhile Katsuki enjoys listening and learning. He respects him, sometimes he laughs about him for how clumsy he still is after a month
but it's not like Izuku complains. He always answers back with a cocky smile Katsuki thinks about as 'illegally and unnecessarily' hot. In that time, they even came up with nicknames for the other. Katsuki always wondered if that was normal, after all Izuku wasn't an actual
teacher and they mostly talked about medicine related things, secondary genders and other stuff Katsuki had in mind. It was always related to class and if there was anything related to their personal lives, it was in a minimum and always respectfully. Nothing too personal.
The next time they talk, it's at a small cafe Izuku recommended when they walk out of the building, and Izuku offers to take Katsuki with him there. After all, Katsuki tends to use the bus and leave his own car when he goes to class.

The place is small and relaxing, the smell
of just baked cookies, bread and melted chocolate is mouthwatering, which makes Katsuki's stomach growl with hunger. And it doesn't go unnoticed, Izuku is already asking what he wants to eat a second later and Katsuki looks at the menu before choosing the cheapest sandwich.
"You wanna go sit? Don't worry, it's my treat."

Katsuki just nods after hesitating for a minute and finds a spot close to the windows and with the view to the streets. Izuku takes a couple of minutes to get his order and they both go directly for the fold, eating in silence.
Most people would feel awkward or weird. Izuku has a name for himself, he's a famous alpha, and Katsuki is just an omega student; but, believe it or not, just sitting with him makes Katsuki feel comfortable and his omega purrs with delight. Sometimes he daydreams about his scent.
He hates the cheap scent from the scent blockers, he wants to smell the real thing and shower with it, have it all over himself. He-

It's not until he feels his heart beating faster and a wet spot between his legs, that he softly gasps and starts to calm down. His desire must be
obvious because Izuku is looking at him with curious eyes and Katsuki's cheeks are burning.

"Are you feeling okay, Kacchan?" Izuku answers with an arched eyebrow and Katsuki quickly nods.

"Yeah, yeah, more importantly... Do you mind if I ask right now?"
Izuku grabs a napkin and shakes his head. "No, please, go ahead."

"Why... Are you always using the scent blockers?" Actually, that's not the question he wanted to make but it comes out naturally from his mouth.

"I thought you'd never ask." Izuku said and smiles at Katsuki.
"Uhm... I guess I don't want to intimidate people. All my coworkers and colleagues have always mentioned how it is too strong and all that stuff, so I decided to cover my scent."

"You're repressing your alpha scent for others?"

"It's not repressing, it's thinking about
making them feel more comfortable and not inferior or intimidated. It makes me feel bad."

"You're weird, Deku."

"I know."

"I like that."

It's too late to take it back, too late to say something else, because his heart is already beating like a wild animal running free
and he feels his face go warm with embarrassment. His scent, that's normally a sweet mix of pumpkin and caramel, turns into something a little more bitter. He's absolutely afraid of Izuku's reaction.

But the alpha just smiles and winks at him. Which is worst. "Good to know."
While time goes by, Katsuki turns more aware of something: he's falling in love with Izuku.

It was obvious, it couldn't be just admiration and respect, there was something more that was making his own self feel lost and safe by his side, while his omega was begging for him.
It was as if his heart was always reaching for the alpha and the omega never took a step back. Doesn't matter how risky or ridiculous, doesn't matter if there's a drama article of him walking with a female alpha in the center of Tokyo... Well, actually, that was eating Katsuki's
head. He knew a male alpha like Izuku would look for a suitable partner...

Not him.

"Kacchan?" Katsuki is surprised and flinches when he hears a now really familiar voice from the alpha that's standing in front of him. One of his big scarred hands slowly rests on his head
and Izuku is now pressing a thumb between Katsuki's eyebrows, relaxing his facial features. "Is everything okay?"

Katsuki relaxes instantly and he smiles a little. "Ye', you worry too much, old man."

Izuku gasps "Old man? I just turned thirty-five! Am I that old?"
Katsuki snorts, to hide the fact that, /that/, fucking turns him on. He's a thirty-five years old man and he wants to be fucked to oblivion with his fat alpha cock, is that too much to ask?

"/Now/ you're red." Izuku says and Katsuki's pheromones explode with his sudden

It happens before Katsuki can even register it, but, when he does, Izuku already moved his hair from his forehead and is now pressing his lips against it. It's brief, maybe three seconds, but it's enough for Katsuki to explode, get more red and /sweat/ happiness.
He jumps back when Izuku pulls away and is touching his forehead, face turning into an expression of confusion and complete embarrassment.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?" he asks, and Izuku answers with a deep and so unnecessarily cute laugh.

"Please forgive me... My mom used to
do that to me when i was a kid and started to feel sick." Izuku's smile is too much and Katsuki is too embarrassed.

"Tch... Whatever."

Izuku's face falls into a pout. "I should've asked before, not everyone would like that."

Katsuki looks away, of course he liked it.
That day, they were having their last meeting at the small cafe close to the university because it was, actually, Izuku's last day as a teacher and, unexpectedly, the alpha approached the omega first and asked him to grab something to eat with him.
It felt nice.
But Katsuki was also... sad. He shivers while they are sitting outside of the cafe in a unusual cold night. Izuku places his jacket over his shoulders, and just like that, with the new warmth of Izuku's jacket over him, they kept talking and Katsuki tried not to think it
was a goodbye. Until Izuku looks at his watch and Katsuki knows it's time for him to go.

"You're... Leaving?" Katsuki says slowly, almost carefully, afraid of him walking away. Izuku looks at him with those bright green eyes and smiles softly.

"Yeah... But" he makes a pause
and looks for something. When he takes it out, writes something in the back and gives it to Katsuki, the omega notices it's his business card "I wrote my personal info in the back, it has the address to my company. I'd love to... Get a visit from you."

He's standing up when
Katsuki looks at the business card, and Izuku pushes the chair under the table. He doesn't walk away, he just stands and waits until Katsuki also decides to stand up too and grab his things.

"You really think i can make a visit? You're a busy nerd." He says, holding Izuku's
jacket so it doesn't fall from his shoulders.

"Don't worry about that."

The distance between both of them becomes shorter and, in a matter of seconds, Katsuki is holding onto Izuku with his arms around his neck while he feels the man hug him tight against his body.
He's big and warm, like the perfect place for Katsuki to lay down and rest, listening to a beating heart, feeling he's not alone. He buried his nose in the curve of his neck and breathes deeply, capturing a sweet smell of pine and vanilla, stronger (and completely different from
the fake scent from the blockers) that makes his nose twitch a little and his inner omega is immediately aware of the new real and pure alpha scent. He even sneezes.

He can feel Izuku's chest vibrations when he laughs and, then, he talks close to his ear. "Keep the jacket."
When Izuku pulls away, his lips softly touch Katsuki's cheek and the omega is in the verge of whining when he's not between his arms. So he holds onto the remaining warmth from the jacket and looks directly at the eyes of the alpha.
"Are you leaving and excuse for me to see you again?"

Izuku smirks and Katsuki shudders, his eyes dancing with a playful but also sweet look.


And, after that, they both walk away.
When Katsuki arrived home that night, he fell asleep holding onto that jacket, to its warmth and the remaining scent from Izuku.

The next day, Katsuki is walking out of his only lecture of the day and immediately texting Izuku to know where he is. He needs to see him, something
inside him, nothing more than his feelings for Izuku and his omega instincts, are begging him to use that excuse soon. He wants to listen to his voice and sink into his chest, he wants to kiss him and drown in his scent.

Katsuki is starting to feel uncomfortably hot.
Seconds after he gets on his car, Izuku answers with just an address and 'L 16 APT 8' that Katsuki doesn't quite understand but puts on his GPS to start driving. It's, surprisingly, just thirty minutes away from where he was and, adding the time the red lights take, he arrives to
an all glass building in the center of the city and stops the car in a parking lot for visitors that a man from security points to him when he stops. It's an apartment building, which means... He's making his way to Izuku's... Apartment.

Katsuki swallows his mouth dry and
steps in the elevator after walking through an incredibly intimidating lobby and whispering a soft "good day" to the woman behind the counter. Everything is too white, too bright and clean and it smells too much like cleaning products and scent candles. No scent, maybe the woman
was a beta.

He waits in silence while he goes up, arms holding Izuku's jacket against his chest and face buried in the neck of it, where the scent still remains. Once again, that uncomfortably hot sensation is running through his body and Katsuki just pulls his face away.
He feels like the inside of his thighs is getting wet but he ignores it. He just steps out of the elevator when it stops and makes his way to the door, that's literally at the end of a long and empty hall.

The 'Welcome' carpet in the front makes him snort and he presses the
door bell two times because it's loud enough but, knowing Izuku, he could be too distracted to notice it. The omega waits for five minutes before the door is open and Izuku appears in front of his eyes.
Katsuki chokes with nothing when he looks at the older alpha from head to
toe, wearing white baggy sweatpants and a black shirt. It's completely different from what he usually saw Izuku wearing for three months, all those suits, button ups and pants, the neutral colors, patterns. Now it was a casual and relaxed alpha. Too illegal for his own sake.
"Hi, Kacchan." Izuku says first and Katsuki blushes when he realizes he was silent and he smells his own scent turn a little bitter.

"Uhm, hi, nerd." He finally says and Izuku smiles at him. "I used your excuse."

Izuku's smile turns bigger and the alpha steps aside to let
Katsuki walk in. "Good, you can leave the jacket in that little closet. Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, didn't have time to grab dinner." Katsuki answers while doing what Izuku says and he feels the alpha standing closer to him behind his back and his lips rest on the top of his head
for a second. Katsuki starts to melt inside and his body responds with the necessity to bury his face there. He feels dizzy.

"I still have some dinner left, you want me to heat it for you?"

"You really cook?" Katsuki turns around and is face to face with Izuku's

"The basics."
Katsuki smirks playfully, now under heavy eyelids. "Sounds nice."

Izuku takes a step back, slightly caressing Katsuki's face and the omega wants to cry with every fucking small show of affection. If Izuku thinks Katsuki is going to step back, he's wrong, he wants Izuku's hands
all over his body. He wants every kiss on his cheek and every hug to last longer.

"I'll be in the kitchen." Izuku says and then walks away while Katsuki takes off his shoes and puts on the slippers before he walks to where Izuku is. "Excuse me."

"Oh! Sit on one of the chairs,
it's going to be ready."

Katsuki follows his orders, and realizes he might even follow Izuku to Neptune if the male alpha wanted. It sounds stupid but Katsuki... Really wants to be with Izuku. He likes Izuku and now, that he's in his house, smelling his scent of pine and
vanilla all around him, Katsuki wants to drown in the alpha's scent and stay there until he only smells like Izuku. But he breathes deeply, feels that wet spot between his legs grow and he pushes his legs close while Izuku places the food in front of him with a fork.

Izuku walks out of the kitchen and Katsuki follows him with his eyes, noticing for the first time the laptop not so far from where he is sitting and how Izuku puts on his sight glasses. He has seen him wear them so many times in class, but he looks so freaking sexy.
Katsuki eats and they both stay in a comforter silence, with just the sound of Katsuki eating and Izuku's keyboard. When Katsuki is about to finish, feeling more dizzy and not knowing why, Izuku is pressing the back of his hand against Katsuki's neck and the omega purrs.
"Kacchan, you don't have to answer if you don't want, but when is your next heat?"

Katsuki almost chokes and Izuku is immediately apologizing, standing up to grab a glass of water for the omega. The blond drinks it and then breathes deeply.

"End of the month, why?"
Izuku looks a little confused. "Stable cycle?" He asks again and Katsuki nods, he feels his body hot and his brain is starting to put two and two together. "Then why...? Katsuki you are in your heat, are you sure it's a stable cycle?"

Katsuki whines and nods, feeling too hot,
too embarrassed and too needy. His inner omega is crying, there's a big possibility that Izuku's scent triggered his heat last night when he fell asleep with his face buried in that jacket that smelled like alpha.
Katsuki closes his eyes and moves the empty plate aside, trying
to hold himself from doing something stupid.

"Kacchan." Izuku says and Katsuki looks down, Izuku's hands cupping his face to make him look up again. And, when he does, Katsuki's eyes are shinning with upcoming tears and lust.

"This is why I use my blockers." Izuku whispers and Katsuki slowly stands up from the chair, wobbly and rests his face on his chest, purring and feeling so wet, ready to get on his knees and take Izuku's alpha cock.

"Take responsibility, Deku~." Katsuki says, he might be
whining and soaking wet in his pants, but he's still bold and knows what he wants. It's not just instinct, but his own feelings for Izuku. He wants to belong to him.

"I want you... I know you want me too." He's so close, so hard and needy. Izuku stays in silence for a moment.
"Are you sure?" Izuku whispers and his hands slide down Katsuki's back, they're big enough to grab Katsuki's ass and squeeze, making the omega let out a soft moan that makes Izuku pant. His fingers touch the wet spot between his legs and Katsuki cries.

[FORGIVE ME FATHER FOR I'VE SINNED! I completed the number of tweets allowed to write for a thread, I left you with you peepees hard and I have to go to work BUT I'll bring the nasty when I'm back from work! LOVE YOU]
Izuku is the first to lean down and kiss the omega. Katsuki is purring against his mouth and Izuku does the same in a more deep and alpha way, almost crooning, when he starts kissing Katsuki's neck. His fangs are slightly touching his sensitive skin and the omega starts moving
his hips forward, almost unconsciously, needing friction, something.

"Arms around my neck, hold tight." Izuku whispers and Katsuki does what he says, and, in an instant, his legs are wrapped around Izuku's torso while he hides his face in the curve of his neck. It's so
different when he's not using the blockers, his scent is making Katsuki go crazy, whine, he's so needy and pathetic right now. Izuku gives him some kisses and licks Katsuki's scent glands while he walks to a place the omega can't see but it's not like it matters.

Katsuki says, softly, and Izuku shushes him while he slowly caresses his back. "Please, I need you."

"You're a pretty impatient boy, huh?" If Katsuki wasn't in that condition, he would have answered back, but god, right now Izuku is right.

When Katsuki is finally laying
down on a bed and notices he is in Izuku's room, the scent gets stronger and the rest is a mess. Sloppy kisses, their hands are all over each other and Katsuki is drowning in the sweetest and most addictive smell.
Izuku is a gentleman, even when they are in
the verge of loosing their sanity. He undresses Katsuki and kisses him everywhere, until he closes his mouth around one of Katsuki's sensitive nipples and the omega moans loudly. He is so wet and desperate to take off his pants.

"Alpha, please." He starts saying, wanting his
attention. He swears he sounds like a bitch in heat... But, at the end, that's literally what he is right now.

"Please, what?" Izuku whispers and licks one of Katsuki's hard nipples, making the omega moan.

"Clothes off, take it off." He begs softly and the expression of his
face becomes more soft and his eyes are shinning with tears, he definitely looks like a kid begging for candy.

"You talk like a baby when you're like this?" Izuku says playfully and sits on his knees between Katsuki's legs. Katsuki pouts and sniffles a little.

Izuku leans closer and kisses Katsuki slowly, the omega cups the older male's face with his hands and bites his lower lip, hearing a deep and powerful purr coming from the depths of his throat.

"My omega." He whispers and starts scenting the blond guy, who smiles through it.
He feels like he's in heaven and his mind is filled with Izuku. Izuku's smile, Izuku's lips, Izuku's freckles, Izuku's jaw, Izuku's laugh, voice, arms, legs, ass. Izuku's bright mind and big heart.

The alpha makes his way down and unbuttons Katsuki's pants, taking it off and
then the underwear.
Katsuki notices how he ignores the big erection under his sweatpants, just focusing on making Katsuki feel good. The omega spreads his legs and holds them up with his arms under his knees, keeping his eyes on the alpha who slowly touches his hard cock over
the fabric.

Katsuki is there like a fine meal served after he starved for weeks, with his hard dick and his beautiful cunt dripping with slick that smells like paradise. The omega knows how to drive someone crazy, he knows how to provoke and he knows what he wants.
"Eat me." Katsuki says, lowering his arms and extending them enough to reach his wet cunt and spread his hole for the alpha, voice needy and demanding.

And Izuku is an alpha ready to please. Katsuki watches how he lowers himself between his legs and both of them keep their eyes
on the other. Or Katsuki tries, because, when Izuku starts to slowly lick, Katsuki is moaning so loud he wonders if Izuku's neighbours can hear him.

It's not like he cares.

Izuku makes Katsuki see starts, he plays with his wet cunt, he buries his face in the slick and licks
like he's thirsty and in the verge of dying, tongue dancing up and down, in and out. Katsuki is crying and begging for more and for Izuku to, please, never stop. The alpha uses one of his hands to push one of Katsuki's legs back and slides his fingers close to his cunt.
Without a warning, he slides three thick fingers inside and Katsuki cries so loud but so beautifully, his back arching while his only free hand grabs the blankets by the side of his head under his fist.

Izuku can be so sweet but also so evil. "You like that, Kacchan? You like
how my fingers fill you up?" His voice is so deep and raspy, and Katsuki just cries and nods moaning.

"Yes, alpha, s-so good."

Katsuki is seeing a fucking galaxy at that point and Izuku is far from done with him. He makes the blond babble like a baby, make his eyes roll back.
God, what a beautiful disaster he is. Trembling like he's about to explode like a supernova.

"I-i need you, please, I need you inside me." Katsuki is now begging. Who is Izuku to say no?

He slowly pulls away and Katsuki bites the pillow under his head, eyes on the alpha. He
notices the alpha is about to stand up from the bed but Katsuki extends one of his legs and stops him from moving.

"Where are you going?" Katsuki says in a low tone of voice and Izuku leans over him, pressing a kiss over his forehead.

"To grab a condom." He responds and
Katsuki smiles weakly, it's a smile that doesn't seems right but Izuku says nothing.

"It's okay, there's no need." Katsuki finally says and Izuku looks at him for a few seconds before he finally attacks Katsuki's lips once again.

They kiss for a while, until izuku softly
whispers to his omega to turn around and "Present, omega."

Katsuki's body works faster than his own brain and he positions himself with his chest against the bed and his ass up for his alpha. His head rests in a position that allows him to look at Izuku and he admires the older
man while he undresses, revealing a hard and toned torso that makes him salivate and, when he takes off his sweatpants and underwear, Katsuki almost cums right there. Izuku's cock is rock hard and so big and veiny, Katsuki honestly thinks it's beautiful. He would love to have his
lips wrapped around it, lick it, suck it and empty his balls.

The head of his cock teases Katsuki's wet cunt and the omega whines, looking at Izuku like he's about to throw a tantrum if the alpha doesn't fuck him in that instant. And he's about to say something when the alpha
starts sliding inside him, taking all the air out of Katsuki's lungs. It hurts, but it feels good, he likes how his walls hug Izuku's cock so tight and the way Izuku moans loudly.

"Fuck, Kacchan. Fuck, fuck, you feel so good." He says, burying himself completely.
The omega smiles, satisfied, feeling proud of himself.

"Mhm, you like it?" Katsuki whispers softly and Izuku looks at him, eyes so dark with lust and desire that he looks like someone else.

"I love it." He leans down and Katsuki moans when he feels Izuku grab his hair in a
tight grip and push his head back. "You're gonna take my cock like a good omega, /my/ good omega?" Izuku says softly and leaves a kiss behind Katsuki's ear, and the omega is purring and smiling stupidly. God, who would have thought such a man was going to be so fucking dirty.
Katsuki slowly moves his ass up and down Izuku's length. "Are you going to knot me up like a good alpha, /my/ alpha?" He imitates the older man, getting a deep growl as a reply before izuku starts to move inside him, slowly but definitely making sure Katsuki feels him completely.
Katsuki's eyes roll back and he cries out loud while he listens to Izuku let out deep moans. Katsuki is delighted with how vocal he is, he never holds back. The lewd sounds are music to Katsuki's ears, the wetness of his cunt, the sound of skin against skin, their moans.
Izuku's pace starts changing until he's mercilessly thrusting inside Katsuki, now with his hand moving from his head until it's around Katsuki's neck and the omega smiles. His tongue is hanging out of his mouth, saliva sliding down his chin. His inner omega is so happy.
"I'm gonna fill you up so good, fuck, you're gonna look so cute with my cum dripping out of that hole of yours." Izuku says, his free hand going up and then down to spank Katsuki's ass and the omega yelps, biting his lower lip.

The alpha leans down and slides his free arm
around Katsuki's torso, holding him close while he keeps fucking him. He's placing kisses in the back of his neck, between his shoulder blades, on his shoulders, behind his ears. He makes Katsuki turn around a little and they kiss, a really sweet and slow kiss compared to the way
Izuku is fucking Katsuki. Like he waited so long to do it.

"Alpha, please, knot me. Knot me. Knot me." He starts saying, begging, moving his ass against Izuku and crying so loud for the alpha's cum, he wanted to feel his knot inside him.

Izuku was close, Katsuki noticed
because his pace is now desperate and so deliciously painful. He keeps begging for his knot and Izuku growls close to his ear, moans and breathes against his neck. Katsuki is also close, that's obvious, but he's determinated to cum together.

Turns into a difficult task when
Izuku grabs his hard dick and starts moving his hand up and down, making Katsuki tremble so much and cry so loud. Louder. He breaks and, in seconds, Katsuki is cumming and burying his face in the pillow, just seconds before izuku finally gives a last thrust and cums.
Katsuki listens to Izuku purr deeply and the omega leans back his head a little, panting breathlessly and smiling tiredly when Izuku starts to scent him, showering him in his smell while his knot locks them both together. Izuku is pumping cum inside him like it's never going to
end and, honestly, Katsuki has all the time in the world.

They're both so sweaty and Katsuki feels so weak, he also moves a little, uncomfortable, because of the pain inside him thanks to Izuku's fat knot. Not what he expected, it was more than that and so, so good.
It really is good, even if it makes him cry a little.

Izuku moves his hair from his face a kisses his sweaty temple. "I'm sorry, Kacchan... Bear with it for a little, can you do that?" Katsuki nods and Izuku carefully moves both of them into a position that's more comfortable
for his omega and he holds him closer. "You okay?" He asks and Katsuki nods again, with his eyes close and enjoying how Izuku starts caressing his hair and pressing kisses on the back of his neck.

Katsuki slides a hand down his torso and feels the small bulge inside him.
Will he be okay with a second round?

His body cries. It's not like he has that much stamina.

"You have any classes tomorrow?" Izuku asks and Katsuki looks for the alpha's hand resting over his waist, to then entwine their fingers.

"No." He whispers.

"Stay here then.
I'll run a warm bath for you, I'll bring you something easy to eat and then I'll give you a suppressant, sounds good, baby?" The alpha asks and Katsuki thinks about it for a second before he nods again.

He loves the idea. He loves that moment. He doesn't want it to end.
Katsuki did what Izuku told him the night before, he stays and enjoys the most beautiful morning under the warmth of the sun resting over their bodies and the view of his alpha laying by his side and sleeping so deeply.

He doesn't have classes that day. The idea of a few more
minutes sounds tempting and he does that. He sleeps around another hour and then wakes up to the smell of breakfast and the emptiness by his side. 'It's still warm' he thinks and slowly moves his hand over the pillow, eyes just slightly open.

Katsuki hears the door to the room
open slowly and he turns his head around to look at the alpha walking in, tiptoeing, before he notices the omega is awake. His face relaxes and he smiles.

"Good day." says Izuku, while Katsuki is stretching and rubs his eyes to fully wake up. He feels the alpha sit on the edge
of the bed, by his side, and purrs when the older male starts caressing his back.
Katsuki's arms wrap around Izuku's hips and he inhales his scent, feeling happiness, it's light but powerful and Katsuki is so happy Izuku scented him every time he had a chance. "How are you
feeling, did you sleep well?"

Of course he did. After that breathtaking sex, Izuku took care of Katsuki's weak body, carrying him in his arms to the bath and washing their bodies so carefully and slowly, Katsuki felt in the clouds. He gave him something easy to eat, which was
yogurt and Katsuki actually enjoyed it, and, after taking a suppressant, the omega fell asleep to the feeling of izuku caressing his back and humming.
No one has ever treated him like that... Never.

"Yeah, I'm one hundred percent great." He finally answers and Izuku smiles.
"Great!" He says and leans down to kiss Katsuki's forehead "Food is going to be ready soon, you might want to take a shower and come eat, right?" Katsuki's nods instantly and the alpha chuckles "Okay, I left you something to put on after you take a shower."
"What about my clothes?"

"We'll do laundry and wash them for you."

Katsuki looks at him in silence and the alpha raises an eyebrow "Sometimes I wonder why are you so nice to me..."

Izuku slowly caresses Katsuki's cheek and then stands up "Because I like you."
Katsuki smiled, trying to ignore the way his heart jumped happily and his face turned red, and he watched Izuku walk out of the room, staying there on the bed for a few minutes until he finally decided to shower and put on the clothes Izuku left for him. A shirt and pants too big
and clean underwear that fitted him. But, because he is Katsuki and he knows how easy is to make the alpha blush, he stays with the underwear and oversized shirt.
When he walks out, Izuku is already putting their breakfast on the table and Katsuki sits after noticing how the
alpha looks at him up and down and bites his lip.

Yeah, Katsuki knows how to be evil too.

Breakfast is comfortable and Katsuki enjoys it a lot, devouring it and grabbing a little more. Izuku laughs at him and whispers a soft "Sorry."

When they finish breakfast and the
dishes are clean, they sit on the couch and just talk about anything that goes through their minds. Izuku even touches the topic of Katsuki's upcoming intership.

"I know you're looking to specialize as an OB-GYN*, did you find any hospital that's accepting students right now?"
[*OB-GYN means obstetrician-gynecologist. Is a doctor who specializes in obstetrics (pregnancy) and gynecology (female reproductive health). Because this is an ABO centered AU, they work for male and female.]
Katsuki nods and looks away, shy. "Yeah..."

"One of my hospitals, huh?" Izuku says and Katsuki's face is bright red. "You really admire me..." The alpha speaks again, brushing the blond hair away from his forehead.

"Shut up.'" the omega says between his teeth.
"Never." Izuku whispers and leans closer to place a kiss on Katsuki's forehead, to then hug the omega closer and Katsuki welcomes Izuku's embrace, purring and inhaling his scent until Izuku's phone shines with an upcoming call. He kisses the omega on his lips and excuses him
before standing and answering his call.
It lasts maybe fifteen minutes and Izuku looks a little upset because of it, which makes Katsuki wonder what he's talking about. The alpha even sighs loudly, massages the bridge of his nose and then let's himself fall once again by
the omega's side, who rests a hand against his back and softly caresses. When the alpha hangs up, he feels tired.

"Everything okay?" Katsuki asks and Izuku shrugs.

"I guess, I have an emergency business trip because a problem came up in one of our fabrics in Europe."
Katsuki knows it's a big deal in that instant but he can't stop himself from pouting.

"When are you leaving?" Katsuki asks, afraid of the answer.

"I'll be leaving tomorrow at night." Izuku is now looking at Katsuki with tired eyes and the omega can see sadness in them.
Katsuki leans closer to the alpha and rests his head on his chest, closing his eyes and breathing deeply. And just when everything was starting...

"Then I'll stay a little more."
Izuku explained Katsuki what happened to the fabric. The omega was a little curious and he sat on his lap while Izuku was buying the plane ticket and making a reservation for a hotel in the small city where they had the fabric.

Izuku left a week ago. Sadly, Katsuki was
taking a class that night.

He's sitting in class now, not paying much attention, and wonders what the alpha is doing and if he's okay. Believe it or not, Izuku gave Katsuki the jacket he had before, drowned in his scent. He even scented Katsuki. You can imagine how happy the
omega felt. And that's the least he can do, after not having an actual day of return.

Katsuki breathes deeply and tries to focus in the class, just hoping Izuku is doing okay.
Obviously, they both keep in touch. Sometimes they even have video chats, other times they can barely exchange five messages, and, if they're lucky, there are times where they are able to have long conversations.
There's a lot of "good night" and "good morning" texts that make
the omega know Izuku still thinks of him.

Don't get him wrong, he trusts the alpha's feelings, he trusts his words... But he would be lying if he said he doesn't get insecure and starts making up scenarios that never happen. He's not a suitable partner, he's not a good omega.
Katsuki sinks on his seat and tries so hard to focus on anything else.
He wants time to go by quick and have the alpha back, visit him, hug him, kiss him... And go out on a date. Both of them already know what the other feels, Izuku knows katsuki is in love with him.
And just as if the world listened to Katsuki's prayers, time starts to go by quick but Izuku calls to give him bad news. He needed to stay for a month, he was not going to be there for when Katsuki starts his intership, which is just around the corner.

"I'm really sorry."
Katsuki presses his lips and looks at the screen of his computer with an email confirming his first day for the internship. Then he breathes deeply.

"It's okay, you have important things to do." Katsuki hugs his legs against his chest and makes the office chair move a little.
"i just hope you guys can solve it."

Izuku chuckles in the other line and Katsuki feels a warm rush of energy run through his body. "Me too. Well... I need to go back soon so I'll send you a text when I'm back at the hotel, sounds good?"

Katsuki nods, knowing the alpha can't
see him. "Ye', sounds good. Take care."

But they don't hang up, they just stay in silence for a second.


The omega bites his bottom lip. "Yeah?"

"I love you."

Katsuki hides his face against his knees and breathes deeply, a hand against his chest. "I love you too."
This is the first time Izuku and him say such thing and Katsuki wants to cry for him to come back. His inner omega has never begged for an alpha, never needed one, but Izuku was different and unique. And Katsuki was so in love with him.

But he hangs up the phone and stays there.
Sitting in silence.

One more week goes by and his intership starts, he's with a group of three students and he recognizes just one from his class, a beta girl who's name is Ibara Shiozaki. It was unexpected, but they started to get along fast in their first day and, suddenly,
he notices he at least got to make a friend.

And he notices what an amazing thing it is to have a friend the day he suddenly faints in the middle of the halls of the third floor.

"Katsuki!" That's the last thing he hears, and the last thing he sees is tunnel of blinding lights.
When Katsuki wakes up, he's laying down on a hospital bed with a blanket over his body and an intravenous. There was just a nurse and the woman immediately called for a doctor the exact moment he started to groan, and he filled the room with pheromones and distress.
What just happened?
Katsuki slowly tried to sit on the bed, his breathing getting faster, his heart beating painfully against his chest and doctor and nurse had to make him lay down again.

He was too confused, so he just obeyed and listened to the man. "Katsuki Bakugo, right?"
Katsuki nods and licks his dry lips.

"You're one of the interns, do you remember what happened?"

Katsuki shakes his head. "What happened...?"

The doctor starts looking for something and the nurse helps Katsuki sit this time. "You fainted, and, luckily, your friend was there
to catch you. However, we're going to run some tests and check how's your health, sounds good?"

Katsuki has nothing more to do, so he nods and does everything the doctor tells him, waiting for an answer. And said answer seems too long to arrive. He drinks water and just waits.
"Bakugo?" He hears the voice from the doctor and the omega looks up to a face that says nothing. Nothing good, nothing bad... Nothing in the middle.

"So?" Katsuki is getting impatient and the doctor takes his sweet time to walk to the nearest chair with a piece of paper in his
hands and sit down. Crossing his god-damned legs.

"I need to ask this first, did you felt sick or a little dizzy before you came to the hospital?"

"Well, a little, but not enough to not come. Why?"

"You're one hundred percent externally, however, you had a sudden drop of
blood pressure because of your hormones relaxing your body's blood vessels."

Katsuki opens his eyes wide, slowly, and he feels dizzy again. But, this time, he wants to throw up.

"We ran the test twice for you, but in both came out positive. You're pregnant."
Katsuki's head hurts and it's running in circles saying the same word over and over again. He holds himself in the edge of the bed and looks down, air coming out of his mouth. That's impossible.

"Is there... Anything you want us to do for you, Bakugo?" The doctor really sounds
concerned, like the omega is close to faint once again.

But Katsuki breathes deeply and slowly nods. "I'd like to keep this... Secret. No one can know. Please." His eyes are begging the man on the chair and he nods.

"Of course."

"Also, can I have the trash can?"
After that day, Katsuki avoided his calls, he answered too late and did three pregnancy tests he bought from the pharmacy. Positive.
He also called his mom and asked her to make an appointment to see his old doctor in his free day to run a fertility test.

That day was chaos.
"You're PREGNANT?!" his mother, who invited herself inside the doctor's office when Katsuki told her to stay outside, was following him like a maniac through the stablisment.

Katsuki abruptly stopped on his tracks and turned around, feeling the tears in his eyes, feeling angry
and desperate.

"CAN YOU, PLEASE, SHUT THE FUCK UP? IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK YOU TO STOP HUMILIATING ME HERE?" Katsuki started to breathe fast, his heart running inside his chest, and good thing he was wearing scent blockers.

"I JUST WANT AN ANSWER." His mom screamed and Katsuki
felt the first year go down his face.

"Please, shut up. Stop." Katsuki started to say.

"I thought that was not possible." Mitsuki was far from done talking and Katsuki wanted to scream. "I thought you..."

WRONG." Katsuki took a step towards his mother and the woman stepped back, eyes open wide. "I'M NOT INFERTILE, SURPRISE, I'M NOT A DISAPPOINTED. HAPPY NOW?"

Katsuki's tried to calm down, knowing it was bad for the pup and he, unconsciously, placed a hand around his still flat
belly and took two steps back from the alpha woman. He was tired, he wanted to cry, he wanted to go home so he could put on Izuku's jacket and fall asleep.

"Who?" Mitsuki said and Katsuki closed his eyes.

"Who what?" He was doing his best to not explode again.
"Who's the father?" She finally asked and Katsuki turned around.

No one needs to know that.

"I'm going home. And, please, don't come visit. You were not supposed to be here today."
Katsuki looks at the fertility test in his hands, then the blood test, the pregnancy test and, finally, he throws the three sheets of paper on the coffee table and slowly lays on the sofa, surrounded by Izuku's warmth and scent. Holding tight to the jacket that was starting to
lose it's smell.

Katsuki pulls up his shirt a little and touches his lower belly, making circles around his belly button.

"You're still so small and you already made my life so chaotic, huh?" Katsuki starts to say, softly, without stopping "What are we going to do?"
As if someone is listening, his phone starts to ring with an upcoming call and Katsuki grabs the phone from the floor to look at the screen.

'Izuku 💕' yeah, Katsuki is in that stage of love.

Katsuki breathes. He needs to stop avoiding the alpha. His alpha. So he answers the
call after breathing deeply and placing it close to his ear.

"Kacchan!" It's the first thing Katsuki hears and the omega hums. He missed his voice so, so much.

"Hi..." Katsuki finally said and he can hear Izuku sigh with relief. He feels guilty but he's not ready yet.
"Are you okay? I've been trying to talk to you this whole two weeks and I know you told me you're busy but something seems off..."

Katsuki sits on the sofa, pressing his lips in a thin line. "I- no, I'm okay, Deku... But so many things have been happening, too soon. I'm sorry."
"No, it's okay! Don't worry, Kacchan, I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"And you, are you okay?" Katsuki asks and hears Izuku breathe deeply.

"Yeah! Things are being solved, luckily, so I might be back by the begging of next month."

"That's... That's amazing."
Katsuki closes his eyes. Say it. Say it. Say it. Come on, Katsuki, say it.


"Yeah?" The alpha replies.

Katsuki hugs his legs against him. "Come back soon, please... I miss you."

Katsuki swears he can feel Izuku smile through the phone. "I miss you too."
He's not able to say another word, and, when he hangs up, the only thing he can do is lay once again on the couch and realize how scared he is.
Time goes by, Katsuki keeps going to his classes, the internship, he also starts having checkups with a doctor and the only ones he trusts enough to tell them the news, are his group of friends since high school, and also Ibara. He needed someone to listen and they
stayed there for him.

They even understood why Izuku knows nothing yet.

And that's how his life is going now. He's keeping the pup, he's happy with the pup, he learns how to accept his reality and how to keep moving on while he's all alone in his small place,
hugging the pillows at night and falling asleep with Izuku's jacket on.
Sometimes, he talks to the pup.

Katsuki touches his lower belly with the tip of his right index finger. "You hungry?" There's no answer, like always, but he hums "I thought about ordering pizza... But
I feel like cooking. Let's make some teriyaki chicken with fried rice, then." He doesn't move for a while, he just keeps touching his belly that's starting to slightly show "I can't wait to be round like a balloon thanks to you, you think papa will keep finding me attractive?"
Katsuki wonders if Izuku will even want to keep being in the omega's life and it makes his heart hurt. It makes his head go in circles and, he doesn't want to admit it out loud, but it also makes him cry.

They're not even mates.

The omega breathes deeply and starts preparing
his dinner, trying his best to stop thinking about all that. Doesn't matter what the future brings him, he's going to bring that pup to the world and love them unconditionally.

He's in the middle of cooking, when his phone starts to buzz against the dining table where he left
it, and he walks towards it just to see the name of the alpha blink on the screen, which makes the omega shudder, hesitate for a while, until he finally grabs it with his free hand and answers, putting it between his shoulder and ear.

"Hey." He says, walking back to the kitchen
and checking the chicken that's cooking.

"Hi, the smell coming out of your apartment is making me hungry, you know that?"

Katsuki stops moving and leaves the big fork on the counter, walking fast to wash his hands. Is it possible? How else would Izuku know he's cooking if he
doesn't ask before? Katsuki's head is going like a wild animal and the omega walks towards the door.

"Kacchan?" It's what Izuku asks before Katsuki opens the door abruptly and shows the alpha standing right outside his apartment with a bouquet of flowers and a smile so bright
he melts. His pheromones hit Katsuki like a truck and he is instantly jumping to hug the alpha, arms holding him tight against the man he missed the most while he purrs and hides his face against his neck, feeling the vibrations when Izuku answers with a more deep purr.
The omega feels like he's dreaming, holding onto that man like he's afraid of him vanishing right there. He doesn't even notice the call is still going until he slowly pulls away from the alpha and looks at his phone, finally finishing the short call.

His face is cupped by
Izuku's hands and the alpha makes him look up, just so he's able to finally kiss him.
It's slow and sweet, gentle, Katsuki melts with his touch and the flavor of his mouth like strawberry and mint. He kisses Izuku back and slowly slides one of his hands to grab the older man by
his tie, pull him inside his apartment and close the door with one of his feet.

"Kacchan..." Izuku starts and Katsuki bites his lower lip, hearing the alpha chuckle.

"Shuddup, why didn't you tell me?"

"We can talk about that later, it smells like something is burning."
That's the only moment Katsuki finally jolts and runs back to the kitchen, hearing how Izuku laughs behind him while he turns off the stove and checks the chicken, that, luckily, is not that much burned.

"Hm, it looks like you did for a lot of food, were you waiting for
someone?" Izuku asks and hugs the omega from behind.

"No, I made enough to save for tomorrow but, now that you're here... Would you like to join me?" Katsuki asks and turns to look at Izuku over his shoulder, and the alpha pressed a kiss on his temple.

"I'd love to."
They move silently around the kitchen to prepare the small table, sharing kisses sometimes, or with Izuku surprising Katsuki from behind just to scent him. It's sweet and it feels domestic, like they're already together and a family.

The only difference is that Katsuki is the
only one who can see that.

And dinner is also nice, they talk a lot and the chicken gets a little cold, but they're hungry enough to ignore it and keep enjoying the fact that they're finally together again.
Hours go by and they're sitting on the sofa while watching something in the TV, when Katsuki remembers Izuku's jacket and stands up.

"I'll give you back your jacket, wait here." Katsuki starts saying and Izuku turns around to look at him ok his way to the door.

"There's no
need, pumpkin." Izuku says and Katsuki turns around to look at him.

"Pumpkin? That's the best you can do?" Katsuki gives him a grin and Izuku looks up while thinking, and the omega takes the opportunity to walk towards him again and lean down, placing a kiss on his lips.
"My king?" Izuku whispers and they smile at each other. Katsuki wants to repeat this night over and over again.

"Maybe." He whispers back and then goes back to what he was going to do, taking just two minutes to remember where he left the jacket.

The moment he's walking out,
Izuku calls his name but there's something off with his voice and finding the alpha standing there in the middle of the living room, makes Katsuki shiver while the feeling of uneasiness runs down his body. The omega stops there and hugs the jacket, slowly.

"What's wrong?"
Izuku slowly turns around and looks at Katsuki with confused eyes and a expressionless face, holding up three sheets of paper. Katsuki doesn't realize what the papers are about until he can read the word P O S I T I V E at the bottom of one of them and he lets out a gasp. Eyes
filling up with tears and fear.

"Katsuki, can you explain to me what's this?" Izuku's voice was low and still soft but the question made the omega start to panic.

Fuck, you stupid asshole, why would you leave something so important for everyone to see on that table?
"Katsuki?" Izuku seems concerned and Katsuki realizes he's walking to where he is standing, still holding the tests results. The omega lowers his head, the room filling up with his distress.

"I- I can explain, Izuku, please. Don't get mad, don't hate me."

Izuku grabs Katsuki by his shoulders, carefully and softly, his lips pressing against his forehead.

"Why would I hate you?" Izuku whispers and let's slide one of his hands to grab Katsuki's hand. "Come on, let's sit and talk, okay?"

Katsuki nods... So it's time, huh?
Just like everyone would expect, Katsuki said every little thing to Izuku and the alpha is now just processing everything, sitting in silence by the omega's side while Katsuki is anxiously waiting for a word. He sees Izuku grab the tests results for what's maybe the 15th time.

The alpha looks at Katsuki with the corner of his eye and the omega presses his lips in a pale thin line, to then flinch when Izuku slowly grabs one of his hands and leans back, letting up a soft sighs.

"So... You found out when you fainted at the hospital?" Izuku
asks and Katsuki nods slowly "And you ran more pregnancy tests and asked the staff to keep it secret..." Katsuki nods again, feeling guilty about the last part "Were you even planning to tell me?" This time, Katsuki can hear how his voice breaks a little and he moves closer.
"Of course I was... I just..." He breathes deeply, trying not to end up in tears, if there's any left "I was so scared, and lost... I wanted to tell you but not while you were abroad, I had the feeling that you'd have come here no matter what and you had important things to do
there. I didn't want to..." He goes silent when Izuku starts caressing his face with such tenderness and the omega wants to fall forward into his arms but he's too scared of being pushed away.

"Katsuki, you're also important. This is important... Okay?" Izuku says and Katsuki
nods again. There are a few seconds of silence. "So, now that I remember, when you told me not to put on a condom, why was that?"

Okay, Katsuki told him every little detail but maybe he jumped one big part of why he's pregnant. It's not like the omega didn't want to tell him,
but there are some things that are too hard to say.

"Up to that day, I thought I was infertile." Katsuki starts saying in a low tone of voice. "I know you might think that it seems ridiculous, but I've lived my whole life thinking I couldn't have children. I was around eleven
years old and my mom wanted to marry me to some strange kid when we were twenty and the best way to do it, was knowing that I could have his children so, against my protests, they ran a fertility test and... It came out that I was infertile." He shrugs, licking his lips "I
thought 'nice, now I don't have to give birth to some weirdo's kid' but I didn't realize how it was going to affect me when I grew up. My mom was disappointed and I ended up crying almost every stupid night until I was thirteen."

There was silence for a long minute and Katsuki
realizes how pitiful he is and how stupid and attention starved he sounded, but he just told Izuku the truth, Katsuki didn't like that truth.

"But if they gave you the from result..." Izuku started saying.

"There's a big possibility that they mixed up my test with someone
else's, and I feel sorry for the poor omega who had all that happiness until they found out it was fake."

Izuku frowns and seems a little upset, and Katsuki doesn't know if it's because he's pregnant or because the mixed results. Katsuki needs an answer soon or he's going to
collapse right there.

"So, the pup, is... Mine?"

Katsuki's face drops. "Yeah, I mean, it's not like I'm virgin mary."

"So you have only been with me?" Izuku whispers. His alpha is... "I'm the father?" Fucking dumb.

"You might be well known but God..." Katsuki smiles
a little and realizes that, finally, he's not feeling like he's drowning in such a big secret and he felt so comfortable talking about his past with the alpha. Now? he just wants to forget the sadness.

"Kacchan, this a big deal!"

"Good job, Captain obvious." Katsuki says and
Izuku pouts, before his face slowly relaxes and a smile takes place, making Katsuki's heart go wild. The alpha leans close to where the omega is and slowly kisses him, lips moving against the other so softly and carefully, making the omega melt in that instant. Katsuki feels
his chest about to explode but he hugs the alpha instead and moves forward, sitting comfortable on his lap, legs at each side of the older man's thighs. When Izuku pulls away, Katsuki is biting his bottom lip and the alpha pushes his hair away from his face.

"Wait, so you're
studying to be an OB-GYN because what happened when you were little?" Izuku murmurs and Katsuki nods.

"I thought that if I couldn't feel that happiness, maybe I could give it to someone else who could."

"Well, you made me the happiest man without a doubt."
Katsuki smiles and hugs the alpha once again, burying his face in the curve of his neck without saying a word.

"Thank you." Izuku whispers and Katsuki feels like he's about scream of happiness. "I'll be the best for both of you."

"You can start that staying the night."
If you thought finding out you're pregnant and telling your partner is stressful and scary, then imagine the following months. It's a challenge, mostly for Katsuki, but it feels like all his emotions are being shown by Izuku. The alpha is restless, anxious and the only way to
calm him down is letting him know Katsuki is okay when Izuku is at work. That "phase" lasts until Katsuki is close to three months and they have their second ultrasound, and they were excited to heart the pup's heartbeat.

But when the doctor is about to show them their pup, he
stopped and said "Oh."

Katsuki frowns, worried "What does 'oh' mean?"

Izuku followed, and he seems extremely worried "It's everything okay?"

The doctor starts smiling and chuckled "Yeah!" He then turned around to face them and kept talking "Congratulations! You're going to
have two beautiful pups!"

The news were a mix of emotions that left Katsuki looking with his eyes wide open and with a confused expression for a minute. How... Was that the reason why his belly was do round in the early stages of pregnancy and not because he was eating Nikumam
day and night?
It hit them like a train with emotions and a little more anxiety as first timers, now they had to make the nursery bigger, add another crib.

The doctor explained that, sometimes, it's normal not to notice the second baby in the first ultrasound, and he confirmed
the news when Izuku and Katsuki were able to hear, for the first time, their heartbeats. That day, Katsuki discovered what a crybaby his boyfriend is.

The day they bought more things for their second pup, Katsuki felt incredibly happy. He would time around and see Izuku
murmuring the pros and cons of the products to end up choosing the one that was better for their baby. Katsuki enjoyed buying the clothes, blankets and he even bought a second plushie to match the bunny plushie they already bought before for their pup. He never imagined
the pregnancy was going to lower his explosive side, that was a surprise. However, being pregnant always made him three time hornier than before and touch starved. It was irritating sometimes, but he was lucky enough that his alpha was always turned on when he saw his pregnant
omega give him those eyes he can't resist.

About his intership and classes, Katsuki kept going until he was seven months pregnant and attended classes until a month after he stopped going to the intership.

Now everyone knew he was pregnant, even the news.
They don't care about that, they are together as a couple, they're going to be a family. And there was not many articles mentioning "Izuku's mysterious partner is pregnant", just enough for his mother to find out and try to reach him without success.
Katsuki only approached his
father, and relied a lot in Izuku's mother and her advise.

Now the omega is nine months pregnant, round as a balloon, too horny and waiting for Izuku to finish his work so they can go home.
He wants to beg him for his touch, but he know his office it's not the most recommended
place to get naked. So he just whines, wrapped in a blanket and laying on the black divan close to Izuku's desk. His chest is sore after it got bigger with milk, his whole body got bigger and he was pretty conscious about it.

But he doesn't care, he is going to love anything
that his pregnancy makes him go through. Except morning sickness, his poor feet and back always in pain and the boredom of staying at home all alone and not having anything to do.

He looks up at his alpha and breathes deeply. God, he looks so handsome and serious sitting behind
that desk, but also extremely tired.

"Zuku." Katsuki calls him in a low tone of voice and the alpha turns to look at him as if he was in alert the whole time.


Katsuki laughs softly and then pouts, placing a hand over one of his big pecs. "Hurts.
Izuku smiles a little and slowly stands up from his chair, walking towards where Katsuki is laying down, to them so I'm the edge of the divan and lean closer to kiss his boyfriend.

"What can I do to help?" He asks, hand going to caress his omega's hair, away from his face.
"You could suck them." Katsuki says, jokingly, or half jokingly, and he's surprised when Izuku's face changes into a lustful gaze and expressionless face. He doesn't wait, he goes directly to push away the blanket from his chest, to the proceed and start to open his button up.
"Look at you, something like that really turns you on?" Katsuki asks when Izuku's mouth is about to touch his nipple and the alpha's eyes look up at him, green lost in darkness.

Izuku doesn't answer, he just licks the omegas nipple and Katsuki let's out the first soft moan.
Izuku sucks and licks softly, making just the slightest pressure close to his nipple and Katsuki's body is now trembling while he feels how he gets so wet just with that. Izuku knows how to make his omega weak and Katsuki loves it.
The alpha touches his body, on of his hands
pushing the blanket off Katsuki. He moves his mouth up and kisses the omega's face, on his lips, cheeks, temples, forehead and the tip of his nose and his hands get busy unbuttoning the omega's pants and slightly pushing them down with the underwear.
His big hand slides,
caressing Katsuki's now hard dick and sinking inside his wet cunt, three thick finger going in and out and making Katsuki see the starts and galaxy with the first movement. Izuku's mouth is back to suck the omega's sensitive nipples and Katsuki moans loudly, getting two fingers
inside his mouth to keep quiet.

"Remember where we are, be a good boy and I might reward you when we're home, sounds good?" Izuku says in a deep tone of voice and Katsuki nods, lips wrapping around Izuku's fingers, legs slightly spread for his alpha. He whines softly and let's
the older man take control and brake him piece by piece until he is in the verge of crying and trembling. The sight of Izuku looking up at him with a drop of milk running down his chin is too erotic and dangerous for the tiny amount of sanity left inside him, and he finally
cums when Izuku curls his fingers inside him once again, pressing that sweet spot and making the omega cum with a choked cry, eyes rolling back.

God, being so sensitive while pregnant feels like a curse more than a blessing.

Izuku makes sure to clean the small mess and
Katsuki notices his hard cock under his pants while at it.

"Zuzu..." He starts saying but the alpha doesn't answer and Katsuki frowns "Let me make you feel good too..."

But Izuku just smiles at him and shakes his head. "That's okay."

"Can you stop being so careful with me?"
"No." Izuku answers while sitting on his chair, noticable uncomfortable, and Katsuki feels incredibly annoyed by his answer.

He is going to ride his cock to oblivion after his pups are born. Just wait. But now, taking a nap doesn't sound so bad to him.
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Katsuki looks at the man sitting by his side and then lowers his gaze to his left hand and the beautiful silver ring around his finger.

Katsuki still remembers their wedding and how handsome Izuku was looking that afternoon. They married in April, in the cherry blossoms season.
Katsuki also remembers the day Izuku proposed to him, the same day their pups were born. Of course he remembers, the chaotic start, the slow and painful wait, the soft kisses from his boyfriend and the time of the fucking action.

The only time he felt like he was able to
breathe again, was when the ringing of his ears faded away and he heard his two babies crying. A girl and a boy.

It was past midnight when Katsuki woke up in the middle of the night, feeling a weird sensation and something off about everything in that moment. Seconds later, he
found out his water broke and he started to wake up Izuku, who, surprisingly, did his best to keep calm, grab the bag they had ready, to then explode when they arrived to the hospital. The babies were born three days before expected, the girl was first and the boy second.
After everything was said and done, after all the tears, Katsuki's eyes were closing, but something close to his face called his attention and he did his best to stay awake.

It was Izuku's smile and a little box he was holding up, with a beautiful engagement ring in it.
Katsuki chuckled breathlessly "You have to be fucking kidding me." He whispered and felt Izuku's hand caress his face and wipe away the tears that started going down his rosy cheeks.

"I'm not." Izuku answerer with the same tone of voice and both looked for their lips, kissing
slowly, enjoying the happiness inside their hearts, in their scent, in their eyes.

When Katsuki finally spoke, he was a little bit more awake and purring "I'd love to marry you."
Being a parent was a hard, no blog on the internet or book at the library would ever teach you about anything out of the basics and the rest of the challenge was learning yourself.

The couple had a lot support, Inko was the most amazing help for them, just like Masaru and,
after they got in touch and solved their problems, Mitsuki. Their friends were also a great help and they all were enchanted by the little baby twins, it was hard to make them leave.

Katsuki learned about those so feared 'sleepless nights', the stressful ones when one of them
had a fever, the constant calls to their pediatrician, even when they both knew a lot about what to do, chasing one of their kids around the fifth floor of the hospital when they got their first vaccine, how to imagine you were in an island to try and keep your mind at peace
when one of them throws a tantrum, the postpartum pilates class he never knew he needed but thank you Karen for telling him, the lazy sex he and Izuku had at five in the morning or the ones they had just when one of their parents took the kids for a night.

Now add all that to
Katsuki returning to the university and his intership.

So yeah, he learned a lot and went through a minefield, always trying his best to be a good mommy and a good fiance.

But there were also time in which he would break and cry. When there's too much going on
and he holds so many emotions inside his chest, it's easier to break. Sometimes it would be in the middle of a meal and his kids would ask 'why is mommy crying?' to get a soft answer from their papa and keep eating while the alpha consoles his omega.

Because it's okay to break.
It's okay to be scared of not doing enough even when you've been doing more than that. And Izuku always make sure to remind him that they were and are in this together, forever.

They married when their kids turned five, under the rain of cherry blossoms and the wind of spring.
They had a small ceremony with their loved ones and then went away for their honeymoon to Italy for a week and a half.

Katsuki was the happiest person in the world.
"-uki? Hey, gorgeous." Katsuki recognizes that soft whisper and he slowly opens his eyes, surprised that he fell asleep. "Welcome back, had fun dreaming?" His mate asks and leans down, closer to his omega to then kiss his forehead.

"What are you talking about?"
"You were smiling while sleeping, was it a good dream?"

Katsuki smiles a little and slowly sits on the beach chair. "Yeah... It's was beautiful"

He feels the older man caress his back. "Wanna go home?" He asks and the omega nods, looking at his kids, now six years old,
playing just two steps in front of him with the sand.

"Yuuki, Izumi! Time go home, mommy is tired." Izuku started to say and the kids were up from the sand in an instant, grabbing their things and running to their parents with beautiful a d big smiles on his sweet and soft
faces, with their beautiful curly hair blond like Katsuki, eyes sharp but with a green so bright and freckles dancing over their baby faces like millions of stars.

They both kissed their momma's cheeks and then Izuku kissed his lips. "Let's go home."
Yeah, he's the happiest person in the world.


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